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in again
Best of luck to you all!! Do the Boys proud!
in it for today!
In again!
send it over to him again... And make sure you're using the beta tags!!
in it
Good month to close up my run on Happy crunchin, all! Well Fought.
I'll be stepping down from the competition after the last clock ticks this month as well. It's been a fun one! A year and a half (maybe more) straight of 24/7 folding I believe I did for the BBB Maybe once I get a better paying job / move into my new place come August or September I'll look into it again... Time to take 'er down and clean 'er out over the next few weeks! Maybe we can squeeze in a titan in my place?
Time to take it out back, old yeller style! I really haven't done anything to my rig.. except when it stopped folding that one time I ran win updates... still on 331.27 or whatever Nvidia driver... Hopefully not missing out on anything big!
It's stayed pretty warm out Cali-forn-ee way... But my loop is definitely gonna need some TLC in the near future... Haven't had time to give it the love it deserves. CC is paid off, but possibly about to move to a more expensive area and look for a new job. About time for my bi-annual loop clean, and I'll probably look into a new res if money isn't tight... maybe a different case too.. because I don't need a HAF 932 with just one 780 pumpin WUs. Already got my matx ROG...
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