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Well this sucks. I have the money in my pocket for the ASUS X99-E WS and 5960X. I will wait until this is resolved before I buy.
I am jealous.
[[SPOILER]] So how do you have a X99-E WS. They aren't officially for sale yet?
I will be impatiently waiting. Thanks for the info.
Looking at the specs on the DELL Pro 11i Ultrabook at right under $600 it seems to have everything but the wired ethernet connection. It does however have a usb 3.0 port, so I could get a USB to ethernet adapter.
When will I be able to buy a X99-WS
I don't really have a problem with dropping the resolution to play on a tablet. My concern would being able to use touch on the tablet with a PC that doesn't have touch.
Welcome to the team and get your BOINC PostBit to show that you are on the BOINC team
I wonder if they are going to add android support in the future?
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