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I think your overclock is stable but Heat is most likely the issue. In Crysis your GFX starts to heat up, where prime will just heat the CPU. That will increase the temperature inside your computer heavily. The air used to cool your Hyper and CPU will then be maybe 10-15C hotter and that extra heat will be added to your CPU. The computer might still work, but since high temperature affects efficiency, the CPU will need power and you need to adjust voltage further, making...
Did you delid it? If not, you might run into high-temps with the voltage above 1.3v and by that be limited. When you clock it at 4.6ghz+ does it crash imidiatly when loading windows or is it just too unstable to bench/game?
It shouldnt be that hard to reach 4.5Ghz. After loading optimized default just go to the OC menu and adjust those lines below:PCIE PLL: LC PLLFilter PLL: EnableAdjust CPU Ratio: 45CPU Ratio mode: DynamicCPU Core Voltage: 1.2v (if it crash in Windows, you can up it until you reach 1.25v, if it works with 1.2v, you can try to lower it to keep it cooler)Core Voltage mode: AdaptiveYou have to adjust CPU Core Voltage, until you reach stability - going above 1.25v require a...
I mean, sometimes after bios updates its nessesary to do a complete bios reset. The button for that are located under the ps2 port on the motherboard. To do the reset, unplug your powercable, press and hold the bios reset button for like 10 seconds and afterwards plug powercable again and turn it on. Then you bios is then completely wiped and you will have to open it and load optimized defaults. After that you can start overclocking and I think your problem will be solved.
It sound strange. Now that you say that you have updated bios from 1.2 to 1.5, you should try to reset bios completely and load optimized afterwards. Or did you already do that?
Not everybody can run Super PI at 5Ghz on air, considering that the chip are better than average. I dont think its golden. I dont have that much experience with haswell, but mine seems to be around the same quality. The reason for paying a bit more than stock for this, should be that you are kind of guaranteed that it can do 5Ghz and maybe more, where a brand new untested chip is kind of a chance.
I think it can go for more than stock price on 4770k for a person that will overclock. With this chip you are ensured that you can go above average. Some people are really put of luck, and it will make sense to for them. Not sure how many people will do it though.
This thread isnt that long, so go through it and you will find what you need.
I use it. Works fine. I have no issues with my overclock using that bios.
if you want better adjustment of pwm frequency, better 3dmark01 benchmark optimization or if you just have issues with your memory it might be worth it.
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