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Monk buffs in next PTR patch. The new item sounds like it might be useful, increases maximum sweeping wind stacks. [[SPOILER]]
I really hope they do. Good, build making legends are the only thing that will get the people who don't really want to start over to make a seasonal char.
Just a few legendaries. Nothing looks that interesting, except maybe the wizard wand. [[SPOILER]]
In case anyone is wondering, I did a powerlevel and put a leorics + legacy cains set with ruby helm on one person, and just random yellows on the other. At level 69, the bonus XP gear has only given an extra 1/2 level.
I'm going to be trying a season char for sure... if nobody else in the clan plays seasons, I might give up though. I'm not interested in the seasonal items or features, just the refreshed gear/paragon.
About 1 per 100 cache is the average drop rate for RoRG, so sounds about right.
Anything you click that can drop items, like bodies. Barrels you attack.
If RAIDing the SSD's is a good choice or not could be the topic of it's own thread . Your mechanical hard drive will be fine on SATA 3gb, and you should not have any performance loss on it.
If your current screen is 1080p, you will have an enormous drop in FPS, due to the much larger resolution.
You want "Cat 5e" or "Cat 6" cables instead of "Cat 5" preferably.
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