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Would also remove the thumb buttons (same pcb).
If the heavy back of the kpm bothers you its definitely an improvement.If you are not sure, you should check it out in a shop.
The button cover in KPM is also matt UV.
Any comment on who is embarrassing himself with wrong claims over the Kone XTD using an ALPS encoder? Yeah, i thought so.
I can feel your ALPS preference, but the Kone XTD used TTC and your statement that it used ALPS is simply untrue.Here pictures form Tweaktown: the ROCCAT 2D models (without tilt) use ALPS. This is related to the difference between PCBA mounted and not-PCBA mounted encoders and is not related to some evil scheme to save money on components to cheat you out of your...
The maKone+, Kone XTD and Kone EMP use a TTC encoder. The line featured so far a 4d wheel with tilt functionality and ALPS EC10E series does not support that.So basically since 2010 it has been consistently a TTC encoder in the line - and its highly praised for 7 years. I dont get why you would try to spin that into "fool people".Why is the EMP not a real Roccat mouse? Thats kind of a strange statement.
USB Legacy support is switched on or off in BIOS?
Could also be a 332x. Dont believe in a 3330 proposal there. Time will tell.
...and huge tolerance from unit to unit...
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