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Monoprice M1060 and HE-560 would be my suggestions out of current offerings unless you are going used.
Out of those headphones and their listed pricing, I would go with the AKG 702.
Personally, I think the SHP9500 would be a better choice if you are primarily using them for gaming and multimedia. It is a very underrated pair of headphones with 3rd party pad options and a detachable cable.
If memory serves, the PC360 use the same drivers as the HD555 which are the predecessors to the HD558.
How long before rich people can buy one and then release it in their backyards or in the neighborhood handmade lake when it gets to big?
The GAME ONE as far as I can tell, is basically a tweaked HD558 with a boom mic attached. The sound is tweaked to be less music oriented and much more multimedia oriented (movies, TV shows, games). It is also a lot more expensive, because it is marketed for "gaming". A few more info... There is no such thing has "gaming headphones", period. You have headphones that have wider soundstage and do better in games that benefit from that, like FPS games. When people talk about...
My friend had some QA issues with his E-MU Teaks as well; faulty cable and cracked Teak cup. They sent him a cable the first time and when his cup cracked, they paid for priority shipping to have him send it back to Singapore and then upgraded him to Ebony cups per his request. He is still waiting for them to be shipped back though. Was your friend reaching out to Chan directly?
Real life has been the scariest game I have ever played.
- Spectrum Euro Banana Holder- FastTrack Garage Hose HookBoth of those can always be found around $10, sometimes even cheaper.
Neither... headphones + mic
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