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Well we have seen GPUs are getting utilized more efficiently and we sure have seen new eye candies as well. Play Quantum Break or Forza Motorsport 6 for example and you'll know how even an i3 is almost able to fully feed the GPU most of the time.Apart from that Developers did see something in DX12 and it seems they know very well why they are choosing it over DX11.I know where you're coming from, it was much better if it was supported in Win7/8/8.1 as well. And I am sad...
And here GTA V's clouds don't seem to like DirectX 10 at all.Looks like developers are implying DirectX 10 isn't able to render grass as well.
LOL since when did OCNers start to talk about Playable ? Where did all the enthusiasm fade away all of a sudden ?
Or maybe Illuminati got them. I swear I saw Lucifer's eye in the trailer.
My bad I couldn't add the /Sarcasm command line. Exactly !
No no no no no. Y'all are wrong. If a $200 mid range card can't do 120-144 Hz on 2K resolution, it is a total failure man. Polaris is all lie.But if $1000 card dips to 55 fps, it is called "GRAPHICS"
Exactly.Nvidia: We are filthy rich and have 0 debt. Hmm where can else we pour some money beside pursuing to get negative DX12 results even with 3 Billions on R&D ? J.H.H.: "I've got an idea !, you have 10minutes to give me the list of upcoming game launch dates. "
Hey Hello !? Nvidia needs to be at the top in the market. Okay !!! And to do so, Deus Ex launch shall be held with the DX11 sides.yay more Nvidia GPU sales Of course take it as conspiracy theory
Show me proof of Skylake being 30% faster on average in clock for clock.Of course It could be in AVX/2 loads due to faster cache and memory bandwidth requirements which Skylake does have. But in 99% other cases where AVX is not involved, I am very skeptical of Skylake being 30% faster than Sandy Bridge in everywhere else. Correct me please, I am all about learning and may be wrong on this.
You're forgetting 1060 is 96 GP/s at and 480 is at 64 GP/s when both are at 2 GHz Also you should see post #95 how 1060 with 72 GP/s is behind the 35 GP/s 480 in most of the DX12 games.RX 460 GCN 4 vs R7 260X GCN 2 both at almost similar FLOPS, (actually RX 460 is with 10 MHz lower clock, making it more like 1.95 TFLOPS vs 260X's 1.97 TFLOPS )Real world gaming average FPS:In The Division, RX 460 is 41% faster.In The Witcher 3, RX 460 is 31% faster.In FC: Primal, RX 460 is...
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