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Im on right now but im only lvl 5 on ps4
Ok thanks. Its not that im unhappy about it more so just not as happy as i thought i would be. The cfw ps3 i know about and around here they are fairly cheap($125).
What i am trying to say is, they had the whole game done with that part in it, then they removed it to make it an expandion instead of giving us the full game.
They do not look similar. A phone 1 inch bigger with speakers on the front top and bottom looks like an iphone? And the back of the iphone looks like the front of the m8???? Please tell me you are joking right?
Quick question as i have seen posts about this. Anyine who baked a gpu, did you have higher max temps after the bake?
I understand expansions but charging for an expansion within a week of the game coming out? Thats a ripoff plain and simple. It should have been included with the game to begin with.
Take it back and swap it out. 15 day return period at most places.
I was looking for actual answers, not fanboy bs. Xbox one is amazing. I did do the trade but the differences between xbox one and ps4 are huge. Ps4 has horrible apps compared to xbox one. No youtube, no twitch, no comcast app, no hbo go, nothing besides hulu, vudu and netflix. No nfl mobile, cant pause downloads, cant change backgrounds, crappy limited voice commands and much more.Dont get me wrong i like the ps4 but its os is horrible compared to xbox. Im hoping updates...
What happened to buying a game and getting the full game. Im sick of buying games and then having to pay more money.on expansions that come out a week after the game.
Just traded my xbox one for the destiny ps4. Im excited to play, any thing i should know?
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