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Atleast 25% of customers accounts i looked at had equipment charges they shouldnt had been charged for. I had a customer who had been charged 2 modem charges for over 3 years when they BOUGHT the modem to begin with. Over $300 in credits. Ive seen people charged for 4-5 dta's fpr months when they only had 1. It is not a run of the mill screw up, it happens all the time.Edit:In the year i worked at comcast in a call center of 500 we had close to 30 people(10 from my...
Lol im stuck between a rock and cement lol. I have two choices, comcast that is really expensive but fast or frontier dsl which is really really slow but cheap(2.3mb/256kb for $15). Ive been lied to 5 times about upgrades coming. Frontier keeps telling me they are upgrading pur building to 15mb starting to hate them.
You just confirmed that there is no cap. Also just to reiterate(coming from someone who deals with isp) unless its in an agreement or contract, it dosnt exsist. Verizon can say 1gb is the limit but if its not in an agreement or contract then it dosnt matter.
Sadly, and not being rude, your opinion on what is excessive is just an opinion. Has nothing to do with what is allowed. I use 100gb a month on my phone. Does that make my unlimited data any less unlimited because i use more then 99.9% of the population?
No they cannot cancel service for any reason. In the world of internet providers, in order to have a download limit, it has to be in a contract or agreement. If it dosnt specify x # of gigabytes per month it is unlimited.
Standby to dying light is easily under 30 secs to right where you were before almost like you just paused it.
Actually, to make what they are doing legal, yes they do have to define it.
Having worked for comcast i can tell you dont know what you are talking about. Comcast employees provide excellent customer service but are limited by what comcast lets them do. Also dealing with idiots all day can sometimes Lower your customer service. When you get calls from customers with no power after a tornado demanding you make their tv work you kinda loose faith in humanity.
The way xbone runs there is no way your pc will start up and load a game faster then it. It takes me 5-10 seconds to get into a game. I game on a desktop with a 4th gen i7, 12gb ram, gtx 760 and i prefer to game on my xbone/ps4. Its simpler, more people online just a better overall experience(imo). Its less crashes(not once has my xbox crashed or had any issues) less updates.
Ok lol. Believe it or not but replacing the power jack fixed the shutdown issue. Just glad its fixed.
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