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Yea my limiting factor as of my going is whether I can get my gear there ;/ My buddy with the car was supposed to go as well, but he has some midterm on that monday and decided against it... Maybe as punishment I'll just take his gaming laptop and hop on a bus. Decisions decisions
Yea ignore my previous post, I posted before reading the thread... Now I need to decide if I can get my gear to the event. If not I guess just the open amd one will have to do
So I see that the form isn't up. Is this event a general thing and ocn just gets some perks? Or is it ocn only Also, I saw that they have rigs there, but would bringing your own be recommended? One thing I'm afraid of is that my shimian won't handle the trip. As long as it works I don't want to touch it lol
Yea I definitely second the Spectre Pros. Got a pair of the 140mm ones and I have to say I am quite impressed. They are quiet at full rpm's and practically inaudible when turned down with a fan controller. They blow a good amount of air and the all white ones look awesome! The annoying thing is that I can now hear my hard drive spinning after replacing all of my fans when I am on idle... and I don't have money to drop on a full ssd system.
I recently picked up the lamptron FC-9 and I am really enjoying it. It has the slider like the hydra (albeit they look different) which I have a blast playing with. It only has 4 channels but packs a whopping 50W per channel. So I think it should be able to handle everything you've got going on there. I picked it up for cheap, but I think I've seen them go below $40 sometimes. Also... LED's to your heart's content.
Well I believe the SA comes with ty-140 or the like fans, so I am pretty sure it wouldn't fit over those Ripjaws. However the Noctua NH-D14 has a 120mm fan on the front so it should fit over pretty much any ram as long as your not using all 4 slots. I am not sure whether it will fit over 4 sticks (now I see your sig rig), so I would head over to the D14 club and take a look around. They will have the answer there. As for your other two air coolers, I would say it depends...
I have a frio with a pair of Corsair Vengeance RAM with the tall heat spreaders and it fits just fine. If you stick to 120x25mm fans then there is absolutely no problem. Granted I only have 2 sticks, but when I was playing around with my fan setup earlier today I believe you could fit 4 sticks of tall RAM no problem.Now the thing with the frio that surprised was the noise. I was thinking that 62dBA was just exaggerated in reviews... I was wrong. These things on max rpm's...
Hmm thats weird... I bought from them and didn't have any problems. Are you sure you used the US site? The CA is very similar and it is easy to get them mixed up. I could see how buying from the CA site could cause problems.
Looks like ncix renewed this deal and it is going to last till August 15th. Check out link here.
Bump for the last day this sale is still on! I've noticed that if you put it in your cart, you can still buy it for the sale price for a week after you put it in. So if your on the brink, put it in your cart just to be safe!
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