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Damn that is one horrible logo!
All monitors are using DVI dual link for the 27's and single for the IPS. I just had a look at that guide cheers man I'll let you know how it turns out Update- it should work according to that guide but unfortunately don't have a spare display port cable laying around around and the IPS panel doesnt have HDMI so I'll just have to wait until I get a dp cable cheers for the tip.
So as the title suggests I currently have the three Monitors listed in my sig but lastnight I bought a Dell u2311h IPS monitor for battlemap, temps, frames etc. I have the WSGF quad monitor stand and have the new (well new to me monitor) mounted above the 27s. When I do this I can only configure it in a 1x4 configuration which essentially treats the top monitor as the monitor on the outer left. Does anyone know how I can configure it so it is in a 1 over 3 topology, so...
Really? I played lastnight on a couple of local aussie servers and the lag spikes were horrible. I have been on a hiatus from BF4 for a few weeks only playing the odd game now and then and I gotta say, I'm still disappointed by how this game has turned out. I had such a great time with BF3.
Is it just me or have they reduced the maximum altitude of the scouts? They just seem to get really gutless and some maps you can't even fly over some low buildings.
EBay or Amazon but usually they just come with the mobo, I know all my previous boards did.
I haven't read the whole thread however I have been checking in on this monster from time to time. Sorry dude I gotta say sometimes you just have to pay that extra $5 for insurance. I ordered a couple of titans from frozencpu when they came out and they looked at my order and just upgraded it to FedEx priority just because they did trust USPS international with $2000 package. my case was unique in that the person handling my shipping took the initiave and cost to ensure I...
No it doesnt have to be 60mm thick even an XT45 480 with push pull would yield better temps. As for the TIM, I have tried many different brands and the difference is negligible at best. If you can fit it go for more RAD.
Personally I would add another radiator like a UT60 480mm or 360mm rad. I just don't think 2 x 280mm rads is enough, I mean it's right on the limit but personally I prefer to have more rad space than less. Regardless those temps aren't bad but they could be better with more rads and fans.
Yeah I found it tedious just flushing my three, cant imagine flushing ten Monstas, better set aside a whole day. Good luck dude
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