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Absolutely true. That's why we need mainstream OLED, so it can do everything plasma did AND MORE.
My CRT has a max resolution of 2048x1536. It flickers annoyingly at the 85 Hz it runs to achieve that resolution.BUT, HEY, AT LEAST IT HAS 1536 MOTION RESOLUTION! MUCH BETTER THAN PLASMA, LOL. AND IT'S OLDER THAN 10 YEARS, LOL.
You do understand that plasma only had high motion resolution because it, in effect, was flickering, right? Samsung already has OLED displays with BFI. Motion resolution limit on most OLED displays is, very simply, a side effect of our visual system. It says nothing about the technology itself, which is superior to everything ever invented thus far.
I'm pretty sure you're a bit confused.
Apparently not.
Same here. AMD drivers don't even make a dent in latency. My system idles around 5-10 microseconds, with Intel network drivers spiking to 100-150 microseconds occasionally.To see that the cards i'm still considering for my new build are still not completely issue-free after a hotfix is a bit disheartening.
That's the Gaming X model, not the Gaming Z model.
While i agree that prices are pretty obscene, you made an invalid comparison.Intel releases a new CPU with around 5-10% perf increase in gaming scenarios, and they apply a $10-30 cost increase.Nvidia releases the 1070, with around 5-10% perf increase (in relation to 980ti) in gaming scenarios, and they apply a cost DEcrease.
FTFY.People who can afford spending this kind of money on graphics cards frequently have no trouble sleeping well at night and no qualms with your frustration.
Looks like AMD was ahead of the game with the Fury X, after all!
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