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Times like these i wish i did Halo school in the army when it was offered to me.
If you truely know anything about viruses and malware you would know its not that simple
Not even close to a good analogy. Its not about living up to potential, its about showing something off, saying it comes with x, y, z then delivering a less product with only x.
Except in 6+ years using android and buying used ive never seen a bent android, yet since the iphone 6 launched ive seen 2 ads locally trying to sell their bent iphones.
Dont think ive ever seen a game look as good as its trailer. Dead island is a perfect example of this. They show us thisAnd give us this crap
You are just looking for something to argue about. Next time take a second and do some research before you open your mouth.
Didnt bash it at all, i love my xbox one. Xbone is common short hand for xbox one. new update coming. Love how the Xbone OS is coming along.
Again game developers not spending enough time to develop the games correctly does not mean MS is bad. Read some articles before you insert your foot in your mouth. Ps4&Xbox one are strong enough to run games at 60fps, THE GAME COMPANIES ARE NOT PUTTING IN THE TIME TO CODE THE GAMES CORRECTLY. ill put it in better terms, you gave an i7 with gtx 780 but can only run a game at 30fps. Is it your hardwares manufacturer fault or the game mabufacturer for porting? Same...
^This guy and blind hate for MicrosoftOther articles have stated the xbox one is More then powerful enough to run any game created for it at 1080p and 60fps. The problem is with companies not putting the effort into correctly coding the games to run on the hardware. Its not microsofts fault, its crappy.companies not putting in the effort.
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