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I spent an hour on the phone with vizio and they claim something is wrong with the tv and i should swap it out. This is after first telling me that the xbox could not work through hdmi #5...
Do you mind telling me where you got your info on lag? I did extensive research and 4k tvs have lower lag then any other tvs but crt. They beat lcd, plasma everything but crt. And when i researched this tv, it had really low input lag compared to alot of more expensive tvs(and every one of the reviews stated to turn on the low game lag setting as well).My other point is i went from a 55" tcl(crap tv) to this vizio and with this tv, it just dosnt feel the same. I can...
Yes it is
Hdmi 5 is where i had the xbox plugged in and it would not output any video at all.
Just upgraded to a 50" vizio 4k tv. Fired up cod advanced warfare and it seems like there is major input lag. Never had an issue before. I did turn on low game latency in setting but that only helped a little. Any ideas?
Except most samsung smart tv's dont have mics so article is worthless.
It actually says minimum 460w. My system has a delta 460w but i dont think i would trust it.
I have a dell xps 8700. I7 4700, 12gb ram. Im looking to upgrade from the crappy nvidia gt720 to a asus r9-290x. I have a ocz fatality 550w psu and was wondering if that would work. Thanks.
no kidding, i get 2.7/256kb for $40 a month
Totally in
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