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My chips are pre retail too, but they are C0. Still good chips!
I want to know where you found E5-4650 chips for under $200 each
My rig has ECC memory in it. Samsung M393B5273DH0 4GB(1X4GB) DDR3-12800R 1600Mhz ECC Registered Server RAM
I was looking at the core count and multiplying that by the Speed and comparing the numbers between 2011 v1 and v3 Intel chips with WCG. The numbers were very close with the v3 chips being marginally faster. The biggest difference is power consumption.
Without a fan on the heatsink, the high temp alarm would go off with no load on the machine. I need some of those modded Cooler Master Hyper 212 cpu coolers, but the CPU's are running at 55c at full load and that is probably OK.I have some 80 mm fans somewhere, I just have to find them. I think I have some old video card fans laying around and that would probably be just about right for the chipset heatsink.I will post some of the boinctasks history at some point. Lots...
I got the board ( H8DGU-F) and chips AMD G34 6378 installed and working. I have 16 x 1gig of DDR3 1333 memory in it and a 120 gig SSD. I installed Ubuntu server headless and put BOINC on it. I SSH into the box using putty from my windows PC and I setup and got Boinctasks running to manage BOINC. BoincTasks is very finicky to get working. I had the IP address of my windows PC in the remote_hosts.cfg and the password I use in the gui_rpc_auth.cfg and it would not...
I love the 750ti. These cards stack up very well against any card in the PPD/Watt area and because of the low power, you can use inexpensive server equipment without any modification. I plan on using the 750ti in my server setups that I am working on. Thanks for all of this Dan!
I am helping a little bit with POEM. If a few more help a little GC will be unable to catch us
Nice rigs! I haven't used the heater this winter either I can't run everything because people in my house get hot. I have been collecting a lot of gear and I hope to have everything up and running by May. When it is all done, I should have:4 x 2P X5670 rigs3 x 2P E5-2670 rigs1 x 4P E5-4650 rigI would like to see some run time comparisons because those AMD boards/processors on hard OCP are a great deal.
If you are looking to go AMD go over to Hard OCP in the FS/FT section of Distributed Computed and they have a distributor selling lots of AMD boards/cpu/power supplies. I think you can get 16 core 6378 chips for $200 each. I think the only place these lag behind Intel is in power usage. They make excellent crunchers. There are some 12 core chips and boards for $75 or so.
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