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Somebody is deliberately hyping AMD technologies in Internet so that Faildozer deja vu can happen again.Somebody stubborn hype-er seeking avenge from fired staff ?
Agreed.If he sees his 4790K beating SB-E Hex then Whatever software he is using definitely doesn't support SB-E Hex level multithreading.
Source: Kitguru
Just this word shows how much you dislike AMD.You bluffly ignored all the recent slides that AMD have released this months.
Can't say about Integer, but Bulldozer FX's max FPU performance was 128 bit per cycle per Core. (same as Phenom II)Zen's core diagram seems to be showing 512 bit FPU per Core.Theoretically Zen might be capable of performing 400% more FP calculations per Core than Bulldozer/Piledriver/Steamroller/Excavator, if only if 512 bit loads cycle is 1, which is highly unlikely, after looking AMD's history of inadequate cache performance since first Phenom.People shouldn't be...
This I think May be 2 or 3 out of 6 pipelines are AGUs.
Did you forget Zen is going to be 14nm ?
Yes I totally agree with you.But,- AVX isn't everything.- AMD will have newer instructions too.- Intel compiler is not used most of the time.The only thing AMD will never be faster with is Intel compiler, as Intel bluntly says it's not their job to provide support for CPUs other than Intel ones. And they are indeed right about it and I acknowledge.
Yes it makes sense though.
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