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Blood shard guide to see how many you can expect to spend to get a specific item: Note: Europeans use period instead of comma.
It's pretty dumb, but your EU and US friends lists aren't compatible... so you'll have to log in to US to check if anyone is online to help out or not.The clans are separate too though, so you could PM Sainesk your battletag and request to join the OCN clan on US, and be able to ask if any members are willing to let you tag along to level your guy up.
There's a 100% chance for gems to drop from greater rift guardian, there's no RNG involved in getting bane of the trapped . You just need to get the other gems so it'll be forced to drop.
Apparently Diablo 3 is a lot more popular then I thought. These numbers are also before 2.1/seasons, which I'm sure made a bunch more people play.
I can get up to 42 now that I've swapped the soj out for a dex/6/48/socket ring. I guess if I find a compass rose combo ring and amulet, that would add even more.Would you use caltrops over marked for death?
Zeis is better in every way, especially in trials.
Are there any tricks to getting a high key solo (DH)? I just swap awareness out for steady aim, and lose the bane of powerful gem for zei's.
You can still have fun finding the build that can clear a rift the fastest, or try to do a level 1 greater rift in 60 seconds or something like that.Your get more legends per shard now, so the cap makes more sense now then before. It's just an adjustment period of gambling being over so fast.The thing to be mad about is that they nerfed group trial runs, making it harder to get high GRift keys... which is kind of bad for the leader boards (considering how many high rifts... the blood shard prices were raised 5x, and the drops were raised 5x to match. Then the drops were raised another 30%, so you now get 30% more legends per shard then before the patch.
Remember to add "in europe", otherwise we assume you're on US servers. The patch is live on US.EU servers will go down for maintenance around when they normally do, then you guys will get the patch too.
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