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I actually like that case. I'd probsbly buy one just for kicks if i could get one separately. Also anyone know where I can get one of those NVIDIA 3 way sli connectors?
IMO putting any sort of solids in your loop no matter how fine your are asking for trouble. Even if it doesnt erode said components it will certainly contribute to clogging especially in blocks and rad channels. Just a bad idea if you ask me.
Welcome fellow Aussie to the best PC forum in existence
Yeah I will I just have to spend more than a few minutes tinkering, damn family life keeps getting in the way of my benching. I have just installed an ax1500i and had a dedicated circuit installed in my house so I'm good to OV the hell out of these suckers! thanks for the advice will try when I get home from work
Hey all A little bit of assistance required. I am trying to flash the Bioses on my three Titans 2x EVGA 1x Gigabyte all vanilla models and underwater. I have got NVflash and GPUZ but whenever I try to backup my stock bioses via GPUZ I get an error saying NVFlash has stopped responding, so I cant create a backup in case of bricking, anyone got any ideas? thanks in advance
I disagree. I am using XSPC Razor blocks for my three Titans and they very rarely break 50C even when benching at 1200+Mhz. Maybe there was just a bad batch going around. EK have had their fair share of issues to.
I feel exactly the same way. I wont be getting new cards unless there are some significant improvements over the vanilla Titans, and I cant see that happening until the mature 8x or 9 series.
Hey dude I'm from Perth also welcome to the community.
Is the pump making any irregular noises or vibrations? I would try to reseat the pump/block first and clean and reapply TIM and make sure its is screwed down firm but not too tight. Feel for vibration to see if the pump is actually running, it may be DOA. May sound silly but did you remove the plastic membrane from the pump/block before installing? I know it sounds silly but I have seen many on this site install it with what is essentially packaging still in...
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