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Not surprising considering the shady direction the company has taken since the ActiBliz merger. D3 aka Auction House Simulator = Paying full price for a game in beta D3: RoS = Paying full price to download a finished version of the game Never trust again! Thankfully someone gave me RoS. Blizzard is dead to me, which is a huge pity considering how big of a fanboy I was.
Just get this and a piece of foam to cover up the top and you can call it a day. Hairdresser foam head stands work great as well, if not slightly creepy looking.
My co-worker got the AKG K545 per my suggestion per Totally Dubbed's recommendation and I took a listen to it. If I start travelling again, I will get a pair. Those are some amazing sounding closed headphones.
Sucks to hear that is happening. Have you tried to contact Schiit? Thankfully I never ran into any issues with my ODAC.
It was actually available for 20% off on Massdrop, but I fought off the temptation. Anyways...Hypno-Toad says you must buy!OMG IT LOOKS SO SHINY!That's right, buy it!
Every time I look at the WA7, I want it more!
I want it for more stupid, superficial reasons LOL
I might end up selling my DAC and Soloist for a WA7 if it goes on sale on Massdrop again.
By default, I don't think you can. Storm Call only does shock status effect, though if I still remember correctly, any attack that nukes hard enough has a chance to stun. What might work is Storm Call + Stun (support gem), but I haven't played the game in a long time so who knows what is still the same.
LOL that was a loooong time ago. Piety wiped out my entire army with that OP ball of lightning she rolls out.
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