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You're not understanding.When this kind of system is fully matured and ready to be implemented, the way traffic flows is already calculated in order to NOT put a person in a situation wherein the grid would have to make a choice between biological units. If everything is automated and calculated throughout the entire ride, cars simply don't get into accidents (or near collisions).Like i said, if this is not the case, the entire system is absolutely pointless!
I mean, it's 2015, and this is OCN.
The point of self-driving cars connected to a grid is that the very type of scenario you described would be mitigated or avoided altogether. The system itself would be pretty pointless if people found themselves in a statistically non-zero amount of situations wherein this could happen.Beyond theory, a refined version of this would simply be advantageous in all regards.
I don't think that's the point, though.
Hacking has nothing to do with the original argument, which is the fact that cars weren't made specifically to kill people.Here, i'll give you a simple breakdown of it:self-driving cars = less deaths because of human error"AI" weapons = less missed kills because of human error
I sure hope it can run Crysis, though.
Except the 280X doesn't go for $150.
They have their own standard, after all: WHQL.
You don't, but other people might. I thought this was obvious, but i guess not.
It's good that we're getting a review from TFTC before it releases because my trigger finger is ready and happy.
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