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There will be a noticeable performance drop if you put it in the 4x slot. We have the same motherboard and my X-Fi soundcard is placed in the PCI slot right under the first GTX 570 no problem.
I have the ASUS and I can wholeheartedly recommend it. Overclocks great, and stays super cool and quite. I had to SLI it with a reference dual slot 570 though, because I have a sound card in between them.
Do NOT buy the 570HD unless you REALLY need a Display Port. It has a crappy GTX 560 cooler on it and will run noticeably hotter than the reference GTX 570 vapor chamber cooler.
If I were you, I would save the cash and buy reference. The reference design is not as bad as people make it out to be. My DirectCU II Asus is actually paired with a Zotac reference due to space issues, and its a great card. It actually overclocks better than my Asus and requires less voltage. Besides, your CPU is gonna bottle neck 570s in SLI in some games, so you shouldn't even need the non-reference design for extreme overclocking. I notice some bottle necking with my...
Should have went with ASUS. Comes with high quality non-reference design, superior cooling solution, and backplate included. It's also cheaper as well.
It's not strange, you have a Twinfrozer 3 cooler. My ASUS DirectCU II 570 tops out at 50C under full load.Unfortunately, the 570 Amp! uses the crappy cooler from the GTX 560. Even a reference 570 vapor chamber cooler is much better.
That is on gamer settings though. On enthusiast settings, the gap increases to 15 fps. I am pretty sure there is some CPU bottlenecking going on as well. For example, in a more GPU intensive game, the difference is a massive 22FPS. They are using an old i7 965, when even my 2500k@4.5Ghz produces a slight bottleneck for my GPUs. The extra 512MB VRAM of the 580 helps with things like AA and high res textures as well.Not to belittle the 560Ti. It's a great card, but its no 580.
Yes, while 80C isn't ideal, it is perfectly safe. You will want to worry if temps go above 90C on a regular basis. If you want better temps, create a custom fan profile in MSI afterburner, and make sure the card is getting cool air to intake.
60fps in 3D is actually 120fps being rendered. Frame rate counters only show you the fps you are receiving per eye.Also, yes SLI 580s are very powerful and should have no problem maxing out pretty much anything. Hell, my SLI 570s are overkill for most games. You really want to tax those things, go play Metro 2033 at the highest settings in 3D.
You are definitely being bottlenecked! Also, that setup is WAY overkill for a 24in/60hz monitor. Get a high res or 120hz monitor ASAP.
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