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I need to see some pics of this magical beast?
So the youtube video has been taken down and the link to this great deal is nowhere to be found? You can't even find a link in this forum?
Put up a link to it.
How about this v3 X99 board This case, I have one I did a build for my daughter and she loved it. It has space for a smaller video card and the brushed aluminum is a nice look.
If you buy it today, there is a $20 rebate available on the card too! 389.99 is a nice price!
How about T5600/T7600 Dell Precision workstations? You can find complete systems for less than a grand from newegg and a few other places and then just upgrade the processors to the E5-2670's from EbayOr get a barebones T5600/T7600 from ebay and Get some of that cheap 1333 ECC memory from amazon with a pair of the E5-2570's from ebay with a 750 ti and a nice little ssd.Windows 10 pro is free with the Dell workstations, you just have to get a windows 10 pro installation...
I have the same problem. I have an old GTX 480 sitting on my desk, the master furnace of all graphics cards
Newegg is selling the MSI gaming 980 ti for 409.99 after rebate, but I have to wait to see the reviews of the RX 480. A pair of the 8GB versions will be under 500 and might tempt me. Fun times in the GPU market
I am pretty much shutdown here for now. The temp is too damn high!
Wasn't me. Mine are headless and I use putty for a terminal.The Z10PE-D8 with a pair of E5-2690 v4 cpus will probably double the PPD of the S2600/E5-2670 setup. A pair of X8DTT's will probably average about 60 - 80% more PPD than the E5-2670 setup.The Z10PE-D8/E5-2690 v4 setup is the most expensive by far, but in the long run the Z10PE-D8/E5-2690 v4 setup may be the better value because it will use less power PPD/watt. It really depends on your goals.
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