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Posts by kyismaster lol, first time i got triple trophies. thats double strike, first blood, and i think its just a flesh wound x 2 ( killed 2 people while dead )
maybe my best run today:
wait for the christmas port
I like my cleaveland except the fact that its fodder in front oh higher teir BB's lol, it really gets going at new orleans,my kongo is fun too, except sometimes the shots are really unaccurate, othertimes its god fist tight.
Wyoming , 5 ships dead single salvo each, 7 ships hit total. Pretty good game.
I got full sided by a iowa in my cleaveland, so i rammed him.
locally its 15 dollars a gram of material so..... In this case its cheaper to print from home lol.
I like the progress, a 24 pin extender might come into play?
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