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To quote the Highlander - "There can be only one".
I've been shopping for used 1080 for a month or two while patiently waiting for Vega. Then the 1080ti dropped, then the Titan Xp dropped and still no Vega. Now this news drops of 2070/80 cards and still no Vega sighting. At this rate I might just skip Pascal/Vega and go straight to Volta all in a 6 month window if the rumor is true lol.
So being honest, do you actually notice those extra 3-6 fps in games? Seems a steep price for what is basically an imperceivable difference. Not hating, just curious.
Only thing i care to see with Vega is the 4k benchmarks. Hopefully HBM2 can power through those 8 million pixels ☺
So when a Vega bench gets leaked and it shows the performance in a negative light it's true, but if it shows Vega doing well it's fake. Makes sense. /s.
I think it's taken too long and the 1080ti has pretty much made it pointless for what they had in mind, so they are delaying it as long as possible to keep the hype levels up. Wonder how many price drops its had over the last 12 months thanks to Nvidia.
Pretty sure that's the point. Keep those consumers chasing the end of the rainbow = $$$.
With the SK Hynix DDR6 announcement, I doubt we see the big/fast Volta's until 2018.
So all those people who bought Titan Xp and 1080ti better savor every minute you have until these release and wipe the floor for the same price
Hopefully I can snag a used 1080ti for cheap if Volta drops early
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