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hey guys got a issue I need help with I have a wireless keyboard/mouse. ive ran through 7 or 8 different sets of keyboards and mice and still have issues. my keyboard(and only keyboard) are delayed or lock up or freeze for a few seconds. just while typing this it wasn't showing anything and then bam, about 5 words showed up. this is on multiple computers all installed in the same location. mouse works perfectly fine. mouse is even further away from the computer with...
So been away for a while. But i picked up a halo le xbox one. Man this thing is beautiful. Been playing the division. Anyone else play?
I put a water pump in there and can walk around with no rads. On the fat men side i am lvl 41 and have found 50+ mini nukes and 15 fat men. Ive got 30+ missle launchers and not 1 flame thrower. I had one at the minuitemen main base but someone picked it up to fight the monster and ive never found one since
Found a guy selling a little devil v8 for $60. Hes in need of cash and told me i can buy it fir $50 today. Dont really need it buy i know these are premium cases. Been out of custom builds for awhile and want to get back in.
Gow has a issue with the bumpers and triggers. Something to do with coming off the wall and sometime the furst time you press after a spawn. Its like it wont pick it up. Had this happen on multiple systems and multiple controllers
Hotspot costs money
Ok so i stream to my tv from my phone. Problem is my crap home wifi is 2.7mb. My phone does 50mb easily through 4g. Im trying to find out if its possible to use 4g to stream the video and wifi to send it to my tv. Any ideas?
If you read notes or computer terminals you find the stories of what happened there. Its kinda cool.
Also alot of people are saying that every update is measing it up and thet are having to reinstall every other update or so
After actually using a scuf controller, i will never go back to a stock controller. Im pretty decent at fps games. Always at the top or 2nd on scoreboard. After using a scuf my kd ratio shot up. It really is an advantage
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