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Fixed it, thank you very much!
I had a look today at the Bootstrap Big Grid page to see what it detected my monitor as and apparently it's only 1440p -- The monitor I have is 3840x2160 and that's what Windows says the resolution is, however that page says my chrome Window size is only 1440p even when in full screen for some reason.
I think I'm scoring lower than I should and I'm not quite sure why, my buddy with a 780ti scores a lot higher than me in the graphics department. My physics score is fine as far as I'm aware, here are the results: Mine - My friends - My graphics card is this, not sure what my friend uses - EDIT: Fixed my scores -...
I'd like to play all of the latest and upcoming games such as Far Cry 4, Assassins Creed Unity, GTA 5 ect.
I've been using the i5 3570k for a while now and I want an upgrade but need some advice on parts. I've been looking to keep it as cheap as possible but I would like to upgrade to the x99 platform. Here are the parts I have been looking at, can you give me some advice as to whether or not they're decent for the...
Is it worth selling my EVGA GTX 670 FTW for a small amount and buying a 780ti or should I just find a really cheap 670 of the same model as mine and use that? Which will see a better performance for cost. I don't really want to spent the money on a 780ti if there isn't a very big difference from just picking up another one of my graphics cards.
1. Spicy Beef, Bacon and extra cheese on a thick (not deep pan) base. 2. My favourite GPU for looks is the GTX Titan style cooler, the thing just looks so bad-ass so I guess the EVGA 780ti too. 3. I love the ASUS Rampage IV Extreme Black Edition. That thing just looks so beautiful. Whilst I'm naming my favourite PC parts my favourite case is the In Win 904, that is the most beautiful case ever made, seriously.
There seems to be a number of issues you're having, if startup is slow are you sure your SSD is in AHCI mode? As for the Trusted Installer issue a quick Google search provides enough information to fix it. You just need to take control of the files, follow this guide here.
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Computer Hardware 780ti x 2 - With my old GTX 670 it's getting hard to run all games at max settings. Just recently I got AC4 and it struggled to run it at mid settings. AX 1200i PSU - To power the 2 780ti's. 4TB WDC Black x ??? - I need lots of these for storage on my rig now that I'm gonna be using it as a kind of household server filled with movies and such. Plextor M3 128GB SSD - I'd love another of these to RAID0 with my current one. 4930k & Asus Rampage IV Extreme -...
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