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Direblow gave me an ancient one last night. I had a 56 with 7.30 for rift guardian, but it was the choker and I got destroyed .
I made a wizard this morning on live. I had 3 wizard items- tals chest, tals ammy, and a normal aether walker. Crafted the rest of the gear, and am able to do T6 just fine. Hopefully T10 will be a little more challenging to gear for next season.
Sounds normal.
Rumor has it end of next month, seems plausible.
The question isn't "can you get the items without paying", it's "can you get the items without playing?".If you can get the items without playing, then the game is pay 2 win, since you can literally pay to win. The hope is that there will be enough restrictions in effect that won't be possible, but nobody can say for certain either way until the PU comes out.
Given what we can play now, I have no doubt whatsoever that a ~$60 ship/game package is going to leave you happy in the end. With the detail in the models, just being able to fly a few ships and look out and see a carrier is going to be awesome... even if they drop the ball on gameplay.There's also two opportunities for them to make a game you would like- the single player missions, and the persistent universe. Chances are the single player is going to be at least "okay",...
Book... I think I saw one of those last time I went to a museum. Seemed like some really old kind of kindle?
Is there a way to disable the update available notification on my nokia 920? It pops up about twice a day.
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