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I have that shirt lying around somewhere...
Profile: Samurai707Current UN Slamurai
I use Discord, got 450 hours in as of today Rising/shooting star in all ranked matches, but dang is it hard to stay on top of my game... I go in with randoms and get STOMPED every other game
You crazy mang!
But he already has the D15...
oh baby! Definitely in!
Ah the dirt sled conversion! Couple of buddies in my old spot in Colorado (last winter's home) had those rippin around!
what case are you in? That's a lot of rad space.
I have the MSI 1070 Gaming X, Mine, fortunately was the last one at Central Computers in downtown San Francisco and also had Samsung memory Knock on Ikea wood, but mine's going strong after some recent driver updates on Win 10 and I have little to no issues in major games due to the card itself.Can't complain when clocking at the upper end of the core clock spectrums shown before grabbing my water block!
The dlc for Bethesda is in no way necessary to have over 50 hours of play time in skyrim. The dlc's are extra story lines if you want to enjoy them... So if you wanna put more time into an already great game.i don't understand what's moronic about that? The game is fantastic without the dlc, its what dlc should be today.If someone hasn't bought the game already? They get a beautiful edition to try out on today's platforms.You're jumping on the hate hype train for the wrong...
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