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Personally, I wouldn't care if Bethesda never moves on from their game engine, since: - I don't care about going over 60 FPS. There is honestly no point unless you are one of the very few people with a monitor that needs it. - I don't care about jagged shadows since the game looks more than good enough for me and there is too much other stuff to take in then boring shadows on sunny days. I do care about the following however: - Higher quality standards when it comes to...
Technically the limit is the threshold of your patience towards screwed up physics and wonky animation.
Why do male main characters in Asian RPG's always look so feminine?
Nice! Some awesome new monsters, a couple of hilarious weapons, and some nice outfits. I am stoked!
Hell I went from a 5.1 setup to 2.0 personally. Quality 2.0 or 2.1 systems absolutely curb stomps cheap/budget 5.1 setups. If I ever move back to a 2.1 setup myself, it will probably be a BIC F12 sub with some Rokkit speakers.
Never said you couldn't
The only purpose for Titan X is to squeeze as much performance out as possible at 4K. Even then, I would rather get a 1080 for 300-400 USD less, OC it, and call it a day.
It would feel like a whole new game LOL
Meh... I've give up all hope that Bethesda will ever render shadows well/efficiently/properly
Hopefully NV optimizes SLI performance for you in those areas.
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