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Buy a random set or 2400C9 Samsung they said, what can possibly go wrong they said ...
Pentium IMCs seem very nice indeed.
CFR 1466 on Xpower:
As those are 8GB sticks rated DDR3-2666, they must be Hynix MFR (dual-sided). Unless you have a very good set, running 1200MHz CL9 or 1333MHz CL10 with MFR can take more than 1.75V.
Only solution is more voltage.
Check post #3626 In other news, found relative stability with PSC at 1333 8-12-8 on Xpower:
As far as I know, STT based their "high-voltage" 2000C9 sets on 1Gbit Samsung, which haven't been relevant for at least five years now.
Getting 1333 to work with PSC wasn't easy on my setup. It might also be my IMC that doesn't like the MSI board since it behaved like a reject IMC would. I'd have to test it with another CPU (ETA next week) before I could recommend this board.
Fooling around with MOA hardware.
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