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You will be fine. Even a stock 2500k wouldn't bottleneck a 570 in most games. I have SLI 570s and I am not bottenecked at all with my 2500k 4.5Ghz.
No issues, they will work perfectly. You need to watch temps on the HD though. It has a crappy GTX 560 cooler on it, and tends to run pretty hot, especially in SLI. Power supply will be fine as long as you don't overclock or overvolt too much.
In! Heard this game looks amazing in 3D Vision.
Nope. V sync caps the frames rendered by the GPU depending on your monitors refresh rate.
Terrible article. They missed some of the most amazing 3D Vision titles out there! Where is The Witcher 2, Mafia 2, Bad Company 2 or Batman: Arkham Asylum? Those games work flawlessly and the 3D absolutely transforms the games and increases immersiveness 10 fold!
I bought this game on launch day and still haven't gotten around to playing it. Although, now I am kind of glad I waited for this patch and the purchase of another GTX 570 for SLI. Should have no trouble maxing this beautiful game in 3D.
3GB 580 SLI, or 2.5GB 570 SLI. I use 1.3GB SLI 570s, but my resolution is only 1920x1080. You probably need more VRAM for BF3 at 1600p.
Like others have said, around 850mhz. My 570 @930Mhz was smoking stock 580s in 3DMark11.
Yeah, I just use afterburner. Detach the hardware monitor and make it big so it graphs something like the previous 15 minutes of gameplay.
Did he download the latest beta drivers from Nvidia? They were made specifically for BF3 beta.
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