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Huddy said it because he wanted to let the world know how greedy MS has been going. MS wanted to hide this dark secret until W10 launch, but they got butt hurt so badly they had to reply like thisEdit: That means it is only MS's job to tell users that they won't support it in W7.Seriously ! Other than GUI enhancements, purchasing and installation methods and bs looking features, have they ever talked about anything about their Kernel efficiency improvements with this W10...
Exactly !
Even after two years, Titan without GPU cores is still significantly power efficient that this latest Chinese super computer.There is nothing ground breaking here. That was my point.
Mantle haven't just pressurized Microsoft as an efficient API. Mantle also supports Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8.1. If Microsoft do not support DirectX12 in those OS as well, then Mantle is not going anywhere. We will continue to see DX11.x + Mantle games.
Hey Seronx ! That is probably Nvidia powered console.
Okay then, Shield II confirmed.
"Snail Games was one of China’s first online game companies.""The move comes as Snail looks to expand its mobile gaming hardware and software business into the American market."Snail has set its sights on developing new concepts in gaming hardware and services" Developing new concepts in gaming hardware New concept ? = APU ! Business into the American market ? = AMD ! AMD APU = yeah BOOM !!!
I agree with this though.Same guy on youtube also shows that GTX 760 is ~60% faster than R9 270X when use 4xMSAA.
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