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I had the same issue last night, that was for a limited time until Punkbuster kicked me out then I threw in the towel and went to bed.
Dude no offence but rather than raising it on here why dont you just take some pictures and talk to PPCs, it might have been a legit mistake.
Jeez they have been available in Australia for weeks.
This has to be some sort of parody surely. Honestly I could have done better shooting on my SGS6, absolutely awful!
just alt tab then click on the battlescreen and drag to your fourth monitor. I do it sometimes but curiously get a bit of lag when running the battle map on my fourth screen. Not sure why.
Man I love this game. Haven't played it in years but great game, I might actually reinstall it tonight.
Quick question and maybe it has already been answered, but I noticed Thermaltake on the sponsors banner but I don't see a single TT component in the list, what exactly is their contribution?
Dont think so mate. Chrome was causing lots of issues for me so I switched back to IE and been running smooth ever since.
If you want people to help you you need to provide more information e.g. type of case and maybe a picture or two of what you intend to cut.
Corsair 900D
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