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elitist attitude lol go to the PCMR subreddit and hang with the rest of the nerds there instead of coming into the PS4 thread.
Why would they waste time doing that only to satisfy a small number of people.
Woah people are definitely going to be losing their jobs.
Praise da lawd!
I am cry
Last Guardian!!!!!!!!!!
What do you mean? Are you saying Bloodborne was broken?
I have a TON of 512 and 1gb DDR2 RAM sticks and was wondering what can I do with it O.o Didn't want to throw them out but I'm lost haha
Didn't they say there was no downgrade and also saying that no one has seen ultra yet? Sounds like fooling your customers to me. Luckily i bought this game for 16$ and after this crap I would have just obtained it a different way without supporting the scum.
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