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That makes a lot of sense to why the number of keys are limited. Would it be possible then to have a full board, with the keys that are mapped customizable? This could even be done with a function key, like hold it down and press the 10 keys you want to show up as axis.
One USB plug is for the keyboard itself, the other is usually for the ports on the side of the keyboard. Not all USB keyboards work with PS/2 adapters. The adapters don't have any "smarts" in them, it just crosses the pins from the USB to go out in to the PS/2 ones... so the keyboard controller has to recognize it has an adapter and put out the PS/2 signal instead of a USB one. Not all keyboards can do that. Also remember you have to reboot for PS/2 to be recognized on...
Take a racing game for example. Traditionally, you have had to use a joystick or gaming wheel, or grab a gamepad, because you need to make small movements, and the keyboard can only turn at the same hardness, and you have to try to tap the key... it doesn't really work well.With a keyboard like this, you would be able to press the key partially to do a turn, and can play racing/flight games properly without having to use a gamepad.
The point is that this is a very good price for the studio.Now if you could just get the screen for like $2k, that would be even better.
Yeah, just cosmetic.
I was noticing there's a lot of Quebec studios lol.
The United States usually does this type of thing via tax breaks, not grants. For example, Washington state has been popular with aerospace companies, like Boeing, because Washington has a lot of tax exemptions that favor them, making them pay a lot less taxes.
Same, I'm surprised they sold so many in the first place.
It's just because that's what the OP posted below the quote. None of the news sites even hint that is the case, they are just using the grant to get a glimpse at the games possible features.[Edit] Looks like it's been changed, but the title used to be "cd red project requesting funding for cyberpunk 2077" too, instead of the article title it has now.
I don't really recommend running scaling on the desktop, unless you know all the programs you use scale properly. I had to switch my work monitor to 100% scaling since too many things didn't scale properly at 200%. 4k on a ~24" screen is fairly small text.
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