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I've had driveclub for a while now and I love it. I just tried multiplayer today and holy hell what is up with people online? They're constantly trying to knock me off the road when I'm about to pass them.
Call it like i see it. Word your post better and there will be no confusion.
You bashed the game 3 hours before your second post talking about how you played it already and easily getting headshots. 3 hours later you say you just started the game an hour earlier and you played for 15 minutes and saw a 45 min worth cutscene (which is BS because I have yet to encounter that and I'm about to finish the game).
It constantly transitions from gameplay to cutscenes but there's a good amount of shooting in the game. Though if you're looking to battle a lot of Lycans then you will be disappointed. Would love if they made a sequel to fight vampires
Lmao! Called out hard haha. Welcome to the haters of 1886.
No sarcasm, though it does seem to appeal only to certain people. Even in the OT thread on neogaf there were a lot of people doubting it due to the reviews but when they finally played it they liked it. So who knows Besides I don't trust review sites especially since they gave games like Unity and MCC good scores.
Been playing The Order 1886 since around 11am this morning , well worth my 80$.
And the single player checkpoints still dont work in MCC.
I agree, not with the bribery part, but that these sites have given games like ac unity and MCC (both which are still broken) good scores but then come down harsh on a new IP lol
How long did everyone wait for a confirmation email from crucial when paying with paypal? It's going on 30 min with no confirmation email.
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