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My thoughts exactly, are you going to leave all your watercooling gear external?
what are you playing?
Not surprised at all. I've had a few of their products over the years and they all failed very early and the customer service was outright terrible. Good riddance.
I was given a Cyborg RAT 9 as a gift once. That was thing had poor tracking, terrible ergonomics, terrible battery life and and just all round poor build quality.
Ive had 14 2150s running nearly non stop for 3+ years now and no issues with noise or any other defects
Good find. I personally would hold onto it and see what its actually worth to a collector.
Can I ask what you plan on using 4 way SLI for? The reason I ask is because most games don't play any better and in some cases play worse on more than two cards, because scaling and optimisation is so poor. I just sold my three way Titan setup and quite honestly gaming experience on one 1080 is a hell of a lot smoother. Multi card performance seems to get worse with each new driver.
Damn that is a great looking build man congrats.
If I was spending that sort of cash I would have gone for either a Case labs STH10 or the new Phanteks Enthoo Elite which looks great but maybe not big enough for your needs. Case preference is totally subjective though, good luck with the build.
Are my specs not fast enough? I'm running it from a Samsung 840 pro, GTX 1080, 3930K etc. By all means tell me what specs I could improve which would help?
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