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This thread has went from uncharted 4 to PCMR to now phones lol
So an SSD can just crap out in an instant? I was using it perfectly fine before restarting.
On the new sata port i see the drive in the bios but i get device error.
I have a 256gb crucial m4 and when i restarted i kept getting a no operating system found error at post. When i checked my bios my drive wasnt showing up at all. Tried different cables , no dice. I swapped to a different SATA port and the drive shows and comes up with a device error at post. I was able to get into windows once but the drive had a 5089ms response rate and was at 100% usage the whole time. After rebooting i couldnt get back to windows. Am i screwed?
Would be great if sony picked up Kojima. I can see great things coming from that.
Booo terrible attempt
Actually they couldn't find the right controller for the console.
pl0x , thanks!
elitist attitude lol go to the PCMR subreddit and hang with the rest of the nerds there instead of coming into the PS4 thread.
Why would they waste time doing that only to satisfy a small number of people.
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