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I don't mind reading Wired but I could take it or leave it, and like one of the other posters said there are so many other tech sites that it really means jack.
I wanna preorder the launch DLC but I want to pay extra a lot extra.
So Im thinking of getting rid of my suround setup and going with an ultrawide like an Acer predator X34 or the new Asus ROG monitor which is due out soon, so how much do you think I can get for three VG278HE's in good nick with no dead pixels? I also have a WSGF Ultimate desk stand like this that I might sell with the monitors any idea what I could get? Thanks all for input.
The only games I have played recently that works properly in surround are Battlefield 4 and splinter cell blacklist.Apart from Splinter cell I wont buy or play Ubisoft games purely because I have no faith in them anymore and I am voting with my wallet. I have been able to get Fallout 4 to run in surround but the hud stretches across two screens and I cant sustain over 30 fps which is not playable for me. I am also considering selling all my screens and going with and ultra...
I have to agree with this. I have a triple monitor setup and only the big AAA titles offer any type of native support for 5760x1080 and Fallout 4 on the other hand is an absolute pain to set up in surround. I have edited ini files and used flawless widescreen but still cant get it to run properly in surround, what a shame.
Stick with the original plan, you've come to far to abandon it now. Soldier on, it'll all be worth it in the end.
I was staying at a place called Cheratta lodge in Karratha WA. My neighbor works for Inpex.
Cheers Mate, fortunately I'm not in need of any gear right at the moment. I have bought from both FCPU and PPCS in the past and always found FCPU to be a little quicker and prices a little better, but in saying that I would not hesitate to buy from Performance PCs again either. Sad what happened to such a great shop.I remember getting a stock alert from Frozen at 4 am while I was staying at a mining camp and ordered two EVGA Titans and had them shipped out 2 hours later...
The phone orders arrangement makes it a completely unviable option for international customers like myself. Making an international phone call in the middle of the night to order a water block is just not going to happen, sorry guys online or no business.
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