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great event! i already miss it... thank you Rikk again for the Rocket League! we definitely need more events like these
the lineup to get food/drinks is always long... those food guys are making a killing today
i think the BYOC drop off on south side?!directions/lam7s
looks like the Rocket League championship finals will be streamed during the same weekend... git gud!
so not enough table space? that's ok... i'll bring my 27" and settle for 1440p gaming
it's pretty much downtown so there should be some food options in the nearby area there should be enough room to bring my 40" monitor? i have a smaller one that i can bring, so either way i'm excited for the casual LAN and rocket league tournament!
are we doing anything for the Dreamhack in Montreal coming up?
still need another volunteer? i can help out for the weekend if needed
count me in for a Doom/UT4 tournament!
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