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Give me the cliff notes. I am too lazy to dl and zoom so I can see it lol
I think we are going to be #1. They might quickly take it back from us if they react.
Get the 780 instead of the 780 ti. Thats what I heard anyway
Where do I get one?
Why do I want a GTX 780 now?
Has the team ever been #1 on any project? I don't think we have.
It would be cool to be #1 in a project and this seems like fun. I am in.
There are several useful programs for managing all your boinc computers/devices. I have found Boinc Tasks to be very useful. Put it on your main computer and monitor all the running tasks from one location. They advertise a mobile app, but I haven't used it.
I didn't get any broken pipes, but I was very worried about it.
Cold winter makes me sluggish.
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