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I am accounting for India at least. It is all bs. Don't believe on news as well. Only talk, zero practicals.Exactly ^This.^this is Absolute BS.Not saying that population is not the problem, In fact I 100% agree that population is the biggest issue in India whether people in here realize or not. We are in India the contributer of extreme hunger, extreme poverty, extreme illiteracy and extreme malnutrition for humanity all because most of us don't have common sense. ...
There will be no need to be afraid of videos then, because value of videos will have become no more than 'memes' by that time.
This is justifiable though.
Yeah, I think so too. They better start pushing their R&D to max power with that kinda money from now on.
Regardless, it looks like many people are more than happy lol and are taken into consideration into Apple's formula that somehow resulted this sweet prediction."Apple predicted to become the first trillion-dollar company"
Nobody is going MGTOW in his family ever LMAO.
That and your profile pic = Perfect !
don't want.
Or they can start unethical Compiler Biasing again ? Now they can limit Zen to use only legacy scalar x86 instruction and no SIMD at all since AMD may be somewhat kind of become faster in SSE2(still very widely used) now.Edit: with the next version of ICC of course.
I'm learning. Will get back to you on this.
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