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There's never a computer in the picture because it would look hideous if you added all the necessary wires to get the thing up and running.I have a glass top desk, most of the time I wish I didn't.Just sayin'
Actually, unless you're an oaf, you shouldn't run into any problems unless you manage to drop it directly on the die, or crack the die while installing the cooler.This is actually the best argument for sanding down to the die rather than removing the IHS altogether (which is a lot more risky).
I lapped it with the intent to take it all the way down to the silicon, but after several hours I surrendered, and just put a smooth finish on it. It's obvious looking at the IHS that there is a lot more material to remove than there was with my X3220. I will take it back up again soon.
Just a bigger version of every cookie cutter case available. It's baffling to build a HPTX case anyway. It's impossible to forecast a future for it beyond the SR-2. Building a box with no real defining features beyond its support for HPTX, while a couple acceptable HPTX cases already exist, doesn't make a lick of sense.
wasd: With my middle finger resting directly between the w and s key, and my pinky on shift is a completely natural stance for my hand.Placing my any of my fingers in position would drop the others on the right keys, even if I were dead.As another member pointed out, the hand is naturally curled; it requires effort to straighten.
That may have had a fair bit to do with it. The Crucial would have whipped the floor with the intel given that size discrepancy; at more equal sizes it may not have been as obvious.I too wouldn't concern myself with upgrading to a C300, given how close the new Barefoot drives are and the coming C400. Three new webOS devices. I recognize the tablet is getting all the glory, but those of us that have a love/hate relationship with the Pre are keenly focused on the phones. A larger pre with a three times faster processor (!) A smaller Veer Soon will be decision time. Here's hoping Sprint doesn't make me wait forever for these. Other...
Take it from a pre owner. There is nothing wrong with the OS. The hardware has been HP/Palm's weakness up to this point.The OS is brilliant.
I have two sets of these OCZ XMP Series PC12800 DDR3 but they look like this set instead. Price for each set? I'm hoping for enough scratch for a 8 or 12GB kit.
Read on about that PSU, I'm uncertain if it's still experiencing a lot of issues. for you, I think you can get away with the 300W unit with what you're proposing for your build.
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