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Seem's like there is better isolation and more bass. I will have to listen more. I think I might have lost some clarity due to being farther from the drivers.
Seems to have gone away now, Well shall see!
Hmm... suddenly my Skyrim started crashing on every and any attempt to save....
I think he said "I love nudity and stripping dead women bodies in Skyrim to see their nude bodies."
No, some kid in a warehouse in China probably did. I just stuck it on.
Look what I did guys!
Final question, are we maximizing your budget or do you prefer to save money?
Do you have the store link to the Amazon in Qatar or does it ship from the US with different rates?
Very nice! IEM's are great IMO. I love my PFE232's with the grey filters.
Awesome to have you come to us for help. We will be more than happy to help you pick out a great pair of headphones and maybe a sound card if necessary. Before that, please answer the following questions so that we can give you suggestions geared more towards your personal preferences!1. Where do you live or where are you buying from?2. Does budget include tax and shipping?3. Are you willing to buy used?4. Do you prefer bass, midrange, and/or treble?5. What sort of music...
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