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Does not come with Mt Dew dispenser or holder... do not want.
Can we leave a trail of inedible bread crumbs or string in case we get lost?
- So you have the TOSLINK going from the mobo/sound card to the Modi 2 Uber and RCA cables going to the Magni?- Does the TOSLINK cable still work with the old another DAC?
Updated the front page to include the info.
Wanted to share this with you guys. Audeze apparently had a bunch of headphones stolen from them, so keep an eye out for goods that seem too good to be true!
Not surprising considering the shady direction the company has taken since the ActiBliz merger. D3 aka Auction House Simulator = Paying full price for a game in beta D3: RoS = Paying full price to download a finished version of the game Never trust again! Thankfully someone gave me RoS. Blizzard is dead to me, which is a huge pity considering how big of a fanboy I was.
Just get this and a piece of foam to cover up the top and you can call it a day. Hairdresser foam head stands work great as well, if not slightly creepy looking.
My co-worker got the AKG K545 per my suggestion per Totally Dubbed's recommendation and I took a listen to it. If I start travelling again, I will get a pair. Those are some amazing sounding closed headphones.
Sucks to hear that is happening. Have you tried to contact Schiit? Thankfully I never ran into any issues with my ODAC.
It was actually available for 20% off on Massdrop, but I fought off the temptation. Anyways...Hypno-Toad says you must buy!OMG IT LOOKS SO SHINY!That's right, buy it!
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