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Someone with more experience will probably chime in, but i've been considering subscribing to private internet access. Its a little over 6 dollars a month and they have different plans as well, but they keep no logs of what you are doing and dont track IP addresses.
I only have two monitors at the moment. One being an asus pb278q and the other just a cheap asus panel. I was wanting to replace the cheap one with another pb278q. Ergotech only makes their dual monitor stand to support up to 24 inch monitors. The asus i have is a 27
Thanks! Shes always been a dependable card.
Can I get my next car in this color? Haha
I'm still upset at Panasonic for pulling out their AMAZING plasmas. Fortunately i've got one in the living room, but now i cant get one for the bedroom
Agreed, get the 4790k. Much better chip for overclocking
Ok, deleting the tag and then saving it and then adding the advanced tag and saving it worked. Thanks guys!
I did!!! It still does the same thing
Ok guys, so i had to uninstall and reinstall my v7 client because i kept having problems with it. I have got everything set back up except for the gpu tags. I keep trying to add the client-type advanced tag and it accepts it, but when i go to check it, its changed itself to beta what am i missing?
So i've had my Asus ux32vd for over a year now and this is the model with the 1080p ips display. Recently i have had a weird issue that started yesterday. I was about to go to bed and locked my computer and then i noticed image retention and like 30 really small stuck pixels all across the top of the screen. The retention went away and this has never happened before. This morning i open it and there is no retention and all the stuck pixels are gone. Now i have noticed...
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