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Nothing wrong? it was a blatant rip off and everyone saw through it. The statement made by CS was prepared by their lawyers not the hard working owners, designers and engineers. If you want to buy a cheap knockoff, do it, and have fun watching it fall apart.
I could never buy a Thermaltake case after the Caselabs incident. I would feel dirty.
yes I can do that as soon as I get home from work.
my panel has a build date of March 2016 and has a little backlight bleed but none of the other defects you mention. I am very happy with my purchase.
Are those even for sale yet? I have never seen that render before. I was also just looking at a few websites advertising the A but they all show the same stand as mine. That also looks like a bit of a dodgy render it looks like the swivel has just been added over the top of the original monitor IMO.
Hrmm thats strange, every X34 I have looked at has the same stand and none of them swivel. How can I tell if mine is 10 or 8 bit?
Mine is an X34 as far as I can tell, what is the difference between mine and an A? these displays cap off at exactly 100hz, the 27 inch model goes up to 144hz so I honestly cant tell you that sorry. I have heard many reviewers and other users say that the difference between 60-100hz is very noticeable but 100-144 not so much.
My X34 has a build date of March 2016 and I can report it has no scan lines, will OC to 100hz without issue, no dead pixels or coil whine. It does however have a little backlight bleed which I dont have an issue with as it is quite minimal.
I'm hanging out for the Titan P or whatever it will be called. That will be my next upgrade.
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