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Anyone elses game crashing heaps more than before the last patch?
awesome cheers + rep
Hey all what's the best way to display collected weapons in your houses and settlements? Seems a waste to keep all thousands of awesome captured weapons stored away in my workshop.
Really nice work mate.
20 years ago when I was a kid Sony was number 1 and Samsung was considered generic.. oh how things change.
My local PC shop is advertising these for $3200AUD!
What gets me about the FrozenCPU situation is, what do they have to lose by directly addressing the watercooling community and at the very least making an apology to those who lost out? Sure its not going get them their money back any quicker, but at least it will start to rebuild some trust from the community. By keeping their heads in the sand they are just delaying the inevitable failure of a crippled business. Come clean and begin rebuilding slowly or stay quiet,...
I wouldnt use an adblocker if the ads werent so invasive and annoying, by allowing ad agencies to use these strategies they have made their own bed as far as Im concerned.
I believe they bought Saitek. I was given a RAT9 for Christmas some years ago and the batteries would last maybe 3 months until they bloated and died. They replaced the firat set after dozens of emails and then the second set failed, and they just stopped responding to emails, terrible customer service and quality.
Having used many different types of cleaning solutions for flat panel screens over the years.In my opinion the best is definitely just a mildly damp micro fibre cloth and then a secondary cloth to wipe off any excess moisture.
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