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I think he says "draw" when he starts firing. Since he shoots 6 shots, if you charged right as he said it, it's likely your shield blocked one of the 6 shots (assuming he had whole team targeted).
I haven't found any need for the combinators, but I do use the very simple wire and logic without them. For example, put a pump on the heavy oil tank, and have it pump into the heavy>light oil plant only when it goes above 1000 in the tank... or have the empty barrel assembler add more barrels into the system when they go below 500.
I've been starting to. Theoretically that gives you the most product for the resource. I've also been starting to use the beacons, which I haven't much in the past.Saw that, it's pretty interesting. Apparently he made a basic programming language using the combinators, so he could write the program in game to run it.
Here's what I've started doing with my factory... using bots for everything I'm using mods that give you a higher version of everything (assembler 4, faster belt, chemical plant mk2, etc), which is why the buildings are funny colors. Using bots for everything is pretty liberating... when you need something, you just find some blank space and plop down the factories and requester chests. Since you can expand so rapidly, you tend to get into huge shortfalls of materials...
Think of it like this... they are selling a baseball glove for left handers. The glove isn't going to work well if you're right handed. That doesn't mean it's a design flaw, it's just designed for a specific playstyle, or more accurate doesn't work with a specific playstyle.
After you do the initial update to a first edition, it's a second edition and uses the normal firmware updates.
FRAPS was good in it's day, but it does not even remotely compare to the performance of the video card solutions. It's too bad, I would still use it if they kept with the times and added the shader support or whatever it is to use the GPU.Luckily you can still use OBS or something to get the low performance impact while recording without GFE bloat.
Finalmouse knows it clicks when you "slam" the mouse, and says it's a side effect of how they wanted the buttons. It's supposed to be a fairly hard slam to trigger it though. What you described your mouse movements is pretty much the standard for people who are in to FPS games, which is the target market for this mouse.
Unless you really slam the mouse down while playing, it shouldn't be triggering the buttons. I can't imagine anyone slamming the mouse down hard enough during normal play to trigger mine.
I don't think that would change anything.You should use the latest firmware if you aren't though, it fixed issues you might run in to eventually.
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