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I only want CGI with the voice actor for geralt. If they can make a whole show like this I will be on board 100%
That's pretty stupid logic. If a game has things from the previous games then it's the same?
Decided to load up flyvpn to unlock it early and take some screens with FPS for everyone. This is all at 1080p with a single GTX 980 and 16gb of RAM. The game itself doesn't even take up 3gb of RAM during gameplay. I'm usually over 60fps at around 80-100fps but there are some drops. I haven't installed the latest drivers yet so that could be why.
I have the game on PS4 and I would say this is one of the best AC's since ACII. Will definitely pick this up on PC too.
In what way does it look dated? Not arguing, I just would really like to know because it looks awesome to me.
This, follow the directions and update the ps4 in safe mode through a flash drive. Update it to the latest firmware
Are you not able to get into safe mode?
The LTE does not work with Tmobile. Google stated they need to provide an update for it. still haven't fixed it yet
I want the 6P but sadly I'm just waiting for it to work with Tmobile.
Bruh..... i'm late but thank you based god
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