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Unless i'm mistaken, this is just the normal tax on goods purchased applied to Steam products sold locally. As in, nothing new and hardly unexpected.I mean, i hate VAT (or, rather, IVA in my case) as much as the next fellow, but it's just the nature of the beast.
I wasn't addressing anyone specifically. Your post just happened to be there. Yes, that's pretty obvious. An AIO in this case would be more like the Fury X's, which isn't the case here. I was just making a funny.
I've established for myself that going over 20L is wasteful and not fun enough to build. I picked this Core 500; not because it was m-ITX exclusive/oriented, but because it was 19L and flexible enough. The only case that is under 20L, is m-ATX, has an extremely flexible layout, and looks nice is the Cerberus. Sadly, as with all nice things, we can't have it yet!I was kind of hoping KI had production ready BEFORE i had to pick a board for Ryzen, but alas...
Even Steven Wilson thinks packaging is important, and he's a genius!
980ti or not, i doubt it would have sold much, had it been released and kept a higher MSRP. It remained more expensive than most 980ti models throughout its shelf life. Even when the 980ti was heavily discounted (mostly to clear stock shortly after the launch of the 1070), when i bought it, the Fury X was much more expensive.
All true, but that wasn't really the point of my post.
Server CPU? AMD have a weird way of marketing a "server" CPU, what with all the gaming and streaming and recording. Such incompetence, not even knowing what their products are meant to do.And, yeah, to hell with all of these people demanding basic functionality with lots of cores in ITX motherboards. It's not like you can use a 10/20 6950X with an ITX X99 Asrock full to the brim with features. How dare people expect something that totally does not constitute a currently...
Of course it's not real. It's called "being right".
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