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NVIDIA Announces Record Revenue for Q3 FY 2016 Here’s Why NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) Stock Is Soaring Right Now poor AMD... haha
What are everyone's thoughts on the new "Radeon Settings" screen in the new Radeon Software Crimson drivers which will be replacing the old Catalyst Control Center (CCC2)?
some Fury X2 news...
damn, uses up to 2.5x more power at 165Hz compared to 120Hz Testing GPU Power Draw at Increased Refresh Rates using the ASUS PG279Q
i want this monitor so bad, but with exchange rate it would cost over $1200 Canadian after tax and eco fees
i think it's more that computer enthusiasts are a dying breed. everyone's getting busy, having jobs, with no time for overclocking/modding/building, and people are simply switching to laptops and tablets nowadays. was hoping Win10 would shake things up but MS is not really helping with their silly antics.
seems like forums is dying lately
thanks for the response! full waterblocks seem a bit much, as that would mean ~$500+ just on waterblocks alone. can i go just for the cheaper waterblocks that just could cover the GPU (cools the HBM VRAM also, since it's on the same chip) and put tiny sinks, or separate mosfet watercooling strips, on the VRM MOSFETs instead? i'd imagine it could drop the price on the GPU waterblocks down to at least $200. and i already have a Corsair 800D full-tower case, Iwaki marine...
i have four R9 Fury fan cooled cards and i was wondering what's the best way to cool them for a quad-fire setup? i ask this in water cooling as i probably should go for the water cooling route... so what are the water block options available? do i need several radiators to cool four cards? now that overclocking/volt modding for Fury is becoming possible i want to leave room for this possibility as well.
5K is a waste for gaming imo... better results just to run your Dell/Apple 5K monitor with 4K resolution and add in minor anti-aliasing. in reality you will not notice the difference at all with 5K unless you have a 150"+ screen, and you need double the power needed for 4K to run games in 5K which is not worth it.
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