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I walked in and grabbed my MSI 1070 Gaming X from a Central Computer (SF Location) during my lunch break last Wednesday. They got a bunch of FEs left. Go figure
780 SC with an EK block and I have the ACX shroud on hand as well (never been used). Card has been sitting at 40C max for the past 8 months in Colorado!
I'm moving back to California in the next day or two and my rig will be down till then... This 780 I have now is garbage too
Did you sign up through the website like it says? Mine was added almost instantly once I did that.
Is an 820m really slower than a 9800m?? I'd say the Dell for sure...
I've been working on selling my 780 to a friend in need working on his build... with a new GPU (even one with lesser power) I'd still sell him my 780 at a super cheap (relatively speaking) and be able to help him and keep on gaming with him myself. Happy to hear you have hit another milestone - keep up the good work Dimensive and thanks for the giveaway!
alright... I'm in. Let's retire with a bang, eh? of course, my current 780 is nothing compared to my DC2... but I'll throw the 5930k in there for funsies too... maybe some more fun if I can get my roommates old rig set up and upgraded in time with @ElementR 's old 580
Did somebody blow the war conch?
I haven't seen anything about a release date, but I'm definitely waiting to see what the lineup is looking like and whether or not ill grab a 980ti or a Titan X or somethin.
Still having flickering issues on my 780 SC. Did a full uninstall through the registry and all. Hope it's the drivers and not the card I'm on Win10 64 bit.
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