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Exactly. Outside of the 7700k and the 6950x, it's hard to recommend any Intel CPU right now vs Ryzen. The value for money just isn't there.
Sorry for the noob question, but is Reshade an in game change or just editing the screenshots?
The only thing I paid attention to in that Jayz2C video is the mention of 10% slower at 50% of the cost
Great widescreen shots! Whats compatibility like with most games at 21:9? I have read a lot of people complain about games not supporting it by default.
Ryzen R7 has already proven Intel X99 to be overpriced for what it is. Ryzen R3/R5 is about to make those Intel i3/i5's a difficult purchase prospect. That leaves the 7700K to carry the flag for Intel until Coffee Lake. If it's true, looks like a 70-80mhz clock bump and not much else. Maybe less power consumption.
Finally after many years, AMD are starting to show just how greedy Intel have been with their inflated pricing on their products. Just need VEGA to deliver the goods and we can start pressuring Nvidia, although the 1080ti put a large dent in that one lol.
So AMD are saying that the thread scheduler and SMT problems don't actually exist, and everything is working as intended?
Funny how since Ryzen has released, the only Intel chip that get's mentioned is the 7700K. It's like the 6/8 core Intel chips just ceased to exist.
Yes X99 has quad channel and more PCI-E lanes, but when an R7 1700 + GTX1080ti can be had for the same price as a 6900k CPU alone it's hard to justify the X99 platform as a Productivity/gaming combo. How far away is Skylake-E? Would be funny if the new 8/10 core CPU's launched at half their current lineup pricing.
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