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So Chios these days don't react well with cold Temps? Not even the new AMD?
Im not going to go into the reasons I stopped building and left all forums. If you have questions on general Phase units or cascades then please send me a message. I AM NOT building custom units so ask others but you can message me with repair questions. No one did anything wrong to me I just had life get in the way...
One step at a time
Thanks man...
First/second wired and now starting 3rd stage and temp display.
Update finishing final wiring today and will post loaded temps tonight. Completion date Friday and the plan is to drive up 1/2 way and deliver the unit. He is very close to me.
Wow I need to change my profile pick i suppose This really sucks...
Hey guys im alive and well and Paul ill have this finished this week. My wife has been unfaithful and has since moved out. Sort of hurt me but im getting back to normal. Paul I will send you picts to your phone in the morning. Everyone else im coming back slowly.
Sounds like a plan:thumb:
It was only tuned for 220 watts...not the 300 you need today.
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