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Lool, of course that i did . I have done it many times.
Does anyone know why i have such a dramatic differences CPU and cores tempwise going from UD5 to Sabertooth !!! Its about 15 to 20C !!!! I reinstaled my H110 twice so its not the problem !!
I have about 20C delta from package temp to CPU temp when runnig P95 !! Isnt that a bit to much ??
But, i dont have last one. I know that last one is good, but i have older one !!
Will Sabretooth first model recognize my FX 8350 ?? BIOS isnt new, ist 1102 cople months before Vishera launch !!
Is there any major differences between R2.0 and first revision, especially regarding overclocking ?? I have oportunity tu buy Sabretooth the first one, not R2.0 revision.
So when we will finally know whether Steamroller will be out and wether it will be AM3+ compatible ??
Yep, MSI BIOS limit regarding OC is just stupid. Why make high-end board and then limit overclocking ??
No they are not. Now, does anybody knows what is max temp for MOSFET ?? And dont trust software for those temps becouse its not accurate at all. I have IC thermometar and while im runnig P95 at 1.49V and 4.6Ghz MOSFET gets up to 90C with about 20C ambiente temperature.
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