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It's the ultra preset Blizz made I don't think I edited them at all but I was pretty drunk last night when I was setting everything up for this morning.I'm on a 1080p 144hz panel. sig rig is what I'm using.I'm watercooling and I got a space heater rright next to my rig to make sure this room isn't at 20F consistently... got my GPU maxing 45C and highest core on CPU hitting 58 but averaging 55C.
Uhhhh making your 980ti sweat? My single 780 SC is getting a constant 100 FPS on Ultra settings for the past 3 hours...
Ordered one for funsies. $30, why not.
Game over, man.
Was just simply going off of your statement that some would argue there is no correlation. The other factor we could throw into this one would maybe be gender of user and said usernames... But I'm not statistician nor do I really care that much.I'm just a ski bum gamer, brah.
Not cryptic, just broad or explaining the idea "in general." I haven't been in a stats or critical thinking class in many years and I can't remember the theory or I would have just copy and pasted it in the first place. But, some quick googling and I found it... Simpson's paradox - not exactly what I had described but I think it relates to what I was attempting to aim at... It's late over here.Simpson's paradox, or the Yule–Simpson effect, is a paradox in probability and...
I believe it's a statistical theory that correlations can almost always be made between two things if we throw out all other factors. It's when you bring in more than 2 factors that we see more issues trying to prove a point... which would be why they chose not to do so.
You're not the only one, I can't find any servers in BF4 or Hardline equally. Pretty annoying because I know there are more than 20 some odd servers with people playing -_-
Save up the extra $30 and get some newer tech. Quieter, more efficient and it's brand spankin new... you don't know how much that 480 has been pushed and if it may die on you in a year or a few weeks. Unless it's from someone you know or a reputable site I guess... a lot of my GPUs have been bought from the OCN marketplace, but I like to believe that what people post on here is pretty truthful compared to craigslist or ebay
I think he's asking if anyone can recommend him a Corsair H80. Which, I will say, a Corsair H80.
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