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DETAILS Item: Chic White Galaxy Nexus GT-I9250 GSM Price USD: $257.77 shipped. Condition: 9.9/10, running stock 4.2 rooted. Items included: USB cable (split cable near micro usb end), unused EU charger, US adapter, NEW manual, used headphones, box. SELLING DETAILS: Location: Groton, CT 06340 USA Accepted payment methods: Paypal Willing to ship (domestic/international):US48
Good luck to everyone, I'm in
I have one of these for sale with everything that came in the box, like new! Besides the free XSplit trial. PM me for interest, I can provide pictures upon request.
You can pick up a lightly used T-Mobile S3 online for about $375.
I see that you're also in CT. I get about one bar of LTE on my original Razr and I can pull speeds of 15-20mbps down. 3G in my area however, is alot better than 1 bar coverage.
The Droid Razr M is a great handset. It is a really good representation of what Motorola should be putting out to all carriers. I wouldn't hesitate recommending it to you, especially if you're on a Samsung Fascinate. The Razr M feels great in the hand, the battery life is great, and the specs don't disappoint either.
trade in progress with ssnyder28
To answer your question, it's kind of hard. I'm in the same boat and people have said $150, but you can get one at Microcenter for $99 brand new. Try eBay or the OCN Marketplace once you get enough rep to post there
You should post in the appraisal section next time.
I need some people to play with on PC. My Steam ID is xDriftyy
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