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I think I need geothermal water cooling. My computers overwhelm my Air Conditioning.
Signed up
I will be soon. Haven't run it but a few hours a day because everyone complains, its too hot! Bunch of pansies....
I have some work to do with the shop. I just got power out to it. I have 70 amps to provide boinc power with
Nothing atm. The heat is too much. I am planning to move it out into my shop pretty soon.
Newest Boincer Xeon E5-4650's in a Black Hawk Ultra
If I wouldn't have just burned all of my BOINC money on XEONS, I would be buying R9 cards. There are some ridiculous prices right now. If prices drop anymore, I am going to lose my mind and start buying R9 cards.
You are welcome. I like the astronomy projects too.
Seems like all the bitcoin miners have gone crazy and have started dumping all their high end AMD GPUs. It seems to be creating havoc all over the place.
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