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I can't see any basis for DDR4 being twice as fast as DDR3 at same frequency/timings. If anything, it's likely to be slower since DDR4 will only exist in 4Gbit+ densities that require some subtimings to be very loose.Let's say they went a bit too ambitious with some of the specs and Intel's lack of flexibility does not make life any easier for the memory makers.
G.Skill Ares and Team Vulcan are first options that come to mind.
What is the spec of Dominator Platinum kits in question? If it is something low like 1600C9 then it's very likely that modules with a year gap in production will have different chips and not work well together in quad channel.
testing M7G with PSC, G3258: 4770K:
2400C9, no doubt. You will most likely get them to around 8-10-10 at DDR3-2133.
These are ES sticks that Kingston send out for testing. Not even overclockers can keep them.29 August
too bored with DDR3:
The board is not coated so running it in a state shown on the picture is not recommended
TridentX 2666C12 MFR 933MHz / 7-9-8-24 / 1.82V 1066MHz / 8-10-9-24 / 1.84V 1200MHz / 9-11-10-27 / 1.84V 1300MHz / 10-12-11-30 / 1.79V 1333MHz / 11-13-12-32 / 1.65V
Those refer to specific modifications of Elpida chips of 1Gbit density.
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