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So when one overclock by FSB, wich voltage besides CPU voltage one should raise ??
75% verh high.
Why this Asus boards ( i have Sabertooth ) have such high socket temps ?? I have much higher then i had with same CPU and settings on my UD5 !!
Today in one of my tests i got up to 76C socket temp wich is way to high !!. UD5 is much colder board but VRMs ar wormer .
I have installed my CPU but im now frustrated becouse i have much higher temps compared to UD5 i had !! Its just ridiculous. Im selling it and gonna put my UD5 back.
Asus AI suite II.
Im sure, its not first time i instaled cooer. No, i dont have fan on VRMs, but i didnt have them on UD5 too. I will do so later.
Lool, of course that i did . I have done it many times.
Does anyone know why i have such a dramatic differences CPU and cores tempwise going from UD5 to Sabertooth !!! Its about 15 to 20C !!!! I reinstaled my H110 twice so its not the problem !!
I have about 20C delta from package temp to CPU temp when runnig P95 !! Isnt that a bit to much ??
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