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update! Weather is totally banana's here, cool breeze but (relatively) high temp and very high humidity Makes me feel very sleepy.. I've finally cut all tubes to size. I cancelled the T-line as it was too complicated and it didn't line up properly with the return tube (cpu -> res). After I'm done with the leak test I'll flip the 240 rad. Also not totally happy on the 240 rad -> gpu line but it will have to do..unless the flow meter has a serious restriction, then I...
So is EK, I twice received a backplate for a 780 and 1 for a 280X, and I only paid for 1!
nothing atm. But I just now re-designed my route...again, oh yeah. Now I don't have to bend any tubes, just shorten two and be done! phew.. cool weather does help. Also, finally found space for that expensive Bitspower flowmeter. I'll make some pics later this day
subbed! Awesome project. you have a sketch/layout of the loop?
I bet he lives in it
Neo, can't you just install it with care?
MeanBruce, do you have a build log? Larger picture? And waiting for....what?
Add me!
'T was a difficult route but Gambi's The Acrylic Dragon was a role model If this rad doesn't cool enough (to my liking) I'll seriously think about wrecking modding a 360x60mm thick rad in the front. Still small stuff to fix: - flip the rad so the drain is in the bottom in case the T- line fails, - cut a few tubes, - maybe bend one, - flip the cpu water block, - manage the horrendous cables - change the AP-14's for AP-15's Pix for pleasure:
The 30mm is a Hardware Labs Black Ice GT Stealth 240, the 60mm is a Alphacool NexXxoS UT60 FC rad 240.
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