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Per core.Im pretty sure this is off, ill doublecheck.
Weird I did, at least in stability. I couldnt get my PC to do anything at a fixed voltage. Im per core, offset, turbo off, and rock stable so far...I do run hot as I jump to 1.28 at 100% load.
The nvidia chipsets were popular. The Evga 750-780ftw boards were nice. I have a 750 if interested.
My results fellaz: Im rock stable at the moment, saving this profile for future use and am going to strive for lower voltage and see what I can come up with:
My results:
Are most of you using 'fixed' voltages or 'offset'ing?
10.5 hrs Prime stable at 4.4 ....gonna let this run overnite...for another 6 hrs or so...
NICE!Also a big advocate of the Abit brand back in the day; DFI was popular (yellow Lan party boards) then a few years roll by and pooF!Crazy
I believe there was testing done that showed Ivy was a 10% increase in performance, not much and just a 'tick' on Intel's gameplan but because of that 10%, you can say 4.5 Ivy is to 5.0ghz Sandy, etc...I picked up this board as part of a combo from MC and got the board at a price I couldnt resist. However, I am a little dissapointed with my results from the OC and while Im not blaming it on the board per se, I'm just really curious as to what a Maximus V Gene might...
Thats right, thx for the thought. Good Luck on that case! What are u using, plastic, metal/alum, etc?
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