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Yes, while 80C isn't ideal, it is perfectly safe. You will want to worry if temps go above 90C on a regular basis. If you want better temps, create a custom fan profile in MSI afterburner, and make sure the card is getting cool air to intake.
60fps in 3D is actually 120fps being rendered. Frame rate counters only show you the fps you are receiving per eye.Also, yes SLI 580s are very powerful and should have no problem maxing out pretty much anything. Hell, my SLI 570s are overkill for most games. You really want to tax those things, go play Metro 2033 at the highest settings in 3D.
You are definitely being bottlenecked! Also, that setup is WAY overkill for a 24in/60hz monitor. Get a high res or 120hz monitor ASAP.
I've got SLI 570s now. Update me when you get the chance. Thanks.
The ASUS has amazing cooling, and I can barely hear it at full load.
3D Vision only supports Direct X. RAGE is OpenGL. That's why it doesn't work, guys.
Yeah, I have seen a lot of 570s come with inadequate voltage from the factory. You don't have to go crazy and raise it to 1.1v though. Try 1.025v and see it it solves the artifacting. If you need 1.1v to be stable at stock clocks, I would defintely RMA.
Don't RMA. There have been a lot of instances of manufacturers undervolting GTX 570s from the factory. Why would you go through the hassle of RMA, when the problem can be fixed with a slight bump in voltage?Besides, its not like 1.0v is high voltage. Some GTX 570s come as high as 1.025v stock VID.
GO SLI! I picked up another GTX 570 last week and its been great! I can finally play every game out there maxed out smoothly. It's especially useful for us since we have 3D 120hz monitors.
Get the 580 and enjoy it! If you are always waiting on the next big thing, you will always be waiting, and never have any fun. Besides, Kepler cards are still quite a long time away. Spring of 2012 is the earliest they will come, mark my words.
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