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only 2/3k? Not nearly enough..oh wait yeah someone is donating those BP fittings..
as always, go for the latest bios.
thank you! It helps to order waaay to much fittings and/or do multiple builds.
this case isn't designed with cable management in mind. Does the sketchup model have accurate measurements?
All I hear is stripping, strings, rubber and tape..sounds like a college party to me Go for the 290x + Samsung 6TB HD + Samsung 840 Pro 512GB SSD.And forget adding a usb hard drive to a router, they are too slow (especially when transferring blu-ray and modern games)Better check for a NAS (uses 10/100/1000 Mbps LAN port), with lets say 4x 6TB WD Red in Raid 10 (gotta safe the!). I currently eyeing for a 2 slot NAS (only Raid 0 or 1 or JBOD) with 2x 6TB WD reds.
A nitro RC bike, how cool! love to see that in the HAF XB! Let me know how the onboard sound ..erm sounds like, k?
When will this nightmare end?? I think with all the bad luck you should go to Twoclops(?)..just 2 pumps and 2 gpu's. Would save you a lot of headaches and money! But seriously though, why don't you unscrew the BP Air Exhaust? When i do leak testing I have no cap on the reservoir. K, go for the M8!! You'll love it!! Plenty of space of 6 rads without modding!
I really should go for white lighting too, it just looks better. Also I will go for a more uniform look. The slim 120 rad will go and will be replaced by this
update! Weather is totally banana's here, cool breeze but (relatively) high temp and very high humidity Makes me feel very sleepy.. I've finally cut all tubes to size. I cancelled the T-line as it was too complicated and it didn't line up properly with the return tube (cpu -> res). After I'm done with the leak test I'll flip the 240 rad. Also not totally happy on the 240 rad -> gpu line but it will have to do..unless the flow meter has a serious restriction, then I...
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