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Do games like GTA V and Dying Light use some sort of warm color filter? They seem to look more yellow/brown than most games.
So how far into DA:O does it start to get interesting? My friend raved about it and made me buy it a few years ago, and after about 3 hours I got bored as hell and gave up. Now after 110 hours of Inquisition I'm seriously thinking about trying Origins again.
Not even 12GB. Fail. /jk
*** is that ^^^
So I have had my new X99 system for a few weeks now and have found a rock solid setup of 4.3ghz @ 1.21v . Temps sit in the low 70's after a heavy work out on Handbrake x264 workloads, which I'm happy with considering my ambient temp is over 26c. Is it worth trying for 4.5 or is the extra volts/heat not really worth it? And my RAM is still at stock, is that worth trying to OC or will the difference be unnoticeable?
If the rumors are true then I may be welcoming a new Vapor-X into the family.
Tell those New Yorkers to buy some 290x's and maybe they can help out with the snow problem by melting it all
Send me all your busted crappy no good terrible 970's please. I will gladly buy them for cheap
Apparently it needs 4GB, so you are out of luck
Funny that many 970 users have had no problems at all until they read this, then all of a sudden their card sucks and doesn't work properly
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