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Glad to hear that! I couldn't resist the price myself and bit on them. Would be nice having a pair of good headphones for gaming again. I cry inside when I use my LCD-2's for gaming.
Open headphones almost always have a much larger soundstage than closed headphones. The best closed headphones for gaming IMO would be the AKG K550 (K545 for better music experience). I really liked the K701 for gaming myself, though it's an open headphones.
For closed I would recommend the following: - Creative Aurvana Live Version 1 - Sennheiser HD 280 - Sony MDR-V6 Honestly, it depends on what you are using them primarily for and what type of sound.
- Are they red white RCA or singular RCA cables? Either way, neither are overly expensive.- If you are scaling walls, how much extension are you looking at?If you want to keep them on the floor, you can get something like this. They have bigger ones too. You should be able to find them at any office equipment or home theater store. If you are using extensions for RCA, you should get some C-clips to nail them against the wall. I would personally route them on the bottom...
How are you guys enjoying your K553 Pro's? Mine is sitting in Austin while I am down in Houston to visit family...
Ah ok thanks! Will correct immediately!
I am looking for a Nvidia video card with AT LEAST 6GB of VRAM without watercooling, meaning one of the following models: - GTX 780 6GB version - Titan - Titan Black - Titan X If you have one that you are willing to sell, please PM me make/model and prices. If you have one that already has a watercooling block on it, I am only interested if it is removed and the original cooler is installed back on it with new or undamaged thermal pads and thermal paste.
Got my FiiO X3 yesterday and I am loving this baby. Still need to test how it sounds as a DAC for the computer.
Man... every time I want to come back and play this game, the video cards I want are never available. I swear Bethesda has something against me...
How much would it cost without the EK water blocks and for the cooler to be put back on properly? I don't watercool anymore, but I am interested in these if the original coolers can be put back on properly (memory and other heat contact points being properly connected via thermal pads and paste to the cooler) before purchase.
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