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Yeah, but also if you get a copy of the key made at a locksmith and use it, it'll void the warranty .
I got my 1080 and gsync monitor, I've been running the monitor at 165HZ with a 160 cap, and it's been smooth as well. I have been using nvidia inspector to limit the FPS.
The tractor firmware locking isn't new, it's been going on for years. Good to see the people stuck with one have ways to get around it.
Because her gun propels them faster then Zen's fingers?
Yeah, there's no magic trick to getting better at aim, besides hard work . Pro players switch mice all the time when their sponsor wants to promote a new product, or they switch teams and end up with different sponsors... just the fact that they often just use the mice their sponsors want them to be seen using goes to show it isn't a huge factor, beyond having a reasonable mouse. I'm sure if you are using a HP OEM mouse or something there could be a decent improvement, but...
There's a thread for talking about that here: So that this thread doesn't get toxic and be poor reading.
I'm not sure what Hwinfo shows, but in windows 10 if you hit CRTL+SHIFT+ESC to open the task manager, then go over to the performance tab, and click on Memory, you get this: The "in use" number is how much memory you're actually currently using. If you look at the Memory composition bar there, you can see a big section of "standby" memory. That is just files windows is keeping in RAM to make things load faster, and will give it up if a program actually wants it. If the...
Mystery heroes is my favorite arcade mode.
Don't play too much arcade, since were a high enough level to have most skins we would want. I think I have 18000 gold coins.
Here's a little Enterprise posted about it: believe there might be problems with the ad providers supporting HTTPS pages as well.
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