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K553's are very similar sounding to the K7XX; flat, accurate, great soundstage for closed headphones, kind of piercing highs, weakish bass, They are light and fairly comfortable, though the pads are shallow so people with bigger ears may not like them. The cable is not removable however.
ONE makes stories for some of the best animes in recent history. All hail ONE!
DivX and Xvid were the big ones for me in HS and college.Ugh... that dreaded white and blue icon, though I remember it starting out blue white.
Terrible post is terrible.
That's right. I remember at least one was a tube amp, but couldn't remember if both were. Both amps sound beautifully warm and smooth to me. Thanks for the correction!
Short answer, yes. Long answer, YEEEEEEEEEEES! I have one for at least 2 years now and it has been great.
Me and Tjj probably differ on this subject, but I prefer a tube hybrid amp over OTL personally. There are also non-OTL tube amps, but I can't remember if I ever used one unless Cavali Liquid Gold / Fire were non-OTL tube amps.
HD650 is that sweet, pretty, girl-next-door type that people love. May not be the hottest or most popular, but everyone at least likes her usually.
Wrong thread
K553 has a good amount of aluminum. TH-X00 I guess? I have seen HD650 go as low as $300 and as high as $500 new.
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