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Having played the alpha (haven't gotten around to playing the beta), scoped Mondragon best AN-94. EZ adaptation.
Major problems people had with their last 40'' 4K "monitor" were PWM backlight dimming, viewing angles, and input lag.Curve should help with viewing angles. PWM dimming is gone. If they get input lag right, it's going to be a very good monitor.
Curved 40'' 4K VA without PWM dimming and a semi-glossy coating.
Might as well wait for the new Philips.
Unless you watercool Pascal, no 1060 can hold a 2050-2100 MHz overclock for more than 30 seconds, though. Doing so would imply remaining under 52ÂșC, which AIB coolers can't do at such an overclock and your average room temperatures.
Most ideal viewing distance for curved monitors is at a finite distance from the display, depending on curvature and size.Most ideal viewing distance for flat monitors is at an infinite distance from the display.In the right circumstances, curved monitors can offer a good experience.
Real life Talos Principle confirmed.
If there are non-zero benefits ("skins", free DLC, special content, etc) from a pre-order, it makes all the sense to me to do so. But people don't like to throw money out the window, obviously, like you said. So, how do you compromise? Easily: pre-ordering games from devs you know can't fail. Every single game i've pre-ordered, ever, came with added content and never disappointed me because i carefully chose where i was placing my bets.Pre-ordering Bioshock Infinite comes...
I guess Valve are "siding" with the consumer on this one.
Tone mapping. This monitor will lack both the luminance range and the color space coverage for true HDR content. So, the content has to be adapted for display on a non-HDR monitor.
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