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What do you use it for? If just gaming, probably not...
I wonder if the TH-X00 will reinvigorate an earpad rolling craze that the D2K's left off.Hey now... green is a very noble color! The design is a very minimalist and classical one.
Someone who was really lazy, but who doesn't like a face full of plasma?In the jungle, the mighty jungle! Giggity, giggity!
I am not going to mod the game personally at least until the first version of STEP (or whatever it will be called) comes out for FO4. Right now, I am just enjoying the world created by Bethesda through the eyes of the developers and having an absolute blast. I do dislike how plasticky the characters look in the rain though.
I am sure there will be a whole market of 3rd party pads for this headphones. Just look at the TH and DX000 lines; so many options.
Canadian bills look like Euro bills which looks like something made by a primary school kid that the treasury left alone with the color assigning program.
I am tempted to try the Oppo PM-1 as well. Lots of great headphones out there now.
I don't think there are enough types of mods out there, especially the more complex ones or ones reliant on other mods for ESP to matter yet. Skyrim mods started off extremely simple where even NMM could handle it without screwing up too bad.
Like I said, I do not believe you are correct so I didn't bother responding to you. I also don't like the way you post so I didn't bother to respond you. If it helps you sleep better at night trying to say I was wrong, feel free. Doesn't bother me a single bit. I stand by my statement however that mid-bass is the thumping or bass slam that people hear while sub-bass is the vibrations you feel as your ear can't hear frequencies below a certain level. You can call it...
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