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Any voltage value is safe as long as ICs scale and are decently cooled. In 2012-2013, I ran Samsung at 2.0V for five months in a daily Ivy system and neither the kit nor CPU have lost a single MHz. I also ran stresstests with DDR3 at 2.8V with memory wrapped in tinfoil (just for lolz). It wasn't stable due to heat, but nothing got even slightly damaged.
MSI and PSC:
G3258 / 4770K LN2 tests with decent mem clocks: Yes, up to 2x on some models in some regions.
Optimal value depends primarily on the type of chips in use. If they're of 1Gbit density (single-sided 1GB and dual-sided 2GB modules) then optimal values are usually between 50 and 100 (depending on chip manufacturer, desired frequency and voltage), on 2Gbit optimal tRFC is 100-150 and on 4Gbit it's 250-300 (also dependant on same factors). Given that you're running 88 at DDR3-1600 with 4GB modules (2Gbit density) I would imagine that it will not go much lower than...
ghetto live benching at its finest (potentially damaged board, once damaged RAM stick, no mounts, no thermal paste, no temperature probe, NO insulation, random CBB -50, semi-corrupt OS, retarded peripherals)
Prices for 3000C15 G.Skills have massively risen in EU as well. From 225€ to 381€ since release. Still much cheaper than what Corsair asks for their 3000C15 sets (535€) though. Kingston announced 2400C12, 2666C13, 2800C14 and 3000C15 that all look not bad pricewise (under 300€), but they're not yet released.
testing HyperX Fury with D9QBJ 900MHz / 7-9-9-24 / 1.73V 1000MHz / 8-10-10-27 / 1.65V 1100MHz / 9-11-11-30 / 1.61V 1200MHz / 9-12-11-32 / 1.91V 1200MHz / 10-12-12-32 / 1.58V 1300MHz / 10-13-12-35 / 1.81V 1300MHz / 11-13-12-35 / 1.55V 1400MHz / 11-14-13-36 / 1.74V
They're not Samsung but Hynix 4Gbit MFR. Still a nice choice for the money.
sub 5min55 at 5GHz already done but sandbags are not yet full
Finally got round to properly test my PSC on cold:
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