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So.... just so I am clear, Ubisoft. Doing better by PC gamers means the following: - Fixed resolution under 1080p - Capped frame rate at 30 FPS Got it! I don't mind forced parity as much as some others as long as it means better gameplay mechanics or story, but at least be honest about it... Most PC gamers are not idiots and empty promises become annoying real quick.
Playing Claptrap is kind of hard... I underestimated how much of a difference it makes not having a consistent action skill. This is only further amplified by his random "subroutines". The low-grav environment also introduces a new dimension to the game that makes a run and gun playing style very deadly. I am really liking it so far.
Would be awesome if his software ever makes it out of beta/malware status. Maybe once you hit max level with Claptrap, he goes gold like Johnny V!PS: Yes that was a joke combining software going gold and Johnny V after his upgrade/resurrection.
There are quite a few awesome skills:- Pirate ship- Laser disco ball of death- Rubber ducky- Digistruct
In the retarded words of Blizzard "RNG is RNG! Herp Derp!"
I am not sure what you did then, because there are four characters to choose from:- Athena the Gladiator- Nisha the Lawbringer- Wilhem the Enforcer- Claptrap the MistakeWhen you attempt to pick Claptrap, it will warn you multiple times that you are making a mistake and to reconsider your choice.
I have it and have a level 12 Claptrap if anyone is playing.
It DID warn you multiple times not to.
If only space navigation was that simple... There are a TON of factors when it comes to navigating to just a stationary object in space:- Fuel usage- Deceleration- Proper docking/landing without destroying gear- Delay in ground to space communicationsThis are just some of the factors I can think of even going to a relatively stationary object like the moon or ISS. Now let's involve a fast moving object like a comet and things get even more dicey. For one, you really don't...
I could be wrong, but I recall a None setting or maybe off.
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