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Did I smell better MSVC++ performance on AMD CPU/APU ?
Got this offer today on my Acer Aspire E5-511 with Licensed W8.1 Home x64. what does MS want to say ?
AMD's compilers not doing fine with their own CPUs compared to ICC just shows that even AMD doesn't have full knowledge of their microarchitecture, period. Edit: ...or they don't know how to make a compiler.
This is interesting.
Source: KitGuru
If they really want to push rebrands (2011 models in 2015) for that much longer time, at least they should give 4GB VRAM at cheaper price than their predecessor 2GB cards to lure customers. Not utilizing that much VRAM is another story but it does work, there are millions out there who just value a graphics card by its VRAM capacity and check if its DDR3 or DDR5.
If everything goes according to plan, then no more irritating minimum fps with multi GPUs.
+1 Tsumi, What are your thought on HAARP ? Can it really be used to alter mentality of people ?
Source of this claim ?
You are evil.
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