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Time to level a sader for trials .
Snuck in to Rank 8 on wizard this morning with a decently quick 44 clear. Took 3 tries total, and the other two were under 1 min over time. A few pieces of my gear could get pretty large upgrades, so feeling pretty good about where my Wizard can end up with some more time.
My clan kicks people out who don't log in to teamspeak often enough lol. It's pretty helpful to be able to talk to people while playing.
Be mad at your ISP, not Blizzard. They can't do much about connection issues that happen before you hit their server .
If you end up with a 30 second revive and pass the grift, you're in way too low of a grift .Even if you would rather play a harder difficulty for the challenge, it's still good to know what the most effective methods are.For example, playing in Torment 2 isn't "worth it" as far as drops go for you currently. You're actually getting less items and experience then you would if you just stuck with torment 1 for the same amount of time. Now you can make an educated decision...
Why would you get irked about advice?If you take 30% longer to get 10% more drops/XP, it doesn't make much sense. We're trying to help you with some of the basics of the game... if you just want to play solo and ignore any advice from other players, why are you posting in a thread about the game?
If the rift takes over 10 mins, you are in way too high of a difficulty. T1 is possibly worth the long time due to ancient items and the good sets dropping, but T2 is going to be hurting you a lot.
Slow down guys, it sounds like Demented may have never even entered a normal rift yet, much less a greater. This means he doesn't even know what legendary gems are, or maybe even rift guardians . My advice would be don't worry about greaters yet. Run a few plain rifts with the huge pule of keys you've probably collected from the bounties.
Rifts have twice as many legendary drops as the monsters in bounties, and give tons more bloodshards. Greater rifts are even better.
-Eden, AKA "the luckiest man in the world".
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