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Nope, but I'm expecting season after next, and $15-20.
I disagree, there's many early access games with a thriving mod community. Mods don't take away from fixing bugs with the main game... The earlier you think about modding, and allow for it, the better.
Nuclear .(edit) Here's the forum they post the changelongs to:
Why is not charging every night a plus? Do you often sleep somewhere without power?
I think I'm going to just start a new map.
Yeah, with LOD expansion. I've tried tons of Diablo II mods in the past... I think Eastern Sun was my favorite.
2-5PM PDT seems like kind of odd timing for an event. Pushing it back an hour would let people on the West coast have a chance to see the end of it after a normal workday . Maybe most of the viewers are in school and get off at 2?
I'd just wait until you want to buy something, and it'll be $6.15 cheaper .
If it's in the 90's it doesn't sound too haxxored, those would probably be 120+ .
How is pointing out the 7 series BMW might not be a good comparison an endorsement of the comparison to the S class? Mainly, whoever made that graphic may have had an agenda to tweak the cars compared, making sure Tesla comes out on top by not putting more popular comparable cars on the list.
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