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My best run on firestrike extreme so far!
I have the EVGA SuperNova, I ran a dedicated 240volt/20amp breaker to the power supply and am running in OC mode!P.S which makes 1650 watt ; )P.S.S can make grilled cheese burgers on it!
I got four acx coolers for the titans 90 bucks shipped... Installed for 20 minutes and then taken off. Like new.
Yes very funny! one card rocks.... two card not bad..... 4-way no way!I made a grilled cheese sandwich on those things with extra cheese sauce!
They are in!
Now we are under way! I am going to use the TIM that is on the coolers. I will do a comparison of some Pk-3 and MX-4 later on just to put up EVGA TIM to some good quality TIM's..
Can u guess what these are
I am gonna do a brutal test... du du dah! 4-way ACX Titan cheese melt!
I am getting my EVGA ACX Titan coolers Friday. I have a nice lil project for the weekend. here are my stock temps playing Tomb Raider on Nvidia surround with ultimate settings with ssaa x2 enabled. *These are the before shots And my fan profile shot.
I got a Comos II case with 12 fans "Cooler Master Excalibur's" When I play Tomb raider with ultimate settings "ssaax2" enabled I am topping out around 80c on stock coolers; lets see what these things can do!
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