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How much of a different experience do you expect from a small arena FPS? Do you think every game is suppose to completely change everything with each release?
Futuristic settingnew mapsnew weaponsmultiple endingsdifferent perksupgraded zombie mode
Black ops 1 and 2 were completely different so where are you going with this?
HR is no where near the category of "Suck"
You mean like 90% of the post spouting the same regurgitated crap? What exactly do you expect from a COD thread that says the obvious? No brainer it's going to be different. Every single COD has been different but since it's a popular FPS that makes money everyone seems to hate it even when they haven't played any of them since COD4. Every single COD thread on this forum is just bait to see how many of the same posts can make it into the thread "COD 4 was the best" when in...
It's hilarious reading comments from people who haven't played COD but say "It's the same every year" while still playing BF.
I'm actually surprised they haven't put Killzone shadowfall as a PS+ game yet. Would breathe some life into the game.
Anyone have a problem installing the game? I've installed and had it corrupt multiple times already. Rebuilt database and tried again and still nothing. It's showing install size of 29.89gb.
I should have worded it better lol. Worst is too harsh but it wasn't as good as 1,3,4 IMO. I think my wording made it seem like it was a bad game haha.
It's ashame what Valve has become.
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