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So much of this! I seem to get stability for a while and then a patch comes and it doesn't work or starts crashing again. Its never ending with this game and I really want to like it but damn its inconsistent.
The scary thing is they actually did distributed beta testing for Unity, because a friend of mine was one of the testers. He told me months before it came out what a disaster it was but we both chalked that up to its a beta test right? the finished product wont have any of these issues right? ...wrong, their still there.
Yeah same. The cost of entry was high but they certainly provide value in longevity. I honestly cant see myself upgrading for quite some time.
Anyone else having issues when trying to get into a multiplayer match and it says BF4 has stopped working? just in the last couple of days. I know EA servers got DDos'd maybe that's got something to do with it but haven't been able to get into a game since Friday night.
In the building industry we call it PC or practical completion, meaning that the apartment or building is habitable, in that it has the basics but the defect period usually extends for several months after PC. Principal contractors are trying to meet contractual obligations by using a technicality.
This sucks. Its not like we are purposefully supporting EA's questionable business practices, we just want to play a few games of Battlefield but cant now because of some "hacker" trying to earn a name for himself yay! Good job guys, screwing the people that have already been screwed over by EA.
Ive had a Deathadder black for a couple of years now and its great. Its the only mouse so far that fits my hand just right and no issues with it yet but yrah synapse is crap. I dont think its just Razer that has suffered in the QC department though, pretty much any peripheral I buy these days from any company is pretty much disposable. Just keep those receipts.
I've been running an XSPC Raystorm copper edition for my 3930k for about a year. And before that on my 980X and always had great performance, even benching at 5Ghz + its just an all round solid performer.
This gives me so much satisfaction. I am so sick of games being released broken and unfinished and not just by Ubisoft either. The BF4 release was such a disappointment, hopefully game developers and publishers will actually take notice now that its had a serious financial impact. I hope that Farcry 4 wont be a disaster like this. This disaster has given the PC gaming community some Unity!
Don't like it but if they're going to make it they should just use a single Monsta 360 or 480 in that box instead of three tiny little 120s, that would be a more effective solution. Oh and yeah there's still the issue of getting those three cards through the drive bays. Silly product.
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