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Why would you say that, parts of the game are playable and look stunning .One thing a lot of people don't realize about Alphas is we're already past the bulk of performance improvements in the graphics engine, at least as far as "very high" settings are concerned. By release (or beta really...) you should get better performance out of "medium" and "low", but it's not likely you'll ever get more FPS then you currently do on high.
Realistically though, aside from actual bugs, this is how you should expect the game to run. They are aiming for a release like the original Crysis, where no PC in existence, even with quad GPU, was able to get 60fps at max settings and a high resolution.
What modem is your router connected to? Sometimes the modem has yet another firewall, it's best to set your router as DMZ (all ports open) if that's the case.
Unfortunately, there's a big problem with ISP's and youtube in regards to having enough bandwidth. At some point between you and youtube, there is a server that does not have enough bandwidth to give youtube properly to everyone on your ISP. Since there isn't enough bandwidth going through a bottleneck, your connection might only run at 1mbps to youtube, despite everything else running at 60.
It's P2P, so if your friends have crappy internet, or are far enough away that you have a high ping to them, it's going to be a lagfest.
DH:The worst possible Etrayu is going to be probably the best choice still. I would roll the fire % on those bracers into cold %... they are very good bracers and are well worth the souls/mats/gold invested in getting a good roll. You could also try for some crit chance on helm, but don't spend too much since you probably want one that already has either crit or a skill % in the long run. Also try to get a socket or two on jewelry and start leveling up a gem in greater...
If you wait until I hit paragon 600 on seasons, I will have caught up to you in overall paragon level . Only 556 right now though.
You're probably going to want one of the class sets. Firebirds for wizard, might of the earth or raekors for barb... Akkhans/rolands for crusader, and jade for WD.I can run you in T6 to find them fairly fast if you're ever online at same time as me, or if you're in the clan just ask in clan chat if anyone has room in a T6 run. My battletag is crazy9000#1143.Once you get the sets we can help you on specifics, but I would just focus on getting a full set first.
Anyone know if or when the current version on steam will stop using GFWL? I had problems launching the game due to GFWL not working, and have been hoping to wait until this happens lol.
I'm not really conceding to "Alpha is Alpha" yet . I'm sure there's a bunch that can be tried to get it working. I know other people have 290 crossfire working fine, and there seems to be steps you're supposed to take to get it working. The problem I'm having is I can only find a guide on how to prevent artifacting, not how to get crossfire working in the first place.
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