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Yes, they all will. You can't get too far away though, or most will stop.If you're having trouble moving the boss, try to save mobs by the pylons, and go back to them to spawn the boss once you get enough %.
He explored the previous floor before killing,so the pylons couldn't spawn there, making them all spawn on the next. Very impressive clear, I think he's going to be safe with rank1 now.
You can get replacement pads.
600,000 now .Paragon levels on the other hand, I have you beat, even if you count my seasonal vs your non season. Power creep is real, only going to be worse in next patch lol.[edit] Just saw this, double XP buff tomorrow.
When you're in a game, click "communities" (bottom right next to friends). Then click on the clan, go go to the "news" tab. On the right side there's a little gear, and you can uncheck the things you don't want to see, like item looting.
Might as well hop on seasons, if you find a kind OCN'er (joining the clan helps), you can probably get a better geared monk and higher paragon level in about 5 hours.
Yep cleared a 45 yesterday. Was an awful rift, so I passed with like 2 seconds to spare. Hoping to farm a few keys so I can get a decent rift for a 47 or something nice. I upgraded keystone from the runs we did this morning, so I have ~3 47's already. We got the worst bosses this morning. Saxtris, Sand Shaper, Coldsnap, Crusader king all in a row.
Wizards have been by far the worst class since RoS was released. It's even worse now... the firebird DOT effect is only a little better then Raekors 5 Piece, despite the Raekor set being very good even without the 5 piece bonus, and the firebird being useless without.They are getting a big update to their sets in the next patch though, and a whole new set... so they could be very good next season.
21:9 works flawlessly, like it should in any modern game. The only bug is the "loading" screen isn't large enough, so you can see stuff loading in on the edges .
T6 bounties have a 100% chance to have a legendary on T6. There's about 5 different ones, so 1/5 to get the one you want.
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