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One of the most common issues about running "new" RAM on "old" Platforms is that new RAM is usually made with high-density chips that require high timings (tRFC in particular) which the old platforms are not able to default to. Could you go to BIOS - Ai Tweaker - DRAM Timing Control page and tell the sixth number that appears in the "1st Information" line ? (for example, it's 60 on this picture) If you see a value significantly below 200 then you could try setting the...
1) All DDR3 that are currently on the market are flashed with a number of JEDEC profiles (with generally safe settings like DDR3-1333 CL9 or DDR3-1600 CL11) purely for the purpose of backwards compatibility. To get anything above those JEDEC values, you either have to load the XMP (the "profile" with kit's specs) or dial the settings in by hand. 2) It is common that memory voltage readout on ASUS Z97 boards exceeds set value by 0.02-0.03V. 3) I see no reason to change...
You can probably get your set to run DDR3-1866 at 8-9-9-27 around 1.65V (which is perfectly safe) or at 9-9-9-27 at 1.50V or less. All you need to do is go into the BIOS and adjust memory frequency, timings and voltage.
@hotrod Seems that your tWCL is 8 so at 1.72V your kit can be classified as "above average", at best. Here are a pair of DDR4 kits that I've recently tested. First up, 3000C15 Samsung Ripjaws. DDR4-2666 quad channel: DDR4-3000 quad channel: DDR4-3000 quad channel with tight subs: DDR4-3333 dual channel: ...and some Dominator Platinum 3200C16 with Hynix. DDR4-2666: DDR4-3000: DDR4-3000 tight: DDR4-3200:
On modern Hynix- and Samsung- based kits tRAS doesn't play too big of a role for either stability or performance, so it can be ran at pretty much any arbitrary value.
Fooling around with KHX3333C17 ES sticks on air: @hotrod717: What tWCL was that?
If SN is of xxxx540xxxxxx form then these are likely to be Hynix (similar to ones on xxxx340xxxxxx, just of different JEDEC bin).
To run memory as DDR3-1866 with a Bloomfield CPU, you'd have to set the uncore (a.k.a. NB or cache) clock to at least 3733MHz. (which in turn requires raising VTT) You can also try running a lower memory multiplier and raising the BCLK.
Best chips on 8GB sticks are Hynix 4Gbit MFR and this is where you are guaranteed to find them (also a very decent spec which guarantees a good bin)
No mods. Just an ES board with you-know-what.
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