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Its the november update. Change backgrounds and such
There is a big difference between dlc, expansion packs and what this is. This is wrong no matter how you look at it. They completed a game, removed access to certain parts, put it on a disc, launched the game then said ohh, look at this new expansion we just made....then its found out it was on your dam disc and they removed portions of the game you paid for.
I said this when i got destiny that any game released with dlc available on THE FIRST WEEK OF LAUNCH was a ripoff. It was part of the game they removed so they could milk you for more $. Just glad others are seeing this for what it is.
I was commenting on his comment about throttling.
The ftc slap on the hand sets president that allows others who were defrauded to file lawsuits
Its coming
Really? Like i said im on sprint and ho over 100gb every month and never get throttledI was with verizon for 7 years and the last 2 years was throttled after a week into the new month. Verizon has the best network but horrible business practices.
And after having both systems, xbox>ps4
None of that was gameplay footage. Im sorry i was letdown by dead island and will never buy a game until i see real gameplay footage.
I constantly go over 100gb a month on sprint and im never throttled
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