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I want a set in infrared.
I really cant see any games coming out at least within the next 1-2 years that will even make these things break a sweat.
MEH! I've got three good Titans I'm good till Volta. Such incremental gains wouldn't even be worth draining my loop.
Thanks for the input all. It seems that only one of the hot swap connections actually works. I ended up removing my HDD because it finally failed a couple of days ago and I just installed my old Vertex 2 in its place. Soon I am getting more SSDs and will be removing the drive cage assembly altogether and hopefully hiding all of them around the back for a cleaner look.
what do you need 32gbs of RAM for?
Hello all I am currently running a 256gb Samsung Pro and a samsung 2TB something which is failing. Anyway back on topic, I have an old OCZ Vertex 2 which has always worked great and is still fully functional but not currently in use due to the new sammy replacing it as my boot drive. My PC will not detect it, it will detect anything else I plug in but not that drive. I recently plugged it into the spot where my PRO is and it worked so I formatted it to get rid of the old...
Had a round of Operation Mortar lastnight and had fun, thought the level design was pretty cool. I actually thought it was running really smooth for a change, usually its a bit choppy NS was butter smooth.
I agree with this completely. I am obviously a multi GPU user and testing my sig rig under load it is pulling a little under 1200 watts from the wall. I, like my many others in here plan to get X99 Octocore Extreme and OC the hell out of it and add 3-4 GPUs so I need all the power I can get. Keep up the good work George and BRING ON THE OVERKILL!
Can you not get into Bios when the GPU is connected? what happens when you boot up? have you tried running off the integrated graphics rather than GPU output just to get into the bios? also check the cpu heatsink fan is connected that has caused me issues in the past.
Personally I like the UT60s- I have two 480s and the are great Rads with low fin density where the SR1s have higher fin density and are still good but I prefer the UT60s. You cant go wrong with GT AP15s but they are getting harder to find as I believe that that they have stopped production. Get a D5. I got two naked Alphacool D5s and they are powerful and almost completely inaudible, arguably the best pumps around. I would personally try to stick to copper and keep all...
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