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If it is true that no more white Node 304 will be produced could Fractal Design update their website to show this?I really wanted to get a 304 in white for my new home server but now it back to the drawing board.
Is the White 304 still available? My searching skills brought to an EU seller who want more for shipping than for the white 304. Thanks!
Another great looking board for Intel. Since AMD is set to release Zen in a few months, where in the heck are the new boards for it...AM4?
WW1 and WW2 are way overdone for PC games. I wanted to see a modern game against modern enemies that was realistic.I dont need a modern game to visit something so old. Again, if I want to play a WW1 or WW2 game, I will play BF1942.
If I wanted to play WWI or WWII I would be playing BF1941. Is EA serious? Horses, Zeplins, etc? So long EA!
I would like to see other sources for this information. I searched and I could not find the same information anywhere.
I have been waiting for Zen for a long time now. I have had my HTPC case for the last 8 months and I cant wait to get my HTPC completed. Tired of my main PC as well. No more water cooling for me, ever. Any idea as when we will see AM4 boards?
4 USB 2.0 slots2 USB 3.1 slots1 USB type C2 yellow USB (DAC?)I have a bunch of USB 3.0/3.1 devices so any AMD FX board now would not support it due the 5 year old chipset limitations.I like the M2 slots as well but again the chipset does not support DDR4 (because its so old) so no DDR4.
That board has some of the features I want to see on a new AM4 board. Good to see use of new tech because that means the new tech should land with the new sockets. Once again though, no true USB 3.0, still legacy crap.
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