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Wow, they're not giving any discounts, are they!  Has anyone found a good low profile alternative?
Has anyone found a source for the Crucial Ballistix 2 x 2 GB other than Newegg (in the US)?  They say the kit is discontinued.  Anyone find a good replacement?  Anyone got some they'd like to sell?
I'm away for a few days and look at what I (almost) missed.  Now I just need to get everything put together by the 13th!
I'm a little slow but congrats on 50!  
  Yea, I had a long run of 6901's which are not bad for PPD if they keep coming, but then I got several 8101 that pushed me past the end of the foldathon.  And then I look over at HFM and _now_ Spartacus gets a 8103 ....   Next month, I'll have some new toys and will try to make it more of a challenge. Cheers to all the participants! 
Question for other 2P/4P bigadv folders out there:  are you seeing alot of the old 6901 WU?  I've got them folding on all 3 rigs now!?
      I would also recommend these--I've got 3 and planning on a 4th soon as Spots gets his open frame SWTX tray done.
I'm in as always
  Wow, I don't check the forum for 24 hours and look who shows up--welcome back!  
Nice to see a long list of names.  Congrats all 
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