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I said this when i got destiny that any game released with dlc available on THE FIRST WEEK OF LAUNCH was a ripoff. It was part of the game they removed so they could milk you for more $. Just glad others are seeing this for what it is.
I was commenting on his comment about throttling.
The ftc slap on the hand sets president that allows others who were defrauded to file lawsuits
Its coming
Really? Like i said im on sprint and ho over 100gb every month and never get throttledI was with verizon for 7 years and the last 2 years was throttled after a week into the new month. Verizon has the best network but horrible business practices.
And after having both systems, xbox>ps4
None of that was gameplay footage. Im sorry i was letdown by dead island and will never buy a game until i see real gameplay footage.
I constantly go over 100gb a month on sprint and im never throttled
$499....not anywhere near $800. And there is alot the ipad does that a surface cannot. The reason i am getting one is for my school books. Just so happens that the program is only available on ios. I can run it in a browser but you loose alot of functionality.
Couldnt have said it better myself.
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