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I'd rather have a Female main character in the next Red Dead game Would be awesome to have a bad ass cowgirl.
Hello everyone I have for sale a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. It's the i5 model with 256gb SSD and 8gb of RAM. This item is in great condition besides the obvious fingerprints on the touch screen. There's no chips and such on the body of it. Does not come with original box since it was lost during my move into my new apartment. Comes with charger, stylus, type cover, and an anker Ethernet adapter. I also have a brand new in box black type cover for it with pen holder for sale...
I have an AMC near me that charges 5$ for movies .... on the weekdays
You can use powershell for something like that
Nice man good job!
I guess since battlefront lacks really anything. It's boring and has a lack of content.
I'm unsure, I'd have to see the full code to understand.
You can also use the invoke command like so, now I've not use the invoke command much so if others here can chime in that would be great.Code:#-------- This gets path to file--------------$textpath = "place path of text file here"#---------This grabs the content in the file----$pcs = Get-Content $textpath#---------This goes through each computer name in the file and runs the code to each-----ForEach ($pc in $pcs){ $names = $pc #-------- Invokes the code to the PCs in...
Do you have PStools installed so you can use psexec? Also do you have a centralized spot so that every PC can dump the exported CSV file?
Idk if I'm reading wrong but I'm assuming you want to know how to read computer names from a text file? if so you can do something like Code: $textpath = "path to text here" $pcs = Get-Content $textpath ForEach ($pc in $pcs){ $names = $pc *insert code to connect to the PCs with $names and run on each PC * }
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