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or may be new PSP to replace older PSP.
Comix Zone: Chapter IIShinobi IV: something like avenge my brother's death. (lol I don't know why I...... )But seriously man I am dying to play such groundbreaking, adrenaline provoking gamie games again.Sorry to everyone I went a little off topic.
There can be two advantages of power efficiency.1) Same power consumption as previous products and increase performance.Or2) Reduce power consumption and keep the same level of performance as previous products.Nvidia with 970/980 seem to have them optimized between 1 and 2. This is good for business and very impressive for us consumers.1st method will give us flagship GPU that will be much faster than previous flagship card at same power consumption.2nd method will give us...
Whatever it is. APUs are really cool man. Except 8150 hype, AMD haven't hyped anything much about their APUs. They are efficient, and they continue to make them like crazy efficient. It will be good for both mainstream consumers and AMD's future.
Somebody call clocknut
Exactly This is why I only took practical flops in Titan according to Linpack CPU to CPU performance.Titan with GPUs is already Tianhe 2 killer considering there must be applications that can utilige those GPUs.Chinese Scientists: Wow we are on Top500 list We have almost become independent now.Intel CEO: (thinking) Chinese will be Chinese. It has just begun. Edit: No offence to Chinese, I was just kidding.I love Shaolin Temple and One of my favourite Martial Artist cum...
AMD FX-7600P notebook APU-> 2.7-3.6 GHz x86-64 Quad Cores with 4 MB L2 Cache-> An R7 class iGPU with 512 SPs, 32 TMUs and 8 ROPs running at 600-686 MHz core frequency-> TDP: 35 WattsTheoretically It was already faster than Nvidia GT 740M (Kepler) and GT 825M (Kepler).But due to limited memory bandwidth, these APUs don't perform much faster.But With HBM, it might literally hurt Nvidia in Notebook market.
Tianhe-2 - A Chinese SupercomputerCores: 3,120,000Linpack performance: 3,46,75,404.8 GFlop/sPower: 1,78,08,000 WattsEfficiency: 1.947 GFlops/WattTitan - A supercomputer Made in USACores: 2,99,008Linpack performance: 1,84,44,451.84 GFlop/sPower: 82,00,000 WattsEfficiency: 2.305 GFlops/wattEither Chinese need to optimize compiler for their Milky Way 2 OR they will have to admit that their supercomputer is not as efficient as former #1 Supercomputer "Titan" was.Titan (even...
Exactly ! These APUs are certainly going to hurt Nvidia in entry/mainstream notebook area.And desktop version of this APU will also hurt Nvidia's entry level GPU section.
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