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Didn't G2A ask for tinybuild to provide keys that they believe were stolen and tinybuild has yet to reply?
I really want the EVGA SC ACX 3.0 but i don't overclock at all so would a founders edition be good enough? I mainly get the acx for the cooling.
Did the EVGA SC 1080s already release on amazon?
Hyped! Titans with swords now
They showed gameplay?
That teaser did nothing for me :/
Yep the EVGA founders was up too but looks like it isn't able to be purchased now.
MSI 1080 is on amazon right now. Can pay now and it comes out on the 11th.
So did they already release on places like amazon? Or should i keep refreshing hoping that i see it lol
Anyone know when the EVGA 1080 ACX SC 3.0 releases?
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