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I was playing during Alpha I believe. Man... it's been a while...
Generally speaking, unless a product is just that bad (usually if that's the case, the manufacturer wouldn't even ship out review units or will send out cherry picked ones), reviewers tend to try to be at least a bit diplomatic with their criticism to avoid pissing off the manufacturer and get blacklisted. It is shady on the side of the manufacturers when it does happen, but hey, it's ultimately the manufacturer's call of who gets review units. A good example of this would...
Why are all the things I want dangerous to me?
Are there any tubes out there that glow blue?
I just read some of them haha. Definitely not in the minority thus far, which is surprising.
Greed and evil are universal traits unfortunately.
I might be the minority here, but that is one ugly case... looks like some ship out of Star Wars.
Reliability is always an extremely important reason. Makes sense!
I try to too as well in survival but making light is annoying hehe. I wish there was an easy way to use Nether portals to travel though...
Makes sense, thanks!
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