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Just ordered an MSI 970 Gaming. Should be here Wednesday. Got my 290 cheap so I should get back what I paid for it when I sell it. Not much of an upgrade from my 290 Tri-X but with DSR, MFAA, less power draw and less heat I just couldn't resist
These 970's are for sale in Australia right now. $70 cheaper than the MSI, Asus and Gigabyte. That back plate looks awesome. Wonder how they perform heat/noise wise?
TTL had the 980 at 80c after 30 min of Valley and the fan capped out at 52% on auto. Not sure if that is good or bad for a ref cooler?
With things like DSR, MFAA, Shadowplay and the lower power draw I'm going to trade my 290 in for a 970 me thinks. Can grab 2nd one after Xmas for some SLI goodness.
Yep.Secretly hoping these new Maxwell's smash the 780 series, just to see the butt hurt flow through these forums.
Can't wait for my new GTX980 with "only" 256bit bus to stomp all these Classifieds and Lightnings
So if these new 256bit cards beat the current 384 and 512bit cards in all benchamarks, people still won't buy them because they are "only" 256bit? LOL.
Just got my H220 installed and while it does run louder than my NH-D14, it dropped temps by 10c when running X264 encodes with Handbrake. So far so good.
Well I'm in Australia so no point in me trying. Well thanks to Swiftech I'm now set for life with TIM lol.
Just opened my brand new H220 and discovered this. Is this normal, or are Swiftech really overstocked on TIM?
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