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I just got going good on numberfields and we have met our goal
Just trying to keep things moving forward and mostly crunching WCG these days. The 5930k doesn't do so well in WCG, but seems to do nicely in NumberFields
I will help a little with number fields
I can help a little with Einstein
I installed the waterblocks on the cards. I just received the correct bridge and I test fitted everything to make sure that it works. The slot spacing is different on this block, but I think it will work. The slot spacing on the one that didn't fit was 1,4,6 and it was X16 x16 x8 (according to the user manual) This one is 1,3,5 and with that configuration, it will be x8 x8 x8 I also received the replacement drive for the M.2 drive that I sent back and the 3rd hard drive...
I am pretty excited about it.
I have started to get some parts in. Most everything is here except the 3rd video card, the fan controller stuff and the correct bridge. I have the wrong bridge
Thanks! I will stick with team BOINC for now.....
Hook me up. I think I have an old hard drive laying around.
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