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And i don't understand why people don't understand that other people have different tastes.Seriously, what's with the "i don't understand why people like this" posts? I thought personal preference went without saying.
Not sure, but it's pretty fuzzy. Out of all the sub-pixel shots i've seen from 4K monitors, this LG was the fuzziest.
Honestly, i wouldn't buy this one. Prad reviewed it. Their unit had some problems with backlight bleed, and the coating is VERY hazy. I'd only buy it if i were removing the coating. 4K is a bit wasted on lots of AG.
Sure, but what i meant is that, because the screen is curved, any portion of it will always be at less of an angle from your eyes than a normal monitor, which lessens the perceived glow.
Well, it might have the same or worse glow, but you won't see it as much because it's curved. At a specific distance, you won't notice any glow horizontally.
Sounds like worse to me.I guess i will install the driver tonight and see what happens with mine.
And, perhaps, it's a fad because most people like it.
How so? The frequency-to-timings ratio of, say, the 3600 MHz modules is better than the one found in the 2400 MHz ones. And that's what affects performance most of the time.
I'm glad you mentioned this because this thread is full of posts saying "LG and Samsung don't make panels with this kind of glow". They obviously do. I have a bunch of Dells at work with LG's AH-IPS panels, and they all glow like a mother. The problem is that people can accept it at $300, but not at $800. That's understandable to a point, the point being that LG monitors are not 1440p, don't have 5 ms average response times, and don't function at 144-165 Hz.Regardless, i...
Well, that's a given.
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