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I can confirm, I get a "there has been an error in our system, and we can't complete your request" when attempting to edit any post. I also can't upload images.
The DVa change was good, she's not an automatic pick. It made her viable, but the team can still do great using other tanks instead. McCree is overpowered at higher levels, but at about rank 50 he's just a decent DPS. Lower levels he's a bad pick, because you need fairly good aim to play him. I think this shows Blizz balances for the majority who are hovering around 50. The real problem is Phara is completely unplayable with McCree or Zenyetta on the other team. She...
I only use the controller for driving. Anything where you have to look around and aim (like Skyrim... ) the mouse and keyboard are a vastly superior input device.
They are selling games, not cracking them. This is done with the publisher/developer's approval.
I do the CAM for a similar sized shop. You probably just want a high end i7 and 32GB of decently fast DDR4. I use a different CAM software at work, but mine doesn't use the graphics card for anything really (but still recommends quadro anyways) , I bet mastercam doesn't either. You would probably be fine with any GPU that has dedicated memory (so intel's built in ones aren't good enough). So you can spend a lot of the budget on the important thing, the monitors . You'll...
I had this happen once and it turned out to be a USB device shorting out, which made the PC turn off. I would recommend unplugging as many things as you can, and see if it was something plugged in causing the problem. It looks like your motherboard has a digital readout. You could look at what two letters/numbers it gets to, then look them up in the manual and see if that helps any. Beyond that, you'll have to test components in another PC to find out which one failed.
In what's being called by many French as "inhumane", they are threatening to reduce their lunch breaks to 3 hours.
Adding the last post to new is because the draft for making a post isn't being removed when this happens.
Two factor authentication is now available. I recommend anyone with valuable accounts doing it.
Is that all that's really holding you back? You can clear a GR20 within about half an hour of a fresh 70. I could give you some pointers if you link your profile.I think to get the tab there's a bunch of stuff you have to do though, that's much harder.
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