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still need another volunteer? i can help out for the weekend if needed
count me in for a Doom/UT4 tournament!
very cool!
one day when i tried to turn on the computer it would not turn on with my card in it. (powers on for a fraction of a second, then failsafe kicks in.) then when i try to turn it on several times, while i'm doing it i see a light in the case and one of the chips sparks and plastic melts a little on the chip. i have another dead Fury card, would it be possible if i could solder off the burnt chip, transplant the affected chip(s) or is the root cause something else?
does anyone know how to repair AMD Fury's? i voided the warranty and need to repair some
the catch is you have to suffer with AMD's crappy display drivers lol
$699.99 CDN (equivalent to $497 USD) perfect for 4K gaming
just went and decided to order a CableMod C-Series set now. i cant believe i spent so much money on cables... but it would come out like buying two 8-pin pci-e cables separately would almost be the same price as buying a set that also included them, so thought that i'd may as well go for the basic set with atx and everything
hmm, you're probably right... except shipping fees to Canada sucks
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