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 I cant tell you the reason. I just did the tests and took notes. I ran each test 3 times in a row, no reboots, no new applications on system. Just testing, testing, testing, reboot, adjust, and redo. Everything in bios like speedstep etc. is on auto settings.  "I also don't understand the big difference between the3200 16 16 40 2 12000 1652" That was with 4 memorysticks, CPU OC at 4x 4.9Ghz, Cache at 4.7Ghz. The CPU is overclocked a lot, to be sure I not to saturate the...
 Caselabs is good quality cases, but their designs all looks like something from the 80's. They make me think of old computers and server racks. Thats why I mention IN-Win, that takes the next step in design. The cases I am talking about from In-win are expensive, but at least they are trying to get out of the old PC junk midi-tower, unfortunately they are not targeting watercooling systems.
What about a chassis made for watercooling?   As the main PC watercooling supplier you should consider the thing that make the biggest issue. We need cases/chassis engineered for watercooling in mind. Not standard ATX towers that can handle a radiator, but cases purely designed and engineered for watercooling. Cases that looks good, where its easy to insert the motherboard and pull it out again without having to take the water loop apart. Cases where every single part is...
4 sticks are fast than 2 on Skylake.    I did a lot of testing.    Read this to see the difference:
Get the kit with good latency and 4 sticks.    4 sticks are faster than two sticks on Z170.    Read this to see the difference:
What is faster - 3000C15 or 2400C12 or 3200C16 or 2666C13 ?????   Conclusion so far:   1) 4 sticks are a lot faster than 2. (click 2 vs 4 sticks in the sheet below) 2) You need high frequency sticks, go for 3200+ even if they are CL16 or worse.   The reason for doing this and for you to read it When ordering my 6700k, I tried to find some information on what kind of memory modules to get for optimal performance. I couldn't really find any usable information, so I...
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4 x 120 GB 840 EVO in raid 0 on Intel controller. Raid has been running for more than a year. Each disk was updated with firmware for speed-drop some time ago. It shows good numbers and it feels really fast. The Intel controller is maxed out. second run
Try to raise DIMM voltage to 1.65v VCCSA: to about 1.2v VCCIO D: +0.12v is fine for most, other require +0.15v. VCCIO A: +0.12v is fine for most, other require +0.15v.
AMD 486DX2-80 Motherboard and CPU upgrade from my intel 386SX-25
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