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yeah actually if your only slightly overclocking you don't need to increase voltage. sometimes you can even overclock really high on stock voltage. Just curious what are you overclocking?
How good was the condition? IMO, you did get a good deal (just barely).
Wait so does you motherboard start at all? For example, do the fans turn on, etc. If it does... 1. remove the CPU heatsink and place you finger on it to see if it gets hot or not when you turn it on. If it doesn't get hot that means there is a problem with the CPU. 2. also try removing ALL the memory modules and boot to see if your motherboard beeps or not. If it does, then the memory is fine. If it doesn't start... RMA the board ; but post your results first
I play ultra (with MSAA) on my Radeon 7850 overclocked and get solid 40+ FPS on the biggest maps. If my CPU wasn't bottlnecking I would get solid 50-60+ fps because my GPU usage hovers between 80-90% most of the time.
@ that resolution get the 7970.
Sigging this.
hmm...I would recommend 2 GTX 670s, but start off with 1 and overclock it. If you feel like you need a second one then get it. Total cost should be around 590 euros. At that resolution, I don't think a single GPU can handle it.
Agreed with BF3. Always try different applications. My CPU overclock is stable on Prime95, but fails in 3dmark11.
For a mid-level card get the 7850 or 7870. For a high-end card get the GTX 670. Edit: Just saw that you have 2 Radeon 6870s right now. A decent upgrade from that would be a GTX 670 or GTX 680.
what resolution? I think 2 7970s would do the job. nvm, get 2 gtx 670s. hehe just saw a couple of benchmarks
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