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To be honest I think some things are just better off being built by machines.
I cant speak for the older titles but BF4 is still well populated.
I have absolutely no faith in this launching in any sort of playable state, none at all.
I always liked just cause games because they dont take themselves too seriously and they are just fun.
Hey OP whats happening with the GPU cooling? arent you getting a custom manifold fabricated? sorry, I havent checked in on this thread lately, keep up the good work
I would probably just sell those two 660s and get a single 980 and call it a day for another two years.
Not really sure it was up for preorder as i recall.
I would wait and get three of these.
Any chance in a few pictures? I have a 900D.
Yeah 1.22 @ 4ghz is pretty good. I reckon you could push it a little higher like 4.2-4.4 I recommend doing a bit of research and learning how to overclock manually, as I used software OC before I learned a few things and found out my chip was capable of higher clocks with a lot less voltage. Good luck and have fun. Also what cooling system are you using?
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