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Yeah I use teamspeak as well but my buddies aren't on when i am and it would be easier sometimes to just be able to jump on and talk to people. He'll that's how I filled my Xbl friends list and I met some really good people playing like that. Just a shame is all.
Even vehicle/voip would have massive effect on how fun this game could be. I get so frustrated sometimes when i cant direct my door gunners or copilot to the most important target. Damn this game could be so much better.
Welcome to OCN buddy.
I love BF4 but I find the lack of coms so frustrating. I remember when I used to play games on Xbox 360 you could just jump in a game and start chatting away, but this just doesn't happen in BF4. Even the in game voip is barely used. I could do so much more damage with some cooperative team mates. Such a shame.
Nope not for me runs really well, but it did take them nearly 18 months to get there.
Welcome mate.
Big numbers and dusty stock aircoolers make me nervous.
Really? what for?
Nice build dude.
Did people actually buy one of these?
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