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I haven't considered that yet? I have this mental image of what I want scary, I know and if I can't make that happen then I just might try vertically mounted stuff.
Once you get the userid (name) from the seti page go here for details of how to find the ID to add to your profile
4u/5u is the best way, but I just couldn't pass this one up. I was resisting hacking things up, but it is looking more and more like some large case mods to get things quiet.Finding a 4u/5u case that fits my budget for rack mounting the 4P rig is nearly impossible. The motherboard is nearly 17" x 17" and most cases can't even physically fit that board. I will probably just find a case that is physically big enough and then use the grinder/drill/rivet gun to make things work.
When you add other projects use exact same username password country etc because if you don't then the combined stats will be a mess.
Your userid on the seti project page should be at the top right beside the logout button.
Go here and login with the email and password that you created. In your profile on the right hand side find "Member of Team" and click the find team link. Search and join from there. You will also see "Computing and credit" below that there are links to several cross project stats programs to see your current statistics. Know that your points lag about 24 hours and if you add/change...
What project are you crunching? Did you join the team?
What is your boinc username? Go To and search for your username.
I just ordered the 3rd 750 ti GPU. I am not currently running it 24/7 because of the summer heat. Currently working on ideas of how to get more quiet airflow through it. The 40mm server fans have to go.
You are probably looking conservatively at a max of somewhere around 425 watts under load with a good overclock, probably less. I think I draw around 350 on average under load with 1 card and a mild overclock.
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