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You're a victim of nomenclature. The 1080 is more expensive than the 980 when it came out.A better comparison would be 980 vs 1070. Either way, there was evolution.
To be fair, the SP and most of the MP will be accessible for the $59. But i completely understand your point of view. $129 is very steep.
You could have missed the entire point in fewer words.
I was quoting the average "hater" during BF3/BF4. 2nd quote was you, though.The fact that you're already passing judgement about this "horrible campaign" before the game is even released, though, about something not even present in the beta, is enough to tell me everything i need to know about your opinion, lol.
"At least CoD has good SP. DICE can't make a good SP to save their lives, lol. What a mess!""Should have spent time and effort on MP."Damned if you; damned if you don't.
Any TV out right now with QD and HDR stickers. Pretty sure Samsung has TV's with QD all the way down to their $500 models (that are also 4K).
I agree with you. I was just using sarcasm to address the bait.
Right? This one boggles the mind. Why would people dislike an API represented almost singly by games that run very poorly? Makes no sense to me.
Except the right TV's have way bigger color gamuts than this LG monitor and 4:4:4 4K PC mode, which negates both of your statements.
Speaking of wanting to throw things into the trash, i can't imagine nonchalantly switching back and forth between a semi-glossy or motheye VA TV and a matte TN monitor. I'd want a single display for ALL needs. Unfortunately, TV's don't have proper input lag for that. The ones that do are not that great.
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