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1. Spicy Beef, Bacon and extra cheese on a thick (not deep pan) base. 2. My favourite GPU for looks is the GTX Titan style cooler, the thing just looks so bad-ass so I guess the EVGA 780ti too. 3. I love the ASUS Rampage IV Extreme Black Edition. That thing just looks so beautiful. Whilst I'm naming my favourite PC parts my favourite case is the In Win 904, that is the most beautiful case ever made, seriously.
There seems to be a number of issues you're having, if startup is slow are you sure your SSD is in AHCI mode? As for the Trusted Installer issue a quick Google search provides enough information to fix it. You just need to take control of the files, follow this guide here.
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Computer Hardware 780ti x 2 - With my old GTX 670 it's getting hard to run all games at max settings. Just recently I got AC4 and it struggled to run it at mid settings. AX 1200i PSU - To power the 2 780ti's. 4TB WDC Black x ??? - I need lots of these for storage on my rig now that I'm gonna be using it as a kind of household server filled with movies and such. Plextor M3 128GB SSD - I'd love another of these to RAID0 with my current one. 4930k & Asus Rampage IV Extreme -...
I am interested in both of the $75 560ti's for sale here.
Probably a dead drive. Can you pop it in an external enclosure and see if it works in that? Still probably pointless as it is most likely dead.
Yea, try a clear cmos, then reset your settings manually again. If that doesn't work try a firmware update on the mobo. If that doesn't work then you may have to try re-overclocking your system from scratch.
Looks like your SATA mode is in IDE mode and not in AHCI or RAID. Follow this to change it to AHCI or RAID: Also, looks like your other drive may be failing based on the red do for its SMART data. Wanna post a screenie of that drive too?
TRIM will work fine for the second SSD and should automatically be detected as such by Windows 7 or 8. If you want after installing it just run Windows Experience index just in case.
Just let me know and I'll give you a hand with anything you might need bro
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