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still got the i3?
won with just 200 hp left lol
The more you know.
its all about angles friend, except, just know a T10 will probably do 3 times as much hurt to you. ;P
no problem, a few other places i think carried it for a short while, but i dunno where anymore. was about 99 dollars plus could opt to get it CNC'd yourselfif you are desperate enough to buy from china and order in Chinese then:
actually, I take that back about the infinity 60%, I just fixed my spacebar alignment, now the keyboard works perfectly. Now time to sell it so that I can finally have a keyboard with legends on the keys?
Stabalizers........ everything but the spacebar is fine. Where did you sell it to? also, that GON faceplate is expensive as hell! 200 bucks LOL the pcb is 60 bucks in acrylic set on there is actually a good price, I think 200 after all and said? 80 + 42 + 60 + 40-70 for a TKL
I almost highly suggest against it these days lol.I built one, about 60% regret it. ( badump psh )on the same note, anyone know where to find keycaps for the infinity keyboard?
I wouldn't worry about age.... some people are running on stuff nearly a decade old.
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