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Yes I used to be like that but once I built this rig which will max anything without breaking a sweat, and every CPU and GPU released since has offered only incremental improvements its just not worth it unless its just for epeen. I would start by building yourself a nice custom loop and and maybe upgrading your GPUs as they will give you some more performance in game, but still they are more than enough for today's best offerings.
I'm in the same boat and really cant justify upgrading/sidegrading to anything newer as my 3930k can do 5ghz and I'm like you don't use it for anything except gaming anymore, I wouldn't waste your money you wont see any major benefit or any discernible change in performance.
Dude forget the the Swiftech unit its much more rewarding to build your own, I would start with a kit like this Or this for dual pumps and the acrylic res Have fun
This is only good news for consumers, imagine the squeeze they could put on Nvidia with Samsungs R&D money and Fabs behind them.
Over the weekend I had the displeasure of trying to remove epic scale and a bunch browser hijackers that my friends wife inadvertently installed with a Utorrent update. Damn they push such garbage and its the uninformed that end up with the cost of getting it all removed.
Absolute monster build dude, subbed!!!
Utorrent used to be such a great client until they started loading each new release full of garbage. I've been on Qbitorrent for a while and couldn't be happier, its like Utorrent was before it lost its innocence.
I'm currently using Alphacool UT60s and they have been great and despite what people say, I found very little gunk in any of mine when I pre-rinsed them and I was very thorough.
Whoa looks like someone had a serious meltdown. I actually feel for whoever it was, it takes a serious amount of stress to get to that point if those photos are genuine. I've said it before and Ill say it again, whatever they were doing they were doing it right because selection, service and support was always top notch, hope they get back on their feet soon whatever the story.
Crop circles?
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