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I upgraded my laptop from 128 to 250, don't really see myself needing above 250 anytime soon. wait till 1TB is sub 200
>_> you realize you are able to get a 7950 for under 200 now I believe, ( 180 ) for starters. its a fairly capable card
Well I think the ol rule of thumb was, Intel likes high Mhz, while amd likes its clockwork? So I'll take my vote on the 1866mhz. I know that's real unscientific but the difference might be like 0.000000012 s seconds lol if it was cas 11 for the 1866mhz I'd however recommend the 1600mhz in cas 9 if it was cas 11 BUT maybe 2800mhz, then I'd maybe lean to the 2800mhz.
in! ( >_> 30 rep is high? ) edit: I just noticed he said 3 days, but its been 6 days. in4 the steal.
unless 1 and 2 stands for 10's unitsthen 35 units of 20, and 50 units of 10, 700 > 500.You cannot judge a graph unless its given units of measurements, and numbers are values, not units.I also really don't like the vibe you are setting forth like we are some children
I can return opened stuff from amazon lol
Hmmm, I have 24 /7 drive on, for the past 44,000 hours, no power outages. Though, I could see constant on and off being more of an issue than continuous session.
lol, any server but US servers are soooooo much calmer supposedly.Literally the KR community was astounded at how volatile the US servers were lol.
If your sadistic, theres many people that want to kill you, and kill you often? lol.Could be planting your barley, zerg attack.Could be picking your aquafarm, zerg attack.Could be fighting mob, zerg attack.Could be fighting a world boss, zerg attack.Could be fighting kraken, zerg fleet.Could be bringing packs to freedich, zerg tax patrol.Could be dueling someone, zerg attack.Could be zerging someone, zerg attack.Yeah.I don't die often but, holy crap people just have...
lol thats where they get you. "exchange"I buy from amazon mainly now. Free returns, free two day shipping, guaranteed satisfaction.I've worked for amazon, and good things happen there.From sorting packages, to delivering it to your door step.
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