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Finally met with my counselor. New computer should be here in 2.5 weeks or less. Tired of using this netbook to type reports. Ipad was denied but said would look into tablet options.
Again, ^ this exactly
And ea dosnt do it without your permission either, thats the dam point. Some people are just to stupid to realize that.
Yes it does have to do with steam. For starters, steam started all this crap. Steam takes the same info...yet you do not see a article talking bad about steam this same way. EA is gathering the same info that steam does yet people are slamming origin...those same people have steam but will never install origin? Really? That is the dumbest thing anyone can say.
You click on a thread, decide not to read it at all, but then put your two cents in on something you have no knowledge of?
Blahhh, worst part of the VA system....the waiting. Turned in paperwork for the computer two weeks ago along with a request for an ipad so i dont have to carry books. They are suppose to fast track it but still no update yet. I hate waiting. Using a netbook to type up papers is extremely hard.
^This. Thats all this article is meant to do.
Lol old news is old news. Ive been using origin for years and will continue to do so. Btw all these people freaking out, steam does the same crap.....
You honestly dont know what is causing it otherwise you wouldnt be posting about. Therfore you dont know if it is driver related.
Win 8 is stable. I work on pc's daily and i havent seen a win 8 machine having bsod errors in a while(6+months) EXCEPT custom built pc's or old vista/xp machines which lead me to beleive its DRIVER issue, not windows itself.People need to stop thinking their issues on their personal pc are anything more than just issues on that pc. Because you are having issues does not mean everyone is.
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