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That's too hot for AMD. You need a decent aftermarket cooler. Something with some copper a 120 mm fan that pushes air.I was running AMD with a Silenx Effezio 120 and a Panaflo strapped to it. Temps never went over 58c @ 4.1Ghz full load with 1.385v.IMO, there's just not enough mass to dissipate the heat in the cooler you're using. The chip will overpower it.
Y U show z170 board in AMD thread?Psst..doublers. Also, all that thermal armor is crap because it hides ice. Thicker mil PCB is the way to go.
Interesting, as I was looking at that board.Hmmph, maybe I'll stick with Biostar. I recently set up an AM4 platform and my experience with drives was just the opposite. Running that am4, I had drives get recognized that I thought were dead. Everything was very stable, moreso that any Intel platform I can recall going back to Nehalem.Everything seemed to work with it for me.Copying large files seemed faster as well.
Bong Cooler. You can also plug fan directly into PSU.
Tracy shows his face @ OCN.
Not a damn thing. Deneb/Thuban has the highest IPC of AMD chips yet. Last made in...2011?
"Papermaster" hmm ...i want "siliconmaster"
Congratulations to Marc! i know i'm late ...can't get on skype because..forgot pw..can image older OS and get on.. Keep doing what you're doing! Me, I'm waiting on AMD and might blow the cobwebs outta my dewar.
What i5 is it? nm..1151 2nd gen? eh. That stuff just poofs. bahhhhhh
No that's not it.. No one wrote a better guide to OC'ing Phenoms than El Fappo. No one. Best phenom guide on the interwebz. ^ this is the real deal. Pay attention now. Follow the steps of the guide in order. That is important. The multi comes last. You're not gonna run some Deneb or Thuban @ more than 1920Mhz RAM speed ,keep it around 1600.
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