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lol... if you're not going to put any effort into it why bother? Might just be your motherboard anyway.
I mean... might as well just OC it and see right? I'm running at 4.5ghz 24/7 stable
I kinda miss my note 3... I'm on the nexus 6 right now and am definitely feeling the upgrade itch... Just need to see the nexus phone pre-orders to truly decide but a 256gb mSD card for free sounds pretty awesome...
Finally got around to messing around with my Overclock earlier this afternoon... Currently sitting at stock volts, 2126/4303 (+140/+300 if anyone cares) for core/mem on Valley. Haven't even maxed out yet but I have high hopes for my MSI Gaming X... looks like I might have to block this one after all I'm really only gaming right now, but not really playing anything that's truly demanding of my card anymore and it's always fun to destroy whatever I'm in of course! I'd...
Got up to MGE with this mouse when I first got it... I've only played 3-5 games in the past week (first in about 6 months) so I'm down in silver with a bunch of trolls right now... not stopping me from clutching when I awp though. Just more focused on my Rocket League stats right now is all.If it's comfy and you like it, I recommend rolling with it. Just because something is better on paper doesn't mean you're going to instantly rank 1 in the
Hasn't affected me one bit and I'm not even getting paid 60k a year to awp.
I recommend the g500s. I love it.
I walked in and grabbed my MSI 1070 Gaming X from a Central Computer (SF Location) during my lunch break last Wednesday. They got a bunch of FEs left. Go figure
780 SC with an EK block and I have the ACX shroud on hand as well (never been used). Card has been sitting at 40C max for the past 8 months in Colorado!
I'm moving back to California in the next day or two and my rig will be down till then... This 780 I have now is garbage too
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