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Make sure you create a SKSE.ini file in the SKSE folder. It never comes with one for me for some odd reason.
If you are using MO, follow the instructions per STEP, otherwise just extract the contents into your Skyrim Data folder
As long as I give them enough gold to buy the entire market place, it shouldn't be a problem. I would watch out for Altmers though. I wouldn't trust those shifty eyed imps at any age.
Oops. Forgot to put in House for "House my kids". I got like 3-4 kids who were sleeping outside or in stables that I felt bad for and adopted.
Thanks. Would it be too greedy to ask for one that can also my kids that I pick up from here and there like strays?
For those of you who are interested, there is currently a drop going on for O2 amps.
I remember one of the mods had an option for underwater vegetation that could cause this issue, especially when combined with mods that increase the volume of grass.
Can anyone suggest a castle mod that does not have a huge bath in every other room?
Looks like outside of Solitude.
Cool thanks!
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