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I wouldn't take good headphones to any LAN. I just don't trust the vast majority of gamers around good equipment.
IMO the only Sennheiser worth getting is still the HD650.
If you are buying a used one, yes. Could also buy an old android phone.
Just get any android based DAP and plug it into the ODAC.
How about AKG K545 then? IMO, the K553's sound better as the K545 are the more "fun" version and it also has smaller cups and a removable cable.
How about AKG K553?
HD650 "feel" and "look" cheap because they are super light and made mostly of plastic. This is done on purpose and assure you they are NOT cheap headphones. I have never had a pair break on me and haven't personally heard of one breaking on anyone else.
Ugh, Z is such a trash reviewer.
They are great speakers for their size and price IMO.
I been out of the game of new tech for a while now. Why are people upgrading device firmware when there is nothing wrong with their device?
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