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People are going to do what people want to do.
Oh I have tons of hobbies, those are just the most unwinding ones, especially going to an outdoor range. I was shooting my friend's 308 using iron sights on a target 50 yards out after 3 hours of unloading brass in the pistol range. There is just something about the kick of the recoil after the loud boom and seeing the target get ripped through by the round (hopefully where you were aiming) that unscrews and lets loose all the stress you have pent up.
The only thing more relaxing and unwinding for me than immersing myself in my headphones is spending hours at the range. God bless America and guns!
Or scripts still being baked into saves long after you uninstalled them.
I have never, ever paid attention towards achievements. They are simply something put in the game for people with OCD tendencies IMO to prolong how long you play the game. Me personally, I just play the game and if that happens to give me some sort of achievement, cool.
Going forth, TES and FO games should all be running on the "new" 64-bit engine. The reason this could not be done before was due to consoles. FO4 is already 64-bit. This is why they had to completely re-make Mod Organizer to work with it.
Typo for BGS. I must have a previous replacer setup or something.
It's not a matter of selfishness, it's a matter of priorities and being smart about resource allocation. Here is a simple truth; EVERYTHING costs money. Here is the deal; no one forced you to buy multiple GPU's, just like no one forces people (like me) to buy 21:9 displays. These are niche configurations that very few people in the overall pool of gamers have the luxury of purchasing. You can ask for those extra features. Asking is one thing however. Demanding for them...
Nice! I thought you had a Beyer Telsa. Did you always have a HD800?Lots of tubeys here. I personally have the Schiit Lyr 2. A few have the Lyr/Vahalla/Vali. Some have tube Dac's, lots with the Aune T1, and some even really baller custom tubes. I think we have a thread about tube rolling the Aune T1 or at least some sort of data base.Sorry, accidentally edited your post. thank heavens for the back button so I re-un-edited it LOL -chinesekiwi
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