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45th prez of the US 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything 45-42=3 3 days after the AMA. Coincidence?
Perhaps uBlock Origin is not blocking a domain my ScriptSafe blacklist is.
I just scrolled through an entire article, page by page, top to bottom, with these blocked: [[SPOILER]] Didn't see anything pop up.
Edited for clarification!
Most important rule in life.
As this was news to me, i just tried opening some articles on tweaktown to see what would happen. Nothing like you described. Is there some sort of page or article i'm supposed to be looking at? It's behaving as expected on my end with ScriptSafe and uBlock Origin.
That was never a deterrent for some people here.
And that's why i'm seriously considering this monitor.I already made the decision that i will NOT buy a monitor with an AG coating. I tried living with it and i couldn't. As much as it pains me to have to narrow down my selection so much, i know it will forever bother me. And that's where this Philips comes in. If they afforded consumers a monitor such as that HP in glossy or low haze semi-glossy, i'd be willing to pay the premium. But since that is not happening, it won't...
To be fair, Dell's OLED monitor was, at one point, on display at a tech show.
Yeah, it's a real shame. I just don't see any other monitor on the market that really amazes me, and i'm raring to ditch this CRT for something that truly rivals it in PQ. I figure 4K VA with good response times and a nice coating will have to do till either OLED becomes more affordable or HDR monitors get to market.
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