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I get a 15% discount so I would probably buy it new. The thing is, I don't need it at all. LOL
I have this itch to buy a pair of LCD-XC.... must resist!
There is also the question of what constitutes as ranged and melee. For instance, is ranged limited to skill shots and target shots from a distance or does it also include ground AoE such as Desecration, Molten, Frozen, ect. Same with melee; does it only mean basic attacks or any attack within melee distance (15 yards). Basically we need to know what falls into the parameters of "melee" and "range" attacks.
Sounds awesome! Can't wait for it!They didn't want people spamming it, but by giving it such a long cool down, they made it suck instead.
My main beef with Tele (outside that it is just fundamentally broken) is the insanely long CDR.
Another thing that frustrates me is how crappy Teleport is. The Tele stun with Oculus is decent, but by and large, Teleport is HORRIBLE in D3 and ROS has not really done anything to address this. You are telling me that a Barb can leap from a mountaintop and I can't tele past most walls/cliffs without LOS?
Once I get around to finishing leveling up my Crusader, I will give WD a shot. Sounds very fun!
I just can't understand why they couldn't leave well enough alone and buff other skills in a way that makes people want to use them. Instead, their approach was, "Let's FORCE everyone to try out other skills by nerfing the only good skills/builds!". That's neither here or there anymore though.
Definitely will get around to trying it out. Need to level up my Crusader first. I have a soft heart for them in my heart due to my Paladin from D2.Nerfing the CM build I can understand; it was OP as heck if you were rich enough. What I couldn't understand was the dev team's refusal to nerf both Barbarian's "Run away while dropping damaging tornados and maintaining constant invincible" and Monk's "Tempest Rush" build while attempting to claim they were balancing the game...
I still remember that video made after the third consecutive Wizard nerf way back when. "Tired of your Wizard nerfs? Here is what you can do!" *makes a WD and moves gear over* Sounds like an amazing magic trick! Mine is *click until enemies disappear and only gold, orange, and green remains*
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