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HD800 on a Burson Conductor was pretty bad too.
My HTPC still uses the XSPC Edge V1. I always liked the company. Glad to see they are still doing good.
This looks really nice actually... Source
It's amazing how much products have evolved and improved for liquid cooling. I remember when I first started, it was still mostly car radiators and heatercores with fountain pumps, T-lines, DIY liquid mixes, and hand milled blocks. Nowadays, people have compression fittings, rotating barbs, reservoirs that fit on pumps, pastel colored liquid, and other goodness. I am honestly amazed.
Ramen Robot: "Nani ni shimasu ka?" Me: "... Yes?"
Meanwhile, Sandy Bridge CPU's keep on working.
That is what I am thinking as well. Also does anyone know if melee counts as a "silenced" weapon? I assume it should because it is, well, silent.
Does anyone know if the head counts as a "limb"?
I wonder if I am the only one who clicked on this thread expecting to see Takahashi from Fallout 4...?
Have you tried disabling the weapon rack in game through console?
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