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And apple is known to tell the truth? LmaoI think its funny all these people ignoring benchmarks by saying "but apple said". Wake up and smell the crap for what it iphone.
If its out of warranty anyways, you can try soaking a cotton ball with alchol and leaving it against the heatsinks to see if that helps loosen it. Also if they are individual heat sinks you can try twisting them instead of pulling them. Hope this helps.
I guess innovative means copying what has been around for 3 years me adding interchangable bands does not equal innovative when thats been around for 50+ years.
Mkv files are what gives me the most issues streaming. On a 2nd note, im never buying a game online again. I switched to dsl because of the cost and i cant download map packs without the 4gb download taking over 20 hours....and i have 2 to download. Anyone plays ghosts? Looking for a few people to play with.
The marketting thing is strange as Microsoft uses Edelman PR firm and they are not just one of the biggest PR firms in the world, they are one of the best. In 2007ish my wife had an interview there. She had to wait almost an hour for them to get done doing a rockband competition. They also have kegs in their breakroom filled with different beers. I sooo wanted her to get that job as it was in the xbox pr department lol.
Lol, i figured first page someone would badmouth consoles but the very first post, really? Why did you even click on it then? PC Superior race is getting pretty pathetic.
SourceNot bad, $4.99 if you have it for 360. Will make my kids happy.
These people bashing consoles need to get a grip. Ive built 50+ computers.for myself in the last 8 years. Ive overclocked.just about every one.of them. Played games for hours...yet the funnest times ive had gaming were on a console(mostly). Uncharted series i played through with my family watching. Gears.of war 1, 2 and 3 were amazing and had awesome times online. Madden on 360 ajd xbox one are great. You Elitest need to just stop and TRY it. There is nothing wrong with...
Destiny looked pretty good but just got my xbox one and bought madden. Saving $ for gta5 and minecraft after that. Btw got my xbox one straight across for my 360 with gra5 and madden. Lol sometime people amaze me
Wait, you have broke 3, but have 2 left, but had to use an old video card, im confused...
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