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cause some can be softmodded to 9700's but only the ones with the L shaped memory and i think the 9500's are just 9600's with lower mem timmings
VERSION:: DNA-drivers FORCE 1.0.7124 * Based on the ForceWare 71.24 Release * Added Special DNA-Force AI install Options. To run the driver without - nVidia's specific application optimizations + Fast DNA-Force AI + Balanced DNA-Force AI + Quality DNA-Force AI * 3Dc for nVidia 6 Series * Enabled 3Dc for nVidia 6 Series * Enabled SM3.0 support (needs testing) * Added special FPS options now you can choose from: + Fast + Balanced + Quality *...
downlaod EVEREST from here and it should give you all the specs you want
welcome to the forum!!!!!!! yes you can overclock just make sure your temps dont go over 50c then you should be safe have a read of this and if you have any questions just ask
Windows 2000/XP (modified drivers) This is the Valance Studios Xtreme G driver which includes many performance and Image Quality tweaks. These are modified NVIDIA ForceWare drivers for Windows 2000 & XP. Modified drivers simply means that the author takes official or beta drivers from the manufacturer and starts to tweak them for either better image quality and or performance. Please bare in mind that the driver manufacturer never supports drivers like these. You use...
i dont believe that modem is supported by mandrake cause i just had a look on the mandrake HCL
welcome to the forum!!!!!!!!!!
i just use the one that comes with windows its under accessories/system tools or try one of the ones on this page
good choice!!!!! as for the bios if it aint broke dont fix it but if it is broke go here and get a oskar wu bios
heres the trial version it still works
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