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Resale value is generally terrible as with most generational computer components. And yes the Swiftech unit is die only cooling not full cover. Water blocks have always been model and generation specific except in the where some blocks will fit diffierent reference cards like 1070 and 1080 cross compatibility but only on reference boards. Are blocks for the Zotac available? I have never seen one? My 1080 isny under water yet and its freaking me out, il not used to cards...
Full cover blocks only last one generation. Swiftech i think makes a universal GPU block.
Over here in Australia they currently cost $150.AIB boards usually have more or better power phases for increased overclock headroom. All GPUS have different overclock potential such is the silicon lottery.
I just got a Gigabyte gtx1080 G1 gaming. Blocks for these specifically seem to be quite easy to get. Just make sure that when selecting one you check that blocks are available. Where I am from blocks are available for Asus Strix series, Gigabyte G1 series, Galax HOF series and of course reference cards. Just check whats available before purchasing a 1080, HAVE FUN:thumb: 1080,s and blocks Asus Strix -...
Looks fantastic, subbed.
Just get one. There is and always will be something new around the corner. I just got a 1080 myself after running three Titans for the last 3 years and I have no regrets.
Stuff this i couldnt wait any longer and bought a 1080 to tie me over until HBM2 cards come out. Im sick of waiting for AMD and nvidia to make the next move.
Anybody in here running this game on a single 1080 on an Ultrawide? Reason is I just bought a 1080 and I have an X34 Predator, I am wondering what kind of frames I can expect with a single 1080,any insight would be great, cheers.
I wish they would add proper 21:9 support as well. Modded 21:9 just never seems to work or look as good as it should.
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