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Pretty sure that's the point. Keep those consumers chasing the end of the rainbow = $$$.
With the SK Hynix DDR6 announcement, I doubt we see the big/fast Volta's until 2018.
So all those people who bought Titan Xp and 1080ti better savor every minute you have until these release and wipe the floor for the same price
Hopefully I can snag a used 1080ti for cheap if Volta drops early
Wow, what a total slap in the face to Z270 owners. Being replaced less than 9 months after release. What scumbags Intel are. And you thought nVidia was bad with their Titan tactics tsk tsk. Imo worse than AMD and the RX480/580 re-badge. Bet we only get 5% IPC increase just like the last 5 generations of re-stickered CPU's. #amidoingitright?
I consider anything smaller than 32" a monitor for ants. You need to sit 6 inches from a 24-27" screen otherwise it looks tiny. Small monitors can't deliver an immersive game experience versus a big screen. Switching from my 50" back to 32" just fees like I'm gaming on my tablet lol.Anyway Ryzen R7/R5 are perfect gaming CPU's for 1440p and up. 1080p still belongs to 7700k for now. Congrats Intel on having one CPU worth buying right now
You missed the 50" 4K TV I have hooked up as well
Maybe with better efficiency it can overclock higher.
I feel sorry for all you 144hz gamer's with those massive low res pixels stabbing holes in your eyeballs ha ha
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