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*starts choking himself*
    go to bed!!!
I'm all for MOAR POWA but not at the risk of ruining the competitive aspect..... That's the reason folders join TC vs folding on their own. OCN can still "take advantage" of those chips outside of TC and "put them towards the cause"
too much 
I'm never mean  BBB gets special attention from me since I was a former member 
Donkey>Pony.... nuff said 
You're not taking into account that the Gulftown's in TC now are @ or below 4.2ghz, which most EE chips can do 4.5ghz+ with little effort. I had to push my 3770k to 4.9ghz to be within 3 sec. of their tpf's. On some units 3 sec. is a big difference in ppd.   Why risk giving a team that already has a 3930k/3960x a chance to dominate more, when there are teams that don't have a hex at all? For all the Captains that voted "Yes, both" I hope you already have a hex..........
oh, I lift........ *insert mom joke*   umad bruh?
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