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Realistically how long does 1080p gaming have before it becomes obsolete? Surely 1440p UW HRR and 4K will become the norm in the next 2 years? The choice of CPU will take a back seat to raw GPU power once it starts to shift that way.
From what I can see all the CL processors perform similar in 4K gaming scenarios. Am I better off grabbing the cheaper 4 or 6 core and putting the extra cash towards bigger GPU or faster ram? Looking at building a little ITX console PC for the living room.
Exactly how I see it.
It's funny that these kinds of conversations would not have been possible 12 months ago. Thank the lord for AMD Ryzen
After another 1 hour session on RotTR at 4K Very High using aggressive fan curve my card hit 79c at 86% fan speed. Ambient is 28c. Core dropped to 1911mhz, voltage between 1.050 to 1.062. Power and VRAM temps at 60c. Power limit hit 115%. I turned my case fans (3x200 + 1x140) all to max and opened the side panel of my case and it dropped to 74c. At this time the combined heat and noise from my rig was real nasty. When I dropped the graphics preset to high my temps dropped...
4K/60 is perfect for me. My 1080Ti should last me untill Volta Ti hits, which will be 9/12 months after Volta regular. Hope to have a Sony A1 OLED by then
Case is a Thermaltake Core V71 full tower. Opening the side panel dropped temps by 1c. My previous 1070 and 1080 sat in the mid 60c range all their life, so i guess i was expecting something similar from a tripple fan cooled card. But this card can pull over 300w when cranked so i guess the extra heat is expected lol.Will try some more tests tomorrow and see how it goes.
My ambient is 26c. My case has 2x200mm fans in front and a 200mm exhaust on top + 140mm rear. Plenty of airflow. I did uninstall XOC and run DDU and have installed the latest geforce driver. With a custom fan profile and power slider at 127% I played an hour of modded Skyrim at 4k and was getting 70c gpu with power and memory about 62c. Fans were pushing 70%. Clocks were sitting between 1932- 1946. Better than previous. Will try RoTR again tomorrow at 4k very high and see...
So I just installed my new card yesterday, and I am very disappointed with it. Running out of the box settings, the card was hitting 77c after 15 minutes of RotTR with the fans hitting 70%+. Same for FO4 and Skyrim. Core only runs at 1911mhz and even down clocks to 1888mhz. I tried auto and manual fan settings, but the temps skyrocket so quickly. The noise is extreme at these fan speeds. Have used Afterburner and Precision X and both do the same thing. Playing WoW for a...
All hail our Volta overlords!
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