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Forced eviction due to rapid expansion by neighbors. Maybe this was how the Native Americans felt! I will pack my bags and move somewhere.
i think I need to move on the OCN server... I keep digging into my neighbor's basement.
I personally dislike wireless audio stuff so I will leave that to others. As for 7.1, my honest opinion is to not bother with that. Unless there are actually multiple drivers, most headphones advertising 5.1/7.1 are just offering virtual surround sound, basically a gimmick. You really are better off long term with headphones boasting large sound stages with a detachable mic.
I am not sure anyone can easily suggest a headset here, but we can try to help find something you want. What is your budget?
Honestly, I would suggest stopping by the OCN Speaker Club and asking for advice and giving them your budget.
Clarifying/Explaining a stance is NOT whining about bang for the buck IMO, especially in the context of providing education. Almost everyone I know who buys gaming headsets, Beats, Bose, ect, do it because they are ignorant. There are a few that genuinely like the sound signature or are honest that it is more about fashion and looking "cool." Most however, will buy other stuff once they are educated that there is better for less available to them. Also my statement about...
I am no expert, but Companions are your actual living creature pets, not the sentries. Only Sentry skill affix increases Sentry damage and that's what you want on as many gear as possible.
People don't hate because it's Razer, people hate because Razer makes garbage audio products that cost a lot of money due to calling it "gaming". Please try not to get the difference confused. Also, wireless is never good for sound quality IMO.
Heads up for our Audio-Technica M50 owners, velour pads!
I will probably be getting on this weekend. Got distracted making the servant quarters for my castle. Here are the new additions to my castle's back yard [[SPOILER]]
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