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Looking to spend 250$ max on it
Uh.... I'm the one who refunded you. Recertified drives are usually 10-15$ cheaper than new so for my drive that is still SEALED 40OBO isn't bad at all.
Just looking to see what i can get for the combo. The 2600k can hit 4.5ghz easily.
Never got one from you :/
sourceAlmost a year and 4 months after release lmao I'll buy when it goes on sale dirt cheap.
Bought off user ironwill1991
Still wrapped, never opened anti static bag. Looking to get 40$ shipped OBO. I take google wallet or paypal.
But "Vote with your wallet" does not really affect huge companies. You're a drop in a bucket.
Willing to buy a GTX 670 that's still in warranty, not looking to pay a ridiculous amount. Thanks!
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