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I've done a bunch and have yet to have one not drop for one of the four people in the game. Just get a group together and kill each of the wardens once, and you should be able to open a set of ubers every time.The drops aren't shared anymore though, and the whole party needs to be at the same key warden. They can't be farming ones from other acts.
I think I need more toughness.
There's a DH in a 70 clear group, and I just cruised through a gr66 first try with a wizard, could easy do 70 if we ran a ton of them. There's hope for all the classes at the moment it looks like.
How to power level: - At least one person being powerleveled should have a level 25+ gem of ease. Experience items are shared with the party now, so if one person has some XP gear, everyone gets it. - Make the game Torment VI level 70 (leveler creates game) - Open T6 rifts until everyone is 70 - People being leveled stand at entrance of rift and don't move. Teleport to the leveler when he goes down a level, and stay put when you get there. Ideally you are watching his...
Diablo 3 has a very strong player base when a new patch/season launches (which just happened friday), then it slowly looses people as they get bored and wait for the next one.The dashing strike set combined with flying dragon in cube and shenlongs fist combo seemed pretty strong.
YOLOmouse replaces the cursor icon when you hit a key combo when the cursor you want to replace is active. Diablo 3 uses 3 or 4 cursors, you have to replace them all separately if you want big pink triangles.They key combo is something like CTRL SHIFT ALT + (1-0 to select cursor/color). So if you just hit it in town, it replaces the default "glove" cursor. Then you have to go to a monster, get the sword up, and hit the key combo to turn the sword into a purple arrow, same...
Just try to find a few set pieces. Until then, roll EP on some gear, run the lightning rune for double casts, and try to run with someone who will help "pop" the palms.Here's my monk, I cleared a solo GR58 this morning.
99.99726% of people visiting this thread are playing on NA servers . There's an Asia server as well with different launch times too.
In case anyone gets their time zones mixed up, Seasons is starting 5 hours from this post. I plan on staying up very, very late. We will see if I actually make it. That was my plan last season, only made it to like 7am.
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