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The strix cards are really nice, but i bought 2 evga 1070 superclocked editions with the acx 3.0 cooler and im more than happy with them. I had the 1070 founders edition and it did get quite loud and hot and these are much quieter and run much cooler. In tomb raider my temps dont even hit 70 on either gpu
Im 22 years old and i remember my first pc was a Dell 5400 i believe when i was just a little kid and i would play counter strike on it with my dad and we would also play MDK. Then when i was 16 i built my first computer with the money i saved from my summer job. It had an Intel core i5 2500k, an asus maximus gene board, a gtx 570, 8gb ram, and a crucial m4 ssd as a boot drive and i used that really up until now making slight upgrades along the way. I had to take a break...
One of my favorites was Mafia II and i still play it every now and then. I just loved the time period and the atmosphere. Really curious about the new one. Battlefield Bad company 2. I sunk so many hours into that game and its still one of my favorites, yet not many people play it anymore. A newer release i really got into was Fallout 4. Really really loved that game. And my last one is not a pc game, but uncharted a thieves end was amazing. I absolutely adored that game....
Apologies for phone quality pic, but this is my stereo/home theater setup. Fronts are Bowers & Wilkins CM10s, center is the CM center 2, and the back left you can see one of the CM1s. Pre amp is a Marantz AV7702MKii and power amp is a Marantz MM7055. Subs are dual SVS SB2000s.
Look at the 78 inch samsung js9500. I own the 65 inch version. It is on sale at best buy right now and i believe its at $8500. It is samsungs flagship. It is a full array local dimming model so instead of the leds for the tv being on the edge like most tvs it is all behind the tv. Which equals much better uniformity with greatly improved blacks. The next biggest thing is HDR. The uhd alliance defines that a tv must produce a 1000 nit brightness level, be a 10 bit panel,...
Yes i am
Well i came home from work and it says its running and its 50 percent done. We will see once it finishes if it posts
Hello everyone, as you all already know i haven't really been posting any points. I have not had the time to try to fix it. Some things i tried this morning were installing the latest gpu drivers, uninstalling and reinstalling and reconfiguring the folding at home client and it says it is running, but it is not making any progress. Its just stuck at 0.
Hello everyone, i am sorry for my absence and lack of points for this month. I have been immensely busy, but i need some help. Whenever i start my folding client it runs for a minute or two, but then i get an error that says "opencl.dll is missing from your computer" I have tried reinstalling the client to no avail. Anybody have any advice?
Very nice purchase of the parasound. Love that gear. If you are wanting it restored if anything is wrong with it i know just the guy to refer you to.
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