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4 x 120 GB 840 EVO in raid 0 on Intel controller. Raid has been running for more than a year. Each disk was updated with firmware for speed-drop some time ago. It shows good numbers and it feels really fast. The Intel controller is maxed out. second run
Try to raise DIMM voltage to 1.65v VCCSA: to about 1.2v VCCIO D: +0.12v is fine for most, other require +0.15v. VCCIO A: +0.12v is fine for most, other require +0.15v.
AMD 486DX2-80 Motherboard and CPU upgrade from my intel 386SX-25
Well maybe you did write it in the first post, but first post is so messed up and I cant find these answers. I can try to explain my question a little different. Are there any limits in the EVGA SC bios (which are clocked different, and maybe also different regarding limits), that are removed and usefull in this nolimit bios when my card isnt hardmodded?
I have a few questions: I got a EVGA SC 980GTX, and EK Fullcover waterblock with backplate. ASIC value is 82% and I didnt do any hardmod to the card and its running with stock bios. It clocks fine to well above 1500Mhz but start crashing around 1600Mhz. 1) Will the modified bios enable higher voltage? 2) Will the modified bios enable a higher power target? 3) What can I expect, regarding new max frequencies and benchmarks if I do use the fastest stable bios here?
EK FC980 GTX Nickel CSQ EK FC980 GTX Backplate - Nickel And this is with the Thermosphere from EK
Not sure, my water might heat up a bit and delta temps increase with it. But no idea, I got licenses for 3dmark11 and 3dmark, thats all.
Nizzen: Did you get it to up the power target? I just did a quick benchmark with 3dmark at 1581MHz with kboost Max temp on GPU was 41C, and my water is 27.4C idle. That seems to work out well.
Hi all, My EVGA SC 980 GTX with EK Thermosphere and some ENZO heatsinks Running cool and pretty fast. Question: Anyone know a way to pass the 125% power target?
Hi all, I got the EVGA GTX 980 SC, and an EK GPU block (Thermosphere) I never used. I was considering to use the Thermosphere and some modded Enzo heatsinks for the VRM part, but leave the memorychips free as its not possible to do anything with the 3 chips under the Thermospere cooling block. I got a pretty good static airflow through my chassis. Anyone tried a thermosphere on a GTX 980? Do I need memory cooling?
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