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I help out the minutemen over and over and over...
I haven't been a fan of the LCD-2 since post fazor personally.
Eh, personally I don't mind that at all. After all, both the TH-X00 and LCD-2 are not exactly open sounding headphones.
Bass generally means closed headphones or planars. If I ever move beyond my TH-X00, I will probably upgrade to the HE560 personally.
Grace m9xx is nice and warm-ish. Heck even my Denon AVR-988 is nice and warm-ish.
So I know it's bullet proof... But is it explosive proof? The ultimate test... fight fire with fire! Almost dead if anyone cares. 8HP Looks mostly OK!
I think I'm covered.
Like this!
Because he likes Nvidia cards I imagine? Recently I have also preferred green over red.
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