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They are definitely not. Diablo 2 has two online gameplay modes:"Open battlenet": The server provided by blizzard just links you up with other players online, who join your game hosted on your PC. You play with your single player characters."Closed battlenet": Server is run by blizzard, your D2 turns into a client that connects to the servers. Your character and all the items/drops are server side, just like in WoW.
100% gold and XP bonus incoming!
If you have a character that can kill goblins without also killing the boss, once you get the goblin realm you can just fight the boss for a few goblins, then die and keeping fighting over and over. Demon hunter doesn't work well because the sentries would attack the boss and kill it, instead of the goblins that fall off.
I really encourage everyone to start a greater rift at a low level, like 10, then keep clearing them and upgrading keystone until you fail. A lot of people aren't even placed on the solo chart, or have cleared a very low rift. If you just do the trial super high and try to get a high score, it can be frustrating... but if you clear up to one, you can see where your character is at compared to the others.
Not if it were an intermittent failure, caused by a bad cable, or a blockage in the pump.
It sounds like something is wrong with your water cooler. Since it's an enclosed unit, I don't really know what you can do besides shoot Corsair an email.
I updated for the first time in months a week or so ago, and had to just delete everything and reinstall. The launcher does not seem very good at applying multiple patches correctly.
They aren't really stopping anyone from specifically searching for torrents. It's the basic searches of someone who just wants to watch the show that they are trying to direct to legitimate services. Some of the shows are free on hulu with a few advertisements, or watchable with Amazon prime.Motivation? My guess would be google wants to start offering more "network television" content on youtube, and wants this stuff in place so they will be up there on the rankings with...
Who are you replying to? lolI believe the occulus ring rolls with up to 9%, and since that's a special roll (ias normally can't have 9%), it doesn't count as an IAS roll, and you can roll another 7%, for a combined total of 16%.The problem with that ring is it doesn't have any random stats- meaning your only roll is used to double the attack speed roll, and you can't ever get it with a socket or roll one in yourself.
This isn't trying to stop people from search for "piratebay".It's so that when you type in "free doctor who", it will be more likely to give you a legit site instead of a torrent site.
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