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No. He probably bought a Titan X for 1080p 144 Hz Ultra settings in any game made recently and in the next 2 years. =)
It's 75 Hz, though.
Alright, fair enough.I didn't know about button lag being 15 ms on the EC-1, but Google just told me it's around 8 ms on the EC2-A. I consider that a non-issue, especially considering i'm already running a pretty low lag setup (CRT and whatnot), and i'm about to get an XB270HU. However, out of pricinple, i'd readily ditch this one and get a Logitech mouse if they sold a light one with the 3310. The G502 was my best bet, but i really can't work with mice that heavy.
I considered the G502 before buying the EC2-A, but its weight steered me elsewhere. It's a stellar mouse otherwise.
Because other mice don't have functioning mouse wheels, right?The poster i quoted mentioned needing it for long documents and websites. I simply said that that's not a very good excuse for holding onto a mouse you may or may not enjoy over others' functionality and/or performance.
What happened to page down/up and end/home?
Zowie makes light mice with the best sensors in the market that don't need drivers.Mouse of the year award right there.
Indeed. Some of us (like myself) are just here for the juicy bits of information that either seem plausible or have been confirmed in some manner so that we can feed the hype (we all love it)!It's hard enough sifting through all the posts when most are OT and/or have little to no information; it's even worse when people "contribute" to threads just to fanboy around with the same nasty attitude.I mean, i don't care if it's nvidia, amd, intel, or whatever. If it's a PC part...
32'' and Freesync make all the difference in the world, and the size matters especially in terms of price if you consider that it's been a ubiquitous trend for over a decade.And "worse panel type" highly depends on whether or not it'll have IPS glow (in case that this turns out to use S-PLS, but i'm not feeling too optimistic).Also, consider the fact that the Dell models you mentioned use a pretty aggressive AG coating.
Yeah, i can't complain. My 2500K has been the best side-kick. Were it a 2600K, i'd probably skip upgrading in 2015 altogether.
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