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Yeah my 2 week old Gainward Phoenix has Samsung RAM. About to flash the Golden Sample BIOS and try some OC gaming at 4K.
Got me a Gainward Phoenix 1070 2 weeks ago. Been running a few games at 4k on my new Panasonic TV and am loving it so far. Only tried +100/+400 OC and it seems to hover around 2000mhz core and memory is at 8800. Fans spin to 40% max and temps sit at 70c constant. Can hardly hear it spinning up. My room temps are 27c+ on most days as well. I managed to get get lucky with Samsung ram on this card. How high OC does Samsung usually go? Will I notice much difference in most...
Only had my Gainward Phoenix for about a week but it's one of the best cards I have owned. Sits at 2000mhz all day with temps never exceeding 69c and fan's never spinning above 40% (my ambient is 27c+). Have gamed at 1440p and 4k and it handles both with ease. Only downside might be the 2.5 slot cooler, but it sure does work well. Card is a bit ugly too but I don't mind
Would double the price of the console probably.
Was all set to pre-order a PS4 pro and trade in my old console to use with my new 4K TV. Had a read of all the current confirmed titles making use of 4K/HDR functions. Promptly ordered a GTX1070. Will keep my regular PS4 and upgrade to PS5 when it releases in a few years.
Quick question. I will be grabbing a new Panasonic 4K TV for my media room this weekend and was going to hook up a new PS4 Pro to it. But I have the ability to move my computer setup into the same room and am now considering selling my 970 and buying a 1070. Would a 1070 be able to run most games at 4k 30fps minimum? I use a controller for 90% of the games I play so I'm not fussed on a constant 60fps. Also, would I notice a big difference between my 32" 1440p monitor to...
My PC lives in my bedroom at the other end of the house. My PS4 lives in my dedicated cinema room. Pain in the a$$ to move my PC every time I want to play a game. I might eventually do a mITX build for my HT room but it's not a priority.
Yep, but I want to play it on my big ass TV and my Home theater system. Give me that true Xbox 360 feel the originals gave me
Already have the trilogy on Steam, but per-ordered it for my PS4 anyway. Same thing goes for the upcoming Skyrim remaster. Two of my favorite games ever remastered for console. Can't wait
So there is no real difference between FE and AIB 1060's due to boost 3.0, only temps and noise? Surely an AIB RX480 with higher clocks and better power/cooling will make these cards neck a neck in the end?
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