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I already own Dark Souls
^ All that blur doesn't bother you?
So I have 4 friends that have just bought or are getting PS4's for xmas and are hounding me to grab one for some online gaming. I have resisted so far as I'm about to upgrade my PC to X99 and have over 170 games in my library already to chew through. It does have it's benefits but I see no point in having a console and a PC that play the same stuff anyway. Thoughts?
I'm guessing the FFXIII screenshots are not of actual game play but rather the cut scenes?
^ Not bad for a 10 yr old game.
Looks nice but the PC Elitist in me just can no longer stomach that 30fps cap.
Anyone with a 4K monitor tried a single 970 for gaming? Can it pull 30+ fps or is SLI are requirement for 4K?
Cheers for that. I am running my card with no extra voltage and getting 1500+ core so I might be safe.
I will be upgrading to an X99 system for Xmas (5820k) and might also look at a second MSI Gaming for SLI. Will my PSU be enough for an OC 6-core and the SLI cards?
A patch with 300 fixes in the first 2 weeks of release. Is that a record?
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