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However, the general threshold from which up people cannot detect an improvement in smoothness is pretty close to 100-120, if i remember correctly. Is it not?
If you can differentiate 122hz from 180hz based on how much faster you can detect movement, you're superhuman.Simply: in theory, yes, but you won't notice it.
Awesome! People at ocn keep surprising me with their originality. Congratulations, sir. Looking forward to the end result.
I thought it was weird, too, that it's supposedly very corrosive and, yet, water came out crystal clear. So, i decided to compare the reaction between baking soda and these 4: tap water, distilled water, feser's aqua, and vinagre. The result? Feser's aqua does not chemically react with baking soda, and the result was the same for both tap and distilled water. Vinagre was, as expected, extremely reactive, and was just there to serve as comparison. So, given this, i decided...
Greetings, persons. So, my 7970 died, and while i await for a new/repaired one, i thought i'd mod my case and improve my custom loop. I had been running nothing but feser's ultra pure water with a silver coil in the res. I had thought all along it was as distilled as water can be, but i came across some posts stating it was, in fact, acidic, and, thus, corrosive. Under this light, i searched for the product's specs on their site, and it's stated that its pH is between 2...
inb4 accepted Well, since i've gotten a good one, might as well brag about it!
"Now you can overclock your penis while you overclock your card!"
OnT: I hope we reach a point when they're able to make these monitor small. OffT: I never understood why some people feel such a need to criticize crt technology every opportunity they get. Monitors were made to display pictures, not help you save on the electrical bill, or make some room on your desk. Crt's have better attributes displaying pictures; therefore, given their true intent, they're better than lcd's. Deal with it.
Well, different people have different opinions. Also, the distance from where you sit relatively to where the monitor is plays its role. I have a xl2410t, and, while i enjoy 120hz very much, i think 1080p @24'' is not enough. I like sitting as close to it as possible (without getting the annoying angle color shift), and that's no good for me, dot/inch wise. I'll buy the 1st 120hz monitor that shows up with something higher than 1080p (if OLED doesn't come 1st, of course).
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