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AFAIK due to the AO rating its not allowed on any console, and most retailers wont carry it, so PC is the only way to go. But then again, isnt PC always the way to go?
Pics of L3 build!
This is amazing! Ive thought about doing this same cut to one of these jonsbo cases, because they have such terrible airflow. I was wanting to cut a 180mm fan hole in the top (I never even checked to see if it was wide enough), but the mobo goes right up to the top of the case. Oh well, this is cooler anyway!
yez plz
Ooh boy, dat X2 might be bringing me back to caselabs... I may have missed this, but when is the timeline for pricing? Im interested to see how these compare in price to the s3.
Much interest and anticipation!
Nice, love it!
I have already paid for this item and is supposed to be shipped today, so I believe this thread should be closed
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