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I would say the wait for $$$ Citizen continues. Sure for 5.99 EUR, not for 59.99 EUR where many expect a full game with features not a stripped down sandbox demo [/quote]true and I would have extremely dissapointed if the game wasnt a gift and I paid actual money for it.
I get value out of this game when I sit down with my five year old son, fly spaceships and chase dinosaurs. The flight physics are so idiot proof a five year old can fly around and not crash, its great entertainment for the kids.
Welcome brother
I replaced my 1080P 144hz surround setup with this monitor and I can say, while the price is steep, it is absolutely worth it. Absolutely top notch piece of tech.
I thinks it's just pot luck. They are the same panel but I believe the 2016 built panels don't seem to have as many defects. The shops will sell you whatever they have in stock hopefully it's a 2016 panel. The X34P would be differently labelled because it has a swivel stand and more curve.Long shot but maybe you could ask for a 2016 panel if they can tell that from the box or batch.
I'm not too worried about the fps issues but fixing the shadow issues is priority for me. Especially when I'm in my settlements that have lots of well placed lighting and everything is in permanent shadow unless I am staring directly at the ground is ruining my game.
yes that's right backbreaker is what I'm using and I have tried using one card and also sli. I have always had average performance even when I played at 1080P before the upgrade. I am upgrading soon to a single Titan X.
cheers Emett.
What frame rates are people typically getting while playing F04? My FPS had always been pretty low like 30-60fps is this normal?
Whilst I completely agree that the price is absolutely too high and I'm pretty disappointed that they held back on HBM2. I want a single card solution that will be able to drive my 3440x1440 X34 at high framerates for the next three years. And my card will absolutely be under water just like my current OG Titans. In Australia we get gouged on everything we currently pay $1200-$1300 for a 1080 so I can't afford the extra $400-$500 for an SLI setup so single Titan XP it is.
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