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I will still find a way to: plug it in one way, fail, reverse it, only to realize I had it right the first time.
Evidently they're going to take taxes out prior to doing the conversion. I don't understand why the department thought his continued employment was worth the effort of electronically exchanging USD to BTC before paying this guy, but whatever, they approved. I would really love to see if this pans out.He might be banking a little to early on the currencies stability though. He will have a bit of egg on his face if he gets paid on Friday and Monday the bottom falls out.
That bend! Are you a wizard?
I started overclocking to get more from as little as possible too. As with many things, the fever can take hold of you. A few years back , I performed some back of envelope calculations and determined I could only have spent as much if I had a meth addiction. Now that I completely understand theory, I no longer have the insatiable desire for more speed. I understand the correlation between OCNers and fleshlight enthusiasm BTW. I have a huge collection and cannot help...
You're asking if it's advisable to further stress your single point-of-failure for your 6 GPU farm to achieve less efficient results? If it were my dime, I would not ramp up the clocks.
Are you mining with the cards? A 5970 has a draw of ~300W. Provided you're not taxing the rest of your system, I suspect the Corsair won't immediately blow up. Poster above mentioned how you were measuring 1050 watts. If you're doing so at the wall, the PSU is good for a bit more.
Momentus XT, as a hybrid drive, offers comparable storage, and speeds, while operating from SLC MLC cache. It's a fraction of the cost.
As a momentus XT user, I see this as an incredibly niche product; it exists for folks with more money than sense, and a strong dispassion for carrying an additional USB 3.0 drive in their laptop bag.
I have not been following these things for quite a few months now, so I figured I'd turn to OCN. I have a Asus Rampage II Gene, Intel Xeon e5645 6 core processor, 12GB of Corsair Dominator DDR3 1600 and eVGA GTX460 SSC. I also have a 64 GB Crucial SSD, 2 TB Western Digital GP a Corsair Hydro H60, and my signature case. I have been considering downsizing to an AMD platform with APU and would like to have a few extra dollars for my trouble. Thanks so much!
Except the kinect is a 3D camera...
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