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Anyone have a problem installing the game? I've installed and had it corrupt multiple times already. Rebuilt database and tried again and still nothing. It's showing install size of 29.89gb.
I should have worded it better lol. Worst is too harsh but it wasn't as good as 1,3,4 IMO. I think my wording made it seem like it was a bad game haha.
It's ashame what Valve has become.
Uh what? MGS2 was one of the worst in the lot how can you call that classic? MGS1,3, and 4 were all great titles that have sold very well. MGS4 alone pulled over 1 billion dollars.
Ill state it again since you apparently didnt read the first time. Poor countries get the games cheap because they're poor. You're not in a poor country so you shouldn't have the same price as them. No one is getting ripped off you just have jealousy.
But some countries are in no way possible able to pay for games the same price as us. This is why they have the lower priced games. Yea the pricing for UK and AUS is ridiculously stupid but that doesn't mean you should pay half price like other countries.
In what way is a game company ripping you off? Also I know this is for gifting games. There's sellers who buy the game as gifts in their country and trade the low priced game to buyers in other countries, so if valve wanted to stop it why wouldn't they stop the trading? Though I do see the problem of people who have friends in other countries and want to trade between them.I agree with this
What is there to fix? You have to buy games in your country simple as that. No more buying russian games just because you don't feel like paying full price.
Got a Galaxy Tech GTX 780 brand new in the box! Looking to get $260 shipped. Will provide tracking and insurance. I take google wallet as it provides me the money fast so I can ship it quickly.
Once you did a chargeback while still having the item you are considered a thief. Stop trying to justify yourself because every reply you make is making you sound even more stupid.
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