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USB Legacy support is switched on or off in BIOS?
Could also be a 332x. Dont believe in a 3330 proposal there. Time will tell.
...and huge tolerance from unit to unit...
I settled currently for MX red silent and I would go back to Topre in a heartbeat if I would have an option for a) TKL and b) without the mentioned issue.Noise is a key factor for me as i dont want to wake anybody up in the middle of the night (gamer dad).
I dont know of any other implementation using it and have no opinion on Realkey itself. I didnt spend enough time on it to make a well funded judgement.While I do believe input lag/overall latency does matter, i am not convinced that it should impact a preference to a degree expressed in this thread.Assuming a reasonable scan rate and polling rate in combination with current popular switches it is for me more of a marketing scheme than a user benefit.
I dont advocate Topre for gaming. I used two 88UB (one all 45 and one all 55) for gaming and after some usage both units had issues with the most used keys - the slightest touch would execute it. The signal comes before the rubber dome collapses after a very short travel distance. Basically just slightly do more then mere touching the key executes it. This was reproducible for the affected keys and never went away, so in the end i replaced them for gaming. (Total no go...
Just want to throw in that the Realkey technology used by Cherry is an IP of another company and thus, in theory, can be licenced by other brands/manufacturers. has it available so no clue whats up with sweden.
Also the drawings are way too specific...
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