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What I use for my current loop partly because at the time I built it I couldn't get a tap or ball valve anywhere, is a Quick disconnect fitting at the lowest point at the back of the lowest radiator, and then obviously another QDC and some hose for draining into a bucket or bottle. I would simply open the fill cap that goes into the top of my Res and plug in the QDC down the bottom, then tilt it slightly to drain and leave it for a day.In regards to preventing spillage...
Welcome to the best forum on the web:thumb:
There's just something so uniquely satisfying about playing as a meth head is his underwear and hosing down a beach full of hippies with a minigun, damn I love Trevor:D
Id like to see the 1500 hp direct drive Koeniggsegg Regera that would be really cool.
yes i am currently running it across three screens but even a few years ago when i got my first Titan was playing Max Payne 3 on a single screen and using 4.6gb of Vram maxed out settings.
Im currently running GTA V at almost max settings and using 5.5gb of Vram, so games are definitely starting to use it and it doesnt hurt to have more especially higher res.
Just my opinion here but if you can spring for a Titan X, do it. The prices for vanilla Titan was steep at the time but damn over two years later and Im yet to play any game that can push these cards to their limit. Maybe even wait a little for the 980ti which unless im mistaken is slated to have 6gbs of Vram and probably significantly cheaper than Titan X.
Meh whats another 10% we already pay through the nose for everything anyway.
Cheers man that was driving me nuts +1 rep
Anybody know how to cycle through purchased weapons of the same type with a mouse a keyboard?
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