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It's not meant to be funny, just an opinion. Bumblebee's comment was more along the lines of "Yeah we know it doesn't actually matter, but it matters." Humans are vain creatures and as such, we like pretty/shiny/expensive things.I was referring to friend'scatdied's comment, not yours Bumblebee.
He is remarking that you don't you don't need a fancy smancy CNC-milled chassis to house a new amp and that even a crappy shoebox would work fine.
They are not allowed to change the design, so until the ODA is designed by the creator, you will have to look for DIY O2 for what the features you want unfortunately.
Of course that would be the case. Not sure why anyone would think otherwise, unless they completely misunderstood the intent of ODA. ODA was supposed to be built off the O2 design, just into a desktop amp design as opposed to a portable amp design. The O2 was intended to be a portable amp, that's why it runs on batteries and has a "smaller" footprint compared to other actual desktop designs. The ODA was not supposed to change that core amp design, just offer a desktop...
The O2 is not stupid, just that the designer some design decisions based on portability as the O2 was not supposed to be a desktop amp. That would have been the ODA, but the designer disappeared before getting that far.
Hey! Welcome back TD!
Considered Ultrasone Pro 900?
Loose ear wax can "rattle" sometimes. Usually if it happens with multiple headphones, I would look for any consistencies; amp, source, ear, ect.
could also be your ear. does it happen with other cans?
I personally adore my LCD-2's. These are honestly end game for me. I will eventually score a tube amp once it becomes financially responsible to do so. I love the LCD-2's because they fit my preferences so perfectly. The only thing that could truly benefit would be the soundstage which is a bit cramped. IMHO, they are one of the most aesthetically pleasing headphones I have come across as well! Totally Off-Topic: If anyone likes Asian comics, I strongly urge you to give...
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