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Not sure, but if you are on PC, you can always console add it.
Not feeling that cable management personally.
While they MAY make a difference for highly sensitive equipment like IEM's, unless a cable is not OFC, damaged, or defective, they should all sound the same provided they are not too thin. Cables are literally the last thing to upgrade / spend big money on if at all.
I normally wear my smartwatch, but my "classy watch" for more formal occasions is the Seiko SARB033. I also have a couple of Seiko Kinetics in two tone as well.
Backup. Same shape should minimize sound changing and since I don't have a choice in velour/suede/fabric, I rather get sheepskin than fake egg leather.
While I personally agree, the casual consumers and console gamers are the ones that determine what becomes mainstream as companies cater towards them. 4K right now seems like the next 1080p to me, where competition among companies will drive down 4K TV and monitor pricing for that first. Just my speculation of course.
My personal speculation is that normal 4K would become "mainstream" faster than 21:9.
Massdrop - Dekoni Premium Ear Pads for Fostex TH-X00
Yup! You used to be able to find them for $30-50. It was a true hidden gem at the entry level.
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