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5K is a waste for gaming imo... better results just to run your Dell/Apple 5K monitor with 4K resolution and add in minor anti-aliasing. in reality you will not notice the difference at all with 5K unless you have a 150"+ screen, and you need double the power needed for 4K to run games in 5K which is not worth it. and another one for CS:GO...
who is excited for ExtravaLANza 2015 in Toronto tomorrow?
the public event (partner booths, free play machines, VR, etc.) is from noon to 6pm Saturday only. don't think you need to register for the public event tomorrow, only for spectating the e-sports portion.
nice to see more content available to watch on our 5K monitors. youtube resolution is always like 2/3rd the real resolution of videos anyways, so 8K is like 5.333K resolution.
nobody posted this yet? looks like the inside of a Corsair Graphite 600T White case...
leaked pic of die (with TIM still on to protect NDA)
390/390X will not be Fiji but in fact Hawaii rebranded (Grenada) cards... so i think we need a new Fiji and Fiji X Information and Owners Club thread.
since 12K gaming (3x1 SLS) is starting to be more common now, i was wondering about 15K? so is it possible to do 3x1 Eyefinity with the Dell 5K UP2715K display (needing six DP 1.2 ports)? i ask this because i have access to three 5K displays, but just need to bring in my hardware to play. (and GTA5)
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