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There are actually people out there who really believe they are in danger of getting killed by terrorists? Statistically in the US your chance of being mugged and/or shot by a strung-out gangbanger are far higher than killed by a bona fide terrorist. If we're going to do things the knee-jerk way and go ridiculously above and beyond sensible counter measures, why don't we just have martial law in the inner cities to combat gang activity?
  My downloads work fine when I'm using a different connection, such as when I bring my laptop to friends' for LAN games.
I've been having this problem for well over a year and a half now, with two different routers. Every so often my Internet connection randomly drops during normal use and I see this:  but it happens 100% of the time when downloading from Steam. The download will start normally for a few minutes, usually peaking at 3.6MB/s, and then after about 5 - 10 minutes the Internet connection will drop and stay disconnected for about 10 - 15 minutes at a time. It's becoming more and...
    When I got my new Lenovo Y500 notebook, I popped out the SSD from my old Asus with Win8 installed on it and dropped it into the Lenovo. I rebooted and it said something like "Preparing devices" (can't remember exactly what the wording was) and everything worked immediately. I checked Device Manager and it even removed most of the old Asus drivers automatically. Pretty surprising since I was expecting to have to reinstall Windows.
I play with vsync on and always get a solid 60fps with no tearing.
I have a spare GT 430 lying around that I would pop in for PhysX, except that it would sit about 10mm away from my lower 7870 and block the airflow completely. I guess this is what I get for air cooling in a case meant for watercooling...
Flame of the Firehawk would be of limited usefulness for my Mech build because of lightning-fast recharge time, but I've played with it as Krieg and it is a very cool shield indeed, been swapping between it and the Love Thumper.
I like using the Whisky Tango Foxtrot shield with my Mechromancer. The IED boosters do a good amount of shock damage (that I'm assuming is boosted by Gaige's shock-related skills?) and Deathtrap also drops the boosters thanks to Sharing is Caring. It's still possible to down yourself accidentally with this shield so try to get the Grounded variant if possible.      
I got lots of lag spikes on ultra, as expected, but runs great on high. Really enjoying the game so far.
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