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Nothing beats the consternation of beating a RG and finding a Conduit pylon one room over....
Nothing pisses me off more running GR than a basically empty map. That happened to me twice last night.
I might be a minority, but I couldn't care less about the lower resolution as long as the quality of the display compensates for it and thus, I feel like the iPhone 6 display is very nice and sharp. I really dislike how they are getting bigger though. I HATE big phones with a passion. If they had rereleased the 5S with the type of screen that the iPhone 6 uses along with the same types of internals, I would totally buy that instead.
Any bug that is bigger than a quarter, I shoot at with my paintball gun until it dies.
Username = amoeba1126 Thanks for doing this!
That would be awesome! We are currently trying to figure out options for a server and if there is one we can simply join, it would be great.
Finally decided on an overall main tower design for my castle.
It is supposed to be the Nether realm under bedrock, but if you actually break it, it is just darkness. You can fall through it into darkness though. Officially it is called The Void.
Yes, if your character is in creative mode or the server is in creative mode, you can place and destroy bedrock.
The member list updated with your entry already!
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