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Some G.Skill 2400C14 Samsung:
Can you download CPU-Z and post a screenshot of the memory tab?
Judging by the serial number, this is just a very early kit. Snipers have actually looked like this in the first few weeks of production. Your particular kit is Hynix-based (most likely 2Gbit BFR) and should have no issues with doing 1866+.
Wow, I would be royally pissed if I paid $700 for a high-rated kit and got Samsungs. Can they, at least, run 1500 CL11 or 1600 CL12 with lots of voltage? Luke, I ran the M6I with mems on LN2 for four days straight, 16+ hrs per day. At the end of day 4 I had some cold issues and I thought the board is tired. Swapped to a fresh M7I only to have the same so it must have been the mem.
More binning: single channel: dual channel:
800 / 933MHz is the actual frequency, which corresponds to DDR3-1600 / 1866 rated frequency. Everything is fine here.
Two best sticks put together:
Tested these four sticks individually on LN2 tonight. Had absolutely no issues with handling, no CB or CBB.
I am not a Qimonda DDR2 specialist either but I know that OCZ used it on some DDR2-1150 / 1200 modules. Elpida 512Mbit AJBG is the stuff that manufacturers have used on late DDR2-800 3-4-4, DDR2-1000 4-5-x and DDR2-1100+ 5-5-5 kits. It has similar characteristics to DDR3 ICs: CL scaling on voltage is almost linear but tRCD does not scale on voltage at all. I've no idea if you can surely tell if your sticks are AJBG without taking HS off (which on OCZ is very risky) but if...
Most of the 2200C7 kits I had or seen can be classified as "average", at best, I was very lucky to get what I did. Both kits are based on ST PCB, by the way. KO8155 PCB is usually the indicator of better quality ICs compared to ST, but I believe that specs/batch still come foremost.
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