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Any info yet on how these chips will compare to Intel with video encoding stuff? I know most of whats out there is all rumors but is there any info worth reading?
Tried the original ME games but coming from a console background, no controller support turned me off. Played 1 hour of Dragon Age: Origins but once again disliked the KB/M controls and the tactical combat menu. I'm lazy so DA:I worked perfect for me. My best friend raves about Origins though so I might force myself to play it one day.
So I've had the ME trilogy for years but never bothered to play them. Can I just jump straight in to this game or will the originals be a pre-requisite? Dragon Age: Inquisition is one of my top 5 fav games all time so I'm hoping this is just the sci-fi version, kind of like how Fallout and Skyrim work.
Should just rename their new processors i7-COD edition.
Those coolers are no joke. Some of the best air cards available.
Spent a few hours playing the S.E today. Can run either 4K Ultra settings with FPS capped at 30, or 4K High settings capped at 60. I use an Xbox controller so even 30fps feels really good. Changed FOV to 100 and DOF slider at 0. Very smooth. No stuttering, no hitching, no texture pop-in's or glitching. Lighting, shadows and color's look great. Unfortunately textures look crap, especially up close. Hopefully some texture/mesh improvement mod's release soon.
Never had a problem with Bethesda. The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series are some of the best games I have ever played. Thousands of hours spent in those games and no regrets what so ever. I always wait before buying though. Haven't paid full price for a game in a long time, exceptions being collectors editions.
Yeah my 2 week old Gainward Phoenix has Samsung RAM. About to flash the Golden Sample BIOS and try some OC gaming at 4K.
Got me a Gainward Phoenix 1070 2 weeks ago. Been running a few games at 4k on my new Panasonic TV and am loving it so far. Only tried +100/+400 OC and it seems to hover around 2000mhz core and memory is at 8800. Fans spin to 40% max and temps sit at 70c constant. Can hardly hear it spinning up. My room temps are 27c+ on most days as well. I managed to get get lucky with Samsung ram on this card. How high OC does Samsung usually go? Will I notice much difference in most...
Only had my Gainward Phoenix for about a week but it's one of the best cards I have owned. Sits at 2000mhz all day with temps never exceeding 69c and fan's never spinning above 40% (my ambient is 27c+). Have gamed at 1440p and 4k and it handles both with ease. Only downside might be the 2.5 slot cooler, but it sure does work well. Card is a bit ugly too but I don't mind
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