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Sweet! Feel free to add me! Amoeba#1638
Eh I am resigned that they will never bring back proper trading. I think its a damn shame, but hey, that's just how incompetent the dev team was when making a proper game from the get go. Anyways, I wish I had the DPS to carry 3 wizards. Wizards seem so rare nowadays. I just see a bunch of WD's and Saders all over the place. I just realized that Tal Rasha chest piece can roll elite damage reduction.... #$#@$#$@#
There is only an economy if you do not have restrictions on trading and allow people to assign a value to said items. If this is just between friends, there will not be a value assigned to said item as you still cannot share it with strangers or people wanting to buy it.I been trying to pair up with more wizards, but all my friends play different classes it seems. It's OK though, I still have fun playing with friends from different classes. I can't play by myself too long...
That's actually where I am coming from. This game is completely dumbed down and streamlined for casual gaming IMO, that's why it is missing so many things coming from D2. With that in mind, why wouldn't it be good to implement on PC? If there is no economy, there will be no competition for loot or drop rate manipulation needed. You can still have BoA and economy in ladder, but there is no reason we cannot simply do away with the entire concept of economy and BoA. This is...
OR simply expand upon the limitations of trading to friends and maybe clan members for items found AFTER you became friends/clan mates. There is also the fact that you can simply not worry about having an economy and you know... let people who want to trade have fun doing that and people who want to farm have fun doing that. An economy brings competition for loot. This should never been a point of focus for D3 IMO.
Hopefully my build will be T6 viable after 2.1. I can grind through T5 now at least!
That's like beating a dead horse at this point. Based on prior experience, the dev team has 0 idea of what is "fun" and seems to be hellbent on destroying what gamers consider to be fun.
Where is the slap smiley... This will have to do for now
I am really excited for the Black Hole and Explosive Blast changes coming in 2.1 as it should provide a HUGE DPS boost for me! - Black Hole: Weapon damage increased from 360% to 700% over 2 seconds - Explosive Blast: Weapon damage increased from 616% to 945%
Some of them for sure!
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