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Anyone have any ideas?
My brother in laws computer wasnt turning on. I stripped it down to just the motherboard, cpu andd ram but still wouldnt turn on. So i stripped it all the way and baked the motherboard. Put it all back together and bam, it will turn on but you have to hold the power button for around 10 seconds. Runs fine once you get it up and running but ive tried 20 plus times now and no matter what i doit still wont power on unless you hold down the power button. Any ideas? Inspirion...
Been playing gow and its great but........the lag omg the lag is horrible. Either the servers suck or ?? I constantly shoot someone point blank and get no hit detection then get random splash deaths. People sliding to cover, shoot right where they are suppose to go to...and before they arrive i just fall to pieces....
Thought they said people who did the beta would keep their lvls they had lvld to. Besides that and some horrible lag the first game i played its awesome. Picked up gow and madden today. Looking forward to all day gaming tomorow.
How is it?
Back in the xbox 360 days(right after gow launch) i was lifetime banned but it only lasted 3 months before they reinstated me...i was really bad lol
Thanks green rep and no complaints
Where do you get to the reputation?
Need some help so trying here as well I have been having issues with downloadable games. Gow ultimate, gow 1 bc for 360 and viva pinyata bc for 360 all get network issues where it does installation stopped(gives a network error). Try to continue installation does not work, it will download maybe 1-2% more then give the same error. Once it gets to a certain point it will error out immediatly when i try to continue installation....unless i try to download another...
So much for preordering gow. It keeps erroring out. Can download other games but gow keeps giving me a generic network error.
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