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With holidays I'm just swamped right now. I should be caught up after the first of the year
I'll be back around making stuff after the first of the year
What kind of overclock are your running on your 3820 and what kind of dt (temps) are you looking for?
I didn't say your copper was acting as an evap. I was explaining that generally a refrig chiller would use the copper coil inside your box as the evap to cool the surrounding water. You could literally just get rid of the copper tubing inside and just use internal heat sinks (evap equivalent as you stated) to cool your resevior directly for example if you want to use a refrig chiller for comparison and use the reservoir water to cool the loadAt the end of the day it still...
If I'm looking at your design correctly, your indirectly chilling your waterloop which is generally used as an energy storage/buffer in liquid/liquid exchangers for the reasons I explained above.If you don't need the buffer, some chillers use a direct heat exchanger such as a tube in tube or plate exchanger like theseEither way these are not conducive to a tec chiller.
re-read, I may have edited.I'm just giving examples of how a system using a storage/buffer system is generally used (your design)1) for buffering a refrigerant compressor against low load short cycling.2 ) for storing heatNeither would apply to tec chillers.
Its all good. I understand what your trying to do if your coming from a phase change type chiller, a little backwards maybe as the copper coils would be used as the evaperator and the reservoir would be used to buffer the temperature dt at low load conditions so that you don't short cycle your compressor as its either full on or full off like this. Generally a tec chiller can be varied in cooling using a controller and you don't have the problems associated with a...
From what I can see your loaded temps aren't but a few degrees better than a good custom water loop. 2 of my chillers will cool a loaded ivy bridge much better than your design, with half the wattage used. I've bitten my tongue with your chiller build, because I love to see people experiment and I think its great to see people doing projects like yours.
Honestly to do a chiller correctly to cool a cpu and vid cards your going to need more than 2 400 127 couple tecs and some h60's Here is an example of whats required to chill a cpu and a couple gpu's and a nice big radiator to cool the tecs.
Depends on what kind of dt your looking for. 4 chillers would do about 600 watts with a dt of about 10-12c below water, so your water temps are crucial to best performance of the tecs. best guess on 3 quads would be a c/w of about .005-.008 with good fans which equates to about 9-10c above ambient, your net gain would only be a few degrees below ambient with 4 chillers.
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