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almost the same =/= sameA great bed and sheets are life changing.
I spend at least 5 hours each day sleeping. Personally, I feel it's worth it to invest in a great bed and great bed sheets. I sleep like a spoiled baby of royalty each night on silky soft bamboo sheets and a bed that is just right for me. At the very least, it's infinitely better than spending the same amount on a GPU (looking at you, Titan XP) that will probably last a third if my bed's lifespan.
If you are partial towards memory foam mattresses, I love my Ghostbed.
Sorry, should have said earphones. Shooting a Savage at 1,000 yards while listening to Chopin out of my PFE 232 with range muffs to further isolate is strangely therapeutic.
New hobby, listening to headphones while shooting guns.
Like more so than other 4K OLED displays? If so, how come? Not trying to troll, I am genuinely curious here.
Can someone explain to me why anyone outside of those who edit photos and videos would ever need one of these?
My normal account is still sitting on a few hundred chaos and I think 5-6 exalts. Is that still worth anything?
Mini nuke minigun and sniper rifle. /thread
Nice thanks!
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