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Dam u are rude. They are saying any laptop that has a 4k monitor is generally going to have a gpu capable of running in g LOL. Get it now?
I'm in
She mentioned that most graphic designers are self employed which would require her to submit self employment paperwork. They are on average 500+ pages. I'm not trying to screw them, I just want the best computer I could possibly get. I've heard of them buying gaming systems(ie alienware) simply because of the power they output and support..
Yes but it won't be for graphic design. I'm going to try to get them to buy the most powerful system I can so I won't need to upgrade for a few years.
Did you mean 9pm to 11pm? Cause at night when I get on Pacific time is only when I see it. Don't see it at all during the day.
Well after all that preparing, my va Voc rehab counselor just denied me going into graphic design and wants me to go to school for computer repair. She said with my history of computer repair with no artistic side on my aptitude test it's not a likely outcome that I would graduate. Can't complain about free schooling so whatever.
like I said on the other thread, he comes online at the same time. I doubt he is smart enough to spam from other ip addresses so just ban his dam ip address already
I fight for amd all the time....But, that 9590 overclocked is going to pull two times the power of a 4770k. It's not a bad chip but amd 8 cores are hugely power hungry. That being said, you won't be able to tell the 4770 over the 9590 in games and most applications. Pick either and you will be happy.
I want a set. Awesome idea.
Awesome freebie. I'm in
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