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I dont understand why these companies dont officially reveal all of their issues even the little ones with eligibility criteria. they might sound looser but sometimes companies like AMD ought to do so, imo.
In India 512 kbps (yes, kilobits per second) and up qualify as broadband.
SourceWill earth be like Krypton ?
Future is Fusion/HSA An old news, but interesting.... Dept. of Energy Gives AMD $32M Grant to Push Exascale Computing Forward
The Talos Principle
The problem is you are bragging Market shares of Nvidia when everyone already know how ineffective AMD's marketing strategy has been that directly affects on AMD GPU sales.All AMD is suffering now from their very old mistakes from past.The bigger problem is, you won't accept AMD's performance / $, instead you'll praise Marketing of Nvidia that is just showing % numbers that no "smart PC gamer" relies on as long as AMD keeps this perf/$.yay !
All Olivon can do is brag market share of Nvidia when someone talk about performance/$. This is all you can do Olivon. I pitty you. lol
Indeed ! So is in your little world, what's the problem ?!
It is only that.
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