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lol i should have made a vid how i turned a 25 euro grillplate with teflon coating into a mousepad, now thats artwork
i too don't like the whole cloud idea, but i found out when i had already ordered the taipan and when it arrived i wanted to send it back, but i liked it, so i was determined to find out (if possible) how to transfer settings between multiple PC's, when it worked, thought id share it
So i bought an Razer Taipan which comes with the new Cloud based storage Synapse 2.0 configurator. You cannot use the mouse configurator offline....or can you? Just follow these simple steps to use the configurator on a offline pc. Synapse2.0 must be installed to the offline pc step1: Copy the Synapse folder located in C:/Programdata/Razer (Hidden folder so make sure you made hidden folders visible) to an USB stick or the like.(this contains the Configurator, Profiles...
So i bought a nice new EVGA GTX670 FTW but it was dead within a day After running msi kombuster for 30 minutes, red squares appeared onscreen, and left my PC unresponsive till Nvidia driver 304.78 recovered. i tryed downgrading the driver to 301.42 but halfway trough the install my screen went black and the PC produced every 10 seconds a 2 second long beep and had to turn off my pc. Sended it back to the seller instead of EVGA hoping i get my money back, because these...
currently on these settings: CPU Type QuadCore Intel Core i7 Extreme 975, 3866 MHz (27 x 143) Mobo asus P6t Deluxe V2 CPU cooler: coolermaster V8 it has OCZ 2000ddr3 in triple channel what is best?
your monitor lists 76hz 1600x900, if u have any other screens on that card, (tv,another lcd/crt) disconnect those and try the card's primary connection most left (not yellow)
u can try: 1 lower refresh rate... 2 UNINSTALL display from device manager, which should make ALL resolutions possible. Pick your refresh rate, then resolution. (keep pressing esc if your monitor doesnt support a certain res/refresh) note: the resolution is then changed for the desktop at that time, so its possible that it doesnt keep the resolution for games, u should do all the steps after each reboot, when u want the resolution in a game
i narrowed it down to 2 problems 1: 4x1gb reaper makes a vista display driver recovery this explains why multiple graphics cards gave problem solved by using reaper 2x2gb modules (on 1100 5-5-5-15 2.2v 4hours memtest) 2:i have never ever saw such a bad case of "how NOT to apply thermal paste" as i removed the stock heatsink (glacius) and looked under it, litterally everywhere around the GPU was ceramic paste.... there was also a hardened out grey layer on he heatsink...
yes the memory run ok in memtest decreasing the test to half memory solved the intel burn programs error, but i will test tonight if my games still crash leaving my computer crashed in described ways above It crashes also with only 2GB and with 2GB kingston in my sig That was always fine, so i now really suspect the ATi 4850 card
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