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I just want another blood dragon O.o
Let's hope it doesn't turn out like DriveClub
Yea idk about the rival. The side button feel cheap and the scroll wheel isnt smooth at all. I do love the shape though. Just going to return it and maybe find something else with better build quality but same shape.
Ok apparently i have to press right click down harder than normal for it to activate
After looking in the device manager my mouse is only coming up as HID compliant mouse is that normal?
Hey guys I just bought the Rival today and after installing the steel series engine and getting it all setup I can't right click?
Day one buy for me though i wish they had it in black.
I did and it's a great game.
Because I'd rather build a fast car myself than say I bought it built already. You act like you can't build a car that can easily wipe the floor with the majority of those cars for less than the price of the car.
Actually looks pretty cool
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