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I have a sabertooth p67 mobo and for some reason the USB 3.0 ports all work at 2.0 speeds. I updated bios, installed the drivers and tried different 3.0 devices and still no dice :/ Any ideas?
I might actually pick this up
I doubt it, sledgehammer worked on MW3 and we see how well that one went.
Hmm debating if I want the vertical stand too O.o I'm just scared my dog my accidently knock it down one day.
Well congratulations, you are the minority compared to the many others complaining about it on reddit,Neogaf,OCN, review sites, and battlelog.
Lol how can a game surpass another when it doesn't work in the first place?Insurgency is sooo good
Hmm didn't respawn make MW3? Not sure I want.
Woah! That's weird I checked the playstation website and it shows Trials Fusion for $20. When I look at it on my PS4 it shows 39.99 O.oApparently my store is bugged? It comes up as $40 on my PS4 which is what I based my assumption on.
I want trials fusion so bad but that price is something I can't handle :[
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