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My guess would be somewhere between 300 - 400 watts for the system.
Why is it always love or money? That machine is running great, but I will never build a machine with a triple link water cooling again. It is a pain to do anything with it.
That is terrible. Congrats on getting married. Where are you going.... If it isn't a secret
@DanHansenDK Since the motherboard is bad, just solve the problem and get a supermicro X9DR3-LN4F+ or ASUS Z9PE-D8 WS and a pair of those cheap E5-2670 CPU's from Ebay. Your current non ECC memory may even work.
Finally 79th
The only downside to this board is that it was designed to go into an intel server chassis and some things may not work right without the server chassis. Seems that an upgrade to the latest bios fixes most issues. Some of the boards may have a custom bios that has weird settings.
Here is an interesting Dual LGA 2011 board. The Intel S2600CP2J for $175. Pair that with some of those cheap E5-2670 chips and you have a pretty good base setup for a budget boincer. I think this power supply with a power distribution board could handle it with no trouble. Having trouble finding DDR3-1600 memory that isn't expensive. With 32 GB of memory, a decent CPU cooler and SSD, that would be a nice setup!
@The VeterantVery impressive. Your cinebench R15 score of 3045 with 44 threads nearly matches my Quad E5-4650 setup with 64 threads that gets 3355. My quad setup pulls over 600 watts from the wall at full load. Do you know how much power you are using at full load:?
Why am I hearing rumors that the pentathlon will be delayed?
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