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If/when you get it built let me know and I'll pay $$$$ for something that can help cool my 3930k
I have an Asus Ares 5870X2 for sale
Database needs some AMD #'s..........
Best I got on a p10090 was 67k on my 3770k. However, the highest ppd A4 I had on my 3770k was a p7016 @ 97k ppd. Wonder what the ppd on a p7016 on my 3930k would be.....  
I'm on a 3930k now
I'm not telling you my secret.... I'll just say it involved $$$$ and an envelope mailed to Stanford.       Advanced Flag
Anyone know someone with a 2600k/2700k/3770k to replace Carlos? His rig is kaput...
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