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Needs more 5.56.
Cant get the picture links. They all look the same but price are $170, $190, and $220. I love the look of $220 Asus, what say
AMD is not skipping the 8000 series. They should skip late this year (in a few months). 9000 series are right behind them. I decided to get a 7790. Cheap enough and should push everything I need. Still using my old 4870 with my A10.
I am going to get a Radeon 7790 instead. It is much more powerfull than my 4870 with a higher GPU clock and higher memory clock. I will not be able to crossfire the iGPU and the dGPU but the dGPU will make up for the difference. I may get another 7790 if prices go down (and if I can hid it from my wife).I would like to water cool the dGPU but I have not been able to find any water blocks that would fit it except for universal ones.
Damn!! Old 4870 got up to 65 FPS in 32 player map multiplayer.That is 50 more than what I get with my A10. I would keep this GPU but it runs too hot, has DX 10, and eats up power.
I have an old Radeon 4870 that I am going to put in my system (A10-6800k at 4.7Ghz) for stuff n giggles. AMD still has a driver for it. 15+ FPS in BF3 or bust!!! (card got 30+ in old comp)
Does any have a PowerColor TurboDuo AX7790 1GBD5-TDH/OC Radeon HD 7790 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 CrossFireX Support Video Card? Looks like a good card for the money. Only going to play BF3. Right now I get a pathetic 15 FPS.
If I go 7770 or 7790 I cant use crossfire.I have been reading the reviews of the 7770 so I am leaning towards that now. Only one review for the 7790 model I selected.I will have to figure out how I can rerun my water cooling loop to fit a GPU. I wish there was a water block for a 7770.
Ok then what about this?Radeon 7790GPU 1075MhzMemory 1500Mhz1GB GDDR5Never mind. I see that the 7790 and 7770 require crossfire bridges. Crap.orRadeon 7770GPU 1000MhzMemory 1125Mhz1GB GDDR5
I am not happy with my FPS in BF3 on low setting. After reading this thread, I see that I may have luck with a 7750. How would you rate this XFX 7750? I wanted something with display port for future monitor. Cheap, $89.99 XFX FX-775A-ZNP4 Express 3.0 x16 AMD GPU Radeon HD 7750 Core Clock 800MHz 512 Stream Processors Effective Memory Clock 1125MHz 1GB Memory Type GDDR5 HDMI x DisplayPort x DVI Warranty 2 years
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