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You mean something like this? That particular one is quite overpriced though.
Congrats man! Unfortunately, I just can't bring myself to play this game anymore. I might join again later on, but busy playing Dragon Age Origins again.
Sorry, I have been incredibly busy with the horror known as real life and forgot all about this. I have updated the front page with posts by members about their servers. Sorry again for the delay!
Ok I will add it to the front page when I get back home from Turkey holiday.Glad to hear it is back up and running. I really need to get back on and move. Just been too busy working on my projects.
Did you guys want me to link your posts regarding servers on the front page? Also, new inspiration... University! So far still laying down the ground framework.
i haven't heard the new iteration of the AD700, but at $110-120 range, I personally liked the HD558 that my friend recently got. I know a lot of people really like them too.
Probably, which reminds me that I need to bump it later.
1. How much did you spend on the AD700 as that defines your budget? $80?2. What will you be using them for?2a. If you will be using them for music, do you care about sound quality?2b. If you do care about sound quality, what kind of music do you listen to?3. AD700 were open headphones, so I assume you do not care about sound isolation. Is this correct?
If anyone tells you that, do me a favor and tell them to frack off. The HD558 are a great pair of headphones for their price. There is no need to go higher then entry/mid range unless you are looking for a pair of headphones with a specific sound signature.
Going purely by the specs, yes. I wonder how those headphones compare with others in the $1K range.
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