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I'm currently at 4.8ghz   I started folding on the 3930k on the 15th of this month -
This isn't an official vote on a policy change, the final decision will be made by Anubis and/or BWG.     You can monitor my ppd @ and I'll also add my tpf's to the A4 Database as I complete units. I also asked Blademaster to add an A3 database to the thread since A3's are back on the V7 client.  We really need more Gulftown tpf's before forming any conclusions.     Addition: Hexacore SB-E are capable of 100k+ ppd units on V7...... P10090, which is a...
  responded to Chino and forwarded to Langer
If you're interested then pm me about it
If I shut my face then how will I kiss your mom?       
What plans do you have hardware wise? Depending on how long "a couple weeks" is, I may be able to temp my 3770k. Would you want to switch to the i7-2 category?
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