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It's not anywhere near as problematic as you make it sound.
You spent $1000 on a pixel when you could have gotten 8,294,400 of them for $650!?
Now, where's that rep button? Ah, there it is!
So far, EA servers are top notch. Hitreg is good, 60 Hz, map rotation, pure 1000 score Conquest.
24 incher. It'll hold me over well till 4K 120+ Hz arrives.
Samsung, teaching other manufacturers how to gitgud.Unless some really bad issue is found in a review, i'm definitely buying this thing.
And hypt we shall be!
There's no shortage of people claiming "my [insert hardware] can do [insert frequency]" on this site. Stability is not a relevant metric. It's all about the e-peen!I mean, i can boot into Windows and grab a CPU-Z at 4.8+ GHz running my current voltage. Just a shame it crashes as soon as i put any load on it.
Exactly the same reasons everyone has been doing it since the 90's.
I'm not talking about small differences. I don't expect games to look EXACTLY like real life. What i meant was significant differences. When devs go for a presentation as close to photorealistic as possible, you can expect a pretty natural looking game, especially modern AAA releases. I can recall a few games i've played recently that made me go "well, this looks pretty realistic". You know, considering the current paradigm. And i like that because it helps me with...
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