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So I've been comfortable with my 2933 CL14 setup for the last few weeks/months. Saw the new 1201 BIOS. Has anyone had better suggest with getting closer to their target frequencies? My 3200 CL14 B-Dies are so close to getting there. I've yet to update but might do it this weekend and try.
I agree, I shouldn't need windows, but I could never get memtest86 to boot on my flashdrive on my board. I could boot from other flashdrives, but not the one loaded with memtest. Unless you know of a sure-fire utility you've used to make a bootable stick. I got my copy off: only brought up trying 80 because I've tried everything up until that with no success. Or rather only 60 boots, everything else won't POST.
I wonder if I should try 80 for my 2x16 B-Die. I just recently reinstalled windows though since it got so borked from memory errors I should probably take a disk image before I mess with things.
Do they offer advanced RMAs? I might give that a shot.
I'm now tempted to pick up a CH6 and see how my memory fares then. Also believe it has the Pstate overclocking which would be nice since my system is idle a lot.
Well 2933 CL14 has been pretty solid, ran up to 1100 coverage in HCI. I felt I was so close with 3200, I got rid of bluescreens with LLC on CPU and keeping it from going below 1.34v. But no matter what I've tried so far 3200 at any timings or voltage will get memory errors as soon as even 5% coverage of just 1000Mb. Even something as loose as 25 doesn't make a difference. So I have my SOC now at .95 for 2933, CPU volted lower too. Hopefully a new BIOS update helps. Or if...
In HWinfo running overwatch for a few minutes, letting it idle, Prime95, cinebench. SVI2 CPU core voltage never went over 1.38 for maximum. But averages 1.36v on its own. Max temps hit 64c on my NH-D15.It's been on auto at 3.8 or 3.9 since I got it in march. Never had any issues with it, and never saw it go over 1.4 in CPUz when I'd check it so I felt fine with it. I'll let HWInfo run longer over time to see if it spikes anywhere, but I hadn't been too concerned.
Well I think I'm pretty stable where I am. 2933 CL14 1T. SOC 1.0v. DRAM 1.44v. 1700 is at 3.9ghz with just auto voltage. Ran 16 HCI's overnight to 800% coverage with no errors. I'll keep using this setup for now, then save it into the bios and then perhaps try for 3200 later. Does seem that SOC has almost no bearing on my stability though.
I've had some black screen lockups, so I think I'll try removing it and seeing how things go. Maybe that is what caused some of my problems.
They're Samsung B-Die, dual rank. Verified via Thaiphoon BurnerI ran a memory test at CL16 3066, 1.4v Dram, 1.2v SOC for I think 5 hours and it eventually failed and black-screened. Tried Putting vcore to 1.375 and doing a basic OC to 3.4ghz just to lock it in. And it locks up. Also went back to trying CL14 2933, 2T, Geardown disabled. Locked up in maybe 15minutes. At this point my old Hynix weren't much worse. i think I had to run those at 2800mhz CL18 or something. The...
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