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TD received a pair of K545 to review before. You can probably find his review on Google. Having heard both the K551 (K550 with an inline mic) and K545, he is definitely one of the most qualified here to clarify the differences between the 2.
I feel small and grubby being content with my 24" Ultrasharp...
I have a really nice sparker on NS, though it doesn't have IAS, otherwise it would be GG as far as non-ancients go.
Does anyone still play this game? I took a break from it and was wondering if my Siphoned and Summoner are still viable.
I disagree a bit with that assessment personally. The K550 reproduces (mid)bass pretty darn accurately. It simply doesn't emphasize that for the heavy punchiness that many may prefer. That said, would the K545 be more of what he might be looking for? I remember you mentioning in a review that it has a lot more bass.
I am getting close to going back to PoE myself. It really depends on how I feel about the game after some of the changes they are planning. I am planning the wait game to see if the dev team discovers some miracle sliver of competence in "tuning" some of the changes. Hydra build in PTR currently looks crazy strong, so I fully expect them to nerf it come the real thing.
I liked the K550 for jazz and classical. It is also closed.
Patch is not live yet for actual game, so we have no idea if things will end up as nerfs or buffs. That said, Hydra change is definitely a buff as IAS increase definitely compensates for drop in damage. Force Armor is definitely a huuuuuuge nerf.
I am REALLY wishing I didn't mat my M6 gloves now... Time to gamble for another one now that TnT is worthless.
Hmm... that doesn't look too bad. Hopefully dev team will actually stay honest and tune it if necessary.
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