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[[SPOILER]] May The Force live you in your Safe Space, since the power of 'Safe Space' does seem to be stronger in here when they chose to not enable the TSSAA.
Yeah as if core i3s or FX 4xxx are already not bottlenecks for a Fury-X or 290X !
in Vulkan ?
Why do they not use an AMD GPU for CPU test ?
Fixed !
Pretty much this.
Y did u tell me this. Lets see how that turns out for 7850.
Glad someone said that, because that is exactly what I am too. Old games still take my breath away.But I think I am a little too old school for gaming community of OCN, always try to find time for 90s-(early)2000s year PlayStation 1 games like Tomb Raider III, IV, V, Ninja Shadow of Darkness, Resident Evil 1,2,3, Dino Crisis 1,2. Fighting Force 1,2. And for me, that DirectX 8 IGI 1 and 2 were the best in systematic story, level design and difficulty. And Halo 1 was so...
Make sure it was 6GB one !
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