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[ Post Deal Discussion! ]This.This is how it runs on my Potato AMD Radeon HD 7850 1GB All Ultra 1920 x 1080 8xMSAA,min fps = 59, avg fps = 62In other words, it is >60 fps all the time.
I agree but I highly doubt it will be below $147 (Rs.10,000). Current Pre-Order price of i3-7350k is $177 (Rs.12,036), even if the normal consumer price should be say $160 (Rs.10,880), it is without tax Lets see what happens, anyway I'm already very attracted to this i3. Who wouldn't want an i3 that should do 4.6-4.8 GHz to further increase more general system performance than Haswell i3 and when you don't intend to play high end games anymore.
oh I didn't know it was posted already. Mods may close this thread.
DX12 has now become a joke.
Source: GamersNexus
Looks like AMD DX11 driver sucks.
when it comes to Vulkan or DX12....
Oh there there High end GTX 980 Ti is only 35% faster than low end RX 470.High end GTX 1080 is only 46% faster than mainstream RX 480.
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