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For someone asking earlier to read posts already made, you sure like to repeat yourself.But, ok, Microsoft held us all back. Gotcha!
3466 CL14.Considering i was going to build around the time they said it would be released, i figured i'd wait for modules i knew for sure would run at said clocks and timings. But i guess i have to wait a little while longer...
Well, if that constitutes slowing down the "progression of man" (seems kind of vague to me), then we'd better get rid of every successful company ever.
Gosh darn it. I have a whole build waiting for these.
Has anybody seen these in retail? They said June, but i haven't found a single store selling.
If this is true, it might be the start of AMD's worst nightmare.
Time spent dusting is time not spent benching.
I will be going Nvidia this time around, as well. I was looking forward to Polaris, but not anymore. But, yeah, it's sad that one has to pay the obscene european prices for a 1080. Every single model is €750+ over here.
I suppose one could say your massage had a happy ending.
Well, i was 2hypt for this card. I know it's just €240 (here, anyway), but i expected better for DX11. Guess it's Nvidia for me this time around. Very unfortunate.
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