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I think at one time he really felt that way, but with increasingly amounts of vocal douchey fans, it really took a toll on him. You could tell from his twitter mini-rant a while back that he was sick of it all.
My personal thoughts on Beats is that they are still largely a waste of money. Sound improvements don't change that simply due to how competitive the market is. That said, for those who choose to wear beats for whatever reasons, I am happy that their experience will now be at least a bit better. My opinion will always be that headphones are for listening, not a fashion statement. That's probably why I wear generic clothes and have no interests in expensive watches or...
Seasonal or Standard?
Eh... I shovel that into the idea that destroying the Worldstone somehow made all the heroes of the world mentally handicapped. How else would one explain the Wizard's cool down being dropped to oblivion and the absence of a very basic Fireball? Seems like our heroes just got more stupid as the time passed on.
Well... considering one is blessed by the divine and the other worships dead ancestors and got whooped in LoD despite being tasked to guard the Worldstone, there is SOME logic to it.
Misread that. Apologies!
1. Does the game start with stock skyrimpref and skyrim ini files?2. Does the game start with a new game?Conversely, you can also disable recently installed mods backwards in batches and test after each batch and see which batch was causing the issue.
For Vanilla, it's just whitelisting and active moderating. With Bukkit, these features are available.
I might finally switch to a FB build...
The issue I am now having appears to be with the game itself where I get intermittent lag spikes and stuttering. I was already on Java x64 so that was not the issue. Increasing the RAM allotment seemed to help a lot for me personally. I myself would prefer playing on a survival server with other people as well, but I am fine either way. I definitely want to implement protection against griefers for our structures however. Maybe a bedrock prison?
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