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thanks man:D
Update please Bloodbath---3X Titans@1163--3930k@5.0--- Score 29768
Yeah its definitely the bridge. I finally managed to find my ASUS bridge that came with my mobo lastnight and played BF4 for a few hours without losing display. As a result of changing the bridge my game seemed to run smoother. I'm betting the PCB in that bridge has been faulty for a while and I thought it was my rig. RMA process started.
Me Personally would choose the 760T just because I like the aesthetics and have had several Corsair cases and they have been great quality.
Hello all I have an EVGA PRO tri SLI bridge and recently the leds in it have been lighting up during boot up and becoming very dull during all other operation. I've recently had a number of incidents while playing BF4 where my PC will stay running but screens will go black and essentially turn off. I'm hunting around for my tri bridge that came with my board to try and isolate if its the bridge which is malfunctioning causing the display output to drop off. Has anybody...
I just had a look over a few galleries of that case and it appears that unless you plan on modding it, its not really designed for watercooling. By the looks of it even the front drive cages are structural and would need to be cut out to accommodate a radiator plus the front only houses one 120mm fan that would need modification as well to mount more fans for a rad , at least a 240.The roof of that case is not optimal either due to the PSU placement and small 90mm fan. My...
Lemon juice and a fine tooth brush and scrub away. Then I like to rinse with distilled water and use compressed air to blow out all the channels.
Have you bled the air out of your loop? How many blocks do you have? what are your system specs? more information please.
Man those things must make a bit of noise. I had triple reference 680s and during gaming at load and benchmarks those things were like a jet aircraft taking off. My Titans were similar but now they are all under water and man does it make a difference, load temps never exceed 55c and the system is almost inaudible which is what I like. Water cooling can be very costly if you go full custom, mine probably cost all said and done near enough to 3K between blocks, fans, rads,...
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