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This.At least on PGA you don't have to buy a new board or wait for warranty if pin/s on CPU is irreparable You can buy any of the
Imo, I do not expect more than 0-5% performance increase if hotfix ever comes to win10. The Stilt has also said that both OS were running with different software environment (it means he didn't clean install win7 and win10 just to test RyZen gaming performance).RyZen is not perfect in every single type of load you put at it. And these load include gaming and AVX-256.RyZen is definitely the best perf / $ chip we have ever seen for now in Q1 2017, but RyZen is not the best...
lol and this tells me the RyZen motherboard deficiency issue has only to do with certain parts of the world rather than global. Availability Issue may also have to do with certain models only.For example, here a shop in Mumbai, India, 7 models are available but others are not.
That is what I believe too. Wiki page of Zen is showing 1 x 8 MB L3 too.And we know that CPU-Z too shows that there are 2 x 8 MB of L3 in RyZen R7, that obviously means 8 MB per CCX.Chances are Ian is wrong on this. I don't know why he wrote that stupid line. (unless AMD told him something we don't know yet )
Imo, this specific problem of RyZen's SMT not being scheduled for optimal performance in Windows 10 has got nothing to do with ICC (Intel C++ compiler). Why because we have already seen RyZen doing great against KBL even at single threded workloads. [[SPOILER]]
RyZen review by Ian at AnandtechWe need to be confirmed by AMD if this line of his is his opinion or an inevitable fact.
Also I have learnt that if you want to play on 480p or 720p then i7 will be the best.
is AVX-512 confirmed with cannon lake ?
very good question.That is what I was thinking too. Guess I don't know the difference. Somebody teach me.May be they are even higher quality chips in terms of longevity and power efficiency or may be they have support for some workstation load specific ISA we don't hear much about or may be better IOMMU I think.Edit: Okay that was me being stupid.... IOMMU has only to do with chipset not the CPU.
Let the Hype train be started again ! Not that it is not possible but lets wait and see.
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