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if anyone bought TLOU and wants to play together add me :] PSN ID : TheTurboFD
What do you mean?
Where are you from? It should be out today, i picked up my copy this morning.
Who's getting the last of us 2morrow?
I love how that's the only thing you were able to come with after reading my whole paragraph. I never once stated that you had to be stuck with old graphics. I stated that ever since graphics became the ONLY thing people worry about now , its like no one cares about fun gameplay anymore. I have a lot of fun with games like broforce and mercenary kings yet I don't believe they have crysis level graphics do they?People also talk about how companies are marketing the...
I really wanted to start taking nice screenshots like a lot of you guys so I started downsampling and using SGSSAA. Any C&C would be great! Dishonored
traded in some old ps3 games to target since they're giving back double the amount for the limited amount. I now only have to pay 15$ for the last of us remastered :]
Top comment on that really captures my opinion on all this. People are so worried about graphics instead of playing the darn game. When I played games on NES and N64 I didn't sit there and worry about frame rates. I played banjo kazooie because it was a fun game. Now everyone seems miserable with a game release that isn't 1080p60.
Basically lol
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