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No surprises there. Even older TN panels are faster than modern VA/IPS. Improvements in LCD tech have been incremental at best.
Yeah, but you guys are stuck in an entirely different hemisphere, in the middle of the sea. Canadians couldn't be closer to americans (technically, they're sandwiched between american states).
I see. They should redact their news post, then, claiming it has an sRGB coverage. Displayspecifications should be quoting manufacturer specs, too, I guess.
Both PCM and displayspecifications mention 100% sRGB for the AOC.And considering there's no advertisement of 125% sRGB on AOC's product page (something manufacturers love to tout), I can only assume it will NOT have as large a coverage as the Samsung equivalent.
The SF600 is way more badass, though! Like, it's this small, and I'm still waiting for the fan on mine to come to life. The thing has never spun while feeding a 6700K and a 980ti, both OC'd.
They have different panels. Samsung's coverage is significantly larger.
Are you sure it was R* who put its parent company in its place, and not simply a T2 directive upon catching flak?
I used to see cheaters in pretty much every online game I play. Lately, though, it's super infrequent (almost statistically irrelevant). I'm hesitant to attribute it to chance.
Prey looks and sounds a lot like a game made years ago. I was very disappointed with it.On a subjective note, I really couldn't get character presentation. It's classic Dishonored, but it shouldn't be. It's not a Dishonored game, even if the developers are the same.
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