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My first build will primarily be building long distance relationships while sharpening her charisma.
CAL v1 is also a good choice
Personally, I can't play more than 5-6 rifts or greater rifts before I need a break.
The AD7000 was a beautiful pair of headphones.
Not a jab at all. I have a Titan X myself. My point was that computer hardware is easy to pick out for dream builds because performance is quantified by indisputable numbers from benchmarks, FPS, power usage, and other measurable factors. With headphones on the other hand, how do quantify "enjoyment" which is purely subjective. You can measure sound of course, but you simply cannot easily measure how much someone likes sound without expensive medical machinery.
Price is always on the mind due to how high expenses in a hobby can get. As to the answer of your question, it's because very few people have a chance to listen to electrostatic headphones, unless you go to a meet that has one. Auditioning things like LCD-3, K1000, or HD800 are much easier. Audio is much harder to come up with a dream setup, because it is so subjective. It's not like computers where you can just go "I will throw in 2 Titan X's" or something.
Because the headphones are obnoxiously expensive and needs special and equally expensive amps.
I love my Soloist LCD-2 pairing personally. I would advise looking for a used one.
You misunderstood me. I, as in ME, attack THEM on sight.
Legion are like Thalmor from Skyrim for me... kill on sight.
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