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they only tested on the inspiron and the alienware m17x. why didnt they atleast throw in a test on something like an asus g53sx (which runs a gtx560m) opposed to that alienware (which was running the same hardware except for the memory and is running an amd 6990m), as this would not only help put into perspective the difference between a gaming orientated laptop and going all out with the alienware, but also show the difference of the mobile orientated gpus.
knowing how lazy a lot of people are, they will end up leaving it for a couple of years until their pump gets clogged up with gunk. i think its always best just to go for coloured tubing, unless you REALLY want dye and also are willing to maintain your system properly
sucks there had to be a downgrade. what got changed aside from the rads, reservoir, coolant and psu (what i can tell from looking at it). you mentioned the 580's, have you changed them?
Coming Soon: OCCUPY JAVA then: OCCUPY ActiveX jeez, whoever thought flash needs to go is stupid. Flash player is one of the best things to happen to the internet, and telling HTML5 to replace it is like telling a 4 yr old to be president, its just not ready yet.
yeah, that whole fiasco caused by EK. It was EK's own poor plating and they were using PTNuke or other biocides as their scapegoat.anyways, ill leave it at that as otherwise the whole thread will be derailed
this. Local auto shops ALWAYS have distilled water (since often people very serious about cars, including myself, wont run tap water in there), but ive seen it a big supermarket stores as well. Do make sure it is distilled water though, bottled spring water still has tiny traces of bacteria and other impurities that love water cooling loops. And get some Pt Nuke (or equivalent biocide) or a silver killcoil. Then just put either in your loop and your algae worries are...
aswell as 3 or 4 power supplies
one thing i can say thats positive at least this company used a picture of an actual bulldozer instead of a front end loader
"im creative" LOL very nice ad, very funny and true in alot of aspects
looks like a good case, although pricing wise, theyve thrown themselves in the deep end. If prices are to be between 900 and 1200 cases, then here in aus atleast, its going up against old favourites such as the HAF 932, Raven RV02, NZXT phantom, Xigmatek Elysium and Thermaltake armour+, aswell as newcomers like the new CM storm trooper and corsair carbide 500R, Even antecs own DF85 will be competitively priced against this (which on paper, with 8 fan options, integrated...
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