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Well that isn't true either. It only reveals farther then you can see normally, not the whole map.Either way, seeing the map isn't the advantage. If you play a ton, like me (and presumably anyone else high on leaderboard), you learn how the maps spawn, making dead ends a non issue. The only real advantage as far as leaderboards go is being able to see the elites follow you on the map. This lets you know they are following you, and reduces the chance of going a long...
What closet have you guys been locked in? Here's an image I found pointing out some stuff. It's a little out of date, looks like early RoS. Item level is obsolete, for example.
What's really funny is seeing the larger clans that normally have 100+ people online only having 30 because 70 were always brother Chris. Most of the 30 are botters too, they just happen to be actually playing at the moment.
If forget the name of the option when viewing profile, but there is one that has a bar for all the classes. That shows the hours played per class in the season, and deleting a character doesn't take the hours out of that. 400+ hours total this season = obvious bot.The problem is, if you do a ban mid-season, a large amount of people aren't coming back. They've already played this patch a bunch, and are now way behind were they were... and especially if they won't be able...
Well this season is a little different. You can get 100+ bill/hour botting solo, so that is somewhat noticeable... especially the more "casual" you are.I couldn't find anyone until rank 35 or so that had any possibility of being legit (under 500 hours lol). I didn't look at every single person, just the ones I thought had a chance to not be botting.
Personally, I would finish the crusader more first. Get him comfortable in T10, then run greater rifts to get all the gems, and get the good ones leveled (bane of trapped, stricken, powerful, esoteric). Then get the wiz to 70, and as you don't need sader gear, switch to the wizard when you bloodshards hit the cap, and gamble. That will get your wizard a starting base to go from, without having to spend a long grind up from nothing.You can also play with wizards, and have...
Until they get a staff, and pick up the catch phrase "YOU SHALL NOT PASS".
When I ran FRAPS, Descent popped up a warning saying it crashes the game .
Basically shadowplay gives you a mp3, and afterburner is making a .wav file. If you're going to use a video editor anyways, it's better to have the full file than to convert it twice. If you just want to record something quick and upload it, then the shadowplay file is a lot better.
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