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Yep all the Predators have been removed from the site. Maybe they are cutting their losses and moving on to something new.
I have a Gainward Phoenix with the Golden Sample bios flashed and it runs well, but I noticed the standard bios my card came with has a 170w max board rating and my GS bios is 195w max board rating. My card has a single 8 pin so I should be safe up to 225w max no? Not sure if I'm harming my card at all.
Haven't touched an AMD processor since my 1055T, but if Ryzen actually delivers on its promise then I may just jump ship. No hurry though.
And now they are planning an E revision so looks like the D series didn't fix what ever it was
Definitely recommend adjusting the fan curve on these cards. I flashed my Gainward Phoenix with the Golden Sample bios which boosted my default clocks and power target. Was happy to see the card run at over 2ghz, but started to notice it would drop into the mid 1900's after an hour. Checked my Afterburner stats and saw the fan speeds never going above 40%. My temps were high 60's. I created a custom fan profile to get the fans spinning up earlier and now have them hitting...
So what is out there that offers the same performance and upgrade ability as the Predator line with out going full custom loop? Is it just the Swiftech H220's?
I just ran this on my 5820k @ 4ghz and got 2min 25sec. Why is my system so slow compared to others? Is it because I'm using a Nightly build and not HB 10.5?
Was about to order a Predator 240 QDC and GPU block for my system, but reading this thread has me not so sure. Looks like the new stock coming New years will be Rev 1.1E so maybe it will be worth checking these out before buying. My old Swiftech H220 worked flawlessly for a year and I'm keen to try WC again but might wait and see.
Ran the test on my 5820k @4ghz = 58 seconds.
I recently tried my Sennheiser HD558's hooked up to the USB 7.1 adapter my Logitech G430 headset came with, and it sounds awesome. I've found the virtual surround software that comes with it works great in games.
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