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I'm sorry if i was too harsh. I just don't particularly like having what i say taken out of context. Of course higher core counts matter for a myriad of applications, but, apparently, for gaming, as long as one has 8 threads available with appropriate IPC, it doesn't matter.
You are trolling me, right? You have to be, because the scope of my comment is, very clearly, simply gaming.
Did you read the comment i was replying to?Scratch that. Did you read MY comment?
I've been told by an AAA dev recently that, for as long as "games have to run on conslol, 4/8 will be more than enough for the foreseeable future".This idea that the -E platform will bring consumers additional performance in the next 2-3 years is an urban legend.
She'd better. She snatched a 10 with her average looks.
There's a fundamental difference. Back when the 290X was released, it was competing directly against Nvidia cards at much higher power draw. With the 1080, its 180W power envelope at stock is already surpassing every other alternative on the market. The ability to take it further only strengthens its lead.So, no, it's not the same thing.
Fixed that for you.
How are people buying into a rumor of a 1080ti with 1300 Mhz clocks?
Facebook sensationalism on OCN?
I should have worded that more clearly. It doesn't matter for FastSync because it doesn't even work with multiple buffers in the traditional manner with which V-sync does. Triple buffering won't even be an option (on or off) for FastSync. It's, invariably, single buffer.As far drivers go, no clue.
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