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Hard to tell from a Youtube vid but I did notice a slightly higher level of detail on PC in some of those scenes vs PS4, but the main difference was the motion. Smooth on PC and stuttering on PS4. Was that because it was in slo-mo? Could be that I'm just accustomed to 60fps on all games now I only game on PC.
It's ok. I found some in the DA:I official thread
I notice a serious lack of Dragon Age: Inquisition PC shots in here..........
We are entering the Golden Age of Consoles. 30fps is the future. PC is an after thought. The quicker everyone accepts this the better.
No 30fps lock, no purchase from me. They need to get with the program on this fps business like everyone else.
I don't care what a game looks like, or who made it. If it is fun to play I will play it. Goes for this game as well.
I have my PC connected to a 27" monitor and a Sony 46" TV and I prefer gaming on my TV with my Xbox controller. Only time I use my monitor is for games that require KB+M.
Well I want to use my spare NH-D14 so it need to fit a 160mm high cooler. Price isn't really a big deal. Have looked at the HAF XB Evo and the NZXT S340. Would like something small in height.
Between Fallout 3, New Vegas and Skyrim I have about 500 hours worth of playing time. Still love those games to death.
So I will be upgrading my system to an X99 setup before Xmas and will be transferring my existing CPU, Mobo and Ram to a 2nd build. I have spare bits lying around for a full system but want a small ATX case, as this will be used as a Steam box primarily hooked up to a big screen TV and using an Xbox controller. I don't want to change the mobo so I need a real small ATX case. Any suggestions?
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