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In my opinion the H60 is an okay cooler and should cope fine under normal conditions. However, when inside an Elite 130 these are not really normal conditions, with RAM, GPU and PSU all in very close proximity to the CPU. Additionally, assuming you have the radiator mounted at the front of the case you are either drawing air in through the front, pushing all that hot air onto the already hot components, or have it extracting air out of the front, which i believe to be...
In or On? =)I seen a few photos of externally mounted rads but never 2 inside the case, share a photo if so.
I removed mine on the first day of receiving the case as i found it annoying loud. I did do a few temperature tests and found no real difference in removing it (in my setup at least).
The are currently 19 Elite 110 owners on the Cooler Master Elite M-ITX Case Owners Club, they might be able to help you.
Both added, thanks.
If i was to use the Elite 130 with an air cooling setup i would position the PSU to draw air in from outside the case, though this would depend somewhat on the type of air cooler used. However, assuming you are using a sock cooler, or a cooler that is pushing air down, you don't want another fan about it pulling air the the way. Just my opinion.
Okay so who wants adding to the owners club list? Don't forget to tell us your build name.
I have found it best to have the fans pulling air from inside the case and pushing out of the front, when using a 120mm radiator. As can be seen in the picture below i have tired some extreme pushing.120 | RAD | 120 | 38mm 120mm
Afraid not friend. On the side there are two points for installing fans, one can be used to mount a 120/140mm fan or a hard drive, the other is a low profile 60mm fan.This obviously is due to the very compact size of the case, but half the fn is finding ways to make it work for your setup. Good luck.
Welcome to the club and to the world of PC gaming.With regaurd mounting extra fans to the sides, they would have to be external, which i have seen several people do, as there is not enough room inside for such, other than the one mounting point where mount a 120/140mm fan, if you dont want a hard drive there.Window mods are nice, but in the Elite 130 you are right to assume you would want ventilation holes. Even with an unmodified lid i often hear my GPU spinning up to...
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