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Yep... waited for 10 hours and never made it into a torment 10 game. Torment 3 however, was an hour and a half tops.If you make a shortcut directly to diablo3.exe, and add -launch at the end of target (after the ""), you can launch D3 directly. This lets you use the launcher to join the PTR, then launch D3 with your shortcut and actually play on live while waiting for the PTR game to get created.
I'm still in que, been over 6 hours. Shouldn't have tried for Torment 10 I guess.
I've got the PTR installed on my work PC so I can que for a game on work computer all day. Maybe I'll be in by the time I get off work.
PTR patch notes up.
Stun WD doesn't have pirana, there isn't room on skill bar.WD is going to be nuts... you can add in RoRG, DoD, carnival mask... then wear smk + zuni + moj
You have haunt and bbv with stun build too . I just run JF, I feel like its effect is stronger for some reason.Diablofans has the data-mined patch notes. Looks like the new cube lets you break down a legendary item, and you can 3 new passive slots for their powers- jewelry, weapon, armor. This means you will be able to smash and gain the powers of 3 legendarys, without having to wear them. This is huge because you will be able to smash RORG and gain the extra set piece,...
It seems about the same as WD. There's some bosses that can't be stunned, but so far I think they are the same for both (bloodmaw for example).The main advantage you get is WD can run piranado, mass confusion, and ess of johan. Mass confuse is 20% debuff, piranado is 15% debuff... plus grouping, plus 30% strongarm debuff where applicable. Ess of johan is just amazing for making groups.
Been busy the past day or two. I've gotten it so I'm top100 at least in solo,2,3,4. I'm really liking groups this season, especially 2's. If any of you have a decent zdps WD and want a decent score, 60's aren't too bad with my nats DH.WD stun works pretty good, but crusader stun gives you more buffs and grouping overall. Still, groups are passing GR 73 with WD on the stun... if they think the group is significantly held back by you not stunning, they are flat out wrong.
Preview of features coming in next patch:
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