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I'm currently using Alphacool UT60s and they have been great and despite what people say, I found very little gunk in any of mine when I pre-rinsed them and I was very thorough.
Whoa looks like someone had a serious meltdown. I actually feel for whoever it was, it takes a serious amount of stress to get to that point if those photos are genuine. I've said it before and Ill say it again, whatever they were doing they were doing it right because selection, service and support was always top notch, hope they get back on their feet soon whatever the story.
Crop circles?
I think, at the very least the owner should post an official statement on the company website to address peoples concerns about open orders etc. He doesnt have to provide any personal or situation specific details, just clarification on the operational status of the business, thats all. Ive always had nothing but great experiences with Frozen and honestly hope they get back to business as usual ASAP, I love browsing their website and making impulse purchases in the middle...
Damn this is really sad. I am in Australia and they have always filled my orders promptly and without issue, even upgraded my shipping free of charge a few times when I ordered expensive items just to make sure my gear got to me without damage.
For me it will be a shootout between this and the HTC M9. My Galaxy Nexus from 2011 is getting a little tired.
BF4 ruined it for me. I have not preordered a game since that shamozzle.
Ive never been a fan of thermaltake but I don't mind this. But then again I could just go for a caselabs.
Hello all As the title states I am looking at downsizing from the 900D in my sig to something that can house two Titans and watercooled CPU. I am looking for a smallish form fact case that I can mount enough rad to for sufficient cooling. So far I have looked at a Parvum, InWin Dframe and prodigy. If anyone has built a similar system could provide some advice/feedback or even alternative cases that would be appreciated thanks all.
Off topic but where do you have your rads mounted on that Dframe chassis?
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