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That's not how it works
Yeah I'm keen to see what sort of OC headroom, temps and how loud that blower fan are. My Strix card is dead silent and I don't want to go backwards.
Well I can get $370 AUD for my 970 so is it worth paying an extra $30 for an XFX 480 8GB Black OC?
So should I sell my 970 and grab a new 480, or is it more of a side grade? Will be switching to a 32" 1440p monitor soon.
I just bought a 2nd hand 970 Strix but it looks like these new 480's will retail around what I paid for it. Should I have waited? I only play Blizzard games on PC (PS4 for the rest) and from what I understand Nvidia > AMD for Blizzard titles.
Love my NH-D14. It keeps my overclocked 5820k at 70c even after hours of video encoding at 95-100% cpu usage. My ambient temp is in the high 20's C and I have a small TJ08-E case. Noise is very reasonable with the stock fans at full tilt (1300rpm). Highly recommended.
I hope like hell AMD can provide good performance on their new cards, because someone needs to force Nvidia's prices down.
Looking to move down in size for my PC and am tossing up between the FT03 and the TJ08-E. Which would do a better job of handling my OC'd 5820k? I have a Noctua D14 I plan on using. The FT03 footprint is really appealing but would the TJ08-E have better cooling capacity overall?
Looks like Fallout 4. Must admit that does make it look like a totally different game. Surprisingly cool.
I'm in exactly the same position. BD-R and some big 3.5' HDD's for storage. Cant afford a case full of SSD's yet unfortunately
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