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I'm in exactly the same position. BD-R and some big 3.5' HDD's for storage. Cant afford a case full of SSD's yet unfortunately
I have had my original H220 running in my system for over 18 months now on a daily basis, and have had nothing but smooth sailing. Product works like a treat. Maybe I'm just lucky? Would like to try a 280 or 360 rad next, just to see if it's any more than a few degrees better. These Australian summers are brutal to ambient temps.
I find it funny that the first thing most people who buy AIO's do, is buy different fans. Doesn't that just push the price+performance ratio even further out of whack vs Air coolers?
I have put in 50+ hours on my PS4 copy and have encountered non of the mentioned bugs at all. Is it just PC gamer's that get screwed with new AAA releases these days?
I still have my old Noctua D14 and my TR Silver Arrow air coolers from a few years back sitting in a cupboard somewhere. Have been curious if either of them could cool my current setup the same way my Swiftech H220 does. I love the H220 but those Helix fans at full tilt put out some real noise. Loved the near silence of the D14 and Silver Arrow, but I don't think they could keep an overclocked Haswell-E under check in summer.....
So fresh and so clean. Very nice.
Looks very good......on my PS4 Graphics are always nice, but I will take an epic story and game play over them every time.
Just finished EP5 after what seemed like an eternity of waiting. That ending was so intense I have replayed the last part 5 times. The feels were just too much. 10/10.
I'm looking at a major downsize of my current case by moving my sig rig in to an FT03B. Only issue I might have is trying to keep an overclocked 5820k cool in such a small case. Would a Noctua D14 or a decent 120mm AIO do the job with just 2 x 120mm intakes? Summer is nearly here where I live and ambient temps can push 30c in my room. Don't want to cook my system if I can avoid it.
Having never played any Uncharted games, is he just a Male Lara Croft? Looks very Tomb Raider to me.
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