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Love those pics. Keep them coming thanks
Is the Sapphire Tri-X R9 290 using a ref pcb? Can you slap a water block on it, or is it a custom layout?
So by the looks of that I'm better off saving a few more pennies and going a 5820k.Cheers for the link
Would I notice any difference in a 4790k over my 3770k @ 4.5ghz for x264 video encoding?
Was more concerned about the temps. My current 3770k at 4.5ghz hits 80c after an hour of x264 work. Thinking a Haswell-E 6 core at similar speeds will be getting a bit hotter than that.
Any chance of running an OC'd 5930k with my D14?
So the Rv05 is in stock at the site I but my stuff from, and it's price looks quite good. I cannot find anything on the web in regards to reviews for the final release model. Anyone know of one yet I can check out?
Now waiting for the 4790k vs 4930k vs 5820k benchmarks to see where my hard earned will end up.
I'm going to start messing with Photoshop/Lightroom/Premiere, Vegas Pro and Handbrake. Should do wonders for me. Not keen on the $$$ a new Xeon 12/14/16c would cost me lol.
Is DDR4 even real at the moment? Haven't seen anything about it at all yet.
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