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You don't have Freedom Radio in your Pipboy?
Will be keeping an out for that. Thanks! If Cait loses my BoS Paladin armor, I will be upset. Maybe I should downgrade her to a 60b...
Fusion Core might have been depleted,k which is basically the same thing as someone removing it.
That's because if you keep the cores in the power armor, NPC's will walk off with it. It's basically the same as keeping your car unlocked with the keys still in the ignition and leaving it int the ghetto as an early birthday present for someone..
I get 15% off on Audeze headphones. I am going to wait to see if they have a Black Friday sale and if they do, whether or not I can stack my discount on top of them.
That is because they are the militia of the Commonwealth. Let's face it, even the Railroad was more organized. The BoS and Institute are actual organizations. Minutemen are basically neighbor watch.
Only if the sound card has an amp or you plan on getting an amp.
I always keep my weapon sheathed around friendlies.
I wonder if the villagers can actually defend themselves during those quests... the both times I ignored the settlement, they both got wiped out.
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