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I have triple buffering active. V-sync setting works perfect when gaming at 1080p. It's only when I activate 3x and 4x DSR that I get the tearing. Happens on my 27" monitor and my TV. It's basically a horizontal "ripple" that seems to start in the middle of the screen and scroll up when moving left or right in games. Doesn't happen when I set 2x DSR (1620p) or 1080p native. Not all games have this effect though. Kind of annoying.
I seem to be having drama's with screen tearing when I try 4K or 3K DSR in most games. Even with Adaptive V-Sync in the driver active, and also switching V-sync in the game on. If I drop down to 2880x1620 it seems to stop. Any ideas?
Just got a new monitor last week. Samsung 27D590. I mainly use this for regular use and KB/M games, while my Sony 46" TV gets the bulk of the games with Steam Big Picture and my Xbox controller. Other items - Logitech G5 Mouse Logitech Wireless keyboard Razer Goliathus Mousepad Belkin Nostromo N52TE Keypad Logitech Z-10 Speakers Logitech G430 Headset ZyXel Wifi Access Point WD 2TB USB3 HDD Opposite corner of the room - Sony KDL46HX850 (10M HDMI Cable from PC) Onkyo...
I'm pretty happy with my 1553/8000 clocks at stock volts/bios. Can't really see a need for me to flash my card as it runs great as it is. Good for guys that can't hit 1500 stock though.
Ps4 reviews are up.
Maybe I should have dropped some cash on a new 4K monitor. If 30fps is becoming the new standard then I should be sweet seeing as 30fps is possible with the current video cards available.
SLI won't even be required soon now that the next gen of game releases is moving to 30fps standard. Also it would be sad if the 290/290x wasn't leading these gaming benchmarks over 970/980. They have more shader's, double the memory bus width and more power usage. This post may/may not be serious.
Mine is still in the box. Might just leave it there
Yeah I only really drop into the high 40's low 50's when I start messing with DSR at maxed settings. Most of the time it sits at a solid 60fps. Wasn't sure how V-sync worked with overclocking but at the moment with 0 voltage adjustment and P T maxed I can still sit at 1500 boost without problems. Might just leave it there and enjoy running a few degrees cooler with lower fan speeds (not that I can hear it anyway).
Quick noob question. My MSI 970 Gaming maxes out at 1553/8000 stable with volts and power limit maxed. I play all my games with Adaptive V-sync on at 60fps, as I like the look of a smooth constant frame rate locked on my 46" TV. Can I run my card at a lower clock and drops the volts because I cap my fps at 60? Will lower clocks still affect the min fps or will I see no difference? Summer makes my room hit 28c+ and the less heat my gpu puts out the better lol.
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