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Of course - Thought a months notice would be good time to recruit another... I've reached out to a few foldathon people who showed some interest but no luck... Sad days :\
Our upstairs temp is at 80 right now. I'm toning back my OC first, then I'll be done after June, so we have until then to replace me as well.
I haven't done Linux GPU folding before. Sorry brother
Oh no? What're you foldin now?
Failed a core at 1.2v 1200mhz after 3 days... dropped it down a tad bit. Should be able to crank 1.3v once i get bored enough to tinker. Hovering at 40C in the Sacramento Heat. Not too shabby. Gotta love custom loops
how old is your PSU?
Well, we're not last Still need to find a replacement for myself in the next month or two. Roommates won't like the electric bill bump with the impending necessity for AC...
How is it not capable?
yeah yeah yeah
I'm back up and running... forgot to turn it on before I left for a bit... Probably down a WU but hopefully some PPD can be made up
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