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If I was in the market for a full tower now I would check out the Phanteks Enthoo Elite but it will be pricey ~$800.
Why would they even do this? what is the damn point?
I world try to buy one locally if you can. The box is huge and will be a pain to return of there is any issues. That's what I did and thankfully had no issues. They are selling these locally in Australia for $1300.
Mine does not have any flickering.
I concur, we need pictures even dodgy phone pics would help.
Are you going to block your GPU as well?
Please explain?
I've had one for months and read countless forum posts and from what I can tell 100HZ is the absolute ceiling of these panels.
Why dont you get rid of the AIO and install a thicker 360 rad in front that will cool both cards and CPU?
Nice work the finish line is so close, you can do it.
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