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Would it have been pointless if they were to program it for regular OpenGL ?
Mantle API = Vanilla DX12 API = Butterscotch Vulkan API = Strawberry ? AMD seems to be the leader in inventing and supporting graphics library of next generation.
I am tired of guessing debating on architectural improvements when it comes to AMD cpus, This time, To be more real world, If you say your processor has 16 cores, it must score >=1.7x in all well threaded apps like in 7zip of what your 8 core FX scores at same clocks, and within 150watts. This is when we consider you have CMT based cores in Zen. And If it doesn't scale and score that much in older but well threaded applications like 7zip and Handbrake, like even newer...
What you're calling fuss might be essential for certain scenario. Time will tell.Anyway, AMD rebrands will indeed be better for DX12 if that proves to be truth.EDit: BTW this is OCN, how could you ignore this ? long as AMD support full DX12 Tier3 hardware features with GCN 1.1 and later, some rebrands wont be any problem at all.While nvidia rebrands seem to have problem with full DX12 features.
Why do people think Zen cant match Haswell ? Phenom II was slower because it lacked sse4 and had very slow memory controller. Then AMD came with the wrong architecture that was technically never better than older architecture in single core strength. BD's L1D cache bus width is half of what Haswell has. AMD now knows all this. I am sure it's not rocket science at all for AMD at least. They don't even need Intel like $$$ R&D budget to fix this. I believe, everything AMD...
Effect of 76% market share.
10x marketting. 10x selling. DX12 tier3 support still pending. Lol
I dont understand why these companies dont officially reveal all of their issues even the little ones with eligibility criteria. they might sound looser but sometimes companies like AMD ought to do so, imo.
In India 512 kbps (yes, kilobits per second) and up qualify as broadband.
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