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Subbed. Giving me ideas for my own L1!
Money sent, thanks!
Good to be back!Likewise, looks like you got a new title since Ive been gone
Dang, respect on those cuts without a CNC! Shaping up to be an impressive project! Good work!
Second Sub! Hey, I know you guys... Interested to hear how you like the case!
This is all I want.. Need a beasty card for my Lone Industries L1 that isnt a 7750...
Before any items are listed: I ship through USPS, priority for small stuff, parcel post for big stuff I accept Amazon payments as my preferred method of payment (using credit card not bank account). If you dont know how to use it or what it is, PM me! I will also take paypal if you are verified and I like you. All items were working when they were pulled, unless otherwise noted Please PM me with any price questions, offers, or other things you want to know, I am happy...
Gone baby gone
The sale is pending to a user. And if I do sell the rad, I have some people who Pmd me before you that I would have to get back to. I will let you know however.
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