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Just buy it its epic.
give it time, scientists get hungry to.
Is there anything that lasers cant do?
I tend to agree. I am running the game on Ultra settings on one Titan at stock clocks and frames are butter smooth. I would like it if SLI and surround worked out of the box, but for now I am happy playing on one screen.
OK I guess I'm lucky that I haven't seen that one yet. I got a slow walk bug briefly after I got my legs blown off and re-spawned, but that only lasted until the next restart. Fingers crossed I don't get any major issues.
What terminals are people getting stuck on?
I am 15 hours in and aside from the 16:9 resolution issue which I quickly sorted out, I haven't had any other significant bugs, certainly nothing game breaking. I am super happy with the game otherwise and can see myself losing 200+ hrs in the wasteland.
I cant even get this game to run on full screen in high quality. Whenever I use borderless mode in 16:9 it defaults to 800x500 but 16:10 runs in high quality on about 90% of the screen and leaves a strip of about 100mm on one side of desktop. Anyone else having this issue?
Dont just add more coolant, take my advice above and try dislodge the air stuck in the top rad by tilting your whole case so that the any air the top rad will have to move UP towards the outlet port. Once you get it to the outlet port it will get push d through the loop and into the rez.
Power up your pump, tilt your whole case so the any air will move up toward the outlet in the top RAD. Once you do this have your pump on maximum and give it a few knocks, this should dislodge any air trapped in the top RAD. You will know when it is pushed out because you res will look like it has red creaming soda in it and the level will drop significantly when all coolant gets sucked into the blocks and rads. Once it sucks in all the coolant quickly turn off the pump...
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