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Wow that's quite surprising they sound pretty on par then, I was expecting the G1 980 to be much louder. The sag on the MSI sounds concerning, I did wonder about it when I saw it has no backplate but the G1 does.
I'm upgrading to a 980 and have been out of the hardware loop for some time, and have been trying to decide between the Gigabyte and the MSI as both are available locally are the same price. My rig is pretty silent and the MSI seems to be the quieter of the two, while the gigabyte sounds like the factory oc is higher and has higher overclock potential while drawing more power and being louder. The case has had some airflow issues, and although I will be getting a new...
Thanks for the replies, price is a bit difficult to relate since I'm in South Africa and we get shafted for electronics in general, but I'm looking to pick it up cheaply second hand for roughly half of what a gtx660 goes for here. The single 580 has stood up pretty well considering the age, I just don't have any experience with SLI and how well supported it is, and how it scales - if I can max out a game @ 1080 with a single card, how well would it perform 5760x1080 with...
I'm tempted to pick up a 3rd monitor and a second 3gb 580 to SLI with my current one. I'm a little unsure of what the gaming performance will be like though, any 580 SLI owners that can give me an idea?
Anyone get lucky this week? I lucked out again
I don't suppose any of you have a spare beta key floating around? I'm dying to try it out!
Apparently a new beta key wave just went out, has anyone been lucky enough to get a key? I could kill for a beta key, I swear I have the worst luck with betas!
True, either way the game deserves way more hype!
It is being talked about, just not here. Reddit, mmochampion etc all have very active discussions
You should ask your mate to check his email, they've sent out a few waves of friend keys to beta testers.....then send the key to me
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