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wow, great news. Any idea of a timeline?
I will buy a 780 for this. Managed to avoid playing it on console in anticipation for this release!
Love my Z77E-ITX as well! Ran my 3570k at 4.8 for a while. It has handled multiple processors, RAM, PSUs and cases. I would say 70-80 bucks now. Wifi sucks, but I removed that.Wait, ITX parvum? When and where??
Dang, I didn't realize the L2 had two expansion slots! *cries softly after buying L1 too soon*
Respect for undertaking this massive project!
Always been interested in this case, your new layout might make it even better!
Always love your custom woodwork! What is this inkscape program all about? Just let's you make printouts to scale?
Subbed. Giving me ideas for my own L1!
Money sent, thanks!
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