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Not sure, my water might heat up a bit and delta temps increase with it. But no idea, I got licenses for 3dmark11 and 3dmark, thats all.
Nizzen: Did you get it to up the power target? I just did a quick benchmark with 3dmark at 1581MHz with kboost Max temp on GPU was 41C, and my water is 27.4C idle. That seems to work out well.
Hi all, My EVGA SC 980 GTX with EK Thermosphere and some ENZO heatsinks Running cool and pretty fast. Question: Anyone know a way to pass the 125% power target?
Hi all, I got the EVGA GTX 980 SC, and an EK GPU block (Thermosphere) I never used. I was considering to use the Thermosphere and some modded Enzo heatsinks for the VRM part, but leave the memorychips free as its not possible to do anything with the 3 chips under the Thermospere cooling block. I got a pretty good static airflow through my chassis. Anyone tried a thermosphere on a GTX 980? Do I need memory cooling?
x124 is vcore, and it can be related to heat. If you havent overclocked it, I guess your CPU cooler is sitting loose/badly mounted. A hot CPU needs more vcore and will crash with faults like that too. Did you check that out? In some situations the CPU can throttle, in others throttling can keep it going.
Samsung EVO 840, (4x 120GB stripe) I have the same issue. Battlefield that I installed as the first thing when installing my new system at 50MB/sec.. Tera files that I installed less than a month ago running 1340MB/sec. I run my disks in a stripe (4 disks) so when the data is fresh I am usually seeing around 1.4-1.5GB/sec
There are more to tweak, but it wont give enough to make sence, unless you accept throttling.First of all you can try to reduce other voltage options like VCCIO and VCCSA by lowering the offset a bit. Go slowly and check for stability.If you accept throttling, you can adjust these down:- Long Duration power limit to fx 110- Long Duration Maintened 120- Short duration powerlimit to 300- CPU Current Limit to 100If you want to go to a higher clock and you feel that your 1.3v...
You can just upload an older bios. No need to switch bios.BTW: It sounds really strange with that fried CPU.
No need to risk anything, since you wont be able to feel the difference. Its only for benchmarking where you need to push it. At 4.4Ghz you might be able to adjust CPU voltage down to fx 1.25v and get it a bit cooler. Try out how low you can go before it gets unstable.
The temps is high on 4770 no matter what cooler you get. The Adaptive mode voltage make the voltage goes up and down - 1.4v shouldnt be a problem, unless it starts throttleing. If you want to push it with Prime95 or Aida running full speed you need to delid your CPU, otherwise it will be really hot and start throttling. After delidding its better and you should get better temps (maybe 20-30c below what you get now). When you reach a certain overclocking level the CPU...
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