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You answer that question yourself, a PCB mounted encoder does not work with tilt, unless the PCB would also tilt...
That is because 32 bit Arm ICs were uncommon and expansive before ~2009.Before it was more common to have 8 bit MCUs and EEPROM instead of 32bit arm MCU and Flash...
Thats the one in the DA Elite - i felt its too soft. Sacrificed step feeling for reliability, meh.
rgb + high end sensor = esports ?
Hold your horses.
No need to just take my word for it.You can dig out some old avago spec showing the sensitivity towards different wavelengths and light levels.For example a 3060 had a light level sensitivity from 20-120 to 6000-7200 mW/m² with wavelengths ranging from 639-875 nm.The "relative responsivity" graph even starts with 40% at 400 nm and below 10% with close to 1000 nm.However the 3330/60/6x has an integrated LED and basically sits on top of the lens.This should be an improvement...
Nailed it - despite the new naming scheme.The 30g acceleration are quite a step up from the 20g for the 3325.Somehow I have some doubts.
Need to prevent other light sources to mess with the sensor.Else the LED used for the illumination could due to internal light leakage influence the sensor performance.
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