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You want to keep the hatred regen, 100%... unless your doing the krider build, then hatred doesn't matter.
Well I just mean having more character slots would let me save my characters and not have to delete them or update them to new gear to try new monk sets, etc. For example, here's my monk that got Rank 8 on Season 1: He's got the same items and skills I used, only missing the taeguk gem. I just think it will be neat to hop on him after this season ends and see how viable the old build still is, and keep him...
I would also love more stash space, and even character slots. I would pay a little to keep my "champion" around from each season, and still have a full compliment of slots left for each new one. It would be really cool to be able to leave the gear from that season on, and be able to go back to it in a much later patch.
They are rolling out a completely different version of D3 in asia, where the base of the game is free, and there's tons of microtransactions like pets and stash tabs (I think they only get one for free). Blizzard does not plan to roll that out in North America/Europe.They might add some microtransactions for pets and such at some point though, it looks a little like they are laying the base for that. If that goes well, then maybe we'll see more stash tabs.
The UE armor can roll discipline, ancient or not. looks like you have a primary stat rolled on your ancient though, so you cant roll the secondary to discipline.
Dang, if only you had asked before rolling a few of those ancient UE set items . Helm you want multishot, and discipline on armor. The discipline on armor is huge- a non ancient armor with 12 discipline and the dexterity rolled off into life regen would still be a huge DPS increase for you. Your quiver is also rolled to vitality instead of multishot (luckily you have the right stat rolled so can fix it)- that's a pretty big buff there too. Just be prepared, quivers have a...
Topre is a type of key, and Topre caps fit on Topre keys.,rf104&pid=xf11t0
The only way this can happen is if you (or someone in your house) downloaded a bot or hack with a keylogger that stole your account name/password, or if you were signed up for some 3rd party forum with same email/password, and it got hacked. Unfortunately the latter is quite common, often without them even realizing it or warning members.
Most games make a folder in documents and store some data too, so if you switch windows users the game settings change with the user. I've never tried to copy Arma3 to a new windows install, but I would bet that's where anything not in the steam folder would be.
46% CDR lets you get one RoV per 3 evasive fire shots, so that's what you want to hit. You might be able to do it now if you stashed a worse pair of nats gloves that lets you roll CDR on them... the rest of your gear could get max rolls with a little more time at the enchantress. As your probably starting to realize around 50, you're going to get 1 shot by everything, so toughness rolls are kind of a waste on gear that could roll something else... this means the ideal roll...
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