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Lol finally got a xbox one again(mine died). Traded the ps4 with no games for a xbox one with 2 remotes and 6 games lmao. Of course soon as i get back and get it up and running xbox live is down.
Also every console purchased from select retailers will include gow ultimate free after aug 25th.
I hope so. The more the merrier i say. I know this isnt the ps4 forum but i happened to pick up a ps4 today for cheap...real cheap(sub $200). Not dropping my xbone but wanted a ps4 for 3 games. Last of us, mlb the show and uncharted 4. Sucks i love baseball games and xbox dosnt have crap for baseball anymore. On a side note wife told me my birthday presents today. She is buying my gow ultimate and madden 16(she told me so i didnt buy it myself).
Well i guess if you post a huge thought out opinion you get acused of being paid by the company you didnt thrash?? Lol sounds like someone was butthurt and couldnt materialize the words necessary to form a reasonable argument.
I get 2.7mb/800kb...dont complain
What bothers me so much is so many people spout complete bs and it takes literally 10 seconds to find out there is no cap. It took 10 seconds to find thst out yet people would rather bad mouth a company that they are jumping on the hatewagon for just so they can post negative comments. Dont get me wrong i hate comcast, as an employer, not as a service provider.
Hmm considering comcast vp of internet services said there is no cap im going to guess you talked to a misinformed rep.
I didnt say that there were no data caps. I said only in select cities(last count was under 10).In order for his bill to go up he had to have gone over 4 times. If you have a data cap you know about and go over i have no sympathy for them.
Being an x comcast employee who has seen those test markets it amazes me all the people on here that say they are being capped and they hate comcast. It must be some crazy employee doing it because they cant provide any proof they are being capped. Ive hit TB downloads before and comcast never blinked an eye. If i could afford comcast right now i would definetly have them. Ive been with time warner, frontier, comcast, charter and cable one. Comcast was by far the best and...
The problem with this is i can give you an exact opposite story. I had comcast 50mb boost connection. I never had down time and was constantly getting 90mb+ speedtest. No cap. Then when they changed there boost to 100mb i was getting 135-140mb without a hiccup.
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