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Got the new patch and the game still has terrible stuttering issues. Instantly closed the game.
How did you see screens for PC a year ago when they JUST showed PC gameplay about a week or 2 ago. Let alone announced the PC version a month ago.
Outdated graphics? Lmao hyperbole king over here.
Uplay still says preloaded called ubisoft and it's a known issue -_-
Uh what
He should have just kept the games on consoles especially when people care more about framerate than anything else in the game.
That sucks, you will be missing out on a very good game.
Yea seen this yesterday, I think it's brilliant haha
Well the game does have drop in multiplayer ....
For all those who didn't see it, If you put Uplay in offline mode and run Unity all the FPS issues go away
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