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I had September-made (week 1537) 3466C16, they were D-die. I think G.Skill have started using E-die from week 1538+, depending on the model.
Tested the 2800C14 Savage the other day. The MHz/volt quality is very good, but handling of the kit is a nightmare. No idea why, but I get lots of random 55-codes at POST on both ASUS and MSI.
I am a little bit skeptical about 1.2V part of the spec. If it turns out to be true, then the sticks should be comparable in terms of IC quality / overclockability to stuff you get on 3333C16 and higher rated kits. Otherwise (case: 1.35V) it's a rather average bin that should be priced accordingly.
Geil White Dragon a bit late to the party. Sad, these are quite good MFR for just 70€ a pair.
Tested two Klevv 2400C11 kits as of late: the Urbane... ...and the Genuine... From my brief experience, it seems that all of Klevv's DDR3 Neo and Urbane kits have similar chip quality irrespective of the bin. The Genuine seem a lot better, but also a lot more expensive. These are my last tests on DDR3. Just two weeks after narrowing all my DDR3 testing hardware down to one CPU and one board, both of them have gone belly up while running HCI Memtest on...
Given what D-die and E-die can/cannot do, I would not ever expect E-die on anything below 3866C19 spec-wise.
Some more results from Samsung E-die. 1800MHz CL10 boots but would need more than 2.20V (which is max of what I can set).
There is also a 2x16GB version announced and no 2x4GB version present. This gives a strong hint that Geil are using (or were planning to use) 8Gbit memory chips on both 2x8GB (single-sided) and 2x16GB (dual-sided) versions.
Geil 3000 13-13-13 have been listed in EU since early June, but in 3.5 months not a single kit was actually available for purchase. Given that these kits are listed as 2x16GB capacity, I'd assume that they're made using 8Gbit memory chips, so chip manufacturer and model is anybody's guess. The 3000C14 version should be nothing special, Corsair have been making this spec for a while now and G.Skill's 3200 15-15-15 spec is actually much harder to achieve.
I'm not sure if AFR will take the retail by storm. Borrowed an ES kit for a few days and it seems that these chips have an inferior MHz/volt scaling at higher CL latencies (CL14+) making Samsung a more favourable option in the ~1.35V range. (unless, of course, pricing or availability of Samsung goes to ****).
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