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Really verizon? Wt* is wrong with them.
Except Nintendo has never been about graphics. For gods sake, the wii u when released was way under 360/ps3 graphics ability.
Looks like a young Liam Neeson.
Its not cool calling it Redmond, its where the group who made the update work.
Ive done a couple laptop motherboard reflows on laptops. Not once has it popped a capacitor. I actually have a dv5000(nvidia chipset) that the oven baked worked on and more then 2 years later it works and hasnt had an issue at all. In fact none of them habe needed a reflow.
There are 3 different models for sale on amazon(where i purchased mine for my comcast service and it worked) I cant find the 3rd which is the same one that comcast used last year(wifi emta). Any one of those(bought new) will work with comcast. Ive set up hundreds on emta's...
Do you not know how to read? Top 3 results are all emta's that work with comcast.Just because some are lower data limits does not mean they are not competition. Some people use internet just for web surfing/email. Even with constant netflix hd i dont go over 40gb, and that is 8+ hours a day everyday.
Really? Sprint and verizon have speeds near the comcast blast speeds(i actually pull 55mb compared to 50mb with comcast). They are competition, weather you like to admit it or not they are.
Not true. Here is a link to amazon where you can buy the same modems and many more.
Not to sound rude, but seriously what does it matter.
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