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Ok lol. Believe it or not but replacing the power jack fixed the shutdown issue. Just glad its fixed.
Tell you right now, these delays lost them a customer. Why would i pay full price for a game almost 2 years old? Not going to get this game on pc. Heck on xbox one its been old for a few months.
What tge bloody heck. Still have this problem. Have to physically hold down the power button to get it to shut down. Ive got a battery and dc jack coming monday and a new hard drive. Hopefully that fixes it
Need ps plus for any online play
No its not irrelevant. It shows what GOOD companies do to try to protect the user. Unless he gave his password to someone IT IS NOT HIS FAULT. Sony should reverse all fradulant charges then fix their pathetic security.
Except there are multiple others who have had the same problem but didnt get it resolved. The only reason it was resolved was the amount of publicity this got. So still, bad on Sony.
You did read where sony said that the first rep was wrong and it would only be a wallet credit max of $150 right??? I saw that so i know others should read all the posts before they jump to conclusions.For someone who is bashing others for not reading maybe you should have read THE WHOLE POST instead of one part of it.
Sad sad excuse...Blame the customer. You should go work at sony.
Lol sony is a joke right now. I had a lifetime ban on xbox live that lasted two weeks before it was fixed. Ive had a couple hundred $ worth of points purchased, xbox refunded me almost instantly. Ive done chargebacks on fraudulent charges on xbox, never threatened with being banned. Sony is acting like a child and needs to grow the f up.
Linux mint, you can do a clean upgrade to windows 10 preview also.
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