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is the Acer 27" monitor overclockable like the Korean ones? Very Very Hot! (Price Error?)
i want one of these chinese mice for under $20...
Exactly, but I can't take the risk because I cannot exchange... I am from Canada and I can only get to order it to send to my friend within in the U.S., and I can only go to pick it up 30 days from now which will be past the return date and also since I'm only going to visit for a few days I can't exchange.
thanks for the feedback guys... good thing i didn't order
why buy 2 when u can buy 4?
so tempting... but will hold off. Black Friday just around the corner... and also deals in December/January right after Christmas for stuff they couldn't sell.
still tempted... but i wanna hold off until black friday. who thinks we'll get a deal on a better 4K monitor next week? i even don't mind paying more, $400+. wish these had AMD's FreeSync. these are all 4K FreeSync monitors announced:
can you confirm the coupon? i want to buy nao! :S
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