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Ive never been a fan of thermaltake but I don't mind this. But then again I could just go for a caselabs.
Hello all As the title states I am looking at downsizing from the 900D in my sig to something that can house two Titans and watercooled CPU. I am looking for a smallish form fact case that I can mount enough rad to for sufficient cooling. So far I have looked at a Parvum, InWin Dframe and prodigy. If anyone has built a similar system could provide some advice/feedback or even alternative cases that would be appreciated thanks all.
Off topic but where do you have your rads mounted on that Dframe chassis?
Maybe this question has already been answered but how big was the Vodka soda to get that amount of coverage? I mean a rig that big (I've got a loaded up 900D with three Titans and four screens) and I tell you what, that would have to be a Vodka soda explosion to cover all of that. Whatever the case I hope you get some of the gear up and running again, I know if one of my friends did that he would end up in the trunk of my car. My condolences.
Awesome build man absolutely awesome.
Nah I don't do anything hardcore anymore I barely even game on it much less anything else. In saying that I would still like something I can OC and I definitely plan to get a small case eg Prodigy or similar and squeeze in a Rad or two for some OCing and general noise reduction. Once a watercooler I just cant go back to a big bulky aircooler.
Yes this I know its like a highly customized car, most who appreciate that type of rig have probably already built one themselves or are planning to, hrmm looks like Ill be stripping down the beast. +REP
Cheers. My plan should I choose to part out would be to keep one Titan and downsize processor to quad 4790K or whatever comes next. I just hate seeing my monster rig sitting there gathering dust. the times I used to game I now spend at the gym and the occasional download. I might put it out there and see what offers I get on the complete unit as I cant really be bothered pulling it all apart. +REP
As the title states I have slowly become disinterested in gaming and PC use in general in the last six months or so. I have decided to significantly downsize just due to my monster sig rig just not getting used sometimes for days or weeks at a time. I still want a potent rig for gaming but perhaps go to single screen small form factor watercooled system instead. So my back to my question, if you were in my shoes would you part the rig out or try to get a good price for it...
That would be an epic Troll!
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