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Even with Valve/Bethesda's poor first attempt, they already had a refund policy in place, so I wouldn't be concerned about that.
The stability requirement should only apply to with a fresh game with no other mods. It should not be the modder's job to guarantee compatibility with other mods; that's on the moddee.
I definitely agree that if a modder decides to sell his/her mod, it should work perfectly when installed by itself on a fresh game. It is not the modder's responsibility if the mod conflicts with another mod however IMO.Ultimately, all mods are "owned" by the developer I believe, but you are correct in that there are a ton of grey areas legally, especially whether or not a modder has the right to build a mod based on another modder's work.As for your comment, honestly it...
While I prefer free mods (who doesn't?) I will never get in the way of a modder who wants to charge for his work if allowed. I strongly believe modders reserve the right to assign a price to their creations if allowed by the developer.
That will probably be the one I try first or second. They remind me of the pads on the Sony XB1000.
If he wants to mod the game, the requirements will greatly increase.
Does he want to mod it as well, since that's a whole different ball game.
One would argue that most ENB presets do not make the game look hyper realistic, but more fantasy, Neverland type colors. Ones that are more "bleak" like the one I use are considered more "realistic" than one like K-ENB, which has a lot more glare, bloom, and, brightness, and general vividness. You can also customize your ENB settings as well.
Because it's fun?
So I really dislike the way the Brainwavz HM5 pads make my K553 sound. I have ordered the following from Ebay and will report back my impressions on these new pads: - Thick Velour Velvet Ear Pads Cushion - King Size DIY Bass Plus Soft Ear Pads Cushion - Replacement PU Leather Earpads Ear Pad Cushions
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