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I'm loving this game. I have had absolutely zero issues with it so far at almost max settings, even on tri sli which I expected to cause a few issues. I know it took a long time to get released but it feels like they actually took their time to get it right, like back in the day when you could buy a game and it just worked straight out of the box without having to apply loads of patches and fixes, good job Rockstar.
I downloaded the game day one and it runs perfectly, probably the smoothest launch I've seen since the N64 days. Seriously no issues at all for me even on tri SLI.
I must say I'm impressed how well this run on my Tri SLI setup. I was expecting more glitches and bugs but so far only one that shows 18Gbs of Vram in the settings menu rather 6 as per one GPU but I have settings on very high and so far no issues, admittedly only a few hours into the game but all running really smooth. I can see a marathon session coming up this weekend:D
I've always liked the NZXT phantom for looks and value.
I think you need to try out a few different mice until you find the one that you like the most, ergonomics is very subjective.
Good choice on the XSPC Raystorm block it is a great performer, even though I have the copper edition without the lighting its always performed very well under high load during bench-marking sessions. I also have the XSPC GPU blocks and cant fault them either. Good Luck and rest up you've got many late nights ahead of you.
Yeahyeah no worries if you were closer I would have given it to you so you didn't use that H100 rad. You probably should fill in your location in your profile.
OP where are you located? I have a HW labs stealth 240 in great condition that's been sitting on my desk forever if you want it, you can have it super cheap, let me know.
In a word...yes.
Yes I used to be like that but once I built this rig which will max anything without breaking a sweat, and every CPU and GPU released since has offered only incremental improvements its just not worth it unless its just for epeen. I would start by building yourself a nice custom loop and and maybe upgrading your GPUs as they will give you some more performance in game, but still they are more than enough for today's best offerings.
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