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Fixed !
GTX 960 is going to be the best price performance card LOL at 2GB R9 285.....sorry AMD
I'm sorry too, Btw, AMD keep improving gaming performance for almost 2.5+ year old card + Someone bringing up Raja Koduri's statement isn't exactly like "defending a corporation". I'll suggest you to save these words for even bigger Internet Wars.
GTX 750 Ti VS GTX 660GTX 660 has50% more Shader Processors200% More Texture Mapping Units50% More Render Output Units50% higher Single Precision FP Performance (both cards with same core clock)No Double Precision Support.Except some compute benchmark why is 660 not that fast than 750 Ti ?Now try to understand this,780 Ti to GTX 660 is 178.74% more Transistors. (7080 MT vs 2540 MT)GTX 980 to GTX 750 Ti is 178.07% more Transistors. (5200 MT vs 1870 MT)But you can see that...
And I feel bad for you couldn't prove anything,
If only you were right !But Sir Raja Koduri had actually said it last year in AMD GPU14 Hawaii conference.And Thank you for calling me a little fanboy. That is so sweet of you. At least it feels better that being called a shill.P.S. I am still on Topic because I am following GCN's efficiency and that GCN GPUs can be seen on this benchmark xD
Or why can't you admit that Kepler can not be optimized anymore ?!Sure, it also turns up another question why older AMD cards are still rocking.Answer lies under Sir Raja Koduri's statement."GCN is the most scalable architecture...."ROFL
+1That multigpu handling technique is Awesome !
Doesn't matter, you have been counted.
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