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My PC lives in my bedroom at the other end of the house. My PS4 lives in my dedicated cinema room. Pain in the a$$ to move my PC every time I want to play a game. I might eventually do a mITX build for my HT room but it's not a priority.
Yep, but I want to play it on my big ass TV and my Home theater system. Give me that true Xbox 360 feel the originals gave me
Already have the trilogy on Steam, but per-ordered it for my PS4 anyway. Same thing goes for the upcoming Skyrim remaster. Two of my favorite games ever remastered for console. Can't wait
So there is no real difference between FE and AIB 1060's due to boost 3.0, only temps and noise? Surely an AIB RX480 with higher clocks and better power/cooling will make these cards neck a neck in the end?
Glad I grabbed a 2nd hand 970 not long ago for $130 cheaper than a new 1060. Probably not far off performance wise either.
My 970 Strix runs at 1329mhz boost with stock settings.
Love how people just seem to pluck performance/pricing out of thin air and suddenly it's confirmed fact
Very keen to see the Sapphire Nitro 480 in action. Have owned a 7950 Vapor-x and a 290 Tri-X and both cards were rock solid. If it beats my 970 by a decent amount then I might have to make the switch.
I will wait for a thorough AIB 480 vs AIB 1060 review then see if either are a worthy upgrade to my current 970. If not then I will start saving pennies for a 1070.
That's not how it works
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