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I only got like 6 months out of my qck mass before it started seperating from the rubber. Trying out a Taito currently so I guess a year from now I can let ppl know about the durability lol
ya I went back to my g400s, the sensors not as nice but the lighter cord and easier clicks won me back.
Thats what I thought just making sure, since I never use over 500hz anyways i was wondering if that would be involved. But now im worried about my fk1 and thinking of going back to my g400s , ahh first world problems
does the hz you run the mouse at effect this click speed thing, Like 500hz vs a thousand ?
I dont have the desk space for anything but tenkeyless these days otherwise , I might be interested, I will stick with my quickfire rapid for now.
Well mine arrived, sometimes it doesnt recognize up scrolls but ts good otherwise. Ill stick with it until the sensor logitechs using now is in a reasonably designed mouse lol
Amazon got another shipment apparently, be able to check mine out next weekend.
im patiently waiting for amazon to get stock. I like amazons customer support so im waiting it out.
Unending list ? In windows 7 i just type a couple letters and then click the program , screw icons in general, screw giant icons covering my whole screen even more.
Is tthis thing not sold out anywhere? I ordered one but ts got a ually sips in one to tree months notice lol.
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