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^^^ That looks more like a digital photo than a game screenshot.......stunning.
Was considering that HP 27xi, but it costs $599 where I live. Trying to see if I can find one online and have it shipped to Australia for under $350. Edit: Just found that AOC for $315 locally. Is it glossy? Kind of looks like the Asus MX279H which is matte.
I'm chasing a 27" 1080p monitor with a glossy finish screen for around $350. Anyone know of any that they can recommend? Something in IPS perhaps.
Was about to pre-order my Nzxt H440 but then I see this. Decisions decisions....
I must be one of the only ones who was super impressed with the graphic quality. Everything maxed out at 1080p looks lovely on my monitor. I am coming from years in the cartoon world of WoW though. Can't wait for this weekend to smash out some more levels.
Why don't AMD just release a Mining specific model and give the masses what they want?
Wow, AMD customers getting bent over real good.
In Australia, even with our slumping AU Dollar our prices haven't really moved. Gigabyte WF3 280x = $399 Gigabyte WF3 290 = $529 Gigabyte WF3 290x = $699 All in stock and ready for purchase. For comparison sake - Gigabyte WF3 780 = $599 Gigabyte WF3 780TI = $875
Keen to try this as I never played it originally. Loved RE5 especially the co-op. Still think Code Veronica is the best RE title ever.
Tron room lol.
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