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Sorry for the lateness guys, but I want to congratulate Speedster159 for winning our Club Only Freebie!
Thanks for the kind words. I will always look back at my time at the helm with nothing but fondness. I'd like to thank you guys for always supporting me, for standing behind me no matter what. I only ask that going forward, all of you support pez the same way. Cheers and happy listening!
A DAC without an amp is useless for headphones. With that in mind, my suggestion would be to get a FiiO E10K (one I am giving away in the contest) as you can find it under $100 easily. That one has a built-in amp. Will it sound better than onboard? Yes. Noticeably? Well, that depends on what you are doing and how good your ears are. There is one member here that said he never was able to hear the difference between onboard and DAC. My suggestion would be to see how it...
Hence I do not own a single EA game that requires Origin. I only have 2-3 games on any distro outside of Steam; Witcher 3 that I got for free on GoG, Far Cry 3 which I got suckered into (didn't read carefully and didn't know it had to use UPlay as I purchased and downloaded it through Steam), and Far Cry 4 as I already had UPlay. That said, any game released by MS is an automatic do-not-buy for me. Besides, the last Fable game I got from M$ was absolute garbage.
1. What are you using it for? 2. Do you mind used?
A used Schiit Lyr or Bottlehead Crack w/ Speedball sounds great with the HD650.
That was my fault. I was really tired when I submitted the order and submitted the wrong design. There will be another freebie with the correct hoodie later on.
And the winner of the freebie is.... [[SPOILER]] Congratulations man!
More accurate or piercing treble and a good amount less bass. K545 is like the fun version of the K553.
If you have someone in the US who is willing to ship to you, you can use their shipping address.
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