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This is my original xbox one(manufactured launch date). Its used(was) all day every day for netflix, hulu and gaming. Its on most days 12-14 hours. So im pretty sure i got alot of life out of it.
Also there is a few trade in deals right now. $150 off at gamestop if you bring in a 250gb or bigger xbox 360 and if you go to the microsoft store(brick n mortar) i beleive they match it. My xbone died so i picked up a 360 for $40 to do the trade in with. Get a new 1tb for only 250. Or 500gb for 200.
Tomb raider Gow ultimate And cod bo3 Madden Nba 2k16 Those are my 5 right now. Gow and madden will prob be the first games since original gow launch that i will buy the night it launches.
This Whole thing reminds me of the drought in california. Rich people have said "when it comes to water we are not all equal" and "i can use as much water as i want cause i can afford it"...pretty much same crap being said here.
No you dont. You can play offline with no issues.
Ive been there too. Not enough gas to get to work but if you dont go you wont have enough cash next payday to pay a bill. It is a vicious cycle. It sucked. Im finally in a decent stage of life but it took years to get here and im still not out of the woods. My wife owes $120k in student loans and due to income in the 7+ years since she has been out of school we have paid 0.I would guess all the people that are complaining about poor people have never known what it is like...
In your area there maybe. Alot of others there not in walking distance. And have you ever heard of the term working poor? Why is it so hard for some to understand that not all poor people are bad? Jeezus some of you people make me sick. Your thin views on people amaze me.
Dont get me wrong, i have gow 1, 2, 3 and judgment on my account so i want it allowed too lol. That and gta's,resident evils and more. I prob spent $900-1200 on dl games instead of disc based games lol.
.Jeez 220gb of unusable space is If i install all my games on my 500gb i cant. Im affraid that even the 1tb wont be enough and ill have to choose which games to uninstall. If i had better internet i wouldnt have issue but when it takes me 18 hours to download a 15gb game my time becomes more important.
The games that are supported work gteat right now. I havent tried on disc based games only downloaded games i owned on my account. I dont see gow 2 or 3 coming soon as i see xbox making people purchase new remastered versions. My only complaint about backwords compatability is it runs a xbox 360 emulator and going back to home kinda lags. Hopefully that will be fixed before its public release.
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