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Xbone-better voice features, Twitch, Hbo go, tv dvr, more customizable os, Better controller, longer battery life of controller, dlna, Streaming from phone/tablet/pc using dlna. There is more but thats a good start.
Not clean, lacked of features is more correct.
The interface was garbage? The ps4, a year after launch OS is a joke. Xbone os is clean, has alot more features, apps, customization then ps4 but i dont see you bad mouthing the ps4 at all, bias much?
If you think the xbone was rushed so was the ps4. In reality they were not. Xbone is just as good as the ps4. I really wish people would stop taking their opinions as facts.
No, its different strokes for different folks. Its a totally different beast. When i want eye candy i jump on the pc, when i want to play games i cant play on the pc i jump on one of my consoles.
A few lol
Ive worked at 3 different staples. 2 store managers use to be easy techs. They had NO knowledge about technology. Constantly lied to customers to make themselves seem smart. I constantly dealt with returns because they sold systems that could not do what they said it could. I quit because i got introuble for telling some customers they were sold systems that were not what they had asked for.
True gamers dont care what they are gaming on, they just enjoy gaming on anything.
I have a pretty high end pc, xbox one, ps3, xbox 360 and had a ps4. Xbox one/360 get more play then anything. My pc with over $2000 worth of games is only used for homework. Xbox one, to me, is more my style of system. Ps4 is good, and i will be buying one for uncharted 4 when it comes out.
I factory reset my phone a couple weeks ago. Since then, some downloaded videos and images my phone dosnt see them as those formats. What i mean is i download a picture, then go to gallery or file manager and it dosnt see it as an image. Same with videos. Now the strange thing is two files, both exact same file type, one will be seen by the phone as a video or picture, the other will not. Anyone have any ideas?
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