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Anyone know if or when the current version on steam will stop using GFWL? I had problems launching the game due to GFWL not working, and have been hoping to wait until this happens lol.
I'm not really conceding to "Alpha is Alpha" yet . I'm sure there's a bunch that can be tried to get it working. I know other people have 290 crossfire working fine, and there seems to be steps you're supposed to take to get it working. The problem I'm having is I can only find a guide on how to prevent artifacting, not how to get crossfire working in the first place.
Really though being able to roll items at all is enough IMO. Each time you roll, you're essentially having the item drop again, but with the other stats locked in to always happen.Without the mystic, in order to get that mask of jeram with good pet damage and a socket, 100 of them would have had to drop, or however many rolls you did. Possibly even more, considering they might have dropped with socket and bad pet damage when it finally does get socket.This is why I hope...
I can't seem to get Crossfire working . Second GPU is staying at 0% usage. Only thing I can find on the subject is stuff to get crossfire working better after it's already working. Apparently you have to add "r_MultiGPU = 1" to the config file, but no change with that for me.
That's a lot of spiking O.oI'll check mine when I get home maybe and see. It should be flatline 100% for me now that I got eyefinity working at 8560x1440.
Sockets aren't too hard to get on helm. It's a much lower chance if you are rolling a slot that can have a skill, since that adds a lot of options that can come up, making it harder to get a specific one.Typically you always want a Diamond, unless you don't have any cooldown skills.Are you rolling a primary?
You've got everything hooked up correctly. It seems like your TV doesn't support any HD resolutions, so you're left with the default PAL.Your cable box is probably downgrading any HD signal into PAL for your TV. If you are paying extra for a HD cable package, and don't have any other TV's in the house, you might want to get rid of that.
You could make steps inside the res, then have the inlet at the top, and have the outlet at the bottom. It would make a waterfall effect, assuming you don't fill it all the way up.
If your TV isn't HD it doesn't really matter. Component might look slightly better, but shouldn't be a large difference. If your TV can do HD, component would let your PS3 run movies in 720p and games in 1080p.
I'll be online in about an hour if nobody has done it by then.I'm guessing it will be a few years still before onboard runs D3 well .
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