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I have i7 3770K with AsRock Z68 Pro3 Gen3 board. I set it up to 4.4Ghz with 1.17V and it throttles under P95 or OCCT !! Why is that so ??
Why do u think that first one is crap ?
What about this one ?? ASRock P67 Extreme4 Gen3 !!
What can i expect in terms of overclocking on AsRock Z68 Pro3Gen3 with i7 3770K. I have Corsair H110 so that isnt a problem. Im woried about board it self.
I may buy this board very cheap and i7 3770K. So what i can expect in terms of overclocking with i7 on this board given that i have Corsair H110 so CPU cooling isnt an issue.
I realy dont know why i have such high temperatures. Its same core clock and same voltage. I know that temps cant be the same, but delta is to big. I will examine it a bit more and then see what i will do about it.
Cores temps are also much higher then they was on UD5. I have IC thermal gun. Whole board under stress test is wormer then UD5. Only VRMs ar colder on Sabertooth.
I have H110 wich is better then H100i and when i had UD5 i didnt get nowhere near 76C socket even when i was benchmarking at 5.0Ghz. With Sabertooth i get to 76C with 1.45V @ 4.5Ghz runnig P95 max heat !! I reinstalled cooler so that isnt for sure the issue.
So when one overclock by FSB, wich voltage besides CPU voltage one should raise ??
75% verh high.
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