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This could be amazing. May have to do some EQ2 shenanigans while waiting for EQ Next beta haha
That's not an Nvidia official driver though is it?I'll wait till we get a signed beta driver
Right???? I really want to run it at epic without 5 FPS haha... it's SO gorgeous and my FPS settings are not doing the game any justice! But, that's what an Alpha is, right? Feels more like a beta tbh, they're doing really well with almost daily updates from the devs. Excited for this game to keep growin!
Hi all, was searching around for an hour or so on youtube and such to find optimizations to get this running close to 60fps. Here's what I'm using now and hover between 55-70fps with my sig rig. Graphics Optimization: Full screen, Custom: Resolution Scale: about 75% to right. World Tile Buffer: High View Distance: High Anti-Aliasing: High Post Processing: Low General Shadow: Medium Terrain Shadow: Medium Textures: High Sky Quality: slider to far left. Ground Clutter:...
what a bunch of malarchy, dude.
S'all good here... put in my time at work so I'm done at the end of August... saving up as much as I can... sold my car on Friday. Was applying to jobs in Colorado (where I'm moving to) and they said that I would have no issues finding a job once I'm actually out there... no need to do skype interviews or phone interviews... So I'm pretty excited... very anxious and absolutely do NOT want to be at work right now... lol.
Woohoo!We believe! Thanks $ilent!
Probably a no... you could read the hotkey preferences?Or just not press em?
Hey Hertz, just wondering, where did you get that quote in your sig from?
All we needed was one more reason to call Gamestop for Battletoads. Mission complete.
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