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Maybe to your ears, but personally I highly doubt it and disagree with that assessment.
- Closed- Fairly comfortable- Solid quality for price- Sold in many stores- Been around forever
LOL, that's a very subjective question. If you are looking for gaming headphones, I would say SHP9500 under $100, K7XX would be the "best" under $200, and X2 under $300.
I guess I am in the minority here, but I find it incredibly ugly. LOL
I live in the US, it's a land of pigs basically.
JDS Labs C5D
Any and all parts of the pigs will always have a place in Asian cuisine.
LOL don't let Angel hear that. He hates the BHC before component modding.
Yes, I went from an O2 to a Lyr. You can immediately tell the difference in power as my HD650 sounded much more clear and loud. That said, the Lyr is a tube hybrid, so sound comparisons would honestly be skewed.
Specs wise, more power with less distortion. Sound signature wise, no ideaEver seen a parakeet whose given millet? THat's basically @caenlen with headphones.
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