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Guess i'm not MLG enough.
To be perfectly fair, mouse smoothing in Doom is not very intrusive. I'm usually sensitive to it in most games, but i never felt the need to set it to 0 in the config file.
I'm pretty sure that's factory calibration, not color reproduction after calibration. He didn't specifically mention he calibrated it, and i seriously doubt Samsung would ever design a panel with those discrepancies.
Alright, thanks.Anyway, looks like Linus decided to join the bandwagon.
No, this is much worse. Worst case scenario, you have to download Steam (for free) in order to play a Steam exclusive. This, either you buy a new CPU from an entirely different brand or you're stuck waiting.There's something to be said about the exaggeration with which people antagonize Steam, but that's something for another thread and another time.
It is very strange, as that is the kind of thing that would convince me to play the Pacific lottery, and i'm sure more people feel that way.Also, it's probably the reason why people love it so much. Some like the glossy or semi-glossy presentation right away, but don't really attribute the feeling to the difference in coating.
This last part is a complete non-issue, though. I've played several games with it and saw no abnormally or worringly high disk usage/writes.Performance wise, though, i guess we'll see as soon as someone compares benchmarks on vs off, but i doubt it'll matter much.
When the monitor briefly turned off the backlight, i could see your reflection on it very clearly. Is the monitor as close to glossy as it seems to be on your video? Because that would make me risk having one sent.
Great news, indeed! Nvidia won't be the unchallenged GPU maker, and the money RTG will get from such deals will help them get better and better R&D.
Cool.This is where i get off. See you, guys!
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