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This sucks. Its not like we are purposefully supporting EA's questionable business practices, we just want to play a few games of Battlefield but cant now because of some "hacker" trying to earn a name for himself yay! Good job guys, screwing the people that have already been screwed over by EA.
Ive had a Deathadder black for a couple of years now and its great. Its the only mouse so far that fits my hand just right and no issues with it yet but yrah synapse is crap. I dont think its just Razer that has suffered in the QC department though, pretty much any peripheral I buy these days from any company is pretty much disposable. Just keep those receipts.
I've been running an XSPC Raystorm copper edition for my 3930k for about a year. And before that on my 980X and always had great performance, even benching at 5Ghz + its just an all round solid performer.
This gives me so much satisfaction. I am so sick of games being released broken and unfinished and not just by Ubisoft either. The BF4 release was such a disappointment, hopefully game developers and publishers will actually take notice now that its had a serious financial impact. I hope that Farcry 4 wont be a disaster like this. This disaster has given the PC gaming community some Unity!
Don't like it but if they're going to make it they should just use a single Monsta 360 or 480 in that box instead of three tiny little 120s, that would be a more effective solution. Oh and yeah there's still the issue of getting those three cards through the drive bays. Silly product.
Yeah I'm with you. I've still got a Galaxy Nexus which is 4.65. I just don't want a 5+ inch phone. Do they not see that not all people want to carry a bathroom tile around in there pocket.
Damn that is one horrible logo!
All monitors are using DVI dual link for the 27's and single for the IPS. I just had a look at that guide cheers man I'll let you know how it turns out Update- it should work according to that guide but unfortunately don't have a spare display port cable laying around around and the IPS panel doesnt have HDMI so I'll just have to wait until I get a dp cable cheers for the tip.
So as the title suggests I currently have the three Monitors listed in my sig but lastnight I bought a Dell u2311h IPS monitor for battlemap, temps, frames etc. I have the WSGF quad monitor stand and have the new (well new to me monitor) mounted above the 27s. When I do this I can only configure it in a 1x4 configuration which essentially treats the top monitor as the monitor on the outer left. Does anyone know how I can configure it so it is in a 1 over 3 topology, so...
Really? I played lastnight on a couple of local aussie servers and the lag spikes were horrible. I have been on a hiatus from BF4 for a few weeks only playing the odd game now and then and I gotta say, I'm still disappointed by how this game has turned out. I had such a great time with BF3.
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