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768k DSL, not even a close choice.
That was Lemans alt account(s).
Deck keyboards makes, or at least used to make full backlit keyboards of various colors, on ps/2 with no other connector. They also make the tg3 "cop car" keyboards.
I still think SQ42 has a good chance of being a decent game.
You have to use a thermal pad if the heatsink isn't making solid contact. The thermal paste can't fill a real gap, it's only meant to fill in tiny cracks between two surfaces that are clamped together. The pads offer worse performance, but they work with a gap, while paste wont.
I think I'm going to wait for it to be half off first, if it turns out to have some replayability beyond first week or two.
When connected to your router like normal, if you right click on the network icon near the clock, go "open network and sharing center", then near the top there should be a thing that says something like "connections: ethernet" that you can click on. When you click on that, does it say you're connected at 1gbps or 100mbps?
Well, they were expecting funding for a small dev team. A few mill doesn't go very far when you have to pay programmers 100k each, then tack on rent, equipment, and all the business expenses and other employees you need.The increased budget allows them to have more employees working on different things, and to expand the complexity of what each employee is doing. The problem with the latter is a lot of the time you can't just add more people to get it done faster, the...
But.... can it play Crysis?
The set dungeons seem tweaked for the paragon 200-300 range. That reminds me, I should try the earthquake set one while my barb is still only about T6 ready.
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