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Having huge issues with sounds form my mechanical keyboard whilte streaming or doing playthroughs. I want a keyboard with a single usb connection. The two slot on my last corsair board was obnoxious. I need someothing quiet so im basically considering going back to rubber dome. My budgets 100 dollars max but I'd love to go lower. No interest in backligfhting whatsoever but I know thats hard to avoid now.
I have set the multiplier to 42 on a 2500k and ran it 4 years no problem.
Don't need or want a 4k phone. Give me 3+ day battery life in 1080p phone please.
Current: 980 TI Previous: GTX 780 Previous 2: GTX 580 Previous 3: GTS 250 (aka mini 9800gt) Previous 4: Some random ATI card I can't remember.
I am currently using the Strix, no issues so far.
i have the just red led strafe with browns mainly cause I don't like keyboard drivers and this glows without me using them.
If this could get the original swift price below 500 I'd appreciate it.
Here is my Air 540 silver with the grill painted red.
Waiting for the paint to dry on my grills but basically done.
Could you describe some of these issues.
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