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We had one, but I don't know if it ever took off.
Ah, didn't see that earlier. Thanks for the info. Good call Gearbox!
I wonder how modifiable these things are. Put in a go pro camera where the eye thing is, put an LED screen on the remote, put in WiFi access, give it a mini Nerf gun, and we have ourselves a Fragtrap!
Is it bad that I want this thing for that claptrap toy alone despite hating claptrap?
Someone should tell ATT that it's the same reason their executives get that new big yacht or younger girlfriend instead of sticking with a canoe/wife.
That wasn't all he did.
This is not of me wishing harm for people different views, but wishing for people who live in idealistic worlds to put their money where their mouths are when the same situation they belittle happens them. Going by some of the posts I seen from you personally in this thread, nothing bad should happen to them if someone calls the swat on you with a fake emergency, even if a close family member gets critically injured right? Or if you are in a position where you need a swat...
Criminals are forced to pay for their crimes in various ways. In the US, you will often see people in bright colored jumpsuits in fields. Obviously you cannot have more dangerous criminals out there, but they usually work in various other ways. In China, there was an article sometime back where criminals were forced to farm gold in WoW. That said, there are a level of danger among letting criminals outside the facilities. Perhaps those are whom you are referring to?
What are you looking for?
I can only hope that those of you dismissing swatting as petty pranks or somehow blaming SWAT teams for assuming hostility in an emergency situation that you will one day be in a position of being swatted where your family could potentially come to harm or ben in a situation that requires SWAT action, but having them delay helping to wait on some sort of warrant to cover their butts so you can come back and tell us how you feel about things then. "Hacking" into companies...
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