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This!1. Save the game2. Load earlier game with Boone3. Hit ~4. Click on Boone5. Load your game6. Hit ~7. Type in "moveto player" or if you are curious where he left you to "player.moveto "8. Continue
That's your problem then! I alway used Willow and Veronica. Besides, you can also use voodoo console magic and teleport him back. I fight fire with fire myself. Invincible scorpions means "tgm" and "kill target" in console.
If it is, meh... there are far worse things in life than lethal flying buckets and plates. I will just have to remember to wear power armor before walking indoors.
As long as the physics engine is not tied to 60 frames, I will be happy with all the changes as it is.
If you don't mind waiting:
Can you describe the topology of your connections please?
Different conductivity, electrical resistance, and to a much lesser degree oxidation rate would be the short answer.
Technically speaking, the bucket trick is also a bug. A lot of bugs are not actually bad depending on how it is exploited. Like there was this one "sinkhole" in Skyrim that NPC's could get stuck in on one of my play throughs and I could just lure NPC's there and then bash them when they get stuck to build up my one handed.
It is not so much concern for active spying on daily citizens, but the fact that there is a huge database illegally accumulating and recording details of your private life. I don't do anything illegal, but I certainly do not want it being monitored and recorded without my express permission.
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