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Bloodborne alpha test invites are going out :O
Yea if that were the case then how do you explain the watch dogs, far cry 3, dead rising 3, DayZ, and GTA IV fiasco where so many people at launch complained about performance issues I mean it's great that you think you're smart because you have a PC but try not to go too far.
True but Rockstar seems to be doing perfectly fine without the PC platform.
No what turns me off of indies are the majority that go on kickstarter and never deliver despite reaching their goals.There's only a select few indies that I would even touch for example hyper light drifter or journey. The rest either blow the money and release crap or it stays in beta forever.
Yes let's not support a company that has proven to give great releases just because you have to wait. But yet you would throw full price towards indies with no where near the amount of content.
Or it's a sign to not bother with PC releases.
I made a video for Earth
Anyone who actually likes Destiny want to help me with the level 24 weekly heroic strike? I know an easy way to breeze through it all but just need teammates.
So if everything was fine b4 the volcano and then you say nothing really changed , what exactly are you complaining about?
Those boosts are going to make killing people difficult for the casuals :] Sweet.
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