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If money isn't an issue, wait for haswell-e. Everyone loves MOAR CORES. That is what I am doing.
I always thought it was the slot on the board as defined by the bios in your PC? When I used to mess with it, they were always 0,1,2 from closest to the CPU to farther-est from the CPU on the motherboard, just like you expected. Maybe it is your motherboard? Has the ordering of the GPU slots changed on that specific motherboard?
Not interested in trades at this time.
I have a basic workstation that I would like to try and sell as a complete unit. I really love this PC, but it has to go so I can pay for my new 4P box. ASROCK X79 Extreme 4 Motherboard Seasonic X-650 Gold Power Supply Samsung Wonder Ram 16GB 4x4GB Seagate 1TB Hard Drive DVD writer Sentey Classic Mid Tower Case Cooler Master T4 CPU cooler Windows 7 Home x64 OS ASUS Direct CU 7970 video card. Sandy Bridge 8C/16T Extra Spicey processor pm for details $750 shipped to the...
I think I need geothermal water cooling. My computers overwhelm my Air Conditioning.
Signed up
I will be soon. Haven't run it but a few hours a day because everyone complains, its too hot! Bunch of pansies....
I have some work to do with the shop. I just got power out to it. I have 70 amps to provide boinc power with
Nothing atm. The heat is too much. I am planning to move it out into my shop pretty soon.
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