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Where did they state that volts arnt the issue if temps are good ??
Picture is to small. You should past a link to full size picture.
Is it at 5.0Ghz a@1.5V P95 or OCCT stable ??
I know that Kaveri has Steamroller cores, but i was thinkg 8 core FX series. "AMD has no plans for a Steamroller FX." Is that official ??
Thats Kaveri u r talking about, not Steamroller.
It will be interesting to see your clocks under water .
So, what are latest news on Steamroller ? Relase date and MBO socket ??
Does anyone else have a problems with this FCb BIOS for UD-5 REV 3.0 ?? I had lots off problems and i had to rool back FB BIOS.
What is may safe for MOSFET. I did now little bit of torture test at 4.6Ghz with 1.55V and stress it with P95 Large FFT (max heat). I have infrared thermometer. Hottest i saw on MOSFET was about 80C !
So on one case its good and on other one is short !!
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