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Didn't they already say this when Witcher 2 was released?
First thing I did was roll back the drivers from 344.11 WHQL drivers to the 340.52 drivers and I have no more problems.
It just started happening today but I was playing league of legends and for some reason I started getting these on the screen After a while the computer locks up and I have to hard reset.
Infamous second son/ first lightMGS V : Ground ZeroesThe Last of Us Remastered
Just got another xbox one :] Add me for titanfall or forza horizon 2 GT: TheTurboFD
Yup already sent it back to amazon and now I gotta wait for an exchange. I hope I don't miss out too much on Forza horizon 2 :[
Sorry I should have explained more in my OP. The program I'm using was made by my professor and it's required that we type return 0 at the end. Personally I hate it but the program was made to teach us certain things. For example in a while loop I would normally type something like variable++ but in his custom program I have to type out variable = (variable + 1). I also can't do things likecout I would have to type it out likecout cout I also can't declare variables and...
Hey guys I've been doing a couple of C++ exercises for my class but I'm stuck on one that says "Write a program that asks the user for points in a graph. Determine what quadrant the points are in and display an appropriate message. Ask if the user wants to continue, and if the answer is "Yes" then continue; other wise terminate the program. Count how many points were in each quadrant and display the count at the end." I've got most of it so far but when I enter the...
I get an error 0x80820002
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