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It's basically a compact pyramid looking receiver that also provides sound card functionality. There aren't many all purpose products like this on an audiophile level, so hard to tell. Reviews for the actual SQ (important part for us) seems pretty positive.
The Creative X7 looks intriguing.
I might need to sell my Titan X and pick up a GTX 980 Ti if it is going for $650.
A high end GPU affects gaming far more than a high end CPU would. It is all about demand, not just how much disposable income one has.
Not completely true. Upgrades to CPU does not affect PC gaming as much as upgrades to GPU does. For 99% of gamers, there is no reason to go beyond Sandy Bridge. The difference between a GTX 980 Ti and a GTX 780 is the difference between gaming on 1080p or 4K. If a new processor changed ones gaming experience as much, you would no doubt see Intel increasing prices as well.
It is not so much as lack of competition, but that it is a price that most gamers with top end rigs will still buy regardless of how much they moan and whine about it. Like I always say, don't like it then vote with your money. If you buy it, you lose any right to whine as you just directly contributed to the situation. Not you specifically BTW, but rather the people who whine about pricing and still buy it anyways. As long as people continue to buy at those prices, NV has...
That was what my instructures were for actually. STEP 2.9.1 tells you how to setup MO.
- Short answer is to follow STEP- Long answer is to download and install it, follow STEP to setup Bash, Loot, SKSE, ect, install the mods, enable the mods, re-order the load order with Loot, re-order it manually for certain mods, clean dirty mods
MO is great honestly. It keeps the default folder clean and separates out the INI files. Also allows you to run everything from a single place. The overwrite folder can get confusing though.
If I recall the statement correctly he was referring to the poor communication, not the segmented vram. If it is cheap and it works, they will keep doing it.
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