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You have to read a page, then go back to your subs and click "read latest post". Long running bug with OCN where large threads will occasionally not show the last two posts unless you do that.This post is currently post #19965 of 19963
Just full marauder set, witching hour, and a soj. Hit paragon 100 before logging off for the night.
That only works when you're already level 70 and want to level an alt .
Usually you should only use 1h on crusader if it has an ability you need, like darklight.
The game streams a lot of data from the Hard drive, so installing it to a SSD usually fixes the stuttering. Apparently even a good USB flash drive can too.
Trading is very bad for how the itemization in the game works. PVP would be good though.Okay, we will have to go with your expert opinion. I mean coming from a "high level manager at corsair" who thinks the "hardcore gaming market" is going to Macintosh, how could we not agree.
Oh another thing to be careful about- unless they changed it for console, the drops don't get better from normal until torment 1. This means you should only run hard/master etc if you need the gold and XP, since you'll get same loot as normal while killing slower. For anyone on PC looking to gold find (and can't run T6), especially with the gem from the goblin realm- Greater rifts use the gold find from the Torment level. Set your game to torment 6, fail the trial, and do...
Ah, don't know much about the PS4 version. We all play it on PC Generally what you want to do is run act 1 bounties until you are geared up for torment 1. That gives you a bunch of rift keys to rift with, and a good chance at getting the Ring of Royal Grandeur.
Bounties have the bounty bag rewards and decent gold/xp bonus, and rifts have twice the drop rate of just killing random monsters (probably even more since there tends to be more elites, and the RG at the end). There's also greater rifts with the new patch, to get legendary gems and upgrade them.
Quickest is probably to leave your clan, and request invite to OCN (you can search after leaving clan). Then Pm sainesk your info and he'll accept you next time he logs in.Once you get the expansion, you don't farm acts anymore .
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