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That's not its contrast ratio. The folks at TFTC probably saw "2000 CR" somewhere and assumed it was contrast ratio. "2000 CR" means 2000 curvature radius.Judging by the latest AMVA panels used in monitors, the contrast ratio will hover around 3000.
False. Tearing is ubiquitous. You may not notice it 99.95% of the time, but others might. Don't present this as fact.
Probably one that is not from Acer.
Most definitely!One has to wonder, though, what constitutes a premium product these days. Or, rather, who arbitrates such qualitative evaluation.
I'm exactly in the same situation. I'm eyeing those 3 4K Freesync monitors coming out soon if they turn out to function properly and have nice picture quality. I understand i'll have to pay premium for my premium needs.
The problem with your reasoning is that nothing is MAKING YOU BUY a 980ti. I'm not taking sides on the pricing debate. I'm merely saying that you can get an 8GB 290X for $300 (maybe a bit lower after the launch of the 3XX rebrands), and that is a big deal. You still get WAY more performance than consoles with better graphics.If you can't afford a 980ti, by all means, don't go into debt to buy one. But if not having the absolute best graphics card available in your build...
That is absolutely true. VRR helps ameliorate a lot of things, including microstuttering and tearing. Fluidity is always increased, even though it's diminishing returns after a certain point.One has to, however, consider that not all visual systems are made alike. Different people are differently sensitive to luma, chroma, and motion. I happen to be extremely sensitive to motion and luma, which has caused me a great deal of pain trying to decide what new monitor to...
I've never seen or played at 48 Hz Vsync, but my most educated guess is that it doesn't look or feel much differently from 48 Hz VRR, and i doubt it looks much worse than 60 Hz Vsync.The Hobbit was shot in 48 FPS, right? Its fluidity should be an exact match for 48 Hz Vsync; you can make the comparison by watching it, i guess.
Pseudo-rhetorics aside, due to the very subjective nature of the topic, i implied i'd agree to disagree with you. I don't particularly enjoy pointless debates, and this one fits the profile. Like i said in my last post, i have my opinion, and you have yours. Neither is universal truth, and we are not going to find it here. That's it.
You're basing your entire rationale on the assumption that the market will see a completely functional and open technology with which one can use whatever GPU brand one can buy on the market.A purchase like this (a monitor mainly for VRR) can be justified with the fact that the very likely possibility of a fundamental change is not on the horizon. The VESA standard IS there, but Nvidia doesn't have any reason to give up on g-sync because it has an immense market share and...
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