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In before blowing ourselves up first.
No Street Fighter Alpha 3? Pfft
I was trying for the same thing, but you undoubtedly have more patience than I do. My mouse speed was completely random, some bizarre conflict between Logitech's Setpoint and windows I guess; in addition to the aforementioned issues, I'm sure the list I forgot is longer than the one I've provided.It has to get better as it matures. It's possible too that, the early builds aren't so rubbish on tablets and the like, but the hoops you have to go through on the desktop simply...
I will have to try windows 8 again when it's a little further along. I had no success getting the Netflix Windows Media Center app to work, so I threw it out after a single day of use. Metro crashed all the time too, often leaving me with no recourse (why does Ctrl+alt+delete not seem to work when in metro??!!) other than to turn the damn machine off via the power button. I tend to agree that the glassy panes are a little cheesy. They're not doing much for me these days.
Save big, buy both!
The truecrypt development team's response is a measured CYA acknowledgment that they cannot control the writes to the physical media.If you encrypt the volume from the onset, and do not intend to reset the encryption on it, it's safe to use.
Photo up.
Price drops all around. I don't really care too much, I just want them gone; make an offer before I resort to ebaying them. Thank you!
We use a microwave dish aimed directly at one of our satellite buildings to provide it with its network. I imagine this would work at least as well, but perhaps with virtually nil opportunity for interference (which admittedly isn't really a problem with the .5 Km distance between the two buildings)
It's hard to believe that it's that time again. So much has happened in this year. Let's fold our monkey asses off.
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