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Hi all - Looking to see what my current and only rig would be priced at... I'm currently only playing rocket league and WoW and going back to school so it seems very unnecessary as I'm not folding or truly overclocking anymore. Rig builder link: Rig builder crop for ease of price and part access besides sig: All parts were bought brand new and de-dusted on a regular basis. Feel free to ask any questions, Thanks!
I have that shirt lying around somewhere...
Profile: Samurai707Current UN Slamurai
I use Discord, got 450 hours in as of today Rising/shooting star in all ranked matches, but dang is it hard to stay on top of my game... I go in with randoms and get STOMPED every other game
You crazy mang!
But he already has the D15...
oh baby! Definitely in!
Ah the dirt sled conversion! Couple of buddies in my old spot in Colorado (last winter's home) had those rippin around!
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