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need 27"-30"+ to enjoy 4K... but thanks.
i am surprised that Intel is suggesting to RAID the SSDs in the product description...
i'm interested in Acer's 2560x1440 G-Sync monitor offering. i'm fine with it for 60Hz if it's under $600-700.
no reason to get those crappy Korean monitors anymore now... are they going to make a version of this with an LED panel instead of LCD? is there VESA mounting holes? also what's the release date for Canada?
i don't think these guys are going to make their Kickstarter goal in time...
so the big question is... when's the next Toronto OCN LAN event gonna be?
i was asking Sapphire about their warranty at their booth earlier. it wasn't clear but i think they said they had an RMA warranty centre in Canada or not? and if you have to pay to return ship for an RMA? i might get a Sapphire card in the future so was wondering.
please allow us to bring our own food and drinks at least. the food trucks did not stay long, i think they're only here only a few hours and were gone before around 4 pm, and we didn't have a ride to go anywhere to get food. (got dropped off and picked up.) so plz next time allow this for us. everything about the event was great other than this minor issue.
^ but only a little mantle... lol! well my pals were forcing me to play PoE, i didn't even get a chance to... sorry about that
casual PoE ftw! along with infinite loading screen and everything (dat backlight bleed on the Korean monitor...)
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