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I'm looking forward to replaying it, too. I'm only disappointed that the graphical improvements are very marginal. One would think it would be slightly better, given the release date they established.
You're predicating your reasoning on the assumption that i am so absolutely careless about my "throwaway" accounts that their theft constitutes statistical relevance. I am very careful about all of my accounts, and i take reasonable steps to make sure none of my "less important" accounts is compromised in some way. I simply do not employ the same level of circumspection i do for my most critical accounts.As for your argument regarding using different e-mail addresses for...
Can you be more specific? If someone got hold of my OCN account, nothing in it would be of use to access any of my critical accounts.
I think the point is that one's OCN account is of importance low enough to not stand above the security vs risk compromise threshold.
That's the best part.Though it's no surprise. Their previous flagship monitor was AR coated as well.
Perhaps, and perhaps i'm also old fashioned, but i don't like the idea of trusting passwords for my critical accounts to anyone or anything like that.LastPass sounds pretty good for non-critical accounts, though.
Pen and paper, followed by the good, old typing it out.
T'was a good read. I also read articles about some of the other installments.
That's one of the reasons i stopped playing it.
Your point would be valid IF the hardware were so different that it would necessitate a completely redesigned OS. That's not the case. It's an artificial incompatibility. Microsoft is in the wrong here. If they wanted to urge people to move onto Windows 10, they shouldn't have told customers that they'd get support till 2020.
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