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Anyone still playing? My steam is chenjy9 if you need friends to play with!
So beautiful! Very nice work man!
This is not my point of view, but rather the factual definition of what a luxury good is. A luxury good is a good for which demand increases more than proportionally as income rises as opposed to a necessity good like food or gas. People who have higher disposable income can purchase higher end cards and people with low income either don't purchase graphics cards at all or budge versions. There is no point of view here as a luxury good is very clearly defined; you purchase...
It absolutely is. All graphics cards are luxury goods. One can argue that a computer is a luxury good.
Oh OK, was like man, that sucks for people wanting the 980 Ti then.
Has this been established already? I remember reading a comment about it, but didn't look too deeply.
Does performance still suffer if you turn off GameWorks/HairWorks?
I don't see how this relates to my comment as the 980 Ti per benchmarks shown thus far is NOT faster than the Titan X.
The same people who buy smartphones from companies that don't support updates for smartphone OS?
No logical reason why they would be worried considering the Titan X will still be faster and has more VRam.
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