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Well, i obviously don't know. I can only speculate. The newest XB270HU's are all being released with 120 Hz strobing, which might mean they either tweaked some stuff, tightened QC, or AUO improved production and sold better panels. The latter could be the cause behind the higher quality of the more recent panels, but i could be completely off base.You may end up waiting for the Asus for half a year. The waiting game sucks! Everyone i know that tried the monitor says it's...
1200 to 1000? Maybe in a side-to-side with unreasonably dark content that you'll see 1% of the time. Besides that, i wouldn't lose sleep over it, especially when the Acer, QC issues aside, is better overall.
When performance is comparable ("comparable" may be differently loosely defined by different people, but let's leave semantics for another time), it's natural to start considering things such as aesthetics. It's part of our condition.I'm buying a new graphics card in July. If, by then, after the whole VRAM OC thingy is settled, the performance is within a very small margin, regardless of which card is ahead in benchmarks, i'm purchasing the best looking one (which, for me,...
Not to mention the FG2421 is not very reliable in terms of QC, and it has an average 90% sRGB coverage after calibration.It was a neat monitor when it came out, but i think people should let it die a market death.
Can you elaborate?
By using the 30-60 vs 60-90 example to try to strenghthen his initial argument wherein he said 60-75 is more noticeable than 75-120, he's implying they're analogous.I gave up trying to make him see how his theory is silly, but i'm sure you, a more sensible person, will understand this simple point.
Trust me, i believe you.
I shouldn't be surprised that you don't remember what you posted. People lose track of their story when they're lying or talking out of their ass.
And how does 30-60 vs 60-90 pertain to the comment chain?I would never disagree with you because you're talking about the exact same frequency delta in a progression that tends towards diminishing returns.60-75 vs 75-120 is not the same as 30-60 vs 60-90. You're just doing damage control now.
Sorry, i didn't read your entire post. You know, just to cut this waste of time discussion.Here's your premise: "75Hz should theoretically be the limit of when, if you go lower, you see dramatic change (60Hz to 75Hz is very visible). But 75Hz to 120Hz difference should be only slight." - verbatim.If you read it a few times, it'll start to become clear why your theory is silly. You're saying 60-75 is more noticeable than 75-120.Please.
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