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Again game developers not spending enough time to develop the games correctly does not mean MS is bad. Read some articles before you insert your foot in your mouth. Ps4&Xbox one are strong enough to run games at 60fps, THE GAME COMPANIES ARE NOT PUTTING IN THE TIME TO CODE THE GAMES CORRECTLY. ill put it in better terms, you gave an i7 with gtx 780 but can only run a game at 30fps. Is it your hardwares manufacturer fault or the game mabufacturer for porting? Same...
^This guy and blind hate for MicrosoftOther articles have stated the xbox one is More then powerful enough to run any game created for it at 1080p and 60fps. The problem is with companies not putting the effort into correctly coding the games to run on the hardware. Its not microsofts fault, its crappy.companies not putting in the effort.
Really cool
Ill tell you right now, you are a heavy user, very heavy. On average most high speed users use less than 50gb a month.
Because it feels(to me) more natural. Im better on a pc with keyboard/mouse at aiming but controller is more comfortable and less fatigue when playing.
Ty all for your suggestions. I think im going to install linux mint over the weekend. Again ty all.
He said both Microsoft and SONY are pressuring them to lock @30fps. They say over and over that console makers(implying both) are forcing them, if it was just Microsoft he wouldnt say that. And on top of that sony would be screaming mad right now if they havent been doing it too.
Why is everyone hating on Microsoft? They said they are being pressured by both Microsoft and SONY. Why is everyone just bashing on Microsoft?
I was just looking at linux mint. It does look alot better then ubuntu. Looks like it comes with alot more out of the box to help me out being the first distro in 6+ years ill play with. Thank you. Plus rep to both of you.Edit: on the windows side, this is a fresh install so no biggie if it gets corrupt.
Ty very much. Do i have to worry about the linux distro installation screwing up anything with windows?
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