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Yeah life has been busy, im still folding and ive just startes mining and work keep me off thr formums most days
Hey, I'm putting together a mining rig with ethOS anyone have experience folding using this OS?
So is Mining dead?
So I've got a backer who willing to put up the money needed to start mining. His cost per KWh is $0.05 so he thinks his margins will be good, hes asking me to build and maintain it for %50 of what is mined. hes talked about renting it out. I looked into this about 5 years ago but my electricity cost was too high to make it worth while for me. so whats the best way to get started? Should I look a premade rigs? just build the farm myself? thanks in advance for the help
Whoohoo! Awesome!
So I'm trying to get my sons rig up and running for the Nov Foldathon hes got a 2500k and HD 6950 I cant get F@H to recognize the 6950 also the PPD for the 2500k is REALLY low (that or my memory is really bad today) and Ideas?
Thanks, i may try this but i checks resource manager and nothing wa sover 50% so i dont think this was the issue, good to know though, ive been running boarderless window since day 1.Restart ended up fixing it
Anyone Else having low FPS? I've not played in a few weeks and tried to get on tonight and was gonna warm up with a bot match but I'm getting crazy low FPS like 6-10 even in the load out screen. anyone else having this issue?
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