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Don't worry have been monitoring every AMD Driver related thread. Well, according to Warsam71: He is about to start a new thread very soon here at OCN (and other forums) asking everyone to submit any issue or bug they have experienced in the past though a new/special Report Form AMD have just developed to help improve Catalyst Driver experience. Till then he recommended to not use regular Issue reporting form in
Oh sweet !I am afraid because 285 is not GCN 1.0, and who knows if official driver had specifically been made for GCN 1.1 or 1.2 because it only supported Tonga.Modding such drivers to run forcefully on different architecture might cause issues or sometimes permanenet issues, may be not now or may be in future.or may be I am being paranoid for no reason. Well happy for you all, For now I am happy with 14.8.Because with watch Dogs I can now average 58 fps in 1080p TSMAA,...
Modded driver seems okay, as long as it doesn't destroy our GPUs.I am afraid of if AMD officially launches those driver versions for GCN 1.0 GPUs ?
falseFX 8370P overclocked to 4.7 GHzCPU-NB @ 2.5-2.6 GHzDDR3 @ 2400 MHzAnd I am sure it will be faster than current FX-8350 (saying this after observing heavy memory bandwidth efficiency with 8370s over FX8150/FX8350. )well you could try this, if you like.if you don't, just go for Intel LGA 1150 (Haswell). Its the best second choice you can do for the best price performance system.
I already admitted it on post #80.Though you really didn't need to read entire post, just the line above image Now I ask you what about Intel Compiler that was used to compile R15 and restricted AMD CPUs to up to SSE2 only. Huh ?
Oh that makes sense now.My bad I couldn't read it at first time.
Oh I didn't notice. but this is Nvidia, they must have done something to improve it. May be faster transmission or lower latency or both due to new architectural protocols.Strange they haven't talked about it. Have they ?8GB is more future proof, Who knows a Game partner-shipped with Nvidia all of a sudden comes with uber ultra texturez + Gameworks 2.0 and HBAO+++ I am actually able to play a Nvidia titled game at much better frame rate than any 2GB uber ultra overclocked...
Core 2 Quad Q9550 is 2.83 GHz and scores 80.Haswell-E i7 5960x is 3.25 GHz (average clock) scores 110.i7 4790K is 4.0GHz and scores 113.lets calculate score per ghz.Q9550 = 28.26855 score / GHz5960X = 33.846153 score / GHz4790K = 28.250000 score / GHzi7 5960X has only 20% faster IPC than 45nm Q9550 ? Q9550 has 0.06% faster IPC than i7 4790k ? And this is with newer Cinebench (R15) ? Linx/IBT do not use same instruction set for both CPUs.SSE2 for AMD and SSE4 or AVX for...
ZOMG! look at that memory read/write efficiency at default CPU-NB compared to FX-8350 AMD take my money
+1 FlanK3r and Mmmuah Ok I am going to buy this FX-8370 as soon as it is launched in my country
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