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Terrible A.I. eh? Must have never played demon nor dark souls and have been gang banged by multiple monsters.On topic:That axe transformation is so sick. He collapses the axe like it's nothing lol
Really? A defense building game with zombies ? Name some please :] I'd like to actually play some.
I think I liked the old idea better before the revamp. I liked the idea of a zombie defense game with friends.
But Halo 2's DLC wasn't free when released O.o
People expect AAA games to come out every year which isn't going to happen. Remakes are just filling some of the spaces.
picked it up thanks!
Tried it when they announced it during gamescom and for a demo it tops many so called "horror" games.
But what does it matter? It's a single player game and it's just for screenshots. I'd understand if it were multi but it isn't O.o
People are just blind haters which is really sad because they hate a game so much even though it has no effect on their lives lol. How many people scream "COD looks the same every year" and then advanced warfare comes out and everyone's like "Oh wow now it's a crysis/titanfall rip off". It's also funny when people say COD never changes and yet say they want it to be like MW1.
God some of those comments are giving me cancer. Especially this oneAs if1. This is a souls game2. The Souls games weren't started on consoles
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