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Reminds me of Wu on the first day of this season. He gave a barb a really nice ancient furnace to throw in the cube.
Yeah but $80k because your son downloaded a bunch of music is kind of insane too... there needs to be a cap, and that cap needs to be somewhere around $1000 IMO.
The $20/song is a settlement offering. They would ask for more if they took you to court.
Yeah, $20 per song is pretty fair... but if you think about it, there are lots of people who have like 40GB of music downloaded illegally . If each song was 10mb, that would be 4000 songs... or $80,000. It would hurt for them to just pay the legitimate rate of $1/song.
I want to play firebird wiz, hopefully the reworked firebirds is the way to go next season.
Pretty awesome, keeping it wizard and doing well. Maybe next season we can both be wizard and have a competition.
So far I can only think of 4 series that I played near launch, and have bought all sequels around launch as well: Deus Ex Half Life Master of Orion Demons souls (counting the dark souls games as continuing series)
Hexing pants make you lose damage and resource while standing still, and gain both while moving. If the skill is cast while moving, you get the bonus, even if the skill forces you to stand- so if you are doing blessed hammer on the sader, you have to move between every cast, so that you were moving when the hammers were cast.For whirlwind, it used to snapshot when you started casting, so it was extremely important you started the WW from a run instead of from standing...
I wish they would increase her prices again. Too many trips to spend all your shards now, makes me not want to gamble anything besides 1h weapons and maybe jewelry.
Sounds like you're talking about the game as it was around season 1, maybe season 2, I.E several years ago?Currently you run greater rifts for everything except crafting mats and GR keys. For crafting mats you run torment rifts, or bounties for bounty mats.[edit] Reading your other posts, that's definitely the case. A lot has changed since you last played it sounds like .
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