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It has a hard leather band with these "pads" that feel like they dig into your skull unless you take steps to try and further soften it, either by pinching them over and over for a while or by adding additional padding. These headphones are great for jazz, smaller orchestral presentations, percussion/band presentations, and other things that enjoy that sort of sound signature.
The AKG K701's?Pros:- HUGE soundstage, possibly the biggest under $300- Great gaming headphones due to huge soundstage- Very neutral and mostly accurate sound signatureCons:- Headband considered very uncomfortable for many- No removable headphone cable (remedied in later versions)- Trebles can sound artificial and peaky- Bass is practically nonexistent (semi-open nature does not help here)- Needs amplification- While large, soundstage is kind of muddy
Is Blizzard still unstackable?
Apparently Japanese people really like AKG K/Q 701 headphones.
I will be on tonight running T3 rifts. My tag is Amoeba #1638!
It's actually not tiring at all since I am just holding down left click and hitting DS, FN, and BH whenever they come up. My main attack is SB and my DPS comes collectively from all my arcane attacks and arcane buff, which is even further buffed by my EE stacks. I honestly don't even worry about the meteors since as long as I am attacking (either manually or automatically), they will be constantly dropping. That said, my wizard is purely in your face melee so things can...
Woh looks really interesting. Right now I am geared with the following items and skills. [[SPOILER]] With this build, I throw down a Black Hole and Teleport on top of the gathered enemies and freeze them. Between my elemental effects, I usually call 3 simultaneous meteors on the Black Hole location and the CC between BH and FN keeps them in place for the falling meteors while I wail on them with SB. Since I have no real ranged attacks, I take full advantage of Audacity for...
Ever since I got my RORG, I have been loving dropping Meteors with Tal Rasha and getting tankier and more damaging with Aughild.
I have a wide variety of interests.
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