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These look interesting...
If anyone is interested, this is my audio setup
His end game changes on like a monthly basis.
Cool thanks!
Can someone tell me why I would get this over my Ducky Shine 4?
I was considering selling the X00 for an E-Mu Teak, which is very similar to the X00. I still might end up doing that.Meh, personally I don't care too much about soundstage when listening to audio via headphones. If I want soundstage, I listen to music in my surround sound speaker setup.
1. I have the TH-X00, which I use for most of my music anyways and it is leaps and bounds a better pair of headphones.2. I've given away at least 1 SHP-9500 so I already know what they sound like. There is no reason for me to go back to them.
I am probably going to sell my HD650's again... I keep getting them and selling them and then getting them again...
How disturbed by this should I be? What can I say? I like my headphones the same way I like my girls, big bump down low.
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