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You cant just refuse delivery, I mean you can but its pretty low, especially if the board is as advertised and you have made a conscious decision to buy it. You just have to suck it up, receive it maybe give it a go and or just resell it, after all its not the sellers problem you didn't do your research before hitting the buy button.
Question for anyone with an AX1500i. Just got my unit and gotta say I'm pretty dissapointed with the included cables. Their the flat type like the old Coolermaster PSUs had/have and feel kinda cheap compared to the older sleeved ones that came with my AX1200 anyone agree? Now over to my main question, I have three Titans to power plus a sound card and Supplementary PCIE 6 pin why does this thing only come with 4X 6+2 PCIE cables and two of those pigtail cables with two...
For what its worth I've been using MS essentials for nearly 10 years and have only picked up one virus. That was only picked up due to me ignoring my "code" and caving in to the wife's nagging to download some romantic comedy years back. But that's it, and I would consider myself a heavy web user.
Cheers +REPCheers +REPThanks all for help, pretty nooby on my part but just never had that issue before
Thanks all I'll have a go when I'm back in front of my rig.
So as the title suggests, I have a new SSD, an OCZ Vector 128gb which was on clearance so I grabbed it. Anyway I have the drive installed, it is visible in the Bios and Device Manager can see it but I cannot access it via My computer, what gives? any ideas? Im using Win 7 64bit, all specs are sig below, thanks all.
Nice rig dude really nice rig.
Seriously it looks like a toaster.
I know that when I played max payne 3 on ultra settings in surround I was using 4.5GBs of Vram.
Personally I would step up to the 6gb card just because games are starting to use more and more Vram and you can always OC the hell out of it but have double the Vram at the same time, my two cents.
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