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I've tried the wristguards, they just don't quite seem worth it. I'm not sure how much gold I've collected total, but with the 1b I have in the bank, that's only about two levels.
Yeah I have 1 billion gold on seasons now. I throw on the boon of the hoarder gem from time to time, you just make insane gold with it. It also combos nicely with goldwrap belt.
Life on hit into crit damage on amulet, then area damage into socket on your mainhand weapon. You're going to want to move to a combat staff due to the 2 piece bonus of your set though.
Fetish army % damage only works on the ones summoned by the skill, not the passive.
I think the lightning one is better just by how it procs, but I'd encourage trying them both.What it really does is adds 25 to your elemental damage bonus for that skill.IF you have no elemental damage % on any gear, then it works like you want it to. However, there's almost no situation where that is a good idea .
1)It's usually best to just test the gems, and see what you like the effects of. Remember that pain enhancer is dealing 1200% weapon damage over 3 seconds, and wreath of lightning is dealing 600% every second. Over that 3 second period, wreath of lightning deals the equivalent of 1800%.2) That just isn't how the damage is calculated. Your skill isn't doing 400% damage now, and the other factors matter. The 25% damage from the gem is getting added to another number, then...
No. Your 400% weapon damage is getting multiplied by your elemental %, and the gem bonus is getting added to the elemental %.This can be important, because it's not quite as good as straight multiplying everything together, but it's still much better then just adding the % without multiplication. So if you have 20% damage increased by fire, and it's a fire skill, the gem would make it be like you had 50% damage increased by fire, or a total of 600% damage.If it didn't add...
Assuming you aren't doing a crit, damage in D3 is (base weapon's damage) * (bonus from main stat) *(damage increased by skills, I.E Wrath of the Berserker with insanity rune increases damage by 50%) * (skill's damage %) *(elemental%) * (+damage to skill %, I.E + 15% frenzy damage) * (elite damage %)All the damage within the brackets gets added together. Apparently the gems bonus will just get added into the elemental % bracket when it does the damage calculation. Order of...
I get massive FPS drops in the new map, bridge, and random A4 areas. It's pretty annoying.Apparently the gem's add their damage to your elemental damage. So if you are using a cold primary skill, and have 20% cold damage, the gem would add bump you up to 45% cold damage total.Everything I've read says the gem procs do get a boost from your elemental % if they are the right type, so Wreath of lightning would be better in a lightning build then a holy one.
They've been pretty good about announcing changes like that, they put nerfing the halls of agony level 2 goblin spawn in the hotfix notes. Must have been bad luck, the goblins were probably in corners you didn't walk by.
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