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PUBG runs pretty badly in every system. It might run even worse on Zen (I wouldn't know), but the game is pretty stuttery with Intel as well.
Those still exist, probably in the same quantity; just not in the same percentage.I don't understand when it became fashionable to be gloomy about everything.
And Education.
Quite the opposite. TV reviewers frequently have a lot of different models using different technology, and they can make the necessary and relevant comparisons because they also have calibration equipment.
Thanks for all of your hard work! Your reviews are very informative.
There's your problem. It's obviously not properly calibrated. Most reviewers agree that OLED is superior in every way except max brightness. There's no reason you could possibly think an IPS display is better in any meaningful way unless the OLED display was not well calibrated.
It's implied in my post that BF1 and BF4 got and maintained healthy player counts that Hardline couldn't.So, if it's the same formula with barely no differences, explain how BF1 made profit.
No vroom vroom, no likie.
If there were no differences, Hardline would have gotten and maintained the player count of current BF installments. There were plenty; you must have missed them.
When you look at everything with a pessimistic view, hating everything developers/publishers do and release because it's cool, I can see why you'd lose faith.There are still nice AAA games being released. You just have to choose which ones are good a fit for you, vote with your money, and stop shunning companies because a small group of people in a forum full of snobs decides they're "evil", whatever that means for a profit-driven entity.This comment isn't necessarily...
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