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So one of the best single player action games and probablly the only good single player fps in the past couple years is the reference check. Bring on the subpar graphics then.
Can we nip the people calling Titanfall , TF, thing. TF will always stand for Team Fortress.
Ya was sorta hoping to avoid the lenovo to not deal with sli, plus i struggle to finding which model doesnt have the crap centrino wifi card
I have a Macbook Air that I love for my secondary at home computer needs, but my interest in gaming has increased once again after I thought it was failing and I have a job that often leads me to be on the road, soooo. What is your maximum budget? 1500 , lower than that would be ideal What country are you in? US What will be the uses of this laptop? Gaming , mostly on wifi (so good wifi card is important no centrino) Do you have brand loyalty or care which brands we...
Is it going to work with the m290x in laptops ? Until the AMD cards stop price gouging this doesnt mean a ton for me but I would go ahead and go amd in the next laptop i purchase if it works on the mobile 290x.
tenkeyless or no thanks
I want to run android on Windows, dunno what yall are freaking out about.
yaaaaaa all Machinimas idea.
Its flicker sickness for me, I used to get killer headaches in my crt days, as did I with every led monitor I tried until this BenQ I have now . I can't do the lightboost hack cause it makes me sick again. I'm wondering if gsync requires a lightboost type effect or pwm effects to function , if so its a pointless technology for me.
Any information on what is required for this technology regarding PWM dimming , strobing and such ? Cause Honestly I can't even do the lightboost hack on my benq withough getting sick so I just rock the flicker free 144hz mode and enjoy those benefits without being ill.
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