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It is frustrating that it has been delayed as much as it has, but i am still going to be purchasing the game.
Finally got my Marantz UD7007 and it sounds glorious. Will post pics later!
its back to 30k for whatever reason. edit: It went back up again!
So usually i get core 17 units and my ppd is low because im on a newer driver, but today i look and its a core 18 and im getting 85k ppd. I have never had a core 18 unit before.
All of this was not bought in one day, but i have acquired all of this over the last couple months. Just thought i would post here! Fronts are Bowers and Wilkins 683 S2 Newest purchase is the Marantz SR7009. Currently this is acting as a pre amp and going to my sansui to power the fronts and the Marantz powers just the surrounds for now. Soon the HTM61 S2 center channel will be added along with a sub. I promise you that isnt a scratch on the front, just a weird camera...
The latest for games and 327.23 I believe it is that I use for folding.
I'm great! And yes I realize my numbers are terrible. Playing video games and having to switch drivers everytime to get maximum ppd is a pain sometimes. I'll switch back completely here soon!
Im guessing it is not possible to just run ubuntu in a virtual machine and do GPU folding that way?
Is there a guide floating around somewhere to set that up?
I know my points have been terrible lately. Updating drivers just so i can play shadow of mordor and farcry 4 haha.
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