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Put a dualshock 3 battery in my PS4 controller and my god ! It basically doubled its life.
I think you posted a thread about it before and I've been waiting ever since Any news on release date? Also it kind of reminds me of the movie Hard Boiled.
Anyone else happy that the sony vegas devs are helping sony with their video editing on the PS4?
Hey guys if the PS4 had a better CPU but would cost an extra $100 would you still buy it?
Figured it out. I flashed an older bios that I was using and it works now. *nevermind it seems that battlefield 4 is the cause of the problem. I have no clue on what to do with that? update 2 * : Was recommended to use throttle stop and that completely fixed the problem. No more downclocking problems. After disabling BD PROCHOT my CPU never downclocked again.
What do you mean?
Wait what? GTAV had crappy graphics and I doubt there will be a HUGE improvement for PC yet you're complaining about watchdogs?
I just tried your solution before posting and it didn't work :[ I've updated my bios too and still no dice.
I've been plagued with this problem the past week and it's really annoying. If my PC is on a long while then my CPU downclocks itself to 1.6ghz and never goes up during cpu intensive tasks. The only way to bring it back to normal is to restart the PC. Anyone have this problem and can help? I've tried putting everything to default and it still does it.
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