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I'd link my profile, but it doesn't seem to have updated . I'm using ancient nats slayer combined with an ancient tenclip... I rolled CDR on the tenclip instead of 10% because that's what the guy who did 59 did xD. I think RoV only uses mainhand damage so it's like the old Barb EQ? If that's the case, balefire caster might be the weapon to shoot for... I don't think you need the movespeed from tenclip really.
You mean pain enhancer . It would benefit battlerage: bloodshed as well... I know physical is what people are using on WW barb, but I don't know why since I haven't played Barb since S1 xD.I Farmed the nats set last night to try out that build in the GR59 video... and I have to say it's really fun. So much so that I might completely switch to DH now...
Blizzard posted an update of what their criteria were for "actioning" people from goblin exploit: Basically: - If you "promoted" (streamed for hours) the exploit, you got your account completely banned, which comes with the secondary effect of being removed from current and past leaderboards. I don't think this happened to many people, may have only been mannercookie. - If you exploited, your account got rolled back...
Yeah don't roll the ancient one for zdps . I would roll the crit damage into 10% damage.
It should say the element when you select a rune, above the description. I don't know if you need to select the option for something like "show advanced tooltips" in your game options.
For every skill in Diablo 3, the elemental type is determined by the rune you select. Originally skills like "poison dart" and "blizzard" were all one element, but now they tend to have a few options for the sake of balance. If you select the "numbing dart" rune for example, the poison darts will scale off cold% not poison.
It sounds like COE ring is similar to one of the to bastions bonus overall... so if that soj >= second 50% buff, then it could work.
Bravo Blizzard if it's a new era where they will be consistently taking action like this... more likely it's just a publicity stunt to keep people afraid of doing exploits in the future, which they will go back to ignoring.As far as I know either you tried it once or twice and decided against really doing it, or you got rolled back. If someone is suddenly paragon 10 instead of 400, that would be a pretty big sign .
I don't see anything wrong with trying it out. It's what you do after that point that matters.It's kind of sad since it's pretty debatable if you even gain anything doing it. There was a guy in my clan who did the exploit for a day, then stopped... and got an ancient kridershot in a normal rift. Now he lost the legit kridershot... life lessons I guess xD.
Well it happened. No bans, but exploiters have had their seasonal characters removed, so have to completely start over.
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