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He already has a 780, why not just grab another one? 2600k is still pretty good for now as well... I'd just grab another 780 and a nice monitor. Definitely upgrade to a SSD boot. Save yourself a G and still crush at 1440p.
mine should be arriving today... excited to throw it in. Edit: arrived right after posting... feeling a little sick at work, might have to go home for lunch
You can probably grab a decent one off the OCN Marketplace in the other components section. Think i saw an 800w going for $80 shipped. Then you have room to upgrade down the road if it's a solid unit.
Good thing I just dusted this thing off. Thankful for cold weather again
7. got it going now though. Crankin out a 10471....
Haven't folded since I left TC... Can't get my client to start : \ Removed beta tag to see if that was it... still nada! Edit: ran as admin... working... mehhhhh. better late than never?
The Sacramento, CA 100's are almost gone... it's almost time for a comeback. So these few days of folding will have to do
in again
Best of luck to you all!! Do the Boys proud!
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