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yez plz
Ooh boy, dat X2 might be bringing me back to caselabs... I may have missed this, but when is the timeline for pricing? Im interested to see how these compare in price to the s3.
Much interest and anticipation!
Nice, love it!
I have already paid for this item and is supposed to be shipped today, so I believe this thread should be closed
msi and gigabyte both make dual slot low profile 750ti cards if I'm not mistaken, both of which would fit in an l2, and would run on a 160 watt psu depending on proc. L2 also fits 2 2.5 hard drives. But yes, the problem is finding one, or convincing him to do another run.
"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single rep" -Lao Tzu
Much want. Live too far out of the metro though Im sure...
[[SPOILER]] Thanks for the info, repped! For others that stumble upon this thread with the same question, I found this rosewill cooler that is lower profile than the intel cooler and supposedly quieter. Dont need much cooling power for my dual core ivy bridge right now, so it works for me! Plus I got it for 11 dollars!
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