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oh man, want!
Nothing specific really. and thx again
lovely freakin double boot is back..
lol, it's not going to replace any. It's going to compete with the Hero Magnum and Primum Inflexio. Why do I have a sneaky suspicious feeling you fishing for parts? Do you have your bike already? And how's work?
Okay, last post. Just some bits of pics.
And here it is! Also did a memory test @neurotix So why is this here, sog? Well, the i5 will be used in the Nemesis. edit: and maybe this memory
bump. double post
Thx for that. +rep You can post the results in my build log (link)I'll post the results there
awesome to hear you worked it out. 30sec boot time? You mean less than 10 sec, right? edit: old snap -- Other question: should I invest in higher MHz memory? I was thinking of 2400MHz, 8 or 16 GB, CL9. Whatcha think?
if done properly it can look amazing. However isn't (spray) painting it a lot cheaper and quicker?
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