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did anyone go?
hot deal!
shows $399? is the sale over?
can someone confirm? i know this GTX 770 is already on clearance and they stopped making it.
isn't Sandisk Extreme 2 better than 840 Pro now? 840 Pro seems like a waste of money to me...
ok, thanx! repped
can anyone confirm? I just ordered this PNY now from Amazon to SLI with my MSI one after one of you guys said it will be alright... also they're both 2GB VRAM. should i cancel my order or am i fine?
the MSI Twin Frozr IV GTX 770 is a good card! I got it for the same price.
tempting... my current Gigabyte X79S-UP5-WIFI has giving me some problems lately, even with latest firmware. (why won't they fix this ****ty board!)
$309 is nice for a 3-fan GTX 770 card. could I SLI this 3-fan PNY GTA 770 card with my MSI Twin Frozr IV GTX 770 card?
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