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Cant wait to see what Epyc and Threadripper bring for the $$$. Might have reason to upgrade my current setup if it delivers.
Bet people still do anyway lol.
What is TTL talking about here?
About to sell my 1070 and step up to a 1080ti. Might have to act quick. I remember selling my old Sapphire 7950 for a good price when the Bitcoin craze was in full swing. Picked up a Sapphire 290 Tri-X for dirt cheap a few months later after the craze was over.
I grew up on consoles and game pad controllers, so 30fps was never an issue with me. I have been running most of my PC games at 4K Ultra 30fps because of my GTX1070. Lately I have started dialing back some settings to get 60fps and am enjoying it far greater than 30fps. I have a regular PS4 and was about to trade it in on a Pro version, but then the One X was revealed and thought maybe I should wait for one of those. But seeing the majority of games will be 4K/30 (not even...
Pretty sure anything above 8 core is wasted on gaming, especially at 4K. Put the extra money towards a 1080TI or Big Vega.
So what would the power draw be on 8c/10c chip running at 4.5+ ghz all cores be? Hate to think what the 14/16/18c chips would pull at 4.5Ghz on all cores lol.
If there are any issues at launch (bios, memory stability etc) then I really hope people rip Intel for it, just to show there is no bias and all
How much extra $$$ does the Intel option cost though?
Intel's performance has always been there, it's the greedy pricing that has hurt them. Now AMD is helping to bring that back to realistic levels.
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