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Nice work the finish line is so close, you can do it.
is anyone else getting a strobing effect after the latest update? all white text and textures are strobing like mad, its driving me insane.
This rubbish is the reason I haven't pre ordered a game in years, its totally anti consumer.
This will probably be my next card after I sell these dinosaurs.
Damn look at that weird little thing. I hope it scales well on a large screen. I honestly couldn't see myself using that much for mobile gaming, maybe on holidays or something. Its definitely very niche.
mine runs at 100 non stop without any issues.
My conspiracy theory goes like this - They raised the price of the X34 because the ROG PG348Q is/was $1799 and they weren't selling. People that do a little research only discover they both have the same panel except the ROG has some shinier plastic and fancier back panel for an extra $210. Just a theory.
Has anybody else noticed a price hike on X34s lately? I bought mine 4-5 weeks ago for $1589AUD a friend of mine went to buy one and they have gone up to $1749 has this happened anywhere else or just Australia?
I just had quick look at the comments on WCCFTech and damn that place is a cesspool.
Noodles, more like tweezers.
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