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It really depends on how you want to look at it. The material that was cut out, is usually cut out for a reason. In this case, some of that stuff didn't make sense to be part of the actual game. I mean, why would someone in the FO universe make huge complex "toys" or build vaults despite being loosely affiliated with Vault-Tec as a "customer." The same can be said about making fighting arenas and capturing deathclaws and super mutants. These are things that FANS want,...
Is that the case big enough for me to build a computer AND hide in it?
What's wrong with walking around wearing a backpack holding a car battery jerryrigged to power a 5W desktop amp to power some LCD-2's? Seriously though, beautiful setup you got there! The Mojo is an amazing amp!
Different crowds. I love my CL S5 personally and would still buy it over any TT cases anyway day. TT's are usually too flashy for me.
My Spectacle Island keeps getting attacked by monsters. It's weird though; I don't get any notifications, but when I go there, either SM's or YG's are always attacking it.
I would warm them after I slap their hands. Tubes get hot and I don't want any reactionary flinching motions to mess with the painted labels on the tubes which would really tank resale value if I decided to sell them. As for monitors, they really should just know better. LOL
If anyone taps on my tubes or monitor I would slap that hand first and if they don't learn, slap their face... Hard.
The HD650 is just a smooth, laid back headphones. It is not intrusive and is soft on the ears. It also has a nice mid bass thump. The one legitimate complaint about HD650 IMO is that it lacks excitement, but when listening long hours, that may not be what you want anyways.
Looks like ooze.
I am not tempted by the sound ironically, just the pure sexiness of the design with ebony cups. I like the way the TH-X00 Mahogany cups sound so any improvements to bass extension and treble range would be icing. That ebony! I am in love!
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