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I think no need to bring FX 6/8xxx vs these i3s anymore, everybody is already convinced by the truth.
Edit: Socket: LGA-1151 B150 Chipset is a very good deal for these Skylake i3s, in my opinion.
This i3 is really impressive. If only they had provided hardware HEVC encoding with Skylake.
If only this piece of drone could detect and send members of New World Order directly to hell.
Russia must send one to where Bilderberg meeting takes place. So UIMC in Russia is like Lockheed Martin in USA ?
Please share in detail about your experience on FX at 5.5GHz vs i7 4790k. I would like to know what were you actually doing with that 5.5 GHz FX that made the i7 4790k a garbage value.OT: Why do all people think that x86-64 is the ultimate God in the CPU industry ?Why can ARM architecture not achieve the same goals in terms of performance, efficiency, etc ?
+1, more emulators
Why didn't they provide sample images ?
And I say your point is unbeatable.
I wasn't defending. You might want to read that again. I also said we can find problems in both GPUs. I actually accepted what Crossfire exclusive errors that you can't find in SLI. Hell I even said....errrr Okay lets not sweat much over this worthless talk. Edit: Well you're mostly right though , except the part you thought I defended something or by that logic your first line also seemed to do so. , or I may be wrong as well.
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