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So there is no real difference between FE and AIB 1060's due to boost 3.0, only temps and noise? Surely an AIB RX480 with higher clocks and better power/cooling will make these cards neck a neck in the end?
Glad I grabbed a 2nd hand 970 not long ago for $130 cheaper than a new 1060. Probably not far off performance wise either.
My 970 Strix runs at 1329mhz boost with stock settings.
Love how people just seem to pluck performance/pricing out of thin air and suddenly it's confirmed fact
Very keen to see the Sapphire Nitro 480 in action. Have owned a 7950 Vapor-x and a 290 Tri-X and both cards were rock solid. If it beats my 970 by a decent amount then I might have to make the switch.
I will wait for a thorough AIB 480 vs AIB 1060 review then see if either are a worthy upgrade to my current 970. If not then I will start saving pennies for a 1070.
That's not how it works
Yeah I'm keen to see what sort of OC headroom, temps and how loud that blower fan are. My Strix card is dead silent and I don't want to go backwards.
Well I can get $370 AUD for my 970 so is it worth paying an extra $30 for an XFX 480 8GB Black OC?
So should I sell my 970 and grab a new 480, or is it more of a side grade? Will be switching to a 32" 1440p monitor soon.
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