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In for a win. It's gotta happen some time, right?
I'm totally in for the road trip!
Subbing. This looks AWESOME!
This is absolutely the most amazing case.
I'll recommend that ASRock board to him. I also saw a Gigabyte Z97X board I really like for like $25-30 more. As for SSD performance, I'm very not worried about it. ANY SSD is much faster than ANY HDD. I doubt he'd ever notice a difference between the two, I know I wouldn't. He does plan on overclocking, but he's not 100% convinced or 100% sure how often he'll run an OC. I expect him to run a decent 24/7 OC....maybe 4GHz if the DC chips OC well.
He upped his budget to $1200 and moved to 2x8GB RAM sticks and a PNY 240GB SSD. Seems a decent enough SSD, but impossible to beat for the price. He's sticking with the i5......but I'm wondering if I should talk him into an i7 without the SSD, and getting the SSD later. Only problem is I'm not sure he has much interest in going through the hassle of re-installing his OS on his computer and running all of that effort into it.
Hey guys, a buddy has given me $1000 budget for his new computer. He wants it mostly for CAD/CFD but will also be doing some gaming on it. He's already got mouse/keyboard/monitor. I'm struggling with what to recommend as I've been half out of the "game" for a while. Let me know what y'all think: I was considering recommending a 4690k instead to bump him to an i7, but that would mean dropping to a GTX760 to keep the price at a grand. ...
Yes, you should be fine. However, two monitors is typically considered bad for gaming...I also doubt your single 680 could drive modern games properly on two of them. Not sure if that's your intention, but I figured I'd mention it just in case.
Accessories-Whole is who I got mine from, and they were awesome! Agreed above, get a DVI-only one. It's actually worse to get anything more than that. I paid like $350 for mine. I got a Black Tune monitor. The body is NOT cheap looking, it's actually why I got it. It's got this really sexy brushed aluminum actually matches my Macbook fairly closely.
For $300 you can get a Korean 1440p monitor. I think I've seen them around fleaBay for like $280. If you stretch to $350 you can get one of the prettier ones, like my new Black Tune.
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