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I installed the waterblocks on the cards. I just received the correct bridge and I test fitted everything to make sure that it works. The slot spacing is different on this block, but I think it will work. The slot spacing on the one that didn't fit was 1,4,6 and it was X16 x16 x8 (according to the user manual) This one is 1,3,5 and with that configuration, it will be x8 x8 x8 I also received the replacement drive for the M.2 drive that I sent back and the 3rd hard drive...
I am pretty excited about it.
I have started to get some parts in. Most everything is here except the 3rd video card, the fan controller stuff and the correct bridge. I have the wrong bridge
Thanks! I will stick with team BOINC for now.....
Hook me up. I think I have an old hard drive laying around.
I could fold with the 4P rig for a while, but I would have to quit WCG and I really like that project.
GoalsThis build is for my main computer that will be used for gaming, video editing, and storage. I have decided on the X99 platform for the compute and overall performance. It should be a great computer for some time to come. I have also decided to go team AMD for the bang for the buck right now with the 290x cards. I haven't decided on the tubing for the water cooling loop yet. [[SPOILER]]
It doesn't have to be portable, but I am wanting a tablet so I can use it while sitting on the couch
My thoughts and prayers are with your family.
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