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"the OC at 5.0 GHz is the finger in the nose"This guy summed it up.
As someone entertaining buying the Samsung Galaxy Note II, I will reenforce this with a "lol wut?".Good luck preventing jailbreaks of anything however...I'm still kinda of the opinion that you can do whatever you want with it after you've bought it.
It's always sad when someone goes, more so when they're still young and with a young family. It seems that Adam made quite an impression here, and knowing OCN, that meant he had quite the impact. Peace be with all who mourn.
How much energy could possibly be wasted by faster buses which only exist in computers owned by a tiny fraction of the population? It'd be like them eliminating Formula racing because it uses too much petrol.
+1 Ketchup and eggs. Taters gonna tate. That said, I'm okay with this. Having a longer queue if you have the habit of leaving a lot of games early (it has to be a percentage of your games played), it perfectly acceptable. What do I care though? I haven't played this game since well before MvM.
Backups? I usually don't look at that porn for a second time anyway.
Wow, I've really been away for a long time. This is virtually identical to a design I did in sketchup of a proposed SFF Matx layout. If I wasn't committed to my U6b I would buy this thing in a heartbeat.
Stahp Lian Li, stahp.
We have HOV lanes here... If they were automated vehicle lanes, which were basically 120 MPH express routes, I don't know of any body in Hampton Roads that would rather deal with the congestion of Interstate 64.
The G.D. Batman only ever defeated Supes because insanely zealous fanboy writers. There's no way that Bob Kane had this "super preparedness" B.S. super power that the Superman-squashing Bats seems to possess. You can't out wit a tank flying at you at the speed of light.
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