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Here is a link
Pez ive been using it for over a month and thats the only way to find it that i know. Another thing i still havent found is the free game of the month. I know last night a little add on the side came up telling me to remember to download it but there is no easy way to find the games with gold anymore.
So its ok its designed horrible? With this, the bad optimizations and memory leaks...its all ok because it was designed that way??? Is that honestly what you are trting to say?
Ok please ohh wise one enlighten me
Point is, for the quality of graphics it should be no where near that. The game is a horrible port that they didnt spend the time coding it correctly to optimize the game. Its piss poor coding Plain and simple.
Honestly if i were you i would frab the elite. The hybrid 1tb gard drive, elite controller make it a great deal.
Lol had a complaint filed against me and suspended from xbox live. Lobe that they dont ask for your side until after they suspend you. Funny thing is only person in weeks i have had issues with is a guy in the top 5 ranked team death match. He got all testy when i went 17 and 3. Started talking crap about how i was garbage and he had the most headshots in the world. I called him out on how its impossible to know that and he got pissed and called me a bunch of names...i...
He will accept $500 but ive got a trip to new orleans next month and saving up for that. I couldnt find one sold under $800 so its a oretty good deal.
Some guy in my town just put up a 2001 xbox launch team edition. Signed by bill gates. Only 60 ever made...i want to buy it sooo bad lol
Thats the same thing as buying new. They still got paid you just didnt give them the money...
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