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The only thing that makes my GTX 580 look like a power miser is my GTX 480. I need some of that GTX 970 action
You are giving me a hard time because I am considering dropping 7 or 8 hundred on an extra spicey v3 Xeon and you are considering dropping $500 on a graphics card that a 7900 series can compete with. I understand why though. You are a citizen scientist! My coworkers call me a citizen scientist. Mostly to poke fun at me, but it seems oddly appropriate.
The only machine I wish I still had is my old Dual P6 - Pentium Pro -Compaq Professional Workstation 5000. I pulled the heat sink off one time to reseat it after moving and the processor was huge! The computer case was a beast. You could use it to block up your car while changing the tire
The Supermicro boards in the P3-550 days were pricey. It was hard to justify the extra cash when the Taiwanese boards cost less and had more features.
Those X5650's seem like the sweet spot for bang for the buck computing. I have seem a lot of Dell/HP servers on ebay based on these chips in the $600 ish range with dual processors, memory, PS case everything except hard drives and OS.I think a dual X5650 would be faster and use less power than this 4P rig.
I noticed that some of the new 2P 28 thread Haswell-EP systems outperform my 4P 64 thread SB-E system. The Haswell-EX 4P systems are jaw dropping.
CPU Intel E5-4650 --- Score 3355 --- 2.70 Ghz 8 core 16 thread x 4 Chips show up in CPU-Z as E5-2680, but that is because they are Extra Spicy
That is what I have been doing and I am on the third drive in about 1 year. 2 SSD and one standard sata drive have gone byebye. The current standard sata drive is not fast enough. I could only run about 40 malaria control tasks without the drive maxing out and slowing everything down.
I have 508 still waiting lol
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