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So you're the guy who bought the second one of these. I've been seriously considering going itx lately, but am having a difficult time justifying moving from a 6 core 1366 to a 4 core 1150 build.
Recently purchased a laptop and I find myself rarely using this. The machine is of course, an: Intel e5645 6 Core Xeon Processor Asus Rampage II Gene Corsair H60 12 GB Corsair Dominator DDR3-1600 PC3-12800 64 GB Crucial C300 750 GB Seagate Momentus XT 8 GB SLC Cache...
There are matx case options offering space for 280mm rads now. You may have to sacrifice blistering speeds unless you want: a) A lot of radiator, or b) a lot of noise.
This does not necessarily suggest the processor is OS locked. Also, hooks to microcode specifically written to identify viruses seems like a waste of silicon as virus definitions must be updated all the time.
How do we know it isn't man? How do we know?
At $14 it will pay for the electricity it uses for ~130 days. After that, you have to hope it climbs higher. Your best stopping point would be ~100 days out, at which point you will have net $100 (woohoo).Use this and supply your own kwh cost.Edit: I was assuming you had a 7950... If you don't then it is not worth the investment, not for litecoin anyway.
Crypto currency will stabilize. It will once more become a longshot, with only established miners holding the keys to any gains. The best any of us can do is continue to speculate and wait for the next bubble.I'm just glad I came across a calculator which factored in power consumption and difficulty adjustments. When I realized that Litecoin had to perform better than $32 before any card might pay for itself I decided against mining myself.Now might be a decent time to...
Awww, you beat me to it. I'm praying for Monster Truck Madness.
Open-source is not inherently better, but I'll give you the rest Abe
Routing all your traffic through a VPN will effectively kill any speed you're getting.Why is anybody so concerned that AT&T knows you're googling "boobies"? You shouldn't have anything to hide if you're not doing anything bad [/sarcasm]Benny Franklin is doing figurative cartwheels right now.
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