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"make Intel great again"LOL
True. With the current set of benchmark numbers that we have seen, I think it can be safely said that apart from AVX2 based applications, RyZen is going to do great. Great because all locked Intel CPUs are going to become garbage, every single one of them regardless of Intel's so called generation gimmick.
...also WoW's minimum requirement is even better as it says Phenom II as well. Phenom II doesn't even support SSSE3 and SSE4. So you can be sure that WoW at least, needs only SSE2. That means RyZen is definitely going to do good in WoW.
WoW uses SSE ISA (by their minimum system requirement of Core 2 Duo E8500), and AMD RyZen 8 Core CPU is equal to current Intel HEDT in Core vs Core battle in Blender without AVX, in other words when Blender was only utilizing SSE part of the CPU.It looks very promising to me that RyZen seems very good in core vs core and clock vs clock in Skylake-E when it comes to SSE optimized applications (given that that specific application has not been compiled by Intel compiler(ICC)...
No, not at all.Yeah I know It is my worthless opinion.
I think, by the 1st March we'll be in Andromeda.
Or you fear you might not be able to do some budgetgaming in 14 core Xeon LOL.
I beg your pardon ? ....Oh the Intel compiler Bias , yeah yeah I think we all have known about this by now.But seriously how RyZen is going to run like on 99% applications is what interests me.
I agree with you all. Pardon me If I came with this news as one of the happy one, I understand how this could be used to manipulate the environment in favor of certain individuals.
What do you all say about this though ?
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