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It gets annoying switching between 327.23 for folding and then the newest driver for when i want to play games. The PPD is horrendous on new drivers.
Thanks for the info guys!!!
I've done it before, but i think i ran into an issue since my user folder was on it windows wouldent let me change the drive letter of the old one. Ill research the mklink. Thanks!
Currently this is how my system is setup. 120gb samsung 840 as boot drive C: and only windows is on it. My user folder has been redirected to my data drive D: and then i have a larger backup drive F: I have almost filled up my 2tb data drive and i am going to get a 4tb drive and since my user account is redirected to that drive and all my steam games are on that drive is this as easy as just initializing the drive and assigning a drive letter and then copy and pasting...
Me too! I really wish they would give an exact release date already...
What monitors did you get?
I am torn between the iphone 6 plus and the note 4. I have always had iphones, but am almost wanting something new and strongly considering the note 4
Someone with more experience will probably chime in, but i've been considering subscribing to private internet access. Its a little over 6 dollars a month and they have different plans as well, but they keep no logs of what you are doing and dont track IP addresses.
I only have two monitors at the moment. One being an asus pb278q and the other just a cheap asus panel. I was wanting to replace the cheap one with another pb278q. Ergotech only makes their dual monitor stand to support up to 24 inch monitors. The asus i have is a 27
Thanks! Shes always been a dependable card.
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