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Wanted to share some additional developments!
Probably because they introduced super powers waaay to early.
Kind of hard to have gang wars when you already annihilated all the gangs and their families...
And that is what makes the game great IMO.
So let me get this straight... you want to marry a girl that:- Does not wash her hair at all and it is questionable if she bathes- Is heavily into S&M to the point where she has a 3' purple dildo bat in her den- Scorns trackable technology but uses a computer and the internet- Is the easiest girl in Saints Row since Shandi- Hides under tables in public resturaunts- Is pining over a former scientific pin-cushion and is now a bunch of dust in spaceWell different strokes for...
They just need to fill it up with maps of both cities
Believe it or not, that's insulting hipsters.
Gat choice is simple; he is a badass with a voice made for video game badass characters. He has also been a core character from the beginning. Kinzie seems to be super popular with the type of gamers whose tendencies I will not elaborate on.
Woot! Gat is AWESOME! Kinzie on the other hand...
Do I have to leave my clan first or does it not matter?
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