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no kidding, i get 2.7/256kb for $40 a month
Totally in
Except in alot of cases consoles can be. With pc's you have to worry about drivers, does your computer meet requirements, possible install errors. Also the games are optimized to run on consoles meaning the games run better on less hardware then they would on pc.
What exactly is the misconception
Thats one of my problems, i cant get into the bios
No luck, i noticed flash drive dosnt light up till loading into windows and Sometimes windows dosnt see the flash drive until i unplugg the flash drive and replug it back in.
Ok having issues. Set boot priority to usb first, tried pressing f12(turned off hotkeys) and was able to boot to the flash drive once. After selectingThank you. Im booting by usb 3.0 so ill try 2.0
Ok having some issues. Turned off hotkeys(so when i press f12 its actually f12), set boot priority to usb, tried booting to flash drive 20+ times and only 1 time did it work. Got to the load in normal or compatability mode of mint and just went to a black screen after that. Any ideas?
Im guessing you have never done swat training or know anything about swat training. Otherwise your never would have made the knife comment. Please do some research.
I picked up a Toshiba S55t-A538 for crazy cheap. I7-4700qm, touchscreen, 8gb ram, hd4600 with 750gb hard drive for only $210. Its has windows 8 but im doing a class right now where we are playing in VM's in linux and figured i would just install the version of linux we are playing with(mint). I already partitioned the hd for a linux partition(80gb). Any issues i could run into? Im a real linux noob.
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