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Well if Quad cores are officially "obsolete" now, can they please take 1080p with them to the grave.
I only buy games from Steam during sales now. I don't mind waiting 2-3 months for a game to drop because after the USD>AUD conversion it makes a big difference. Sometimes I will buy from a store because the price is almost the same after conversion. I remember the good old days when $1 AUD = $1.10 USD
My 5820k @ 4.0ghz So the 6 core Ryzen beats my 6 core HW-E at 300mhz less speed. The 8 core will be a nice upgrade I think.
I've had a dream run with my last 3 ASRock boards - Z68 Pro3, Z77 Extreme4 and X99M Killer. Hopefully the AM4 boards follow suit. So keen to see the 1700X benchmarks.
Uncompressed video + uncompressed HD audio is a major thing for people with good TV's and sound systems. Poor bitrate rips/streams can't provide the same experience.
I know I might be the only person in this thread that would use Ryzen for something other than gaming, but if I'm looking at a Ryzen chip for X264/Handbrake usage am I looking for core count, clock speed, IPC, Instruction sets or all of the mentioned? Trying to figure out a possible upgrade on my 5820k.
Yeah I just downloaded all the Vivid Texture packs and it looks exactly the same but at 1/20th the file size.
If Zen can deliver 8 core performance at a 6 core price then I might consider the switch.
Yep all the Predators have been removed from the site. Maybe they are cutting their losses and moving on to something new.
I have a Gainward Phoenix with the Golden Sample bios flashed and it runs well, but I noticed the standard bios my card came with has a 170w max board rating and my GS bios is 195w max board rating. My card has a single 8 pin so I should be safe up to 225w max no? Not sure if I'm harming my card at all.
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