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You can buy the warthog joystick separately . I don't really see how any of the buttons could be called a gimmick.
What "gimmicks" are you referring to? I think I'd rather have a plastic warthog then a metal version of a cheaper joystick.
Yeah new goblin packs in a rift are going to be insane.Yes. Bloodshards and goblins on test realm are doubled, so normally it won't be a problem unless you hit a pack. Just gamble after every rift, and you'll never hit the cap.
So many bloodshards... even when it goes live, they should give 250-300 each.
I don't think that many people are willing to drop $500 on a joystick, and the ones who are have already dropped it on a warthog .Yeah, that's what I'm expecting.
It says:Existing Dark Souls II owners will receive a patch to implement these elements
It's obviously meant to attract younger people who aren't currently going to the blood bank. They need more people to donate blood, and video games attract the age group that would be great to have coming in donating blood.
The game might actually be a significant factor in joystick sales, but even then I would expect at most a new mold for an existing joystick, to make it look more like one you would see in game. I'm guessing it'll be in the $60-80 price range.
#6 group on PTR is tons better then 700+ ranks on live .
You ruined that Kridershot then . 10% would give you 223 more top end damage, while a perfect reroll would add about 70.Still, Kridershot is tons better then the chakram quiver, since you can use rucksack. For T6 it doesn't really matter, but in higher greater rifts, only Krider is going to be competitive.
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