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Looks like I have missed some fun. I have been totally immersed in work for the last couple of months and it has been too damn hot to BOINC. It is cooling off and so, I must BOINC!
I like this idea. I am up for running DENIS and trying for a top spot.
The redundant power supply came with the server. It is nice, but not necessary. The amount of memory is really dependent on the project you want to run. Most projects use very little memory. 4GB for 24 threads would probably work for most projects. I am using 16GB for the 24 threads on the new boincer and that should be good for just about anything. I think it was yoyo? that had some large tasks that I ran into in the pentathlon that used all the available memory and...
Don't forget power consumption. Powering all of those drives and boards on a bunch of PCs uses a lot of power.
I am going rack mount all my stuff. I blame deegon
They are good bang for the buck processors with older 2P servers which are available here and there on ebay for cheap. If you have a lga 1366 board they are drop ins for most boards and are awesome upgrades. They aren't locked and overclock well.A friend that does graphic design work was wanting to do an X99 build for his light video processing and graphics design workstation. He had a sabertooth lga 1366 rig with a i7 950 and 24 gig of ram in it that he didn't run...
It is too damn hot to run the computers and it is crunch time at work. I do have all the parts to quiet down the 2P box.
Switch over some of that heavy artillery from folding to DENIS and maybe you can keep up.......... bring it It looks like we will surpass our project of the month goal with DENIS
bring it
That project runs pretty good on the 4P
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