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Anyone get lucky this week? I lucked out again
I don't suppose any of you have a spare beta key floating around? I'm dying to try it out!
Apparently a new beta key wave just went out, has anyone been lucky enough to get a key? I could kill for a beta key, I swear I have the worst luck with betas!
True, either way the game deserves way more hype!
It is being talked about, just not here. Reddit, mmochampion etc all have very active discussions
You should ask your mate to check his email, they've sent out a few waves of friend keys to beta testers.....then send the key to me
Wow I can't believe this thread has got so few replies, seriously?? Have any of you got into the beta? I haven't had any luck, reaally hoping I eventually get a key, very keen to try it out!
Got to 78 in closed beta, rolling me a frost Templar this time around!
Not really a confirmation, could just be an error on amazon's part. I'm pretty much expecting the pc version to be a shoddy port that ships 6-12 months after the console version....same as GTA IV.
Rocket comments on the articles doing the rounds on his quote :
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