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That card is so sexual.
I had an MSI 970 Gaming for about 4 months and I never had any issues with whine or noise. Mine could game at 1550/7800 stable for hours and never went above 74c even in my 28c ambients. Fan noise was minimal. Would not hesitate to buy another MSI Gaming card.
Sign me up for one of those 980Ti Vapor X's
Has EVGA ever done a Hybrid card before? Looks sexy.
When you are the fastest you can charge what ever you like. That might change soon though if they are no longer the fastest.........
So how many people will be selling their 980's to get a Ti, and how much will the 2nd hand 980's be going for? Might be keen if the price is right.
I have about 140 hours on this game and am about to start the Jaws of Hakkon. I loved nearly everything about this game. The main story was epic. Combat was the right balance of hack/slash and tactical. Plenty of spells and abilities. Great voice acting and character development. Awesome graphics. My only gripes where that I leveled too fast and as a result seemed to out level most new areas I went in to. And towards the end it did start to feel a bit of a grind,...
Could you realistically run today's AAA titles at 4K 60fps with one of these 980Ti's?
Think my party is lvl 23-24. Should be sufficient. Hope it is there when I wake up in the morning. I've been waiting a while for this....
So it's nearly the May 27 where I am and still no Jaws of Hakkon on the PSN. What gives?
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