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ohh far cry 3 for me pls!
repost my friend. beat ya to it a few months ago EDIT: here we are:
Planetside 2?
any improvement is good, cool to know that these boosts are available.
This. but i also believe that along with all of the good games they made (Stalker, COH etc) they made some terrible games as well. though i cant remember any off the top of my 'ead.
seems good once you get the settings dialed in. seems like i now know which monitor i should buy Thanks for your help guys
then what about this? i need a new monitor, stuck at 1280x1024 at the moment and my birthday has just arrived so with the money, is this a good deal or not?? is there anything else i could get for cheaper/better at this price point?? EDIT: anything??? i dont want to buy blind.
so what would my CPU+MOBO sell for? like if i put it on ebay, what would be a reasonable price? what price in UK £ would it be?
i dont use it. and its not a bad os, its just not for desktops.
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