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gone already dang that was fast
Ordered the Combo with the Maximus Hero, not my favorite board but my favorite of the choices lol.
Seriously still not available.Nevermind I found it , thanks man !
My theory is they are trying to get people desperate to upgrade to buy haswell stock instead lol. Intel is very lucky it has no competition.
My shipping tracking went nutso and said it was delievered way to early , still waiting for the end of standard shipping period. Hopefully it's not lost haha.
I am so jelly.
Considering pre-ordering on amazon so I can stop paying attention to all this for a while. I swear if AMD had anything remotely competitive I'd jump ship . Ya went ahead and Pre-Ordered on Amazon, hopefully I wake up to a has shipped notice in a few days lol.
Should I assume this will work with most any z170 board?
Its getting kinda crazy at this point we will have Zen benchmarks by the time this is out . Joking.
I'm hoping they will pop up on amazon soon, guess newegg would be alright for something as unlikely to be doa as a processor, but Tiger Direct no thanks.
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