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My understanding is that power input and PWM are different on the D5. PWM should just control the power output of the pump, and the purpose of it is to reduce power output. As for why PWM: you don't necessarily want the pump running full-steam all the time, especially with the computer at-or-near idle. I think there fluidics reasons for slowing the pump down, but my main concerns are noise and pump wear.
It's fine to jump it like that, it's how I'd actually recommend it...just make sure to turn off before it runs dry. Pumps running dry for very short periods are usually fine, but it's my crazy to not let it spin even one rotation when dry.60% power should be enough to fill the loop, so no need for the PWM signal...but I doubt it'd hurt if you had that option.
What's WRONG with curved? It's nothing I'd pay extra for, but I have nothing against curved monitors....or am I missing something?
Like what games? I'm running 8320+7950 and 2560x1080 and everything I play is pegged at 60fps on max settings.Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
Yeah, that's what I meant. HDR is often noticeable (but not overly dramatic). OP's TV is 4k but not HDR. The difference between Xbox One and Xbox One S isn't dramatic. Scorpio will be worth waiting for, but the Xbox One S (if OP has a perfectly good Xbox One and isn't concerned about HDR) isn't worth getting between now and Scorpio launch.
In short: No, it's not worth it. Wait for Scorpio. There's no real difference in the XBoneS, and if you don't have a 4k+HDR TV, there's seriously no difference.
As has been stated before, the 4gb will perform just as well as the 8gb for most games most of the time at 1080p. For higher resolutions and really intense texture packages, the 8gb will be better. The 8gb version will also likely be more future-proof. All of those factors are hard to put a number to, but I'd certainly recommend at least the rx480 8gb with the rest of your system. I'm tempted to recommend the gtx1070 as the more sensible answer instead of buying another...
Looks like you need quite literally any prebuilt in your budget. Short of Planswift, it sounds like you could get away with a Raspberry Pi3. If your budget allows for it, something with an i5, 8GB of RAM, and a 1TB hdd would probably be more than enough. If it has a large SSD (240GB+) it would certainly feel faster and load programs quicker....but that's a budget thing.
You really haven't told us what you want the computer for. Why a desktop vs a laptop? What are your requirements? Prebuilt or custom built? Is this just for minor Word and Excel documents, or are you running some hefty spreadsheets and/or databases?
Hey guys, I got a Steam Link a few weeks ago and must say I'm a little disappointed. I have two computers on a wired network that I've attached to it. Unfortunately, it's an absolute nightmare trying to get it running right. I have an xbox one controller and dongle (dongle on my main computer as I can't get it to work with Link) and a wired 360 controller on Link. I'm trying to play stuff like borderlands on the couch and would ideally love to run emulators on it as well...
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