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Wouldnt doubt that. Ive had random crashes/resets/power off since update and in my year of owning an xbox before the update not one of those had ever happened
Got the update last night. Been on for a few mins and have to say very impressed. Runs alot faster
Your kidfing right? A company has rights and responsibilities, not privilege. They have a right to choose what they sell. I really hope you dont think that way really.
Its only a bad analogy if you want it to be. If you think about it its a fair analogy
You realize the products they are not allowing probably represent 1/10th of 1% right? Its not going to hurt amazon at all. It will hurt the sales of those items alot and boost amazons sales
Your kidding right? Lmao since when is not supporting your competitors a bad thing? Would you complain that McDonald's dosnt sell whoppers? Or how about fred meyer refuses to sell walmart brands. Is that bad? No then why is this an issue?
Now that bestbuy is finally doing its trade in program im trading in my 360 selling my xbox one and upgrading to the new forza xbox one. Ill even make a profit lol.
Moshi has a really nice case. Black leather back but really protective
I have both but my ps4 is used just for exclusives. I bought it for uncharted 4 when it comes out and for mlb the show(which i never bought as it feels like wasted $ on the ps4). For me ps4 is just not up to par. Xbox one had dlna support, better games and ALOT more apps(sling tv, hbo) that ps4 dosnt have or didnt get till almost 16 months after launch. Yes ps4 is a more advanced machine hardware wise(just like ps3 over 360) but it dosnt equate to a better gaming...
Been trying to find a lumia 635 for sprint. No one has one used on craigslist. Ive offered to trade my lg g4 for the 635 plus cash. Ive found att and tmobile ones for like $60-75 but there is not ONE for sprint within 100 miles.
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