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My speakers make noises like that if they are experiencing radio interference. ie if I leave my phone next to them, even the microwave sometimes. Even though they are Bose and should be shielded, it happens sometimes nonetheless. Is there anything near the speakers that could be giving off interference? As far as the LED going off and on, I cant explain that. idk just a thought. yeee, for those who havent seen!
I loved black, wanted to play it the other day but I sold my xbox... The banner reminds me of half life!
I would imagine content creation using a program that benefits from OpenCL acceleration
SuBscRibEd to see what epic builds roll in!
I would recommend the Lone Industries L2, a 4.5 liter case. Very small, dual slot low profile GPU, two 80mm fans, two 2.5 inch hard drives. It does require external brick power. But maybe you should consider the bricks, cases with internal PSUs such as SFX are going to be much larger, noisier, and probably less efficient than a brick. I own the first gen of the case, and I think it is awesome. edit:
respect, epic work! edit: I honestly had no idea you could easily redo the wiring on the pico PSU, I may have to try that now. Could you give any more insights into that process? I have sleeved/crimped etc before, but never with the types of pins seen here. I have the same pico PSU
uyuup, in for this!
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