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I just got a xbox one. Never played a single sec on the one till tonight and wow...forza is friggin amazing.
Nm traded my xbox 360 for a xbox one tonight.
So im having issues with my audio on my xbox. Playing netfix, hulu, movies through xbox video apps all have the same issue. Voice audio so low i have to turn my tv to 90 but during action sequences i have to turn my tv down to normal(30-35). Ive changed audio settings to stereo instead of 5.1 and that allowed me to drop from 100(max) to 90 so i could hear talking. Its got to be something with xbox because with my cable box it works perfectly fine. Any ideas?
So its free but you can subscribe to it....that means its a paid for service. And all ps4 have to pay to play online so its not free to them either.
Yes but when your tantrum effects others liberties its no longer ok. If others think paying for psn is ok who are you to say its not and they shouldnt be able to play what they paid for. Its the same as someone buying a more expensive tv than you and getting mad and somehow not letting them use it.The way you are thinking of this is childish and immature.
Lol the hate here is astounding. in the early days Google play store had so many illegal apps, apps that were known to install viruses, and scam apps that took over permissions they never needed and people are complaining about the same crap but only because its microsoft. Its just like EA, hate on them for gathering the same info steam does but EA is the horrible one. This site has become rapent fanboys and no one does a dam thing about it.
Thank you for that. There is nothing wrong with windows 8. Its faster at startup/shut down, runs better on less of a machine. The only ever issue was the learning curve going from xp/vista/7 to 8.
People said the same thing after windows vista bombed...the exact same thing and look they are still here. And for AT LEAST 10 more years they will be. Investors will never leave a profit which is what MS is.
Actually its not a bad analogy because its a car analogy, its just a bad analogy. It wouod be more like test driving a new experimental car, then buying it when it comes out thinking its going to be the exact same thing you test drove a year ago. Not using your brain and thinking that it might have changed over time like EVERYTHING DOES.
I downloaded the cccp codec and saw improvement immediately. Thanks.
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