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I don't play those kinds of games, usually everything I sell is excellent condition, and these drives particularly less than 50GB's write on each.I am not ebay, I am not here to screw OCN.
That low ball lol atleast 40 per.
I have a 290x , and had 2x 7970's , 7950, 7870, 7850, 6970, 6950, 6870, 6850, 6670, 5870, 5570's , and never been happier. Its kinda like being a car guy, you know when your car needs a oil change because sometimes you can feel your car lagging behind a bit. Slightly it was because epen, but because I like to keep my resale value "high" I update my hardware every few years to keep up with the times. pitching 40-80 a year saves me thousands later. Also, me paying 400...
in !!!!!
specs : Thermaltake v3 H212 ( non evo ) 2500k 4.8ghz + capable 7870 HD radeon Some seasonic psu 520w - 720w my sob story: The h212 litterally runs so hot to the touch i burnt my fingers on the fins last week :/, I assume it has a crack in one of the pipes and is no longer dissipating heat correctly. ( was buttery cool when i first got it )
big hon fan, all the beautiful skins!
Western Digital Green 1TB x 2 XSPC razer 7990 edition Corsiar H100i
if any of the larger ones fall through, ill take em! desperately need to replace my nas drive soon
package received! thanks!
1.Say I'm In or something like that. I'm In or something like that. 2.What state do you live in ? Florida 3.What is your Current CPU / APU ? i7 2600k HD3000 4.What GPU would you like to have ? R9 295
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