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Here are my recommendations:- My understanding is Hexing Pants is rather useless for that build- Get a nice Furnace/Maximus. If that is not possible, a nice Sunkeeper/Sparker with a Firebird Eye that has a high fire% buff- I would consider dropping Litany for Unity or SoJ depending on if you are playing by yourself and have a follower with Unity- I personally would dump Blackthorne amulet for either Countess or one of the elemental immunity ammy- I would drop the belt for...
Oh.... I thought you were talking about re-rolling socket. Was not aware that rolled something into socket. My apologies then!
As soon as I convert my gear from Blizzard to Hydra, I too am dumping Blizzard. It's just such a BORING build...
I want a battle royal version where all the different types of characters are playable and you complete specific quests for each character and duke it out with other players.
With the exception of Cold, elemental effects are just for show is how I understood it. Then again, coming from a dev team that didn't know how to adjust values if it didn't involve multiplying or dividing by 2. It would have been a total disaster methinks.
Haven't seen that personally.
One would think, but considering the long line of AAA games that flopped on launch, I suppose the distinction needs to be made now. We are now more likely to see a Day 0 DLC or patch than a working game on launch.
How are you looking to play this game is the first question I suppose.
I personally killed over 100 goblins before I finally got another.
Also, if you re-roll damage, you won't need a gift since your weapon came with a socket.
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