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So, i guess that's the compression they were talking about... Well, that sucks.
WOOO!Now I'm hyped about the underhype.
Comparing trailers is rarely fruitful for obvious reasons. Modern games have taught us that.In any case, knowing BF1 and having just compared BF1's trailer with COD's for the sake of science, regardless of how good this one does look, BF1 still looks more realistic, and my first thought is volumetric lighting.
Damn, that's a lot of information.Well, thanks for the read!
V-sync off no cap has better latency than v-sync off with a forced cap from RT.But I just realized the post I quoted was talking specifically about v-sync off in tandem with g-sync, so it would improve latency then.
If anything, that would ADD latency.
But did you account for the weight of the whole system and the less-than-efficient transformation of diesel's potential energy into kinetic?
Did you expect them to release expensive, revolutionary tech to a minority of the market?
How so?
Thank God!
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