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AMD Radeon Rx 480 at $200 with Latest OpenCL 2.0 support. Open CL 2.0 provides support for Shared Virtual Memory. The biggest innovation made in the history of GPGPU computing / HSA. Nvidia GTX 1080 at >$800 with No OpenCL 2.0 support.
at least you can dream !
AMD Rx 480 @ $200 with Full DirectX12 support. Nvidia 1080 @ $900 with partial DirectX12 support. LOL Nvidia AMD
More Interesting Story:Source:
I am all about DX12 now. DX11 performance has already been enough for previous generation cards, there is no need to buy newer Nvidia card for old DX11 games, unless somebody wants to do play/R&D in home. From now on with DX12 AMD is already a generation ahead than Nvidia. Nvidia will not be able to catch up with AMD simply because Nvidia hardware doesn't even fully support DX12. [ In 2016 ] R9 290 came in Nov-2013 and it is already competing with GTX 980 Ti which came...
Why in the world would anyone (Mr. Tajoh111 in here) compare a $750+ 980ti to a ~$400 390X ? Ignorance is a bliss. Is that so ? Edit: In the end, all of your speculations regarding maxwell vs gcn won't reflect the real world performance difference for a real world gamer for those two cards.
there is not much difference between 2133 7cl and 4333 19cl.2133 MHz runs at base 1066 MHz, 1/1066 = 0.9380 ns per clock, now if memory's cas latency is 7, then 7 x 0.9380 = ~6.57 ns, that means CPU has to wait for 6.57 ns (for the data to be available on the data bus/cache).4333 MHz runs at base 2166.5 MHz, 1/2167 = 0.4614 ns per clock, if cas latency is 19 clocks, then 19 x 0.4617 = ~8.76 ns. (DDR3 1333 CL 6 is still slower than this if it is about latency)4333MHz...
The best April fool is another AMD CPU thread.
Though I couldn't fathom this in the start, but I am getting a vibe this chip might be faster than Haswell or even Broadwell.
Okay forget the NSA, now who is switching to Windows 10/Newer and a new monitor next year
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