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Woah people are definitely going to be losing their jobs.
Praise da lawd!
I am cry
Last Guardian!!!!!!!!!!
What do you mean? Are you saying Bloodborne was broken?
I have a TON of 512 and 1gb DDR2 RAM sticks and was wondering what can I do with it O.o Didn't want to throw them out but I'm lost haha
Didn't they say there was no downgrade and also saying that no one has seen ultra yet? Sounds like fooling your customers to me. Luckily i bought this game for 16$ and after this crap I would have just obtained it a different way without supporting the scum.
No one wanted to believe it because it's "CDPR". Well everyone's blind following got the bait and switch.
It's funny reading people say "Wait until the game is released" just because it's by CDPR but yet when it's any other game everyone has their pitchforks. CDPR aren't gods nor do they really care about you , all they care about is making money and yet everyone puts them up on a high horse because of the typical PR talk they spit to you.
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