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For the sake of Posterity: I reinstalled a fresh copy of windows with the storage space drives unplugged. After boot, setup, Ninite, etc, I shut down, plugged in drives, and everything was recognized immediately. No problems there. I'm having some issues now, with my 4th insall, but I think those issues are independent of OS switch. I'll update later if I get any traction here.
For Zen+/Ryzen2, I'm not sure what the consensus is....but what I've understood from the rumors is slightly higher clockspeeds but same/similar IPC, architecture, performance, etc. I doubt there'd be too big of a difference between the 1800x and 2800x. As for 1600 vs 1600x, the 1600x is literally an overclocked 1600. Whatever thermal/temp/power issues you'd have with overclocking the 1600 to 1600x speeds you'd also have with a 1600x.
If the Alienware monitor can be had for $899 then heck yeah, there's ZERO contest. I think it's probably the better monitor even at full price.
I've been 100% indoctrinated into the 21:9 club and can't tell you how much I've been enjoying the ultrawide experience. I'm on a 60Hz, $250 LG 32" 2560x1080 monitor and I left my Korean IPS 27" 1440p monitor for it and haven't looked back. 1440p was great, but the form factor has been a better overall experience. I simply couldn't justify a 3440x1440 panel. Anyway, I really do think 21:9 is worth it. There are other, cheaper, 21:9 3440x1440 32"/34" monitors out...
Wow....i like that one!Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
I see this Titan V as what Titan started out as: a weird/goofy blend of Quadro and top-end gaming card. The first Titan was the same way: Compute/Gaming. The subsequent ones were essentially just X80TI-Plus cards. This is just going back to the original lineage of Titan.
I have a Define R4 at the house and love it. I'd have two R5s on top of that one if they supported 3x120mm radiators. I almost bought the Phanteks P400 but ended up with a pair of Bitfenix Enso cases. Not exactly what you're looking for, but clean enough. As for optical drives: I have a USB DVD-R/W drive that I got "for free" when I put a second drive in my Macbook Pro. I don't have any ways of playing BluRay at the house, but if I cared I'd probably go USB as well. ...
The main use will be gaming, not as a workstation....of which Solidworks is just one of many applications. However, that doesn't help my fear of having picked up a B350 chipset mobo instead of an X370 chipset mobo, or (more specifically) appease my fear of picking up the Asus ROG B350-f Strix Gaming.
So I'm an idiot. I was about to buy an Asus Prime X370 Pro along with an R7 1700 and 2x8GB Trident Z ram, but it was OOS on Amazon. I saw a Newegg Combo with an Asus ROG Strix board, R7 1700, and 3200MHz TridentZ for the same price and thought "man, that's way better in every way." My big mistake was thinking it was the x370 chipset. I have a customer watercooling loop that I'll be transferring to this new build, along with my GTX980. I don't plan on overclocking, or...
Update: Thanks, everyone. I got the active adapter plugged in and running last night and it was 100% plug-and-play with absolutely zero effort. I'll keep the Tier-2 Passive Adapters in my back pocket for a rainy day, but I should be off-to-the-races now.That's good to know. Luckily it hasn't been an issue so far, but I've got a total of an hour of using my pc with this adapter. We'll see how it rolls long-term.
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