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Hey Buddy Just a couple of things that I would do differently. I would use a pump and res combo like the EK one I have linked below. I have heard lots of negative things about the Raijintek unit you have purchased, I have pasted just one example below. If that was a setup I was building I wouls...
Nice work.
Is this final assembly?
I am the one wondering why they are even still in business?
I cant wait to play this in about 18 months time when they get it to work properly.
I'm having a really persistant issue at the moment, i have built up Sanctuary as my main trading settlement. I have used the build limit glitch several times already. I have built multi level concrete mansion and when I try to modify it, I get a crash to desktop almost everytime. Anybody else experiencing a similar issue? Any fixes, tips etc? Cheers.
Anyone elses game crashing heaps more than before the last patch?
awesome cheers + rep
Hey all what's the best way to display collected weapons in your houses and settlements? Seems a waste to keep all thousands of awesome captured weapons stored away in my workshop.
Really nice work mate.
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