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So clean. Nice work.
By that own piece, if asus has an a as an uncredited, that is amazing. If not impossible since you have go pay for an a yet they never had. Also my old employer who was uncredited as well, had multiple reports against him where i myslef called customers and resloved the issues and notified bbb of the outcome had a a+ but never paid A dime.
Bbb does work, i already posted about it. I emailed the ceo, filed complaints on consumer report and nothing happened. Bbb complaint had it resolved within days. It does work. Not ecerything is a consipracy.
I would like this rig for my son. He just turned 15 and needs a computer. Im trying to piece together a rig but havent been able to do so.
Just a possibility, did you pay by debit/credit card? Some have warranties or at worst you can file a dispute. That will get there attention. Btw tmobile has horrible bbb ratings. After being hounded by credit collection over a tmobile bill where they cancelled my account after i paid my bill i filed a bbb dispute and they took it seriously and within a week removed it out of collections and sent me a letter saying i didnt owe it and they were sorry for the problem....
Ive had these Sony DRZX701IP for about 3-4 years. Best headphones i have ever had. Amazing bass, comfortable and still look brand new.
Dam u are rude. They are saying any laptop that has a 4k monitor is generally going to have a gpu capable of running in g LOL. Get it now?
I'm in
She mentioned that most graphic designers are self employed which would require her to submit self employment paperwork. They are on average 500+ pages. I'm not trying to screw them, I just want the best computer I could possibly get. I've heard of them buying gaming systems(ie alienware) simply because of the power they output and support..
Yes but it won't be for graphic design. I'm going to try to get them to buy the most powerful system I can so I won't need to upgrade for a few years.
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