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That's good to know. Thanks for sharing!It certainly makes me feel more confident in considering the XB271HU.
Except comparing the sorry state Batman launched in to FB3.0 implemented by the team that created it is silly. BF4 runs very well on old-ish hardware, even though it's a beautiful game.
Have you actually played GTA V?
Whether it looks as good as BF4 or better, it, still, will look better than everything on the market, barring GTA V. But this means little to people who like to complain, obviously.
So, you're not really making a point, just sharing your anecdote. Alright, then.
Not having had a problem doesn't mean you're not more likely to get one. The fact that you're trusting AV software to protect you against problems that may be related to the OS is the first step to run into problems.Having your OS updated is just better in terms of security. You can't use the "no problems here" argument to make a case against updates.
That's barbaric!And inefficient. Just cut the digit off!
The difference may be worth it for someone who is willing to pay the premium. It's not a complicated concept. I don't know why people are still questioning others' spending habits.
The XB270HU never had the HDMI port. But, sure, that sounds about correct.
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