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It would be sufficient. You dont need 650w, but no reason to go below that. 
It will require a very big solarpanel to fuel that system :-)
It should be cheaper. Its old and they dont make them anymore. Maybe they didnt correct the price over the years.    Cisco dont make modems anymore, they sold it all to Technicolor, but the modems are still on the market.
The Cisco 3825 modem is old. 8 downstream channels and 4 up upstreams. We dont use them in Denmark anymore. 350mbit / 80 up will be possible on a good day.   The Hitron modem is new with 24 downstream channels and 8 up. The best you can get on docsis 3.0. Might give you 1000Mbit+ down and 160Mbit up. No Wifi, so you need external wifi. Your Nighthawk will fit perfectly.    Both modems might be sufficient for your needs but the Cisco is just too old. If you go for Cisco...
As long as you are just using Windows you should be fine. You need drivers but thats all.    Problems might occour in Linux og if you want to install Vmware ESXi.   Fast layer 3 with 2x 10Gb ports, 8x Gb ports and router OS. Can also do advanced routing, firewalling etc, but ofcourse thats up to you. We use them in the company and never had any issues. 
You might be right. I havent had the time to play with my MSI board yet, only testing boot time, but I can confirm that my 3200-16 Ripjaws V isnt stable using XMP settings on the ASUS Z170 Deluxe board. I have two sets, and I use the system for playing League of Legends. Benchmarking seems fine, but when play, it occasionally crash. So Ripjaws 3200 isnt plugn play on Deluxe. My Kingston works fine.
 No, didnt try that yet. I will try it maybe next week. But i found this MSI Z170 XPower Gaming Titanium hits DDR4 4605MHz which looks like at least my motherboard is doing well up to around 4.6Ghz on memory.  My primary problem with the Asus board is the time it takes to get to bios and back to windows. I do a lot of memory overclocking, tweaking and testing and on the ASUS board it takes minutes to make minor adjustments. Boot to bios, (40 seconds) slow menues (10...
Well, I bought another motherboard to see if it changed anything. Its still not fast as my old Z87, but on the MSI I am in Windows 28 seconds after I turn on the computer and everything about getting into the bios is just faster.   I recorded some video from before I changed motherboard from and on the new motherboard.   Cold-boot: On the MSI Z170 Titanium the bios screen appear after 20 seconds and Windows start screen after 28 seconds.   On the Asus Z170 deluxe it...
Try to disconnect the Power Supply completely from motherbard and everything and let it be disconnected for a few minutes. Then start it back up again with all wires connected.    Otherwise it can be the plug from the PSU, that are badly wired.    I think the CPU plugs are shaped so they wont fit in the GPU.
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