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If I play single player spec and you help group up the mobs, I can perm smoke screen. I've learned a lot gameplay wise about keeping that up... mainly making sure you keep a big enough group to regen the discipline, and keep the group your fighting moving forward so you can get fresh monsters before you kill all the current ones. I guess the thing we will have to learn is when to shield glare, and when to let them walk.Shield glare for the first few seconds so I can get...
Thanks, I never expected to be able to clear a 44 on DH. I think I've finally learned how to play the helltrapper build properly.. considering my last record was a 40 .Now that I've done a 44 solo, I don't see any reason we couldn't do it on 2p as well... maybe even higher.
Looks more like a ship towing a stargate.
Monk: Useless Barb: Yes, raekor set. Very bad solo though, can't kill bosses.DH: Very good all around, easy to get to torment 6 solo. The DPS class for Grifts.WD: solo spec fine for T6, zDPS spec a must for GRifts. Needs ultra rare weapon to do higher GRiftsCrusader: One of the fastest T6 specs, and a very good zDPS class for GRiftsWizard: Does well solo, but black hole (important skill) hurts the group in Grifts.
This is what happens when you guys leave me to play alone .
Yep. If someone asks for a guild and you offer that's fine... but just making a post trying to recruit is not allowed. UNLESS it's for some officially sanctioned clan, which usually requires an OCN staff member in the leadership to make sure everyone behaves .
It's also a trade off. Calculations like dynamic damage modeling can take a lot of processing power for an effect you need to be close-up to notice, and the developers usually feel their resources are spent elsewhere. Even in a sim game like Arma, they usually feel their time is spent modeling other aspects that affect gameplay more, like bullets.
The advantage with Furnace has always been that it deals less damage to the white mobs, and more to elites- it's possible that even doing less damage, the furnace could still be a better choice overall. If the white mobs die slower, that means you get them longer to proc vile wards bonus, and do even more damage to the elite pack you are trying to kill.Given the new Raekor change not letting you pull masses of mobs together, I'm guessing the ancient maximus will be a...
You can always spend more to add more to the game. Star Citizen needed $20m to be made- but obviously they can do more with more $, and are doing so. This isn't a bad thing at all- you haven't had to spend any more, and are now getting a lot more game for the $ you invested.
I think you've been out of the loop...
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