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the reference cooler jokes are best.cause that crap is loud at 100% but everything else i find manageable.
definitely need LOL
My fps is always ~90-120+ some areas 160~ But then again I installed the game on a ssd? maybe its a contributing factor, i always load faster than everyone else thats for sure.
I run my fans on my 290x reference at 90% NOISE, WHAT NOISE?
or more, more like 1100 - 1800 , where as delphinad is 2200-2900 a piece.material alone for delphinad is 1545g .So labor and RNG taxing can raise that ofc to whatever the market feels like it, cause mind you its a PITA.
I am nekos in aranzeb. Sorry if I kill you, it wasn't personal. Hasla Gear exp: Hasla gear is equal to epherium gear at T1. Though Epherium gear can be better than hasla gear a good 20% if you regrade it to say divine, or better even higher. And of course delphinad is better at the time, and so will ayranad. Hasla T1+ however, might be better than epherium eventually, but crafted gear will eventually win. Hasla gear is basically gear you should get for relatively...
Sennheiser HD 650 + e9/17 perhaps? great combo. probably would be 500~ together. My second choice would be AKG Q701 / K712 but, I believe you would feel the sound to be much tighter on the AKG, where the Sennheisers will be fairly clear, and much easier to listen to tbh. Though if your looking for a bass head experience, I don't really know. The senns might seem light on bass compared to the beats, but its just enough, ( can be boosted ) and is much more clear and not...
well theres not really many options, but the x99 just came out. TBH, I'd consider waiting.
NUC should work fine, I was testing steam stream on my laptop the other day, which has a i5 3317u, which is by no means powerful lol.
its "normal" , I maxed out 8GB's of ram with just chrome alone. . . . . .
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