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Comcast often says the triple play is cheaper, but really it's a 6 month promotion that's cheaper, and the triple play costs you more after that. They sucker people in to signing up for the triple play thinking it's cheaper, and make the extra money for years once the 6 months expire.
Microsoft told you they did not send the e-mail. It's not legit.Case closed.
A modem handles everything to give you internet access, while the router handles your home networking to hook all your computers up to it. The unit you have from Comcast is a combination modem/router.If you get a modem designed just to be a modem, and a router designed just to be a router, you usually get better quality.
You were rebuilding from inside Windows? Is it a software RAID? Either way, I would recommend replacing the drives with bad sectors. They are bound to die eventually.
They didn't give a date. A German magazine posted an interview with Roberts, translated from English to German... then people translated the German back to English and came out with a date somehow.
It's kind of odd, the article reads like the author wrote a normal article on Star Citizens development, and the editor made him just throw in some negative stuff for views.
It's literally used as an example of what isn't optimization in the article...They just reduced how far you could turn up a slider bar. Removing an option to increase graphical settings, without changing the impact of the setting, is not optimization.Unless you want to start calling removing AA from the game options optimizing the game.
If it shows up rarely, it's going to be less likely to record a temporary windows 10 switch, not more.
No it isn't, it's a prime example of something that is not optimization.
I'm just going to throw this out there but... Are people really so stupid they can't handle having it's own name? I guess it was bound to happen someday though. Battlenet is kind of the last hold over from the HL1 era where it was common for multiplayer games to be run on separate gaming networks, like TEN.
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