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390/390X will not be Fiji but in fact Hawaii rebranded (Grenada) cards... so i think we need a new Fiji and Fiji X Information and Owners Club thread.
since 12K gaming (3x1 SLS) is starting to be more common now, i was wondering about 15K? so is it possible to do 3x1 Eyefinity with the Dell 5K UP2715K display (needing six DP 1.2 ports)? i ask this because i have access to three 5K displays, but just need to bring in my hardware to play. (and GTA5)
leaked specs from WCCFT guys... source:
it's been confirmed in an interview recently about HBM that the VRAM for first gen of HBM based cards will be 4GB
when will this card get freesync? sad its not working with dual-gpu card yet
if anyone's interested in a Toronto LAN, Anime North is having one right now this weekend. sadly i won't be going tho's a disgrace to lans to still call it "ExtravaLANza"so ExtravaLANza 2016 in Toronto?
red team confirmed: and for green team's next card also!
i contacted my friend again, and looks like he mistaken one of the HDMI ports to be a DP, so there's in total 3x DP and 1x HDMI ports on the next-gen upcoming reference card. i can't say which company, but it's from the one that's more likely to release their next-gen cards sooner if u know what i mean.this sux...
i went looking for a 1440p Korean monitor at the local computer shops when i was in Seoul, S. Korea a few months ago and couldn't find one... they had 4k/uhd, but were expensive
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