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If the heavy back of the kpm bothers you its definitely an improvement.If you are not sure, you should check it out in a shop.
The button cover in KPM is also matt UV.
Any comment on who is embarrassing himself with wrong claims over the Kone XTD using an ALPS encoder? Yeah, i thought so.
I can feel your ALPS preference, but the Kone XTD used TTC and your statement that it used ALPS is simply untrue.Here pictures form Tweaktown: the ROCCAT 2D models (without tilt) use ALPS. This is related to the difference between PCBA mounted and not-PCBA mounted encoders and is not related to some evil scheme to save money on components to cheat you out of your...
The maKone+, Kone XTD and Kone EMP use a TTC encoder. The line featured so far a 4d wheel with tilt functionality and ALPS EC10E series does not support that.So basically since 2010 it has been consistently a TTC encoder in the line - and its highly praised for 7 years. I dont get why you would try to spin that into "fool people".Why is the EMP not a real Roccat mouse? Thats kind of a strange statement.
USB Legacy support is switched on or off in BIOS?
Could also be a 332x. Dont believe in a 3330 proposal there. Time will tell.
...and huge tolerance from unit to unit...
I settled currently for MX red silent and I would go back to Topre in a heartbeat if I would have an option for a) TKL and b) without the mentioned issue.Noise is a key factor for me as i dont want to wake anybody up in the middle of the night (gamer dad).
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