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Shame AMD can't just crank the foundries up and tell their board partners to snap to it. They could essentially sell Radeons as fast as they can make them as long as the cryptocurrency bubble remains up. Full disclosure: I bought a nearly $400 R9 280X Toxic
Is a shock sock the one your mother finds, while picking up your room, sometime after your 12th birthday?On topic: my camera is always physically disconnected, microphone too. I don't always rock my tin foil hat, but when I do I make sure I put it on both heads.
Just be sure to make the claim " as is" and get delivery conf. on that sucker; it'll still fly off ebay at stupid prices.
The fantasy, as outlined, was your supposition that you could replace 4+TB of drives with 2TB worth of drives and that would be a legitimate option for you. I'm sure you have a nice laptop and do neat things with it.
It has a use, it's just not particularly worthwhile.You just fabricated the fantasy scenario in which replacing 4 hard drives, a combined 4.625 GB space, with two drives, totaling 2.25 GB fulfills a need. If your laptop supports 2 drives, couldn't you get a larger SSD, and a 2TB platter drive for 50% less?I repeat: you'd have to be supremely opposed to carrying an extra 2.5" disk for this to make sense.
It seems like too much a compromise for the price you're paying. The only real pro is the form factor. Buy an SSD and a USB 3.0 drive, or even slot in a SDXC card if you must. Few people require carrying terabytes of garbage around with them. For greatly improved boot and load times, and capacity, I'd prefer the significantly cheaper hybrid.
Most markets in the state have one or two options. Frequently the second option isn't particularly competitive either.
Perhaps the save game files are compatible with previous release of Final Fantasy VIII?
As duckie pointed out, you would not push 20A through a 26 gauge wire. That's an order of magnitude more current than recommended.Just put the battery in the microwave. It would have the same effect.
They're just transforming it to 120V prior to sending it over the wire.
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