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It was already on the desktop mode :[ and yes it says I'm ready to use silverlight.
Anyone know a fix for this and netflix? I installed this yesterday but now netflix won't play any movie and tells me to install the windows 8 app. I don't want to install the app since I just want to watch it in my browser O.o I also already installed x64 silverlight and that didn't help.
If anyone would buy this DLC then they must be retarded. It says fast unlock meaning you can get all that by just playing the darn game. Same way BF4 has the stupid "all pistol unlock pack". It's not like it's saying you won't get to play a certain section just because you didn't pay. Are people even reading the article?Well considering AC IV was a big hit then I would say yea?
Sigh * opens wallet*
Just want to post some less compressed pics of P.T that I captured today though the film grain kind of messes it up a bit
Terrible A.I. eh? Must have never played demon nor dark souls and have been gang banged by multiple monsters.On topic:That axe transformation is so sick. He collapses the axe like it's nothing lol
Really? A defense building game with zombies ? Name some please :] I'd like to actually play some.
I think I liked the old idea better before the revamp. I liked the idea of a zombie defense game with friends.
But Halo 2's DLC wasn't free when released O.o
People expect AAA games to come out every year which isn't going to happen. Remakes are just filling some of the spaces.
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