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I'm curious to see the benches but nothing else.
Simply no. And defending this is wrong.If I search for reviews of 1060 3gb and buy one, I get a card equal to the review.If I search for reviews of 1060 6gb and buy one, I get a card equal to the review.If I search for reviews of 560 and buy one, I may not get a card equal to the review.There is no defense of the 970 fiasco and there is no defense of this.
Direct Canada is owned by Netlink who is the parent company of NCIX. I wonder what will happen with them.
Most of my experiences with NCIX were good. The only one that sticks out is the time I did a pre-order on gpu. Without ever getting stock, the price dropped by $50 and I emailed customer service about getting my price changed and was told no. I canceled the order and bought somewhere else. I posted about it on their forum and was told that it should have been honored for me by one of the reps in the forum. I told him that his customer support team should be made aware...
Here's the original article. was upset at how Timespy used Nvidia friendly compute. So it was time to make AMD happy with this.
When they complain, refer them to this. 1080 is on average just over 5 times as fast as a 580 was. 1080 Ti isn't even tested or it would be more.
1080/1070 are closing in on 15 months available. Nvidia probably figures everyone who wanted one has one. 1070 Ti is a filler to push Volta forward as there is no reason to launch anything stronger right now.
Please knock off the personal attacks guys. Discuss the game results not each other. Thanks.
There are 5 GTX 1080 within a range of $509 to $529 at Newegg.How can the statement of their competitor cards being "much more" be true in any way???
When 1080 was released, plenty of people complained some games didn't have more performance than 980 Ti.People complain when a new card doesn't outperform an old one regardless of who makes it.
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