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Like undead nightmare, Ballad of gay tony, Lost and Damned are perfect examples of good DLC. So is Blood Dragon, and that Bioshock infinite DLC.
Well it's a cinematic trailer .........
But you havent played it to say its like watch dogs.
You say a game has to prove itself to you yet you're already denying to buy it unless it's dirt cheap. The game hasn't even released yet lol seems more of the "I hate Ubisoft" mentality.
I just want another blood dragon O.o
Let's hope it doesn't turn out like DriveClub
Yea idk about the rival. The side button feel cheap and the scroll wheel isnt smooth at all. I do love the shape though. Just going to return it and maybe find something else with better build quality but same shape.
Ok apparently i have to press right click down harder than normal for it to activate
After looking in the device manager my mouse is only coming up as HID compliant mouse is that normal?
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