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Windows phone 10 had tons of really stupid problems at launch, so I'm not surprised. Phone updates that hung and drained 1% battery every minute, stuff like that.
What ones are you having trouble with?
I think @ENTERPRISE can make name changes. My understanding of the policy is they will allow you to change the username if it contains your real name.
Common misconception about energy drinks. Coffee has between 100-200 mg per (8oz) cup, and the 16oz "full throttle" energy drink on my desk only has 160mg. It's comparable to a single cup of coffee brewed on the strong side.
Damn that really sucks... do you at least get unemployment for awhile?
I don't really see anything leaning towards a subscription service yet. I think they just want to offer movies for sale like they do with PC games and software.
A 6GHz CPU can do a computation faster. If the later computations rely on the result of the first, two 4Ghz CPU's could end up slower than a single 6GHz CPU. This is also one reason why the workload a CPU can actually accomplish is variable.
The appropriate response would be to not use steam for gaming news, not to stop buying games on steam.
Sorry, I don't think anyone else is with you on this one . I'd be happy if steam had movies at a reasonable price. The software interface is pretty decent, and would work well for a movie library.
It's not the right way to measure the performance. Would you say two cars going 50mph is the same as one car going 100mph? It's the same thing with CPU's. Two CPU calculating at 3GHz are not equivalent to a single 6GHz CPU.
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