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Seems a little broken, as you will climb with a 50% win rate. 50% should keep you at current rank, not make you climb.
Yeah it's completely based off your ending rank last season. It puts your rank down by an unknown amount (200ish?) then you basically play 10 games where you don't see your SR lol. I did all my placement matches queing with my brother, and we had the exact same SR difference at the end as we did at the end of season 2.
How many points below your season 2 end rank (not high) did that give you?
I wouldn't worry about it, you will get your proper rank after playing enough either way.
Just in case more people look at this thread- Solidworks is mostly single thread, so you want something like an i7-6700 CPU. I wouldn't recommend an AMD, the extra cores won't be used, and the single core performance will slow things down. A workstation GPU also does nothing on a normal workflow, so I don't recommend getting one unless you are doing tons of renders. They will be faster doing the photo realistic rendering, so if you do that enough it could be worth the...
Never see him on.
Finished the placement matches. 6win, 3loss, 1 tie and it gave me 100 points below what I finished last season. I think this is better then last season where it overranked most people, then they dropped after placement matches.
Apparently for multiple monitors you often need active display port adapters instead of the much cheaper passive ones. I don't really know why.
It's likely the DP to DVI adapters . Those have always been troublesome.
2x display port and one DVI monitor, and haven't had a single problem since launch on my MSi aero 1080.
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