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Tell those New Yorkers to buy some 290x's and maybe they can help out with the snow problem by melting it all
Send me all your busted crappy no good terrible 970's please. I will gladly buy them for cheap
Apparently it needs 4GB, so you are out of luck
Funny that many 970 users have had no problems at all until they read this, then all of a sudden their card sucks and doesn't work properly
As mentioned above, my 3.5gb 970 has run flawlessly since I bought it for my games at 1600p DSR. If people are going to panic and offload their 970's I will happily buy 1 or 2 at the right price
How quickly will a 960Ti follow if the sales for the 960 don't impress?
Because not everyone games above 1080p.
Will this mean there will be a flood of used 970's hittng the market soon?
Was looking at one of these for my spare Steam PC but might just grab a used 280x for under $200. Seems to be better value right now.
AsRock have the AXTU software which can control fan speed based on cpu temp. My current setup ramps up all fans (rad and case) once the cpu temps go above 50c. I was hoping the stock fans in the V71 could run the same way.
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