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10% off the awesome Corsair AX1500i with promo code EMCPBHA84 This ends on 9/1. Johnny Guru gave this power supply a perfect 10.
Newegg has it listed, but it is out of stock.
So how did you manage a Haswell-E before the 29th? Nice build
Ok thanks
This is from the specs page Size 25.75"H x 26.56"D x 11.25"W (654mm x 675mm x 286mm) Middle chamber dimensions 26.00"(660mm) x 7.60"(193mm) x 17.44"(443mm) Lower chamber dimensions 26.00"(660mm) x 9.70"(246mm) x 7.41"(188mm) I am trying to find the height of the middle chamber. If you go by HxDxW of the first entry it would be 660mm high which is not possible. It appears that the height of the middle chamber is actually 443mm, It seems like the lower 2 entries are...
I picked up 16 of these. +rep
All of these boards are E-ATX hmmm
I will just toss this out there. BitFenix Colossus
Seems to be coming along nicely
Is this it here?
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